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Stacey and David: Episode I - A Shower He Won't Forget

David has a shower that he will not forget in a hurry thanks to his sister and her friend
David came home after his usual evening rugby training to find that his sister, Stacey had invited her friend round for the evening. David who was 21 and Stacey, 17 lived together in a small apartment in the city after both wanting to move away from their parents.

While David went upstairs to get ready for a shower, the girls downstairs were talking about how attractive he was.

‘ You've heard this before from me but god, your brother is really hot,’ Cindy said.

‘I know,’ Stacey replied to Cindy’s surprise.

‘Wait - you think he’s hot – your own brother?’

‘Sure, I’m not going to lie to you. He’s an attractive man – just because he’s my brother, I can’t say so. For the past few years I have been attracted to him but I never tell him. We are really close, Cindy but I couldn't tell him that…not now.’

‘How attracted are you to him?’

'Very. I mean, I peak at him showering and wank about it later on. It feels so wrong but these urges are so hard to resist.’

‘You watch him shower?’

‘Yeah, it’s so fucking sexy, you would love it!’

‘Can we watch him now? That’s what’s he is doing now, no?’

‘Let’s go. He plays his music so loud and never locks the door, so we will get in and he won’t hear us.’


David got into the bathroom and turned on the shower. While he waited for it to heat up, David started to take all of his dirty rugby gear off and dump them in the washing basket.

David was six feet tall and rather bulky. He had an impressive six pack and was overall pretty muscly from all the weight training he does for rugby.

Just as the water had heated up, David jumped into the shower and soaked his short brown hair in the water and squirted some shower gel into his hands, lathered it up and massaged it all over his toned body.

As David was washing, Stacey and Cindy rushed upstairs and opened the bathroom door that David left opportunely unlocked. His music was loud and David had no idea of his sister entering with Cindy.

Stacey and Cindy slowly opened the shower curtain lightly so that they could see David’s soapy firm bum cheeks.

‘Oh god, what an ass,’ Cindy whispered.

‘I know right, I just wish I could see his cock though.’

‘I want to see it…suck it. Do you think he would let me?’

‘Probably yeah but with me here, I don’t know.’

‘Only one way to find out…’

Cindy turns off David’s blaring music and opens the curtains properly, finally getting to see David’s cock.

‘The fuck?!’ David shouted as he covered up his cock immediately and tried to close the curtain. ‘What are you doing here, Stacey! Why are you here!?’

‘Hi, David – how is your shower?’ Stacey teased

‘Not cool Stace! Get out.’

‘Come on Dave, let’s see your dick. I bet it’s big,’ Cindy insisted.

‘No. Please get out,’ he insisted

‘It’s okay, David, you can show us. I've seen it before,’ Stacey lied.

‘Huh? When?’

‘Dave, you leave the bathroom door open all the time and your blaring music. I come in all the time and watch you shower and you never notice a thing.’

‘Ah shit…’

‘Don’t be shy , Dave. I bet you like getting this attention from us.'

‘I’m not shy – I just think it’s not right to have my sister here…no matter how much I like it.'

Cindy, grabs a hold of David arms that conceal his dick and moves them away with little hesitation from David, revealing his semi hard dick.

'You've got a nice one, David,' complemented Cindy.

' Uh ...thanks?'

Cindy eagerly grabbed hold of David's semi and started stroking his shaft up and down slowly.

‘Do you like me touching your dick?’ she asked.

‘Sure but Stacey, why are you here?’

‘What can I say – you are hot, I like watching you shower,’ she smiled

‘Wow. I always thought you did, I just had that feeling - the way you look at me sometimes.'

'Enough talk, I wanna make you come, big boy,' Cindy interrupted.

David’s 7 inch dick was rock solid by this point, throbbing as Cindy kept stroking it up and down slowly, making pre-cum.

'Mmm, this feels really good.'

'How would you like me to wrap my warm lips around this?'

David nodded showing his intentions and Cindy crouched down so that she was in level with his cock and put his cock in her mouth. Slowly she thrusts her mouth in and out of his cock whilst grasping on David’s ass.

‘This is so hot to watch. I am getting so wet just watching,’ Stacey said. ‘I want to suck your dick too.’

‘Come join me,' Cindy invites with his cock in her mouth.

‘Wait…are you sure about this, Dave?’

‘Yeah…I think so. Go for it.'

Stacey knelt down next to Cindy and touched his rock hard cock gently to get a feel for it. She picked up the pace and giving it a good stroke.

‘How is that?’

‘Great, sis.’

Stacey licked up his shaft and up to his swollen head, licking the pre-cum oozing out.

‘Put it in your mouth, Stacey,’ Cindy said.

She slowly inserts her mouth around her brother’s cock and David groaning. Stacey bobs her head in and out his cock, making him groan more.

Both of them were now sharing David's cock, both sucking away and stroking it getting him closer and closer to coming.

‘God, I’m so close,’ David panted.

‘Good boy, I want you to cum on my face!' commanded Cindy. 'Do you mind if I finish him off, Stacey?' 

'Go for it, make him cum.'

Cindy took lead of his cock once more and rapidly stroking, eager to make him cum all over her face. In seconds, he was moaning loudly and she directed his cock into her face.

'Fuck - Fuck - Mmmm...' he groaned as he shot out a stream of cum all over Cindy's beautiful face as she tried to lick it of her face.

'That was fun,' Cindy said, wiping his cum of her face.

'I enjoyed sucking you off. I know you're my brother and all but it was really good.'

'I really liked it too. Maybe we could do it again,' he hinted.

'Anything for you, Dave,' Cindy winked.

With that, both Cindy and Stacey left David to continue having his shower with a pleasant smile on his face.

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Posted 28 Jan 2013 08:01
Well done. Can't wait for the next scene.
Posted 14 Jan 2013 08:16
Thanks for the comments. Expect more episodes in the future.
Posted 14 Jan 2013 05:14
What did Stacey and Cindy do when they left the shower?
Posted 12 Jan 2013 16:49
Great, keep this going. Dave has to fuck his sis. "V=5+."

Posted 12 Jan 2013 13:25
There is a real bond forming there, good story
Posted 12 Jan 2013 09:04
reminds me of my little sister.
Posted 12 Jan 2013 07:53
My kind of sister

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