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Stacy Couldn't Sleep

Stacy laid in her bed staring at the blinking numbers on her alarm clock. According to the clock it was 1:42 in the morning, but Stacy knew that it was wrong. The power must have gone out for a bit while she was asleep because it was actually closer to 4 a.m. according to her wrist watch. Stacy sighed as she closed her eyes to try to force herself to sleep.

It wasn"t working. The ceiling fan was suddenly whirring too loudly, the room was too stuffy, and her mom"s cat Whitney seemed to be smothering Stacy"s legs where he was laying. Images of the dream that woke her up kept creeping up in her head. All she wanted to do was go back to that dream, but she knew it was wrong. So very wrong. But the passion!

There was no choice, but to give up on sleep for right now. If she laid there any longer she would go out of her mind! Stacy tossed her covers aside and dragged herself out of bed with the kitchen in mind. Maybe some tea would do the trick. She looked at her robe hanging on the wicker chair in the corner and discarded the thought of putting it on. No one would be up at this hour anyway. Besides, it"s not like she was naked, she had her favorite rag tag night gown on. So what if you could virtually see everything underneath... everyone was sleeping...

On the way downstairs Stacy regretted, not for the first time, the decision to stay home and go to the community college instead of to a University like her friends. But how could she leave her family while they were struggling like this. Her mom was on SS benefits for a back injury some years ago and her father had just had a mild heart attack a few months ago. It was her duty to stay and get a job to help out financially, right? Stacy found herself wishing, also not for the first time, that her younger brother, Ricky, had seen things like that too. He wasn"t quite 13 months younger than her, but he seemed to be having a lot more trouble with responsibility.

In a lot of ways Stacy envied Ricky"s care free ways. He always did what he wanted to do and never felt guilty about it. He was never ashamed to be who he was or shy about saying what he wanted. Ricky was a lady"s man. He may have only been fresh out of high school, but if he went a day without shaving he could get into any bar in town without being carded. He always seemed to attract the same kind of women. Trashy. Stacy always wondered what he saw in those girls. It was obvious what the girls saw in him, but why did he always pick the whores?

It only took a few minutes to make the tea, and just as Stacy was about to head back upstairs to her bedroom she heard the kitchen door open. She panicked for a second before she realized that it was just the very brother that she had been thinking about. Of course, when was she not thinking about him these days? She couldn't even escape him in her dreams!

"Shit!" She exclaimed almost too loudly, "You scared the hell outta me. What the hell are you doing coming home at four in the damn morning?"

Ricky scoffed, "What, are you the curfew police now?" he replied sarcastically before taking the stairs two at a time until he reached the top. Something about his voice wasn't right. The tone was just a little off.

Stacy put down her cup of tea before quietly following her brother to his room. The door was closed by the time she got there, so she knocked lightly. She knocked a second time when there was no answer, and tried to just walk in when there was still no answer. The door was locked, so she went to her bedroom, where she could access Ricky's room through the Jack and Jill bathroom. If he had locked her door then she could just use a small screw driver to unlock it. There was no need. The door wasn't locked.

"Ricky?" Stacy called.

"Go away!" Ricky replied.

Stacy stepped in the bathroom, where she found her brother sitting in the otherwise empty tub fully clothed. Ever since he was a kid he would sit in the bathtub when he was upset.

"Okay, whose ass do I have to kick to turn this around?" Stacy asked hoping a light joke would make her brother crack.

"Look, Stace, I can"t tell you what happened so you should just quit now, okay?"

"No, not okay," Stacy replied seriously, "You"re my little brother and I"m sworn to protect you. If it's one of those bar sluts you like to whore around with let me know, I"m all over it like a grain of rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snow storm."

Ricky chuckled and loosened up a bit. "Come on outta there." Stacy chided, "You can tell me what happened in the comforts of my room. My bed is a lot more desirable than this hard ass toilet seat."

Ricky let his sister lead him into her bedroom. Flashes of Stacy"s dream came back to her at the touch of her brother"s hand in hers and suddenly she was all too aware that she barely had anything on. New images that weren't from her dream flashed in her head as she walked toward her bed. Images of her brothers hands gliding smoothly across her stomach and cupping her modest, but soft breasts. A familiar shock hit Stacy between her thighs and she knew that it wouldn't take much, if anything, to make her more than ready for some action.

She climbed into her bed and back under the safety of her covers. Ricky sat in the wicker chair that had been housing Stacy"s robe up until a few seconds beforehand. Not quite satisfied with her position, but knowing it was the best she was going to get Stacy spoke, "Okay, Romeo, what"s the story? What"s got you, of all people, down?"

A guilty look crossed Ricky"s face, but he never looked away, "God, I can"t believe I"m about to tell my sister this, but here goes. Would you believe that I"m a virgin?"

Stacy let out an involuntary chuckle before getting her surprise at her brother"s revelation out. "Okay, so you"re a virgin despite all the girls you"ve had hanging all over you for the past year? Why does that bother you now? Why not yesterday or six months ago? And why don"t you just pick a girl and get it over with? It shouldn't be hard for a guy as good looking as you."

"Don"t you think I tried?" Ricky all but exploded, "Every time I find a girl I like I just... I don"t know... I just can"t do it! I can"t think about her I can only think about... "

Stacy"s attention was at full alert, "What? You can only think about what? A man or something? Are you gay?"

"No!" Ricky shot back, "God no, I"m not gay. It"s worse than that."

"Ricky, if you"re gay, that"s fine. Who cares? These days everyone is either gay or knows someone who is." Stacy tried to comfort her brother.

"I"m not gay, Stacy. I"m in love with a girl. She"s just the wrong girl."

"The wrong girl? How can you be in love with the wrong girl? Love is blind. It"s not like you get to choose who you fall in love with. Love is love and love is never wrong." Stacy tried to use her best big sister voice and hoped it was good enough. Her curiosity was really starting to kick into overdrive. Who was this girl? Whoever it was Stacy hated her for winning her brother"s affections.

Finally Ricky spoke again, "Even if that girl is your very own sister?"

Stacy felt her mouth drop a little as her mind processed what her brother had just said. Surely he didn't just profess his love for her?Part of her jumped for joy at her triumph and the knowledge that what she wanted was so close to her grasp. All she had to do was reach out and take it. There was no denying to herself that she wanted Ricky. She wanted Ricky bad. Another part of her was scared to death at what would happen if she and her brother gave into fantasies of flesh and somehow found even deeper rooted feelings for each other than that. She had so many questions flying through her head that she couldn't even pin point one.

Before Stacy could put her thoughts in order Ricky was by her side sitting on the edge of her bed. He was pleading for her to say something to him. Anything. She just couldn't seem to make her tongue work through the shock.

Stacy decided that actions spoke more clearly than words. She reached out and caressed the side of his unshaven face and he responded by leaning in and kissing his big sister fully and passionately on her soft rounded lips. His taste and smell were like heaven! That familiar shock between her legs shot straight through her entire body. Ricky slowly brought his body to hover over his sister"s while never releasing her from his intense kiss. She could feel his hard manhood pressing against her body through his blue jeans. He really was quite well endowed.

Stacy let out a quiet involuntary moan when Ricky started gently grinding her. His hard dick hit her clit a few times making her jerk slightly each time. Stacy knew that upon inspection they would find that her little brother"s pants would be slightly wet from her own juices. The thought of that only made her want her little brother all that much more. Soon enough she found that she was grinding back. Once she realized that there was no stopping herself from wanting her brother inside of her she pushed him back slightly and quickly took off her nightgown giving him free reign over her eager body. Stacy wanted to cry out in joy when she felt her brother"s tender lips caressing her breasts, her stomach, and her sensitive nipples. She never wanted this to end.

With only thoughts of desire in her head. Stacy tugged at her brother"s shirt. Ricky obliged and slid it off over his head. He had a worker build. Not exactly chiseled, but definitely a natural tone. His skin was smooth with only minimal hair on his chest and leading down to his more private areas. Stacy found herself wondering if her brother trimmed down there or if he just let it grow naturally. She preferred trimmed, but would take him however she could get him. Luckily it wasn't too long of a wait before he had his pants and boxers off too show her his trimmed 8"+ dick. Desire ran deep through Stacy and before she knew what she was doing she had Rickys dick deep in her mouth! She had never sucked a cock before, but this just seemed right. She didn"t waste much time on licking, she just liked the way his girth filled her mouth and kept as much of it as she could in her mouth going deeper and deeper until she felt she was about to choke.

Ricky let out a slight moan before gently guiding his big sister back under her covers. This time with him under them too. There was no turning back now. Ricky was going to lose his virginity to the girl of his dreams. So what if it just so happened to be his sister, too. Stacy had to hold back a moan of pleasure when her lover finally eased his dick in her over eager pussy. She silently begged for him to go a little faster and a just a little harder until he did. Ricky pumped in and out of his big sister"s little pussy until he felt a sudden rush of warmth and her beautiful shaved little pussy tightened around his swollen cock so perfectly that there was no holding back. Stacy watched in ecstasy as her brother had his first sexual orgasm. Who could ever have predicted that it would be with her?

"That was much better than in my dreams," Ricky said in a shaky voice.

"Definitely," his sister breathed back before kissing him again.
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Posted 16 Mar 2011 18:46
Great start but too rushed in the end. Expand those last few paragraphs into around 10 so your story has some body. Be descriptive and tease your readers by drawing the erotic encounters out longer, much longer. Thanks and keep writing, Reeb
Posted 11 Mar 2011 10:58
You need to finish this story. I was good until it ended so abruptly.
Posted 07 Mar 2011 17:54
Ended way too soon. Needed more hot details of the sexual part. Great building, though. Will there be a part 2?
Posted 06 Mar 2011 19:55
good story
Posted 06 Mar 2011 17:19
Good but to quick. More detail. Part 2, ASAP. "V=4."

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