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Step sister brings home a friend

Another hot night with my step sister and this time she brings a friend
Step sister brings home a friend

If you have read First time with my step sister and me and my step sister continues our fun, then you will know how all this started.

Me and my step sister Lori had been having sex together for a while and had gotten to the point we would tease each other as much as we could. It was still nothing but good sex to both us, and we had not even considered it as being anything else. We never went out together or did things together, we would just wind up in each other’s room a couple nights a week, sucking and licking and fucking each other like wild animals.

One day Lori told me that hew friend Megan had a huge crush on me and that she has been wanting to come over and spend the weekend at our house so she could see me. Lori said she had a plan and if I was interested we could all have some fun. I told her I was game because Megan was a hottie. Let me describe her for you, she is about 5’3” with long dark brown hair, these deep green eyes that are so sexy, She has olive colored skin, 32 C breast, a tiny little waist and a ass that is so round. She always wears the hot little shorts that are so short her ass checks hang out the bottom, around our house. Looking at her little ass makes my dick so hard.

Friday finial got here and Lori and Megan were lying out by our pool when I got home from work that afternoon. I changed into some swim trunks and went out to the pool to where they were. I jumped in the pool trying to splash them. I came up from under the water right where they were laying. I propped myself up on the edge of the pool there in front of them. We talked some, but I could not figure out what all my step sister Lori had in mind for later, and looking at the crotch of Megan’s bikini, which was right in front of me. I could see her little cunt lips through the thin material and it was making my cock so hard I had to swim around before I could get out of the pool.

I went in the house and started taking a shower, I thought I could hear noises coming from outside the bathroom door, but I knew there was no one else home and I was sure Lori and Megan were still outside. After I was cleaned and shaved, I wrapped the towel around me like I always did and headed out to my room. When I opened the door Lori was standing there with the most lustful look on her face. She grabbed me and kissed me hard. As she pulled her head away she told me she was so wet and Horney and that if things worked out I would be fucking her and her friend later. She said after I went in that Megan told her that watching me out at the pool had made her pussy so wet she couldn’t stand it. She told me that is decided to see how far Megan would let this go, so she reached over and put her hand on Megan’s crotch and gave it a little feel. She said Megan just froze and looked at her, and as she ran her fingers up Megan’s slit, that Megan closed her eyes and let out a little moan. They both giggled a little after that and Lori told her she would be right back.

I still wasn’t sure what Lori had planned for the night, but I did not make a date for this weekend, so I would be up for whatever it was she had in mind. I was lying on the couch in the den when Lori and Megan both came in and started asking me what I was going to do tonight. I told them I was just going to hang out and they ask if I want to go to a movie with them. They wanted to see some scary movie and did not want to go along. I told them I was up for it and that if they wanted we could go get a bite to eat and walk around the mall until time for the movie. They said they would go get ready and would be out soon. It wasn’t long before Lori and Megan both came out looking hot! They both had gone to extra efforts to look their best. They both had on these tight looking little black miniskirts, Black 3 inch heels, and Lori had on a pink shirt and Megan had on a yellow one. They both had done there make up with a little extra to give them a sluty look. They walked in and stood by the door, and ask if they looked ok. I told them they both looked hot and Lori said they were going to make all the other girls jealous tonight, and that I had 2 hot girls with me. We all laughed and headed out to get something to eat.

When we got in the movie Lori wanted to sit up near the back and I knew she had something dirty in mind, so I played along. At first Megan was sitting beside me and Lori was on the other side of her. I kept watching the girls as they whispered back and forth and they would giggle every now and then. As the movie went on I watched as Lori’s hand had found its way on to Megan’s thigh. Lori slowly caressed Megan’s thigh, rounding her finger nails up and down her smooth skin. My cock was getting harder and harder and you could see it bulging out on my right thigh of my tight jeans. Slowly Megan opened her legs more and more and Lori got closer and closer to the hem of her panties. I could see Megan’s breaths were getting shallow and I could see her squirming around in her seat.

As Lori’s fingers got closer and closer to Megan’s pussy, Megan turned her head to look at me. Just as Lori’s finger found Megan’s cunt for the first time, she bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning out loud. Lori looked over at us and then said. “Your pussy is still so wet, is it my hand making you wet, or are you still wet for my step brother?” Lori then got up and moved to the seat on the other side of me.

“Looks like you need some attention too” as she reached her hand out and started rubbing my thigh. Megan took the hint and started rubbing the other leg. As Megan’s hand ran up my thigh she felt the bulge of my cock and gave it a little squeeze. She bit her lip in a flirty way and said that they were going to keep me hard all night. I put a hand on both of their leg’s and rubbed them as they both massaged my throbbing cock through my jeans. I had both of them wet and they had me so hard I was about to tear my pants apart. We left the movie and headed home, when we got there, my step mom was still up so we said we were going to head out to the pool for a little bit. My step mom is a real hottie also, but that is another story. We all met back out at the pool and we would splash each other and chase each other around the pool. There was so much sexual energy you could feel it though.

My step mom said we should come in because she was going to bed, so we all went to clean up and get ready to watch some TV. I put on a pair of gym shorts and laid across my bed and turn on the TV. In a few min’s they both came over to my room in little nighties. They both jumped on my bed and started wrestling around with me. I grabbed Lori and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply on the lips. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and then slowly sucked on it as I pulled it out. I looked over at Megan and she had this look of disbelief on her face. Before she could react Lori grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips. I saw Lori’s tongue as she traced it around her lips before she slide it into her friends mouth. Lori pushed Megan down on the mattress as she continued to kiss her.

Lori was now lying on top of Megan and Megan’s hands were reaching around and grabbing and pulling Lori to her. I watched as Megan grabbed Lori’s ass and spread her checks apart. Lori kissed her way down Megan’s body, pulling the nightie off her shoulders and freeing her beautiful tits. I watch as Lori’s tongue traced circles around Megan’s nipples. I could see Megan’s hard nipples respond to her tongue and they were pointed straight up and hard as a rock. Megan was rubbing all over Lori’s body and Lori’s mouth found the hard little bud of Megan’s tit and sucked it into her mouth. I could see her tongue flicking back and forth as she suck on it. Lori’s knee was between Megan’s legs and Megan was rocking her pussy up and down humping her leg.

I slowly pulled my shorts off and started to slowly stroke my hard cock as I watched them. Lori had worked her mouth down to Megan’s belly and she reached up and pulled Megan’s panties down her legs. Lori looked down at Megan’s wet pussy; her lips had opened up and glistened in the light. She leaned forward and I watch as her tongue slowly licked up between the pedals of her pussy lips, slowly pressing into the moistness of their center. As her tongued lapped up the sweetness of Megan’s pussy I leaned down and started to suck Megan’s hard nipples. I took her nipple between my teeth and start to bite gently and Lori sucked hard on her Clit at the same time. This caused bolt of electricity to shoot through Megan’s body and she gasp out load.

I felt a hand on my cock and could tell it was Megan’s. I raised up from sucking on her tits and she pulled my cock to her face. She held it there pointed at her open mouth, slowly stroking in back and forth. Soon a big drip of precum started to form on the head and she reaches her tongue out and lapped at it. I push my hips forward and she opened her mouth to except my length. Lori was licking on her clit and was fingering her with two fingers as I slowly fucked her mouth. She started sucking harder and harder on my cock and was squeezing my tightly. I knew she was ready to cum, so I started to talk dirty to them. I started fucking her face a little faster and started telling Lori how hot she looked licking Megan’s pussy. Megan was gasping for breath and wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her.

Lori slowed her pace down and let Megan come down from her orgasm. Lori then slide up her body and as I pulled my cock from her mouth Lori covered hers with her own and kissed her deeply again. Lori then rolled over pulling Megan with her, “My turn now, you lick my pussy, while I suck this hard cock”. Megan slowly started to kiss and lick her way around Lori’s body while Lori pulled me to her and kissed me, letting me taste Megan’s pussy juice on her lips. I felt Lori gasp as Megan’s lips found her pussy, I raised up and watched as she licked and slurred away. Lori had a great tasting and juicy pussy, so I knew what Megan was getting. I pushed my cock forward and Lori started to expertly suck it. I watched as Megan licked and sucked Lori’s pussy. Watching her little ass sway up in the air was driving me crazy; I pulled my cock away from Lori’s mouth and moved around behind Megan.

I got up on my knees behind her and took my cock and started to rub it all around her wet pussy. I had one hand on her ass check and the other was grinding my cock around and up and down her wet slit. Over and over I would press it against her clit and then rub it back and forth. As my cock would slide across the opening to her pussy and could feel Megan pushing back trying to get me inside her. I slowly aligned my cock head up with her opening and with just a little pressure I felt the head pop through and heard her gasp. I slowly pushed and pulled until I had worked about 6inches of my cock into her tight pussy. As I slowly fucked her she went back to eating Lori’s pussy. I fucked her slowly and deeply, using long slow strokes. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I could see her moistness one my cock as it slide out of her. I slowly picked up my pace and started to fuck her a little harder, Lori started talking then. “Fuck her little pussy, fuck her harder, make her cum….” She grabbed Megan’s hair and pulled her off her pussy; she held her head up making her look at her and started talking again. “Megan’s a little slut and needs to be fucked hard, don’t you Megan??” “Yes Yesss” Megan’s reply. I started fucking her harder then, pushing my cock forward as hard as I could. Slowly the rest of my cock started to slide in to her. I now had all eight inches fucking in and out of her tight pussy. Megan was gasping and panting and I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock.”Give it to her…Give it to her hard…Fuck her little cunt and make it cum on your big cock.” Does it feel good?? Does his hard cock feel as good as I told you it would??” “YESS, God YESSS…His cock is so big and hard and you were right, he fucks so good..I can’t stop Cumming”

I could feel the cum swelling up in my balls and I did not want to cum yet so a stopped and pulled out of her pussy. MY cock popped out of her tight pussy, and a stream of her pussy juice ran down her leg. When I pulled my cock out Lori told me to bring it there she wanted to watch Megan lick and suck her own pussy juice off my cock. Megan reached for my cock and licked and sucked every drop off me. Lori then said it was her time to feel some hard cock. She got up on her knees and told me to get behind her. I got behind her and wasted no time in plunging my hard cock into her waiting pussy. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck good and deep. She was kissing and playing with Megan, Her pussy was so wet and slick that my cock met no resistance at all and I was fucking her good and deep in no time. I had built up a good pace and could feel her pussy starting to respond. I can tell when she is ready to come and I know how to set her off. I started to fuck her hard, pushing my cock forward as hard as I can and holding it in there. I would push so hard I would almost push her down. I know she loves this feeling and her pussy was convulsing and leaking all over me, she started to push Megan down and had her wiggle her way under neigh her.

Lick my clit you sexy cunt.. Make me cum again. I want to feel your tongue on my clit as he fuck me with that big dick….That’s it….That’s it…YYEESSSS….YYEEESSSS…OHHHHH…OOOHHHHHHH GOD YYEEESSSSS…” her pussy was milking my cum up from my balls. I started to slam into her, her and over. Fucking her wet pussy harder and harder…I could feel Megan’s tongue as she liked Lori’s pussy and my shaft. I could feel my cock swelling even more in her pussy and she could tell I was going to cum soon. She started to fuck me pressing back hard against my cock; our bodies were slamming against each other. I reach up and grabbed her Hair and made her turn her head to look at me. She licked her lips and told me she wanted my cum and that was all it took. I pulled my cock out of her pussy just as the first pulse shot out and landed across Megan’s face. I grabbed my hard cock and started stroking the rest of my cum out and Megan opened her mouth and tried to catch the rest of it.

As the last of my cum ran out the end of my shaft I push my cock into Megan’s waiting mouth. She licked and sucked my cock clean. Lori then pulled her up and I watched as my step sister licked the cum off Megan’s face and shared it with her in a deep kiss. I thought I heard something as I was watching them and I thought I saw someone move down at the door way. I knew no one was home but my step mom and she was in bed. I must be seeing things, so I turned back around and started to lick Megan’s pussy. My cock was hard again and this was going to be a long night.

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Posted 10 Jun 2012 16:04
These stories are great! You just need to find a proof reader!!
Posted 17 Mar 2012 17:18
Awesome story
Posted 27 Oct 2010 09:15
Just wish that was my sis. Great story line keep it up I know I will
Posted 02 Sep 2010 05:17
Fabulous story
Posted 30 Jul 2010 14:52
Great story....anxiously waiting for the next chapter
Posted 30 Jul 2010 07:09
Fantastic story. Did you do Lori and her Mom together. I can't wait to hear.
Posted 30 Jul 2010 06:21
Great story!!
Posted 30 Jul 2010 06:13
Great story! You just know that's your step mom watching you guys. I know my mom loved to watch me and sis all the time and would join in occassionally....

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