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Snowbound in Sandstone

I felt my naked body slide alongside my warm brother’s skin as I slid under the blankets.
I was excited that for the first time in years my entire family would be together for the holidays. My sister Sarah was due to arrive any minute now from college in St. Louis and I was waiting to meet her at the baggage claims level at the Lindbergh Terminal in Minneapolis.

Looking outside, it did not look like December 23 in Minnesota. A steady rain fell outside with the temperature hovering in the mid-thirties. I still had hopes for a white Christmas because the forecast was calling for this mess to change into snow late tonight.

The passengers from Sarah’s flight started forming around the luggage carousel when I saw my little sister enthusiastically jumping up and down waving her arm in the air as she made her way towards me. I hadn’t seen her since last summer and I swear she was more beautiful than ever.

“Oh Jenny, it is so great to see you again sis!” Sarah screamed has we hugged each other tightly in a warm embrace.

“It’s been too long, baby sister,” I whispered into her ear. “I can’t wait to catch up and hear your latest campus adventures!”

“Have you heard from Chris? Is his flight on time?” Sarah inquired.

“It was delayed a little over an hour out of Denver, but it’s in the air now and he should be here in about an hour,” I informed her.

“Do you want to get a drink while we wait, sis?” asked Sarah.

We hauled Sarah’s luggage into Surdyk’s Flights and ordered drinks while we waited for my brother to arrive.

“What’s the weather doing?” Sarah asked as she sipped on her Spicy Bloody Mary. “Are we going to be all right driving to Duluth tonight?”

“Hey sis, I live in Minneapolis now,” I pointed out, “why do you think I bought a RAV-4? It will get us there!”

I stared into Sarah’s eyes, they always had melted me. I hoped we could find some time alone again on this vacation to renew our special close relationship. I felt Sarah’s hand on my thigh as she said, “I was thinking the same thing Jenny.”

She always could read my mind.

We finished our drinks and checked the flight information monitors and headed down to the baggage claims area to meet Chris.

We arrived at the designated carousel just as our brother did. We all rushed together to greet each other with abundant hugs and kisses.

“Whoa, settle down you two!” Chris exclaimed, “Let’s get my luggage and get out of this chaos and get on the road. I have had a tough day!”

We patiently waited, watching suitcases and boxes slowly parade by us, as we waited for Chris’ luggage. Finally, after 35 minutes, the area was empty except for a bag of skis going around in a lonely circuit.

“Well, a perfect day, a perfect flight, and a perfect end.” Chris sarcastically mumbled.

After 20 minutes in a baggage claims office, demanding they find his missing bag, the attendant corrected Chris that his luggage wasn’t missing -- it was still in Denver. Chris was told this wasn’t a problem, he could pick up his luggage the next day. The only victory we had was that the airline would forward the bag up to Duluth when it arrived.

We walked through the tunnel to the parking ramp with Chris muttering all the way about his missing luggage. When we reminded him that it wasn’t really missing, he glared at us. We shut up.

We loaded Sarah’s bag into the back hatch of the RAV and Chris offered to drive.

“Naw, big brother, you sit in the back. Sarah and I will be up front and you can rest.” I directed as I slipped behind the wheel.

When we pulled out of the ramp we were hit by the pounding rain. It was really coming down in sheets as we headed down the crosstown to pick up I-35 north to Duluth. My phone rang and I saw it was my Mom and handed it to Sarah.

“Hi Mom,” said Sarah in her perkiest voice, “no, not at all, it’s just raining a little bit that’s all. No Mom, we are fine. We will be there in three hours, by 10:00 p.m. for sure! Mom! We are fine, don’t worry! Ya, I love you too.”

“Just a little rain?” Chris groaned from the back seat, “Are you kidding me?”

“I didn’t want to worry them,” Sarah explained, “they are freaking out, the snow is really getting bad up there now. Mom said it’s at least six inches and the TV is saying it’s a winter storm warning!”

“Well, that means, there is maybe an inch of snow,” I offered, “you know how Mom is.”

“I am starving,” Chris moaned from the dark back seat. “Is anyone else?”

We decided we were all hungry and a few minutes later, we pulled in to the Perkins Restaurant in Forest Lake. As we ran towards the door to get out of the rain, Chris veered away from us yelling over his shoulder, “Get me a coke and a Country Omelette with cakes.”

Inside, we watched, as Chris ran across the road to a liquor store. We were both laughing as we got a table and ordered.

“Jenny, it is so good to see you,” Sarah smiled, “you look great. Even if you do look like a drowned rat!”

“A drowned rat?” I teased as I shot the straw’s paper wrapper at her. “Maybe I should get you out of those wet clothes right now before you catch pneumonia!”

“You first,” Sarah winked.

Chris exploded on the scene, as he shook the water off his coat, sprinkling us and the table. He threw the coat in the seat next to him as he slid in the booth grabbing his coke. “God, it’s miserable out there!”

“What was so important at the liquor store tonight?” Sarah inquired.

“Look,” Chris excitedly explained as he pulled a carton from the bag, “they had Connolly’s!”

Connolly’s was a local Tom & Jerry Batter the whole family loved made up in Superior, Wisconsin.

“I intend to sit by the fire and have several mugs tonight when we get home.” Chris imagined. “I got rum and brandy too. Do you think Mom will have fresh nutmeg?”

We all laughed knowing Mom and Dad were probably already by the fire with fresh mugs as they waited for us.

After wolfing down dinner, we emerged from the restaurant only to find two inches of wet snow covering everything. We brushed off the car, flipped the wipers on high, and headed north.

At first the freeway was dry, but after a few miles, the left lane was snow covered and the right lane was wet with tire wipes. The visibility was getting bad and the little traffic there was now was moving under 50 miles an hour.

“Sarah, why don’t you call up to the casino and see if we can get some rooms for tonight.” Chris asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

Sarah pulled out her phone, flipped her finger a few times, and spoke into her phone for several minutes. “Nothing,” she told us, “not a room anywhere in Hinckley.”

Before she could put the phone away, her “Jingle Bells” ringtone played, “Hi Mom, no, we are fine. We are just coming up on Hinckley. Yes, it is really coming down. Really? We tried to get a room in Hinckley. Okay, we will call you when we get in. No, we are okay. We will be careful. Thanks Mom! Love you too, bye.”

“What?” Chris and I said together.

“Mom said the TV just said travel is not advised. The storm is getting worse. Mom and Dad called all over and were able to get a room in Sandstone. It was the last room they had.” Sarah added, “One bed and a sofa.”

“Well, you guys take the sofa,” Chris offered from the back seat.

The headlights were illuminating the large snow flakes like the star field hyper-drive from Star Wars. The wipers were icing up smearing across the windshield making it harder to see. The constant roar of the icy slush against the bottom of the RAV was getting to me. At least there was not another car on the road. Thank god for the rumble strips on the edge of the road, because the road wasn’t visible anymore.

Finally, the Sandstone exit! We made it! I slowly applied the brakes as we went up the exit and felt the antilock system pulsing. The car slipped from side to side as I pulled out onto the state highway. I could barely see the motel’s neon as I began to breath easier at our safe arrival.

I barely felt my head being thrown against the headrest as my body shook from side to side for a couple of seconds. There was a loud splash. Then stillness, but for the howl of the wind.

“Are you both okay?” I shouted.

Both Sarah and Chris wanted to know what happened. We couldn’t see anything out the windows, but we were at an odd angle.

I opened the door. It was flush with the ground as I stepped out into slushy water almost halfway up to my knee.

Chris climbed out, “We are in a ditch. Come on.” He helped us up the slippery bank to the parking lot and went back for Sarah’s bag. On his last trip to the trapped RAV for his Tom & Jerry fixings, he slipped. Splash! He scrambled up the bank soaked and covered with snow. We all were. He was grinning--he had saved the booze!

The older owner of the Sandstone Motel was horrified at our appearance and quickly checked us in. He assured us he would get a tow-truck when he could and pointed the way to our room.

By the time we were in the room Chris was shaking. “Get out of those wet clothes and into a hot shower,” we both ordered as we peeled off our wet boots and pants.

I knew what Chris needed. A hot Tom & Jerry. I boiled water in the coffee maker as Sarah turned up the heat in our little concrete block room and called to let Mom and Dad know we were safe.

Chris emerged from his shower wrapped in a towel. “Any idea what I can wear?”

Sarah and I were both small, 5’7” and 120 pounds. Chris was over six feet and 190 pounds. “You have anything Sarah?” I asked.

“Not even a big sweatshirt,” she said, “I still have that stuff at home.”

“Get in bed,” I told him as I handed him a hot mug, “I made it extra strong to warm you.”

Chris climbed in the bed and threw the damp towel out. Sarah and I smiled at each other with both of us thinking the same thought. Maybe tonight would be the night to initiate Chris into our incestuous secret. This was something we had fantasized about for a long time.

We both took hot showers and changed into fresh panties and tank tops from Sarah’s suitcase. After several Tom and Jerry’s we were relaxed and feeling good. Things weren’t so bad. Then, with a clap of thunder and lightning, the lights went out.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. The owner had a couple of extra blankets and a big candle. “Sorry folks...Minnesota,” he said as he disappeared into the storm.

“We might as well try to get some sleep,” said Chris. “Give me a towel and I’ll move to the couch.”

“That’s silly,” said Sarah, “the heater is electric and it’s going to get really cold. I think we can all share the bed. You okay to share Jenny?”

“Sure,” I said as we put the extra blankets on the bed.

“Wait a minute you two,” Chris interrupted, “don’t you remember, my clothes are all wet. I am naked here.”

“Do you want us to take off our tops and panties too then, to be fair?” I asked. “Do you want us to be naked with you?”

I noticed a curious look on his face and a rising sheet and blanket in the middle of the bed. Chris was looking at my hard nipples poking out from my top.

“Hey, you perv, it’s cold in here already!” I teased my big brother.

I blew out the candle and prepared to get in bed with my brother as my sister did on the other side. Before I got in, I slipped out of my clothes. A flash of lightening showed me Sarah had the same thought.

I felt my naked body slide alongside my warm brother’s skin as I slid under the blankets.

“You aren’t planning to take advantage of this situation are you girls?” my brother joked or was that hoped? I wasn’t sure.

I heard Sarah say, “What do you think our intentions are big brother?”

I slowly, ever so lightly, slid my hand over my brothers bare thigh. I heard Sarah whisper, “Do you like the way my bare breasts feel on your chest Chris?”

I moved over, laying one naked leg over one of Chris’ legs only to feel Sarah had already done the same. As my breasts fell onto Chris’ soft furry chest, I whispered, “Do you like the way my naked breasts feel here?”

My hand had finally reached Chris’ hard cock only to be quickly joined by Sarah’s hand as, we gently caressed our brother’s wonderful genitals.

“Oh god,” Chris moaned, “you have no idea how long I have dreamed of this.”

I lifted up my head to Chris’ face and was met by Sarah’s lips. We moaned as we, at long last, returned to the feelings of desire for each other we had had unfulfilled for months. Our tongues danced in delight as we celebrated our erotic sisterly reunion.

Chris’ mouth now joined ours as the three of us shared this moment of intimacy. As we showered each other with kisses of affection, Sarah and I continued the sensual pleasures of stroking our brother’s erection. His hands were gently exploring our bodies as my greatest fantasy was at last being fulfilled.

I felt Sarah throwing the covers off of us as her knee gently pushed my head away from my brother’s head. I reached up and felt her pussy slowly descend over my bother’s face. I felt her erect clit emerge as she rubbed her pussy over Chris’ mouth.

Placing my knees on either side of my brother’s hips, I slowly lowered my wet swollen pussy down on Chris’ hard cock. I fully savored each inch as I pushed him inside me. The feeling was indescribable as he filled me.

I felt Sarah’s arms pulling us together as our breasts rubbed erotically against each other as she embraced me and her tongue again began to probe my mouth. I have never felt such powerful erotic love. My dear sweet brother and my wonderful sister and I moved together as if we were one creature of intimate love.

Our speed and urgency was building to a powerful crescendo as I sensed we would all cum together soon.

Sarah’s hard nipples against mine, her arms around me in a loving embrace, her lips as one with mine, and my brother’s hard cock rubbing deep inside me as our public bones pushed against each other was a combination that was building to a powerful orgasm, maybe the best I had ever experienced.

Suddenly, the lights came back on bathing us in stark glaring light. I leaned back, as Sarah did, while we both lustfully examined each other’s bodies. I looked down at Sarah’s smooth pussy as I watched Chris’ tongue gently probing her puffy labia. I saw her staring at my pussy, watching her brother’s cock slowly slithering between my glistening stretched pussy lips.

With his sister’s ass still covering his face, Chris groaned, “Turn off the fucking lights!”

Sarah and I both blurted out, “How can you tell the lights are on?”

We all burst into a naked ball of laughter.

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ah the joys of bad weather and getting socked in - lol
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You are awesome. Thank you for all you contribute in making lush the place to go to read the best erotic stories on the Internet.
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I love how you make your stories so real Jessica, thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. Outstanding! Bravo!
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Very sexy story and I am glad I found it. Scored you a five and I'd love to discuss your stories sometimes. I like the way you think dear.
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Well thought out...great ending!
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Very well written. Don't understand why he would want to turn out the lights. I'd love to drink in the sight of my two sisters, if I had any...
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Jessica; the wait for this story was well worth the time... You have no Idea of how closely this parallels a situation I fantasize about..
Well written, Interesting story line,Highly Entertaining.With a clearly crafty, but wickedly delivered ending..LOVED IT.. Joel
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My favorite author is back! Yea!! I loved it. What a real story and the love so pure.
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