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Sorry Daddy...

I've always loved my Dad a lot, but ever since I started dating he became very strict. It's like a switch was flicked off inside him and he became a lot harder and controlling.

If he knew I was going out on a date he'd give me a strict curfew. In the middle of what was generally a harmless date, he'd call and ask me a million questions. He'd always be waiting for me when I got home, and almost always HAD to meet the guy before I left.

Soon, though, it became too much and I began just lying about everything I did. I'd tell him I was out with friends, spending the night at someone's house, etc. The boys soon became older and badder and I was practically living a double life.

My mom was completely on my side, understanding that I was a teenager and growing up. This made my dad even more furious, but I didn't care and my mom always found some way to calm him down.

Over the years, though still strict, he seems to have given up. He'll sit and tell me what he thinks I should be spending my time doing or suggest the type of guys I should be seeing, but when I leave he doesn't try and stop me anymore. My mom and I have remained close, almost best friends, but my dad and I have grown distant.

Now I was 17 and living a fairly typical high school life. I had turned into a very popular and pretty young woman, partied whenever possible, hated school but went for the boys, and had an equally gorgeous group of friends.

It was Thursday and I knew my dad would be working late. My mom was off at a meeting until eight, my little sister was out with her friends until who knows when, and I had the house to myself, so I had told my boyfriend to come over to we could have some fun time...

It was around 5 o'clock when his car pulled in and as soon as he walked through the door we began intensely kissing. My raging teenage hormones had kept me insanely horny all day as I counted down for this moment. Through the house we went, stumbling into things as we continued kissing, making our way to my room. We were so in the heat of the moment that he only yanked my pants down before he began fucking me.

His cock always made me hurt as I'd only slept with a few high school boys, all not very good or big. He was 21 and his cock felt huge in my tight pussy.

"Mmm fuck baby you're so tight," he said slamming his cock in my little hole.

I moaned as I took it in.

"Harder Chris, fuck me even harder!" 

My tits felt sweaty inside my tight bra but I was too into getting fucked to stop and take it off.

"Get on top you little slut," he said, lying back and pulling me onto him.

"Mmm oh! My! God!" I said each time he thrust deeper inside me.

Harder and harder he went. All I could do was moan "Fuu-uuu-uu-cccckk!" before...


There stood my dad.

"Oh my God Daddy!" I said scrambling to get off of Chris' fat cock. "W-what are you doing home so early?"

Chris quickly tucked his cock in and did up his pants, scrambling to find his shoes and hoody.

"I don't think that matters," said Daddy angrily. "GET OUT!" he shouted at Chris.

Chris ran down the stairs without a word, I forgot to mention my dad is quite intense looking, muscular and with a shaved head. Moments later I heard Chris quickly drive away.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Daddy shouted. "I'm off working my ass off and you think that it's o.k to use that time to be a little slut? What were you thinking?"

"I-I'm sorry Daddy," I stuttered, wanting to cry. "I-I didn't m-mean for-"

"For what, for you to get caught? For me to come home? For your father to discover that his daughters a whore?'

This made me mad.

"I'm not a whore just because I was having sex! There's nothing wrong with that! It's wrong that I brought him home but there's nothing wrong with wanting to feel good!"

"Wanting to feel good? Well do it then Christina. Make yourself feel good."

The room went silent and I felt I'd gone to far. He stood, staring at my huddled under my blanket.

"Take that blanket off and make yourself 'feel good.'"

"W-what?" Now I was nervous.

"Your heard what I said. Take it off."

I stood staring.

"Do it. NOW!"

Slowly I dropped the blanket, drawing my knees up to hide my exposed pussy.

"Now take your shirt and bra off and put your legs down."


"It's what you want isn't it. You want to feel good?"

"Y-yes b-but not like this!"

"Why not, it's still pleasure right? Do it or you'll be in even bigger trouble."

Slowly I took my shirt and bra off. My boobs looked big on my tiny body, a C cup with small, puffy nipples. The sudden cool air made me shutter. I felt so exposed.

"Mmm, good girl. Now lower your legs a bit and spread them."

I hesitated.

"Christina..." He growled menacingly.

I did as I was told.

"Mmm, your pussy still looks nice and wet I see?" said Daddy, stepping closer. "Reach down there and touch it. Then lick off your fingers."


He just stared, so I did it. Just sitting there I could feel my pussy's wetness dripping down from me and Chris moments before. It had dripped down into my ass crack, and I knew he could see this.

"Now taste it, lick your wetness of your fingers you little slut." I sucked them off slowly,one by one. "How does it taste?"

"G-good Daddy."

"I think I want to try it too."


"What, I want to make you "feel good" too," he said evilly.

I closed my legs at he walked towards me.

"It's o.k Christina," he said surprisingly gently.

I hesitated but opened them. I expected him to do as I had and touch it with his fingers and lick it off, but to my surprise he got on his knees.

"What are you doing?" I asked, part of me feeling curious.

"What, none of the boys have eaten you out before?" he asked.

"N-no. We've just hooked up."

"I'm surprised, you have a perfect looking pussy. You must have the wrong boyfriends," and with that he dove in.

A feeling of intense pleasure shot through me as his tongue dove deep into my cunt. He noisily sucked at the sides before reburying his face into it. His tongue was huge and expertly lapped up and down.

"Fuuuuuuuck," I moaned, laying back.

"Mmm that's right baby, you just enjoy this."

His tongue moved onto my clit. Each time it touched it a jolt of pleasure shit through me, causing me to writhe around. I kept going from lying down to watching him, my mind going crazy.

"Oh fuck!" was all I could manage. He began sucking hard on my clit.

"Daddy! OhmyGod Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

I screamed as his tongue abused my pussy. He put my legs over his shoulders, bringing me closer and gripping my thighs with his hands as he flicked his tongue over and over my swollen teenage clit.

My body was shiny with sweat and I was panting heavily. I couldn't believe that my Daddy was eating my pussy, but I no longer cared.

"Daddy I'm gonna cum!" I shouted, my body tensing.

His tongue moved even faster, I got tenser a tenser, my back arching before-


And I collapsed back onto the bed. I lay there panting.

"How was that baby?" he asked lying beside me on the bed, gently stroking my stomach and breasts.

"Daddy that was amazing. I love you."

"Mmm, I love you too baby."

"I'm sorry about Chris."

"It's o.k. I guess I've always known I couldn't protect you forever. You're a teenager and I shouldn't have been so strict. I know you're a good girl. I just hope you find someone that treats you right."

We lay in silence for awhile.

"Will you "treat me right" Daddy?' I said mischeviously, raising an eyebrow.

He looked at me, trying to read what I meant. He saw the lustful look on my face.

"Mmm. Better then any guy before me has."

 He took his shirt off and crawled on top of my small body. I took in his intense muscular body before he kissed me. Every inch of me lit up at the naughtiness off it all. I could still taste my pussy on his lips. He trailed his finger tips up and down my sides, sending shocks through me before he moved down to my tits.

"I could suck on these nipples all day long," he side biting down gently before sucking hard.

I took in a sharp breath, not expecting such intensity but liking it just the same.

"Mmm," I could feel my pussy begin to throb again.

I knew what we both wanted next. "Daddy I want your cock. Now!"

He smiled and stood up, taking off his pants. His massive member stood at attention, definitely the biggest I'd ever seen.

"You ready for this?" he asked, smiling.

"Yes Daddy please! Make me cum again!"

He wrapped my legs around his waist and I could feel his hot cock head brushing against my pussy. We locked eyes as he, slowly at first, shoved his cock deep inside me. 

"Uhhhnn," I moaned slowly as I felt it go deeper and deeper.

He began slowly bringing it back out again, shoving it back when it reached the head. Soon we were in a steady rhythm.

"Daddy," I moaned gently gripping my legs tighter and holding onto his massive forearms.

"You like my cock baby?"

"Yeah, I love your big cock."

"Like how it stretches your cunt open?"

"Mmm yes Daddy, I love it."

"You fucking love it," he said, going faster.

"Uhn! Yes! I fucking love your cock Daddy!"

His balls began slapping against my ass as we fucked harder.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" I moaned.

We were both covered in a sheen out sweat.

"I-I'm gonna come! Daddy I'm gonna come!"

He bent over me, our faces close and my legs over his shoulders. Harder, harder, HARDER! 

"Oh shit! Unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as I came hard all over his cock.

He continued slowly fucking me as I writhed around underneath him.

"Mmm that's Daddy's little girl. You're a good slut. Baby get ready for Daddy here it comes!"

I sat up and opened my mouth as he came. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into my open mouth and onto my chin, cheeks, and drizzled onto my tits. I swallowed and licked it from my lips, wiping the excess off my face and onto my tits.

"Did that make you feel good Daddy?" I said evilly. He laughed.

"Yes baby, it sure did."

He lay beside my on the bed, face nuzzled into my neck and one arm over me. We both sighed.

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you too Christina."

I knew things were about to really change...

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I'm Cummmmiiiinnnnngggg!...
Posted 09 Dec 2012 06:28
ver nice story is any of it real or just facsination
Posted 01 Nov 2012 11:36
I agree. Lucky Daddy!
Posted 29 Oct 2012 20:38
Very sexy story......lucky dad!!!!
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gr8 story
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Great story
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Posted 22 Jul 2011 07:03
That was hot-Good job. Keep em cumming keep it up
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best father story yes...very hot....more part 2 to this soon
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Great story, looking foward to reading more stories
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Nicely Done! Very HOT!
Posted 09 Jan 2011 07:17
mmmm that was hot
Posted 30 Dec 2010 15:28
Absolutely fantastic. Great writing.
Posted 29 Dec 2010 01:24
@ ``gorgeousBITCH``..... i really love this story... here's idea - for you {{noteeeeee}} your not thee only one i've given this idea to {{noteeeeee}} you are - the fourth %%%%%> THE DAD or THE STEPDAD or THE UNCLE or THE STEPUNCLE... works as - mall santa... to pay off - certain bills [which keeps secret]... THE DAUGHTER or THE STEPDAUGHTER or THE NIECE - one her friends secretly spys on him [they dunno each other]... she evidently tells her friend - THE DAUGHTER or THE STEPDAUGHTER or THE NIECE [done in secret]... the friend actually even - spys on him in themen'schangeroom :-) :-) :-) want me continue :-) orrrrrrrrr :-) you got rest :-)
Posted 28 Dec 2010 16:47
very hot...thanks
Posted 28 Dec 2010 05:46
great story, is there a part two cumming?
Posted 27 Dec 2010 13:35
Great story. Keep em cumming..
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great story thanks!
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Awesome story. =D
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nice story hun
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I love it, Hope there is more
Posted 26 Dec 2010 21:59
haha aww thanx guys, to be honest i had no intention of writing a part 2, i see i have no choice now, i'll see if i can get it written within the next few days
Posted 26 Dec 2010 21:34
That was a very nice, fast, hot sex story. Sometime I just need one of those... You did a very good job. Keep up the good work!
Posted 26 Dec 2010 18:20
Yum...lucky Daddy.
Posted 26 Dec 2010 18:18
I loved your story! I can't wait until the next chapter comes out. Keep it up...
Posted 26 Dec 2010 18:08
Yes, send in part two, ASAP. V=5.
Posted 26 Dec 2010 17:52
Very exciting. But I see a part two Please.
Posted 26 Dec 2010 17:48
I loved the story

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