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Sydnie's Summer Pt. 1

Sydnie always wondered what her older brother looked like naked

Sydnie was enjoying the summer. She had cheer practice regularly, hung out with friend, and now her brother Rick was back from college. She really liked her brother, and he was frankly very hot. Her friends always commented on him. He was six foot, brown haired, cool blue eyes, and a great build. Sydnie’s best friend, Monica, always wanted to stay over when he was home, hoping to catch him naked.

She was sweaty when he pulled up to take her home. Rick was always smiling, and she liked having her hot brother around to show off to her friends on the squad. Getting in, she wiped the sweat from her brow.

“How was practice?” he asked. She rubbed her eye, and could have swore he was eyeing her body up and down when he thought she couldn’t see him.

“Good, tiring, I need to shower bad!” Sydnie said.

She looked down at her body. She was a handful of years younger than her college freshman brother, but she looked good and she knew it. She was five foot four with short blond hair and brown eyes, and a good firm, cheerleader body. Her tits weren’t huge, 34B, but that was perfect for her cheering. They were very well displayed today, in her tight tanktop and sports bra.

She leaned back and put on her shades, seeming to relax or even rest. In fact she was looking at her brother. Rick was wearing shorts too, and she wasn’t sure but his crotch seemed to be bulging. She felt weird a little, but she liked it.

“So what are you doing today?” she asked him, looking out the window casually.

“Not much, play some games I guess, watch some shows,” he said.

Sydnie looked forward again, sneaking a peak at Rick’s bulge. It was definitely growing! She could easily see the shape of his cock bent over to the left. The sight made her pussy tingle. She imagined what it looked like hard, and felt the tingle turn to wetness. She had better be careful! She would die if she suddenly looked down and her shorts were wet.

Fortunately, the drive was over soon. He hopped out of the car and headed in, seeming to pay her no more attention. But he did call out to her when she came into the house.

“So mom and dad are out til nine. What are your plans?” he called, already upstairs.

“Umm, Monica is picking me up, we’re going to the mall until dinner,” Sydnie replied.

She headed downstairs to use the shower there. It was bigger and had nicer towels.

Stripping off her clothes, she examined her body. Running her hands over her breasts she smiled, pleased with them. The nipples were kind of large, and she liked how the areolas widened when she was warm.

She ran her hand over her pubis, finding she needed to shave it. Then she gasped as one finger found her clit. She was wet all right.

Sydnie ran the shower and rubbed her pussy, letting the water get warm while she slid a finger in and out of herself. She kept thinking about Rick’s cock, and before she knew it, she was breathing hard. Working her clit fast now, she clenched her teeth as an orgasm wracked her body.

Gasping quietly, she kept finger fucking herself, shaking. Finally, she stopped cumming, and sighed with relief. The shower felt even better.

Once it was over, she saw a text. Monica couldn’t go to the mall, but she still wanted to swing by to drop off some movies she’d borrowed from Syd. Oh well.

A few minutes later, Sydnie was in just shorts and a tank. She kinda hoped Rick would notice her tits bouncing around in the tank top. Hearing Monica’s car approaching, she ran upstairs and out into the garage, slamming the door behind her.

Monica pulled up and handed her the dvd’s.

“Is that hot bro of yours home?” Monica grinned wickedly.

“Yeah, he’s upstairs,” Sydnie replied.

Monica bit her lip and pressed a hand between her legs. “I’m gonna go get a toy and think about him when I cum!”

Sydnie leaned into the car window, and whispered. “I just did!”

They giggled quietly, and Monica pulled away.

Sydnie looked at the dvd’s briefly, then quietly entered the house again. She opened the door silently, and looked up into the living room. She nearly dropped the dvds as her heart jumped.

On the big tv, a porn channel was on, showing some girl being fucked hard by a huge cock. But far more interesting was the sight of her brother Rick, standing naked, stroking what appeared to be a huge cock, as he looked out the window. He was facing partially away from Sydnie.

“Off you go, sis,” he said audibly. Rick then sat on a recliner, seated at an angle, so his sister got an excellent view of his fist pumping his shaft. The head was huge and dark. And his body was gorgeous, with nicely defined muscles.

Sydnie felt her pussy get wet instantly. Instinctively, one hand went to her snatch, and she began rubbing her clit. She was hidden well enough in the stairwell, as long as he didn’t turn around. But she was trapped! She didn’t know what to do, but for the moment, she needed to masturbate at the amazing sight of her brother’s massive cock.

Watching his hand work his cock was making her a little dizzy. She could hear him talking softly too.

“Fuck yeah, suck that cock…” he murmured, as the girl on the screen stuffed a huge dick in her mouth.

Sydnie rubbed her wet pussy with two fingers now, steadying herself with the other hand by leaning on the railing. Rick’s cock looked so good, so long and thick. She wanted it so badly right now. She watched him stroke it, and then watched the really good porn on the screen.

She knew her folks had the adult stations but she didn’t have the code to unlock them.

Sydnie stared at her brothers cock, wondering what it would feel like in her mouth. She had only given a hand job to two boys before, and loved the feeling, but hadn’t sucked any yet.

The girl on the screen moaned as the cock in front of her shot cum all over her face.

Sydnie closed her eyes and thought of Rick’s cock doing the same to her face. All at once, her body shook as she made herself cum hard, clenching her teeth to keep quiet.


Her eyes flew open, as she still shook from the orgasm rocking her body. Rick stood not ten feet away, his massive purple cock clenched in one hand.

“Rick…I…” Sydnie stuttered, still cumming, her knees almost knocking, her fingers still working her pussy.

Rick nodded toward the television, still stroking his huge dick. “C’mon over, sis,” he said, smiling a little.

Sydnie’s eyes widened as her orgasm subsided. She took a hesitant step up the stairs.

“Come on, I won’t bit,” Rick said, grinning. He sat down and began stroking his cock faster. “I may cum, but I won’t bite.”

She moved forward a little. “I don’t think I should…”

“Take your pants and tank off, it’s only fair,” her brother chided her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Rick was her brother! But she so wanted to watch that amazing cock shoot a load of jizz. She found herself slowly dropping her pants, then flipping off her top.

“Nice tits, sis!” Rick commended her. He looked at the tv. “Ah nice, girls licking girls.”

Sydnie had watched a good amount of porn; it helped her cum. And she really liked lesbian action, which was what was on the screen now. She sat down in the chair not five feet from her brother, who kept pumping away on his glorious shaft. It must have been eight inches long.

“Do…do you cum a lot?” she asked quietly, one hand now between her legs. A finger pushed into her wetness.

“I think so, but you’ll see,” Rick said. He kept stroking his cock, steadily and firmly. His eyes moved from the large screen, to his sister’s nubile body. She saw his eyes studying her pussy and tits, and she raised one leg a bit to give him a better view.

She had just cum, and her pussy was very sensitive, but she knew she could cum again in minutes. The thought of seeing her brother cum was making her heart race.

“Oh fuck, I can’t hold back, not with you here…” Rick said. He grunted as his fist worked his purplish shaft even faster. Sydnie started sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy fast now, rubbing her clit and panting, her eyes fixed on his shining cock.

A spray of cum shot from his head, and he grunted loudly. Then a huge stream of white jizz flew upwards at least three feet, then another. His athletic body tensed as he shot several loads into the air, to land on his abs, legs, and the floor.

Sydnie rubbed her clit fast now, getting closer to cumming, as she watched her brother launch more and more cum. The spurts were getting smaller now, and spraying all over his legs.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” he grunted, getting up from the recliner while still stroking his shaft, his hand drenched in cum. He stood and retrieved a towel from the table, and began wiping his hands, while looking at his sister.

“That…was awesome,” Sydnie managed to say, as she trembled with excitement, still rubbing her pussy.

“You are so hot, sis,” Rick said. His cock still stood straight out, dripping cum. He cleaned it off too with the towel, but it was still rigid. He stared at her working her pussy. “You gonna cum soon?”

Sydnie nodded, breathing faster.

“Let me help,” he said. She watched disbelieving but unable to say anything as he knelt in front of her chair, carefully taking her hand from her pussy so that he could start tonguing her clit. She gasped as his tongue began flicking her button, and then moaned as she watched him begin to lick and tongue her pussy fully.

Her eyes squeezed shut as pleasure shot through her body. He knew exactly how to please her, and Sydnie realized he was using his fingers too. She felt the orgasm building quickly.

“Oh fuck oh fuck…” she breathed, writhing in the chair and his head moved back and forth between her legs. She put both hands on his thick hair and pulled his head against her pussy.

“Yes…yes…” she moaned. He knew she was about to cum and his tonguing and fingering increased in pace. Her body shook and she moaned loudly as the orgasm washed over her body. It was even more intense than the one a few minutes ago. It lasted maybe a minute as her brother continued to lick and suck her clit and pussy.

Finally, she collapsed, panting, exhausted. Rick stood up before her smiling, wiping the pussy juice from his face. His cock was still rock hard in front of her.

“Did you like that, Syd?”

She could just manage “Uh huh.” He grinned, turned off the tv, and picked up the towel.

“Hey, want to have some more fun before the folks get back?” he asked her.

She looked up at him, smiling a little. His huge cock seemed at last to be relaxing a little.

“Sure,” she said.

“Cool, after dinner maybe, huh?” Rick said. He turned and went upstairs.

Sydnie sat up, already feeling excitement building. She just got her pussy licked out by her hot brother, and later she was going to suck that huge cock! She couldn’t wait.

Collecting her clothes, she went to her room to try and find something to take her mind off it until later.

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Hot, hot and hot. 5++
Posted 03 Jan 2013 15:49
Hot 5+++++++, love incest stories.
Posted 03 Jan 2013 15:35
YES a 5+
Posted 03 Jan 2013 12:17
5+. Keep the story going................

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