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Sister's Helping Hand

How my sister helped me out one morning.
All characters involved in this text are over the age of sixteen.

I recently returned home to stay at my parent’s home during a three-week holiday break from my job working in an Architectural practise.

My family home consisted of mum and dad, my two younger sisters; Paula; who had just turned twenty, my teenage sister Julia, and my teenage brother Thomas. I am a twenty-five years old, and had left home a fair few years ago.

For the first week I enjoyed spending long lazy days hanging around the house doing nothing in particular, and took advantage of my holiday by having long lie-ins on a morning. I was usually woken up by mid morning by my mum or dad, bringing me my morning mug of tea or coffee before they left the house.

On one particular morning, on the first weekend of my holiday, I had made arrangements to meet up with some old school friends for the day, and had woken up very early. I was lying in my bed under the duvet watching the TV when Julia, my youngest sister came into my room with a mug of coffee at around 8:45am.

“Morning sis!” I said with a smile, and thanked her; watching as she placed the mug on the bedside table, saying that the others had all gone out already. I shuffled, sitting up a little in the bed, pulling on the duvet as I did so, keeping it just under my chin.

Julia had recently started her first job after leaving school, as a trainee at the local bank, and I saw that she was obviously dressed to go there for a Saturday shift. I think she started at 10 o’clock that day. She looked very smart in her crisp white blouse top, with its big open collar and double cuffs. The top was a perfect accompaniment to her smart textured dark grey trousers and waist coat, and black high-heeled shoes. She looked very grown up and professional. I did notice that the top three buttons of her top were undone though!

I expected her to leave the room straight away, but she didn’t. Instead she stood near to the foot of my bed and we started talking. She asked me what I had planned for the day, and I told her of the arrangements I had made.

Our conversation continued, and after a while it had somehow turned to the subject of my girlfriends and then onto my sexlife! This was an unusual way for our discussion to go, as I knew she was generally a shy and quiet girl. I couldn’t remember the last time she had a boyfriend, if in fact she had ever had one, even though she was good looking.

Julia is about 5’9” with a very skinny figure. Maybe a just bit too skinny. She is one of those girls who never seemed to put on weight, no matter what, or how much she ate. I had never really looked at her in any way other than her being my baby sister, who I teased constantly when we were younger. She has long straight brown hair reaching down to the middle of her back, today tied in a simple ponytail, greyish blue eyes, and a lovely smile. I reckoned she had about 32B sized breasts. Her skin is quite pale in complexion. Her make-up is always perfectly applied. Her long fingernails looked manicured. She obviously took great care of her body, hair and skin, and took great pride in her appearance, and the way she dressed.

We continued talking, and surprisingly the conversation started to turn ruder and ruder. After a while I told Julia that I really needed to get up to get myself ready, and I politely asked if she wouldn’t mind leaving the room. She remained standing in the same spot and folded her arms.

“I’ve got plenty of time before I have to leave for work,” she answered. “We can talk while you get ready."

“I can’t get up while you’re in the room,” I responded. “I sleep in the nude and I’m stark naked under these sheets!

To my amazement she still wouldn’t leave.

“Oh, I’ve seen Thomas naked a couple of times you know,” she said. “So it won’t matter if I see you without any clothes. I won’t be embarrassed.”

“I’ve seen it all before!” She announced nonchalantly.

“Sis…I’m your big brother!” I laughed. “And besides, it’s not really the same. I’m twenty-five. Believe me, it’s a lot different!”

I joked that I couldn’t get out of bed at the moment anyway, as after our last bit of conversation I had gotten a little bit excited, and (even now I can’t believe I told her this) I had a hard-on, and what I had was now a lot bigger. I thought saying that was sure to freak her out, and that she would leave in disbelief at what I said, but it only seemed to make her even more determined to stay.

After a short length of time I concluded that she really wasn’t going to go after all, and I really did have to get up and start to get myself ready to go out.

She was really expecting me to get out of bed stark naked with her stood there watching!

“Oh fuck it…” I thought to myself, deciding to call her bluff, and just threw back the duvet, exposing my naked body and extremely hard and thick cock to my surprised sister. There was no turning back now. As I looked at her I saw her eyes flit downwards quickly to glance at my crotch. I heard her take a sharp intake of breath as she saw my cock momentarily spring up from against my body, free after being trapped in the folds of the covers, to point straight up at the ceiling, before it fell back against my stomach. I expected her to scream and run out of the room now, but she just stood there in silence, her eyes quickly darting between my face and my erection. I saw her cheeks begin to flush and glow red.

My fully erect cock is just a little over seven inches long, and is quite thick in its girth, extending from a thin bed of light wispy brown pubes at the base that hid nothing. It was now twitching slightly in time with my nervous breathing and rapid heart beat. The purple head poked through the foreskin, partly hidden behind its sheath. My ball sack hung loosely below between my slightly open thighs.

"Oh…my…God!" I heard her mutter quietly to herself, as she stood motionless, staring down at me.

After a few silent moments I moved to get up off the bed intending to put on some clothes, with my rock hard cock sticking straight out from my body at a right angle, waving and bouncing around with every move I made. My movements had caused the foreskin to peal back fully, bringing the full-engorged head into view. All of Julia’s attention was now firmly focussed on my erection. She was no longer pretending not to stare at my cock. I could see her eyes watching it, following its every movement.

She smiled timidly at me and said that she had to agree that I was indeed very different to Thomas.

“So how will you put your underwear and jeans on?” She asked innocently. “When it’s sticking out like it is!”

Was she really so naive?

“Didn’t you do sex education at school?!” I asked.

“Yes we did,” she replied, “but nothing like this.”

I told her that I would manage to get my clothes on, although it wouldn’t be very comfortable.

“If you left the room it’ll eventually go soft anyway,” I suggested.

Almost immediately she replied that she wanted to see this happen, and by the serious expression on her face it was obvious to me that she really wasn’t going to leave now until she had witnessed my cock going soft.

Well, there was no way that my hard cock was going to go down with any sixteen year old girl just stood staring at it, even if that girl was my sister. So after another short period of awkward silence, and with a gulp of my throat at what I had decided to do to solve my problem, I said that if she really wasn’t going to leave, I would just have to get my cock to go soft, and what I was going to do would increase her sex education knowledge by one thousand.

She didn’t offer any response, as at that moment she had no idea about what I was talking about doing, so in my naked state (well I didn’t think there was any point in covering up now), I quickly walked past her over to the washbasin in the corner of the room, before returning to the bed holding a handful of tissues. All the time Julia continued to openly stare at my erection as it swung side to side from its root like a pendulum, as I moved.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I nervously lay back down on the bed, placing the face cloth on my stomach and the tissues at my side, before thoroughly wetting my palm with my tongue and spitting saliva onto my hand. I lifted my cock, taking hold of the shaft in my fist, ensuring that the foreskin remained pulled back as far as it could so the large angry purple head was fully exposed to my sisters' gaze. I gave the full length of the shaft a couple of quick strokes. I saw Julia’s eyes widen, as she finally understood what I was about to do.

“Are you sure you want to stay?” I asked, staring directly into Julia’s eyes.

“Yeah…I want to watch,” she replied quietly, nodding her head, before once again lowering her eyes until they were fixed on my cock.

I started to slowly slide my hand up and down the shaft, staring at my increasingly gob-smacked sister, who just stood there looking at my crotch, open mouthed in astonishment at what I had begun to do in front of her. But she didn’t voice any disapproval or attempt to leave…so I carried on.

"And that makes it go soft?" Julia asked after a short while. "’Cos it looks like it's making it bigger to me!"

She was right. I felt more aroused than I had ever done before. The dark head of my cock was huge, purple and engorged, the sharp ridge beneath the head delineating it from the long pale thickness below. Veins showed almost blue winding along the shaft. As I stroked I spread my saliva along the shaft.

"Eventually," I managed to groan in reply.

In an effort to get this over with as quickly as possible, I decided to increase my stroking pace, and rapidly slid my hand up and down my cock. After a couple of minutes though; despite my nervous, but now very aroused state, I realised it was just not working, and I knew exactly why…

I wanted Julia to do it.

I looked into her eyes as she briefly looked up from my hard cock. We stared at each other in silence for a moment. It was as though she must have read my thoughts. Without saying a word she moved forward, slowly walking around the side of the bed, before gently sitting down on the very edge of the bed to the side of me, and twisting herself around so that she was facing more towards where I lay. A shy, apprehensive smile appeared on her face as she looked at me, then back down to watch my hand sliding up and down my cock.

I slowed down my stroking, before removing my hand from around my shaft, letting my cock drop back to rest against my stomach. I watched as Julia leant forward slightly, placing one hand on the bed next to me, steadying herself, before slowly reaching across with the other, and delicately and tentatively taking hold of my cock between her finger and thumb. As she lifted it, her red-painted fingernails scraped lightly over my skin, and her slender finger bumped and grazed against the sensitive, engorged head, making me groan quietly to myself, and causing my cock to twitch and flex. Her skin felt so soft and warm, and its paleness was in stark contrast to the reddened colour of my shaft and the thick purple head.

“You can put your whole hand around it,” I instructed with a light smile, “not just your finger and thumb.”

She giggled nervously at me, and gripped my shaft between her thumb and all four fingers. Her face and cheeks turned redder still.

She slid her hand lower on my cock, bending and flexing her fingers, not feeling me up, but finding herself a comfortable grip around my shaft. Eventually her hand stopped with my shaft enclosed between her thumb and fingers. I could feel her hand and whole body were shaking slightly as she gripped me loosely.

"Are you ok with this?" I asked, sensing her apprehension.

She just nodded.

“It’s really warm,” she said quietly, with another nervous smile, “and slippy!”

“That’s the spit!” I answered. “Grip it a little harder.”

“Oh…OK,” She replied, almost immediately closing her fingers tighter on my shaft.

Then she began…softly stroking her hand up and down the full length of my cock, just as she had just seen me doing…stopping her upward strokes when her fingers bumped against the rim of the head, before sliding her hand right down to the base, brushing through my pubic hair, and then back up the shaft again.

I trembled as her hand ran smoothly along the entire length of my shaft. I just lay there as she jerked me off, my eyes now closed; my head tilted back resting against the headboard. Soon my legs began to slowly writhe around on the bed, and I started breathing heavily.

I looked over at Julia again. Her eyes were totally focussed on my cock. She had increased her stroking pace significantly; exactly as I had done. Up and down! Up and down! Her fingers slapped noisily against my body as she reached the base of my shaft on her downward strokes. She rubbed up higher across the head now, her hand sweeping over the ultra-sensitive spot right under the eye. I could not take much of that...

With each stroke a glob of clear pre-cum now bubbled from the head, out onto the taught skin, to be collected on Julia’s fingers, and spread along my shaft as her hand travelled downwards. Soon Julia’s hand and fingers, and my most of my cock were coated in pre-cum and well lubricated, and as she stroked me her fingers squelched through the fluid.

“Tighten your hand around it a bit more,” I whispered.

Her hand squeezed tighter as it continued to slide and squelch along my shaft.

“That’s better,” I groaned.

I knew I could not last much longer, and my breathing became more and more laboured; inhaling long, slow, deep breaths, before exhaling rapidly. I started to moan with pleasure.…and it only took a further thirty seconds or so of her stroking action before I felt the familiar tingling feeling of my climax approaching.

I groaned and managed to whisper out a warning to her; “Do you know what will happen soon Julia…if you carry on?”

“Yeah...I know you’ll cum!” she responded.

I suddenly realised that my sister at least had an idea about what she was doing to my and what would soon happen!

“And when I do don’t stop, OK?” I moaned.

I didn’t want her to stop, and Julia carried on stroking my cock with the same intensity.

A few seconds later, with another loud groan, my hips bucked and I thrust my cock up forcefully against her hand.

“Ahh! Fuck! Julia!” I grunted.

I felt her hand slow down on my cock, as she looked up at me, with a look of concern on her face.

“Don’t slow down!” I pleaded. “Faster!”

She resumed stroking my cock at a faster pace again.

I felt my buttocks tense. My body stiffened…my balls tightened…my cock stiffened, swelled and pulsed in her hand. Arching my back, I lifted my buttocks from the bed, pushing my cock upwards against her hand to meet her downward strokes.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” I shouted. If anyone else had been in the house at the time they would have surely heard me.

“Don’t stop!” I shouted to her.

Julia giggled, and nodded her head in acknowledgement. She carried on stroking as my orgasm struck!

"Oh!" was the only thing she could manage to say, and she visibly jumped and her eyes widened in astonishment as the first two thick ropes of semen shot powerfully from my cock, arcing upwards and streaking across my body, reaching up to the top of my bare chest, followed in quick succession by at least another two or three powerful spurts landing on the bedding, across my lower chest, and over my stomach.

“Don’t stop Julia!” I groaned.

She continued rubbing and stroking me through my orgasm, not slowing down her pace at all. If anything, she had actually begun to stroke even faster. My cum seemed to be flying everywhere now, as my cock pulsed in her grip! One shot arched straight upwards, and splashed down all over the lower part of the sleeve of her crisp white blouse, bringing a moan of annoyance from her as it momentarily ran down the surface, before it began to soak into the fabric. She quickly angled my cock to ensure that no more cum splashed over her clothes, but she continued jacking me off. The remaining bursts now subsided, now oozing out as a stream of cum, running over my shaft, running over the skin on her small hand, and over and between her fingers, which were still gripping my shaft tightly, still sliding up and down its full length.

Soon the sensations I was feeling were getting too difficult to handle, and the intense pleasure became too much to bear.

“OK, just slow down for a minute!” I gasped.

My chest was heaving as I breathed deeply, and my own body was now shaking from the strength of my orgasm. The head of my cock was now immensely sensitive and could take no more stimulation. Julia’s tight grasp, now lubricated and slippery with my cum, slowed again to a stroking motion on just the shaft.

It was as though she didn’t want to let go! She was enjoying herself! Her hand softly stroked the entire length of my shaft.

“That’s enough now Julia…You should stop now!” I groaned raggedly.

She giggled at me again, although it was now more of a cheeky girlie giggle. Her cheeks and neck were now flushed bright red, but now with her own obvious excitement at what she had just done for me. I could tell that her own breathing had become a little ragged.

She finally stopped as her last stroke up the full length of my shaft from the base to the head squeezed the last significant amount of cum to the head of my cock, where it oozed out, dribbling over and in between her fingers as she slid them right over the head.

“Oh wow!” Julia squealed out loud as she slowly removed her hand from around my cock, letting it rest back against my body, watching with fascination as thick sticky threads of cum stretched like elastic between the shaft and head of my cock, and her hand and fingers, before the tension finally broke their connection.

With another gasp she looked down and saw that my cum coated cock was now softening, and was now laying limply to one side, the head hovering just above my skin, still about five inches long. A small amount of cum continued to dribble from the eye, pooling onto my skin. Strings of cum clung to my pubic hair.

Without saying another word she got up off the bed and ran out of the room, her hand still coated with my cum.

A few minutes later I heard the front door slam shut…as Julia left for work.

As I cleaned myself up I thought about what we had done, and that I was going to be in big big trouble, as I knew she was bound to tell someone. But it turned out that Julia chose keep the events of that morning to herself. When she returned home from work that evening she was still wearing the same white shirt she had worn that morning, and I noticed that sleeve was still marked where my cum had dried into the fabric. She must have just washed her hands after she had run out of my room.

Despite what had happened, there was no awkwardness between us whatsoever, and the remainder of my holiday continued as before, but Julia never brought me my morning drink again. Since that day we have never talked about what happened that morning, and just carry on as a normal big brother and younger sister, whenever we meet up.

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Very HOT story! Thanks, Reeb
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really nice story...
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Hot but innocent story

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