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Summer on the Plantation (Chapters 1-3)

Maria is getting taught the pleasure in life by her cousin

Chapter 1

Maria was a lovely young girl of eighteen in 1857 living on her father’s plantation along the Mississippi River. She had the finest of everything for her day, servants to serve her every need, all of life’s pleasures, and a curiosity that was beyond the acres of cotton in the fields around her. She had suitors lined up on her veranda and attended every social event in the River Parishes. Then she lost her mother, to the fever. Things changed and she was left to tend to household and her broken hearted father.

She was excited that her worldly cousin Ella was coming to visit for the summer. Ella was two years older than Maria and was just getting back from Europe. Her father sent her there to study art. Ella was beautiful and talented and Maria wanted to be just like her when they were younger. Maria and Ella spent a summer with their grandmother in the city before her mother passed. Maria learned so much by watching Ella that summer. The way she dressed, the way she talked, and the way she was with the many gentleman callers she had.

Maria watched one night when Ella was in the salon at their grandmother’s townhouse in the middle of the Vieux Carre. She had a suitor calling on her that night. He was a very handsome man, tall with dark hair, and piercing eyes. Maria was sent to bed after dinner, but watched from top the stairs as their grandmother left the two alone.

Ella let the man start to kiss her. He was soft and gentle at first. He moved his hands to her lap and started to bustle her skirts up to her knees, and then he ran his hand up under them. Ella spread her legs a little and let his hand go between them. He kissed her faster now. Then he started kissing her neck and her earlobe. He moved his hand faster and faster between her legs. Ella threw her head back as he kissed down her neck to her chest. His other hand was pushing up on her breast, and push down the top of her corset. He had pulled it out from under the material covering it and began to kiss on it. He licked at her pointy pink nipple and put it into his mouth, sucking on her. Ella was enjoying this. Maria could see it on her face. She was moaning and at one point she yelled out “Yes”. Her body began to shake and once it stopped the man took his hand from under her skirts. He put his hand to his face and smiled down at Ella as she fixed her dress.

He came calling many times that summer. Each time bringing Ella many gifts, hats, chocolates, fine materials, clothes from Paris. Anything you can image, Ella had. Then the summer came to an end and they had to go back to their families. Ella only wrote the man a simple note thanking him for the gifts and never thought of him again.

Chapter 2

It was a hot summer afternoon along the river. Maria was sitting on the veranda, doing a needlepoint that her mother had started with her a few months before she passed. Maria couldn’t pick it up again after her mother was gone. She saw it in the corner of the study in the house and pulled it out. It brought back so many wonderful memories of her mother. She picked it up and decided to finish it. She was trying to thread the needle again, when she heard horses running on the road, she looked down river and saw the horses come around the bend, then the carriage, and then Ella. She dropped the needle and started yelling out.

“She is here! She is here! Ella is here!”

Maria ran into the house, yelling it out again and again. One of the house servants came out from the kitchen and one from the back of the house to greet the carriage when it came up the drive. Maria was so excited. When her father came out from his office she hugged him as she repeated it again.

“She is here! She is here!”

The carriage turned off the river road and started up the drive. Maria saw Ella with her stylish hat and travel dress, she started to wave to her, and Ella did the same. She was more beautiful then she remembered, Maria started to straighten her dress and noticed how plain she looked. Her excitement started to dwindle as her cousin approached looking so glamorous. She wanted to be so like her and suddenly thought she would never be. Ella stepped off the carriage and walked over to Maria, kissed her on both cheeks.

“Bonjour, Maria!” Ella exclaimed, “You are so grown up since I saw you last.”

“You are too Ella, your dress is so beautiful.”

“Oh this old travel dress? Wait until you see what I brought you.”

Maria couldn’t wait. Ella hugged her uncle as he led her in to the house. Maria’s excitement came back. She was so excited for the summer. She wanted to hear all about Europe from Ella and hoped to convince her father to let her go one day. Ella settled in her room and took a nap before dinner that night. At dinner Maria listen to Ella tell a few tales and then they all went to bed after the long day. All Maria was imagining what tomorrow would be like.

The next day the girls were in the garden having their lunch and were talking. Ella asked Maria if she had and worthy suitors.

“Not since mama died. I have been too busy with the household.”

“No, that is sad you are such a beautiful girl,” she said as she brushed a piece of hair from her face. Maria felt a slight tingle in her stomach, like butterflies. She was unsure what that was from.

“Have you kissed a boy yet?” Ella asked her younger cousin.

She shyly admits, “Only once, I kissed him and he ran away.” They laughed.

“Oh, my dear sweet cousin, I am going to have see that you get a proper kiss before I leave.”

Maria blushed and giggled at the thought. Ella pulled out a little bond book for Maria. It is black and the cover is leather, no writing on the outside.

“Here, you need to read this.” Ella handed it over to her. “These are stories of erotic nature. This is what is happening all over Europe. Read them. They will make you feel things you many never have. Don’t be frightened by this, it is what they are intended to do.”

“I can’t!” Maria protested.

Ella pushed it into her hands, “Yes you can. Read it and I will help you if you don’t understand some things.”

Ella brushed Maria’s cheek again with the back of her hand and let it fall to her shoulder, then down to her chest and brushed her bust. Maria felt excitement from Ella’s touches and again felt the wetness building under her skirts.

“Did that excite you?”

Maria smiled and nodded as her face turned red, she could feel the heat of the day, or was it a different heat. She tried to speak but couldn’t.

“You will enjoy the book.”

Maria wanted Ella to touch her again. She wanted her to touch her like the man did that day in their grandmother’s salon. Maria was terrified by this, and couldn’t think of anything but Ella right now, and what this book may do to her.

“Sweet cousin don’t be scared, it will be wonderful I promise. I will only let you feel pleasure.” Ella leaned in and kissed Maria softly on her neck.

“I am going to teach you all I know about pleasure.”

Maria was in a trance now. Ella’s trance as she let her cousin kiss her neck again. She was frozen as Ella’s hand ran up her arm and brushed the side of her breast along the way.

“Now read,” Ella commanded. “I will come to you tonight and show you more.”

Ella kissed her one last time on the neck, sending shivers down her spine, before she got up and left Maria there. Maria opened the book. She was shocked at the first line she read and shut the book. She opened it again, this time not as shock, continued to read. Each word made her embarrassed, excited and shocked all at once. She read and read, she couldn’t believe this goes on.

She read for hours when one of the house servants came to get her. It was time for super. She grabbed her things up and ran to the house. Her father didn’t like it when dinner was late. He was a grumpy old man and like his dinner served at 5 and no one should be late.

She reached the house, slowed herself down and straightened herself up.

“Sorry Papa, I was in the garden and lost track of time.”

“Hurry now before the gumbo gets cold.”

Maria looked over at Ella, she smiled, and she knew what Maria was doing. Maria knew too, and couldn’t believe Ella may know about these things. More importantly was she truly going to show her these things? They ate quietly for the next few hours as they were served the meal. They ate and barely talked. Ella was being coy with Maria, and smiling at her with each glance they made to each other.

Maria’s father went to his study after the dessert was served to read and smoke his pipe. The girls went into the drawing room. Maria sat on the small settee and took out her needlepoint. She wanted to keep busy to avoid eye contact with Ella. Ella walked around the room gazing at the works of art on the walls. Sighing as she moved around the room. She wanted Maria to speak first but it was not happening. Maria had her face in her needlepoint and didn’t look up.

“Well are you going to keep me waiting all night?” Ella finally spoke.

“What for?” Maria knew but didn’t stop sewing on the small fabric she had in her hands.

“You know what? Did you read the book?”

“Just a little.” Maria looked up at Ella with a smile, then back to her needlepoint.

Ella walked over to Maria and grabbed the hoop out of her hands. Maria looked up at her.

“So how was it? Do you have questions? Do you need instructions? Do you want to practice anything?”

“No!” Maria yelled at her. “I can’t believe people do those things. They really can’t be doing that all over Europe.”

“Yes they are. Please let’s practice some of those things.”

“Ella you are a girl, I can’t let you do those things to me.”

“Did you not enjoy it when I kissed you earlier?”

“Well it was nice, but still we can’t do those things. You can’t see me in that way and we can’t do those things with each other.”

“We can, it will be fun. I promise. When you were reading did you feel anything start to stir in places you never felt things?"


“See it got you excited. I just want to show you how to use that excitement. Turn that excitement into pleasure. Don’t you want to know?” Ella asked Maria as she moved close to her on the satee’ her mouth close to Maria’s skin. Maria was feeling all that excitement as they talked. She felt the excitement at dinner when Ella would look into her eyes.

“Y-y-yes-s-s.” Ella’s lips were on her shoulder. Waves of excitement started shooting through her body as Ella’s hands rested in her lap. Her soft kisses on her skin made moisture start to form in her birches and she knew she was going to have to give in to Maria.

“Not here, what if someone catches us?” Maria said.

“That makes it more exciting, don’t you think?”

“No I would die, if father walked in and saw this.”

“Okay, I am going to bed now. Come to my room when you are ready.” Ella got up and started to leave. She picked up the needlepoint and handed it back to Maria. “Bring the book.”

Maria watched Ella walk out of the room, and to the staircase. Ella looked at her as she ascended up the stairs. Once she was out of sight, Maria made a few more stitches and raced up the stairs.

Maria, went straight to Ella’s room, she knocked. “Come in!” Ella yelled from behind the door.

Maria opened the door slowly, still unsure what was about to happen. She slowly walked in. Ella stepped out from behind the changing screen in the corner of her room with only her corset and pantaloons on, her waist so tiny and her breast about to bust over the top of her corset. She smiled at Maria and went to lay on her big four post bed. The mosquito net was wrapped around and Maria could see Ella through the net.

“Come and sit, Maria.” Ella patted the spot next to her on the bed.

Maria started to walk to the bed.

“Wait, turn around.” Ella crawled over to the edge of the bed. “I think you need to get out of that dress. Let’s get you comfortable, like me.”

Maria did as she was told and Ella undid the buttons on the back of her dress. She pushed the sleeves down her arms and then untied the petticoats as she pushed Maria’s dress down to the floor. Maria stepped out and turned to Maria. They were face to face now, both in there corsets and pantaloons. Maria’s heart was pounding, her stomach was filled with butterflies, and she had tingles in her womanhood. Ella put her hand to Maria’s cheek. She ran it through her hair and then pulled her to her lips. Their lips touched, Maria felt shocks run through her body. Ella parted her lips, then tilted her head slightly and put Maria’s bottom lip between hers. Maria stood still as her beautiful cousin pulled at her hair as she kissed her more intimately. Maria’s knees started to get weak when Ella entered her mouth with her tongue. Maria moaned into Ella’s mouth.

Ella put her other hand on Maria’s back and pulled her closer, their bodies now smashed together as they kissed. Maria now had her tongue in Ella’s mouth. Ella was fighting with her tongue to get back in Maria. Maria touched Ella’s arms, then wrapped her arms around her and began to caress Ella. There kisses getting more and more passionate with each touch of the other. Ella ran her hand to Maria’s bottom and began to squeeze her cheeks as she pulled her closer and closer to her. Maria did the same, following Ella’s lead on what to do.

Ella finally broke their kiss and sat back on the bed. “Come my sweet, join me on the bed, I want to show you the pleasures your body can feel.”

Maria crawled onto the big bed, Ella laid down and Maria laid next to her. Their eyes fixed on each other. Ella began to run the tips of her fingers down Maria’s arm. Smiling at Maria as she did, Maria shivered at her touch.

“Do you like this my sweet?

“Am I making you feel good?

“Do you want to me to stop?”

Maria couldn’t say a word. She just smiled at Ella and nodded to her questions.

Ella reached up and untied the little bow at the top of Maria’s corset, loosen the top, then moved the material covering her breast down, revealing her lovely bosom to Ella, they were ample in size, bigger then Ella’s and her nipples were pink, rather large and erect.

Ella started to kiss them both, kissing one then the other. Maria moaned as she could feel more tingles in her groin. Maria lay there and let her cousin do as she pleased. Ella sucked on each nipple, taking more of her breast each time she went back. She was gentle to each as she kissed and sucked them. Maria closed her eyes and let the pleasure take over her body. Ella’s hand traveled down Maria’s body, running over her hips and to the waistband of her pantaloons. She reached into them and fondled with Maria’s hairs covering her womanhood. Maria spread her legs just a little so Ella’s hand could travel further down inside her birches.

Ella stopped sucking Maria’s nipples and sat up. With both hands she pulled Maria’s pantaloons down to her knees and spread her legs as far as she could. Maria did not resist. She was thinking back to a story she read in the book. It described everything Ella was doing but it was a man doing what Ella was. She remembered how the woman yelled out with great pleasure when the man filled her with his fingers, then his tongue, and then with his member. Was Ella going to do this to her now?

“You have to stop!” Maria exclaimed.

“Why? Are you not enjoying this?”

“It is not right, it is unnatural.”

“Please, my sweet, I am just getting you ready for when you are with a man. I am showing you what he will do to you. So you can be ready.”

“No Ella, I can’t. Please stop. I beg you to stop.” Maria began to cry.

“Oh my sweet cousin don’t cry. We can stop. I am sorry I made you uncomfortable.”

Maria looked into her beautiful cousin’s eye, still crying. “No I am sorry if I am disappointing you. I just can’t do this with you.”

Maria, jumped out the bed, grabbed her dress and ran out of Ella’s room as fast as she could and to her room a few doors down the hallway. She threw herself on the bed and cried. What was wrong with her she though, how could she allow Ella to do those things to her? She cried herself to sleep that night feeling awful about what happened between them.

Chapter 3

The next day Maria didn’t leave her room. When the house servant came to wake her she told her she was not feeling good and didn’t want to be disturbed.

“Please tell Papa and Ella I will take my meals in my room today.”

“Yes ma’am,” Netty replied and went to tell the other and fetch her some food.

“Thanks Netty.”

Maria, could not get the thoughts out of her head as she laid there in her bed. She thought about the book, what Ella and she had done. She was ashamed and curious. She wanted to be like Ella, but also wanted to be virtuous. What was happening to her?

There was a knock on the door. It was Netty coming in with some juice and some toast.

“Here Miss Maria, you should eat something.”

“Thanks Netty, just leave it over there, I will eat when I get out the bed.”

“Also, Miss Ella said you forgot this in her room last night.” Netty held up the black book.

Maria was stunned. “Give that to me.” She grabbed it out of Netty’s hand.

“No go, leave me alone.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Netty left the room and smiled as she did. Netty saw Maria last night run from Ella’s room and had many suspicions at what may had happen. She knew why Miss Maria was sick today.

Netty went to Miss Ella’s room next. She knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

“Miss Ella, I gave Miss Maria the book. She didn’t look too happy that I had it.”

“It will be okay Netty. Can you draw me a bath?”

“Sure Miss. Let me go get some hot water from the kitchen. I will be back in a jiffy.”

Netty hurried to the kitchen to fetch the water and bring it back to Miss Ella’s room. Ella was just in her dressing gown when Netty returned with two buckets of the water to fill in the tub that sat in the corner of the room behind the dressing screen. Ella was standing in the light from the window and Netty could see right through the gown that covered Miss Ella’s body. Netty was excited to see the woman’s form through the gauze material.

Netty went to the tub and filled it with the buckets.

“There Miss Ella, the tub is filled.” She put her elbow in and felt the water, “It is just right for ya.”

Ella moved over to the tub and let her gown drop to the floor, she stepped into the tub Netty helping her. Netty watched as her naked body sat in the water and the water covered her legs and mound covered with trimmed hair.

“Netty, could you get the bath cloth over there and the bar of soap?”

“Yes ma’am.” Netty rushed to grab the items she asked for and handed them to her.

“Netty, do you mind washing my back?”

“No ma’am it would be my pleasure.”

Netty knelt at the end of the tub with Miss Ella’s back to her. She dipped the cloth and soap into the water, brushing her hand against Miss Ella’s back as she soaped up the cloth. She brought the cloth up to the woman and touched her lightly. Then back into the water and begin to rub it softly on her. Ella enjoyed the touches she could feel the girl’s fingers as she ran the cloth up and down her body, when their skin touched it gave Ella chills down her spine. Netty continued to wash Miss Ella’s body, she did her arms and shoulders and when Miss Ella leaned back against the rim of the tub, Netty reached over her and began to run the cloth down the front of Miss Ella. Netty was enjoying this just as much as Miss Ella.

Netty moved the wet cloth up and down her body, going down into the water between Miss Ella’s legs and then rubbing the cloth on her mound then back in the water. She did this over and over. She moved around to the side of the tub and washed more of Miss Ella. She ran the cloth over her legs and back to her stomach. She ran the cloth over her breast, they were small and her nipples were erect, either from the water that had turn a little cold or the excitement, which was flowing through her body from Netty’s touches. Ella leaned back on the rim of the tub her eyes closed and let Netty pleasure her in the bath.

Netty let the water run off the cloth over her nipples, then she touched Ella’s body again with the cloth. She went in between her legs again, this time staying there longer. Netty rubbed the cloth longer along her womanhood. Ella was feeling much pleasure from the girl’s actions and was starting to get creamy under the cloth. Ella continued to enjoy the actions of the servant girl and spread her legs wider, putting one over the edge of the tub, giving the girl full access to her pussy.

Soon the cloth was push hard into Ella’s mound and Ella began to moan as Netty pushed harder and harder into her. Netty knew the pleasure she was giving to Miss Ella. Ella was squirming in the tub now, rotating her pelvis into the cloth. Netty ran the cloth back up to Miss Ella’s stomach and could see how hard and erect Miss Ella’s clit had become, she let the water run onto it and watched it pulsated.

Netty knew Miss Ella was ready to explode, and she ran the cloth down into the water once again. This time leaving it there and only bring her hand out this time. She ran her fingers up the slick slit now wet with Miss Ella’s own juices and ran the tip of one around the bud pointing out at her, then down to Miss Ella’s opening. She glided one finger into Miss Ella, and as she pulled back she entered again with two. She pushed both fingers deeper into Miss Ella, twisting them inside of her.

Ella moaned loader, as the thrust began to take on a rhythm and Netty plunged deeper into Ella each time. Ella knuckles turned white as she gripped the sides of the tub, her head rolled back and she push her hips up out of the water and into Netty’s fingers.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” she yelled out.

Netty didn’t say a word, she watched as Miss Ella’s body began to thrust upward into her hand harder as the orgasm was building. Miss Ella’s lips tighten around Netty’s fingers and her clit pulsated as cum squirted out of her once, twice and a third time. Ella’s cum was all over Netty’s arm. Netty pulled out, never seeing that before and could feel her own pussy wet as she had a slight orgasm watching the cum juices squirt out of Miss Ella.

Netty watched as Miss Ella’s body calmed down from the orgasm and grab the cloth one more time to clean the cum from Miss Ella’s pussy. She stood up and rang out the cloth and brought the cloth and soap back to the table where it sat. She used the cloth to wipe Miss Ella’s cum from her arm and then reached for a dry towel to wrap around Miss Ella’s body as she got out the tub.

“Thank you Netty for the bath.” She smiled a coy smile to Netty.

“Yes Ma’am. I am at your disposal anytime you need, Miss.”

“Oh I will need that again.”

Netty left the room, with the two empty buckets to return them to the kitchen. She was happy with her performance for Miss Ella and now waited to be able to do it again for her.

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Posted 04 Oct 2013 02:01
Wow! Loved the part between Miss Ella and Netty

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Just re-read this story and it was even better second time around!
Posted 11 Mar 2013 18:42
Beautiful.... not much more than can be said without repeating comments already made. Well done
Posted 07 Mar 2013 14:48
I absolutely loved this story! I see myself in Miss Ella, kinda scary. Can hardly wait to read the rest of your stories. Thank you!!!
Posted 04 Jan 2013 09:08
good story.. well written.. thanks
Posted 04 Jan 2013 04:49
Great story! very erotic. The bath scene with Netty is is so hot and sensual. I imagined all the beautiful girls in Gone wiyh the Wind!
Posted 03 Jan 2013 13:14
Wonderful story. So looking forward to reading more of their experiences. Xoxo
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Great story can't wait to read more
Posted 03 Jan 2013 06:18
Really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to the rest of the story to develop, thank you for sharing x
Posted 03 Jan 2013 05:12
I enjoyed the story so much. You have worked to develop your characters and placed them in a wonderful setting. I would love to see Maria learn...

Kisses, Tara
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