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Surprised By My Mom

A son's first time with his sexy mother.
Going about with my own life was becoming more and more difficult every time I would leave the house and saying goodbye to my mother. I wouldn’t call it guilt really; I guess it was a wanting of more for someone whom you loved. I knew I would be leaving the house; having a goodtime with my group of friends out on the town. Mom would be by herself probably reading another novel. She was always sweet about me leaving though and never seemed to mind too much, but being only 17, she worried.

“Be careful honey, no chug a lugging, and no chasing tail all night mister!” She would shout from the family room as I made my way to the door after our usual hug and kiss goodbye.

“No worries, Mom,” I’d retort, anxious to meet up with my buddies and discuss our night moves.

“Love ya, Joe” she’d add affectionately, as I made my way out.

As most stories of divorce go, infidelity was the reason for my mother and father’s legal separation and her being alone at night . It was more of a blessing than anything else that dad finally left our lives. How a man that boring could find another woman in the first place is beyond my own comprehension. He did manage to score mom though; and, she was way out of his league. Maybe it was his way with words, something that I inherited, because his looks weren’t much to speak of. I myself am lucky I took after my mother’s side in most of my physical attributes.

Dad’s side did seem to be filled with testosterone though, having a long line of men every generation seeming to outgrow the others in muscular development. So needless to say I wasn’t complaining. Sure, dad left mom and I on our own but I was well on the way to adulthood with a built body, and la rge cock all thanks to those goo d genes his side passed on to me.

As for mom, when I say she was out of my old man’s league I really mean it! She was turning 43 next month, but her body was no indication of that. She looked more like a beauty queen then a housewife, and my friends made sure I knew it, and made it so I didn’t entertain them at my house any longer. Her long blonde hair and perfect smile really made you look at her face, but those deep blue eyes kept you staring. She took great care of herself too , a practice she ingrained into me as well. Being physically active was always a priority to her even when she was married, whereas dad would spend hours watching television in his recliner. All the work she put in was well worth it!

I would try not to look too closely when she wore such little clothing around the house, or after she took a shower walking to her room in just a small towel. But my eyes and my testosterone filled brain wouldn’t let me look away. Mom was hot! Every part of her was either tight ,or perfectly shaped from all that exercise. Just watching her ass as she walk away was enough to give me a massive erection; I swear I would be 3 inches shorter at home, because of all the hunching over to hide my hard cock from her sight. Her ass was amazing and she knew it, because her clothing made sure it was on display.

Not only did my mom have an ass that made you want to bite into it, her breasts seemed to be perfect. Sometimes she wouldn’t wear a bra and that’s when I knew just how amazing my mom’s body is. Her breasts are perky and full, and her nipples always seemed to get hard when she was around me for too long. Looking at her breast, through her tight camisole I knew right then and there that I had to have my mom.

I couldn’t escape her sex appeal. A simple task like doing the laundry even turned me on about her. I found out that not only did mom love sexy bras her bust size was 36D. And don’t even get me started on her panty collection, since she mostly owned thongs. Very rarely would I see any other type of panties, but even her boy short ones looked sexy! Thinking back no wonder her ass always had an amazing movement when she walked, those thongs made sure her ass cheeks we flaunted through the fabric of her pants. Around the house she wore tight cheer shorts and of course the waist band had to be rolled up at least 3 times to get to the length she wanted. I didn’t mind this at all, because anytime she bent over or squatted down to do something either her thong would start showing, or her shorts would ride up and the bottom of her firm ass checks would be on display until she fixed them.

I couldn’t take it anymore, my mom walking around the house in such sexy, barely there clothing I wasn’t sure if she was trying to tease me or not but I needed to fuck her! I felt so conflicted! This was my mom after all, but was she feeling what I was too? She didn’t have a man in her life anymore, and she would have needs like any other woman. Maybe that was why she was walking around me in such tiny shorts all the time and making me do the laundry when all her panties and bras were in the dirties.

Night after night, of watching her parade around me in tight clothes, and sometimes she would scamper past me in just a bra and thong! Masturbating about her beautiful body wasn’t cutting it anymore. I need more. I needed to fuck my own mother.

One Saturday morning I decided it had to be done, I was going to have to seduce my mother. I went downstairs and started making breakfast as usual some eggs to start of the day. I just plated my meal took my first bite then looked up and almost spit out my food. My gorgeous mother all 120 pounds of her curvaceous body was standing right in front of me in nothing but a black lace thong!

“Oh my God, Mom” I sputtered! “Wha, wha.. what’s going on?” I didn’t know what to say, I was in shock but my cock sure knew what to do. I thought my boxers were going to rip off with my massive hard cock stretching the fabric.

Mom my said in a husky tone “I know you’ve been watching me baby. I know you want Mommy, I can tell by how you’ve been begging for me to fuck you as you stroke your cock.”

Oh God did my mom really hear me masturbating all those nights, me saying how I wanted to suck and fuck her?
All of a sudden it clicked- hadn’t this been what I wanted? I shouldn’t be shocked, I should stay cool and play out my deepest, darkest fantasy.

“Oh shit Mom, I didn’t think you'd hear. I’m sorry.” I said.

“Oh don’t be sorry, baby. I’m just sorry you didn’t have the balls to come and fuck me.” Mom said with lust in her amazing blue eyes.

Holy shit! What was going on? I didn’t even know my mom could talk like that. Wait, did she just say that she wanted me to fuck her? I thought I was going to be in control the one that lusted after my mom, but instead she really was teasing me all this time dressing like a college slut around the house. Her constantly bending over in front of me, exposing her thongs wasn’t an accident, she really did want me to fuck her.

“Mom, you have no idea how badly I wanted to be deep inside you every night I just didn’t know how you would feel. Isn’t this wrong?” I questioned.

“Baby, two attractive people who want to fuck each other, could never be wrong, especially when you make me this wet. Now get over here and fuck your mother!”

My heart was pounding I was so excited, all this anticipation and it was finally going to happen I’d get to fuck my own mom. My sexy, delicious mom!

I stripped my boxers. My 7 inch cock sprang up as soon as the elastic band slid over it. Mom looked so fucking hot! That small black thong was the only thing between me and her tight warm pussy. I practically sprinted over to her; I grabbed her body and pulled it close to mine, her warmth fueling the heat between us. I grabbed her tight ass looked her in the eyes, God those beautiful blue eyes, and said “I’m going to make you my slut, mommy!”

She licked her lips and whispered in my ear, “God, just fuck me bab -”. I cut her off and started kissing her, our mouths became one. Our tongues massaged each other’s as if we were long, lost lovers that finally reconnected. I couldn’t take it anymore I stopped the kiss, and pulled down mommy’s thong, and was eye level with her neatly shaven pussy. I needed to taste it, to lick up every bit of wetness that was leaking out of her. I stuck out my tongue and was in heaven, she tasted amazing!

“Oh fu... fuck Joey, eat mommy’s pussy baby!” she half screamed and moaned out. With each lick she became more and more wet, I could eat her all day but my cock needed to be inside her.

I stood up and firmly said “Bend over, my good slut mommy”. She did exactly what I said. Her hands planted firmly on the table,her pussy wet and ready for my cock.

I slid my cock up and down her wet slit for only a few seconds. As much as I wanted to tease her, I wasn’t going to prolong this. My cock pushed in her ever so tight pussy. It was so tight it caused my dick a few seconds of pain getting my full length inside her.

I pumped her pussy with a few deep long strokes of my cock then she turned around and in the most innocent voice said “Let me be your slut, fuck me hard baby."

With each deep hard thrust she begged “Harder Joe, harder!” I was pumping out of her pussy as fast and as hard as I could. Soon I wouldn’t be able to take anymore I was going to cum deep inside my own mother’s pussy.

Before I was about to shoot my load I yelled “Fuck, I’m gonna cum Mom!”

She instructed “Pull out baby, your slut mommy wants to taste your hot cum!” I pulled my cock out of her and she quickly got on the floor. On her knees with my cock in her hand the tip of my dick wrapped around her luscious lips she began to suck.

She popped my cock out of her mouth for just a second to say “Cum for me baby”. That’s all it took with those words I shot the biggest load of my life right in my own mothers wanting mouth. Rope after rope she swallowed ever last drop. My legs were so weak I practically crashed to the floor right beside her.

“God Mom, that was fucking amazing!” I gasped.

Smiling she said “Baby, you have no idea!”

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Posted 13 Apr 2013 04:56
love the story, is there any more that you need to tell me?
Posted 07 Feb 2013 20:37
Oh boy! so hot story that made my cock rock hard!! Fucking the sexiest mom is so amazing experience of life. Wish if I can lift her both legs on my shoulders and slide my hard cock deep inside her fuck hole until I shoot my full load inside her.

Looks like I have to pump my cock now thinking of mom.
Posted 17 Jan 2013 18:24
Welcome back. Great 1st time story. You now have a home slut to have sex with anytime you want. Mom is now your slut. Tell us more. "V=5+++."
Posted 17 Jan 2013 14:36
Great storyline! I felt it a bit rushed though, but would definitely keep reading.
Posted 15 Jan 2013 11:38
a very well written hot story. I can't wait to read the next part.
Posted 14 Jan 2013 18:46
Very hot story! I would have liked the lovemaking go a bit longer though. Still great job. Thanks, Reeb
Posted 14 Jan 2013 16:09
This weekend I hope to work on the next story Glad you enjoy
Posted 14 Jan 2013 05:07
Very good. More. More.
Posted 13 Jan 2013 01:19
that was great hope there is more to cum
Posted 12 Jan 2013 17:12
Very hot!

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