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Staying With My Brother

A story from the perspective of the female character's point of view.

*Author’s note: To be read after previous story titled “Sister’s Stay”. This story is from the perspective of the female character.


As I lay here in my brother’s arms, my mind races of what transpired over the last eight hours. We just had the most torrid incestuous sex one could imagine on and off all day long. My pussy moistens again just thinking of it as we finally had sex for the first time. I waited naked in the tub over 20 minutes, with the bathroom door open, hoping to give him the courage to approach me.


We were sleeping together in my bed, resting after our last lustful sex session, my brother spooned to my backside with his arms around me, feeling his hairy chest against my back and his steady breath behind me as he slept. We lay on our left sides, as his right hand rests on my right breast. His firm hand gently cupping my soft flesh, I feel my nipples hardening in unison with the moisture growing between my legs.


My mind drifting back towards sleep, I was thinking back to when I first developed these feelings for my older brother Ronnie……..………..


I was young and my body was changing rapidly. My breasts were already nearing a C-cup and I had a fair amount of hair forming between my legs. My hair was a natural sandy blonde and I was just less than 5 feet tall. My growing pussy hair was also light but slightly darker than my blonde hair. I was becoming aware of my sexuality as I noticed how my body was reacting differently to my own touch.


At that point in my life, the only male I could think of was my older brother Ronnie. Ronnie was 22 years old and had just come home from serving 4 years in the Air Force. He was in great shape, very handsome and fun to be around. Ronnie was around 5ft. 10, brown hair, with these sexy blue-green eyes and around 185 pounds. He had turned into a man while he was away, a real hard body that even a young girl took notice of. I felt these strong sexual attractions towards him, which were the fuel for my sexual explorations of my newly developing body.


When I showered I thought of him, rubbing my soapy hands across my erect nipples, trying to imagine they were his hands touching me, I’d feel them grow and harden to my touch. My heart rate would increase as my hand dropped across my soapy wet smooth stomach, stopping at the soft sparse growth of pussy hair, anticipating what was to come next.


My fingers sought out, finding my erect clit, rolling it between my fingers. Each time I touched myself, the feelings became stronger and stronger, until one day I had my first orgasm. I softly hissed my brother’s name as I came for the first time. My body shuddered and trembled as I was leaning against the shower wall, feeling the hot water pulsing over my tingling body.


My brother lived at home for the next 3 years until he found this small house, the house where my fantasies finally came true. During those 3 years, as my hips widened and my breasts filled out, I noticed Ronnie taking more and more interest in me, his little sister. This excited me as my feelings of sexual interest were mutual.


At the age of sweet sixteen, my body was now fully developed as my breasts were a solid c-cup. I was so proud of my body and I took every opportunity I had to tease my big brother. I knew I had this sexual power to control his desires, actually any man as I desired. He was 25 years old now and such as sexy hunk.


I would make it a point to wear only sheer little panties, covering my boobs with a towel, when I’d go from the bathroom to my bedroom after my shower each night. I’d pass Ronnie’s room slowly, always allowing him to get a peek at my sexy butt encased in those sexy panties. I wanted desperately to turn him on, to make him see how sexy of a woman I had become.


Sometimes I’d stop and talk to him for several minutes, taking notice of his eyes wandering up and down my body. He always seemed to be in his room, lying on his bed, wearing loose cloths and reading something, after my shower.


“Hey Ronnie, what are you reading?” I asked. He said something but I was too sexually aroused to actually hear what he said as I took in the view of his sexy muscular legs.


This one night he wore these short silk mesh gym shorts. As my eyes traveled up the length of his masculine legs, I could almost see his cock and balls. I was sure he had a hard-on but with the loose material of his gym shorts, I wasn't sure.


“Amy, you OK?” Ronnie said as I came out of my lustful trance.


Blushing, I replied, “Yeh, I’m fine. The hot shower must have made me a little light headed.”


My big brother just grinned saying, “Well you better go to your room to cool off.” As he stared at my pussy through the sheer pink bikini panties I had on.


I turned slowly, looked over my shoulder just in time to see him rub his hard cock through his gym shorts, as I pranced down the hall to my room with pride knowing for sure "I" gave my big brother a hard-on.


One night after my shower, while talking to him, I acted like I dropped my towel, giving him a quick glimpse of my boobs as I quickly grabbed the towel and ran to my room, acting embarrassed. His jaw dropped as he spotted my very firm and puffy erect nipples standing out at a glorious full attention.


As I got to my room, my pussy was soaked as my whole body trembled with sexual excitement. I remember locking my bedroom door, laying on my bed and within seconds of touching my clit, my body shook with an intense orgasm. God, I was so sexually turned on by my sexy big brother.


This after shower ritual continued but I noticed Ronnie was getting bolder and bolder each time with his dress. In the beginning, he usually wore sweat pants and a t-shirt, then he was shirt less and finally he was only wearing these worn out short black gym shorts with nothing underneath. These gym shorts were torn up the sides, giving me a good side view of his firm tight butt.


As our sexual interest in each other increased, I too was getting bolder, wearing smaller and more sheer, see-thru panties. I was getting more daring by exposing more of my young soft bare skin to his lustful view each time. This intense sexual game we were playing kept getting hotter each time and we both knew it.


I would get wet just looking at his muscular body, each time seeing more of him. When I say more of him, it got to the point where I could see the shape of his hard shaft, as I think he was stroking himself thinking of me while I was showering, while I was rubbing myself off thinking of him.


I was around 16 ½ and now fully blossoming into a woman’s body. My breasts were very large and firm. One night while showering, I turned the water off and grabbed my towel to dry off. I barely heard something outside the door and I just knew Ron was watching through the keyhole. We lived in an old fashioned house with large keyholes in all the doors. Now I knew why Ronnie’s dress was getting to be less each time and why his cock was so hard after each of my showers. He was spying on me, watching me, ummmm, my pussy juices were flowing just thinking of him watching me.


My heart and pussy tingled with excitement, knowing the man of all my sexual fantasies, was drooling over me, most likely touching himself just outside my bathroom door. My pussy juices dripped with lust as I slowly dried myself after my shower. From that night on, I wanted to give my big brother the show of his life and really give him something worth spying on.


I would spend extra time drying my long legs, with my firm ass facing the door. I ran my towel up and down the insides of my thighs, giving him a clear view of my excited pussy from behind. With my sexy butt facing the door, bent over I’d slide my finger in my hot wet slit, spreading my pussy lips so he could see my finger disappear inside me. I turned and went over my boobs several times, displaying my hardened nipples, all the while facing the door.


My erect nipples were becoming very sensitive. I had an orgasm one night just thinking of Ronnie’s hard body, while only squeezing my nipples between my soapy fingers. This drying off routine became a regular after shower show of my developing teenage body to my brother as he peered through the keyhole. He still doesn’t know I knew he was watching me.


One night, while giving my brother his almost daily show, I heard him gasp as I gave him a close view of my pussy while pretending to be drying off. He must have jerked off, spilling some of his cum on the floor, as I felt a wet spot on the rug with my bare feet as I exited the bathroom and approached his room.


This night was different as Ronnie was lying on his left side, feet towards the door, pretending to be reading a magazine. I could see the shapes of nude women in his magazine, probably one of his Playboy's. He had on those sexy worn out black gym shorts again. I could see almost all of his right butt cheek but this time, to my surprise, his firm hard cock was fully exposed from under his shorts. Tonight his face was red with lust as he awaited my passing of his bedroom.


I stopped at his door, looked in as I felt the now familiar tingle between my legs, my eyes lifting from my first look at his naked hard cock, to meet his glazed lustful eyes. My eyes returned to his swollen shaft as he brazenly began to stroke it right in front of me. I couldn’t believe how large and purple the head of his cock was as his hand encircled it and moved back down it's length. I remember how his cock looked so huge to me, with my young 16 year old virgin eyes.


As I stood in his bedroom doorway, in a sexual trance, my wide eyes fixed on his hand as it slid slowly up and down the length of the hard shaft of his cock, unknowing I lowered the towel covering my firm breasts, exposing my swollen hard nipples to my lusting big brothers view. As Ronnie saw this, he slowly rolled onto his back while continuing the slow stroking his huge swollen cock.


Ronnie's mouth opened as he gripped his swollen cock harder, seeing my erect aroused puffy nipples and fully naked breasts, this time not through a keyhole but only just a few feet away. Under the towel, my hand slid inside my panties and rubbed my swollen clit as the crotch of my sheer panties were now completely soaked. My knees shook to the point where I could barely stand as I was so light headed from our sexual excitement.


We stood this way, not a word said between us, for what seemed like several minutes but probably seconds, both caressing and touching ourselves as we took in the aroused sexual sights of our excited bodies. Our breathing was becoming more labored by the second when finally he arched back his head, his body stiffened, he groaned and the next thing I saw was this white stuff shooting out of that huge swollen purple head of his cock.


I was completely taken in by such an erotic and sexy sight. I had never seen a boy cum before and it was quite amazing. His first spurt of cum shot out so hard, so high that it flew up over his head, the second spurt hit his chin and landed all over his hairy chest. There were three massive large squirts of his juice shooting out of his huge swollen cock all over his body. Totally amazing!


As he came, his cock looked even larger than it did before. He just groaned as the cum kept oozing out of his huge purple cock head. Ronnie smiled at me while he slowly pulled on his hard cock, forcing more cum to drip onto his firm hard stomach.


I had never seen a man cum before and seeing this sent me over the edge. My body trembled as I squeezed my clit and shook as I came, leaning against my big brother's bedroom doorway that night. My juices were running down my thighs, pussy quivering and knees weakened as I shuddered with intense pleasures. As my eyes opened, Ronnie was smiling at me, inviting me into his room, patting on the bed next to him.


"Come in a have a seat Amy." Ronnie's excited voice squeaked out.


I froze as we both trembled with excitement, our hearts pounding, my pussy soaking wet and nipples still hard, but instead of dropping my towel, sliding off my panties, entering his room and fucking him senseless, I panicked and fled to my room.


Our parents weren’t home that night and Ronnie wanted this game to go further. That was my chance to act out my first sexual fantasy but I guess the guilt of incest in my mind, caused me to run away. Afterwards I was angry at myself, but I was still a virgin at that time and to think of actually having sex, terrified me, although I wanted to fuck my brother badly. Not long after that, my brother Ronnie found his place and moved out.


For the next several years, I continued to mature, both physically and emotionally, until I finally lost my virginity to my first boyfriend. As he took me for the first time, my eyes closed and I imagined my big brother’s hard shaft sliding into me. For the next few years, I dated Bobby but during sex, my brother Ronnie was making love to me in my mind. I was obsessed with the idea of making love to my older brother.


Bobby and I finally got our own apartment together. After awhile, we drifted apart and then had a big fight, when big brother Ronnie came to my rescue. Ronnie invited me to stay with him as long as I needed to get back on my feet. Little did he know what I had in store for him……………………


Suddenly I felt something hard and pushing at my pussy from behind. I awoke to feel my big brother’s swollen shaft spreading my pussy lips, sliding slowly into my wet tunnel as I raised my right leg to ease his access. His right hand now rolling my nipple between his fingers, his hot breath on my neck as he whispered, “Amy, I love you.”


As my pussy felt his hard shaft throbbing deep inside me, I replied, “I’ve always loved you too, my sexy big brother.”   As I was awakened from my dream, I realized that my real dream had finally came true, to make love to my precious big brother.



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Posted 02 Jul 2010 18:06
not bad at all, keep it up
Posted 09 Jan 2010 01:09
That was a great story. It reminds me of my wife and her brother. To this day they still have a great relationship
Posted 26 Mar 2009 15:08
Oh my gosh, so good. I can't wait for more!
Posted 26 Mar 2009 07:16
Bravo...I loved both stories. Both had me completely soaked.

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