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Taking Aunt Val

The summer I turned 19 I had the time of my life when my sexy aunt came for a visit.
This is my first story. It is pure fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

The summer that I turned19 remains the most memorable summer of my life. I had been working at a construction company every summer since I was in high school. The pay was good and the demanding physical work kept me in shape...really great shape...and tan. It started out the same as the past summers, getting up early and heading out to the job sites to work in the blazing sun all day.

Since we specialized in residential construction, all of our jobs were in the Beacon Hill and Back Bay parts of Boston. Although I grew up in Beacon Hill dad, despite being a partner in one of the bigger law firms in Boston, believed that hard physical work was the best way for us kids to learn the value of a dollar. I didn't mind as I got the chance to expand my sexual horizon with many of the lonely soccer moms, some of whom I knew through growing up with their kids...but those are for another time and many more stories.

Tom, my boss, was rather lax with my need to be on the job site all the time as dad's connections and my, um, knack for keeping the clients satisfied meant we had plenty of work coming in. So, the job had its perks, so to speak.

That summer my Uncle Andrew and Aunt Val, who was dad's older sister, were coming out for an extended vacation. Uncle Andrew had retired early when his company merged with another firm and bought out his contract. He and Aunt Val decided it was an opportunity of a lifetime and thought they would spend the next year traveling the country in their massive RV. Uncle Andrew was a real history geek and wanted to see and learn everything about everywhere.

I guess by the time they got to Boston Aunt Val and seen and learned enough and decided that she would let my folks be his travel companion for a while. For being in her late 50s, Val was still incredibly sexy. She is a petite brunette with pert breasts and a firm ass that still turned heads. The sexiest thing about her, though, is her eyes. They are a piercing dark blue that hint at her deeper, darker side.

As I turned onto or street I knew they had arrived from the massive RV parked in front of our house. I pulled into our driveway and parked my bike in the back. Entering the house through the back door to the kitchen I was surprised by the lack of sound coming from the rest of the house. When Uncle Jack is around everyone knows it as he is loud and boisterous, telling story after hilarious story. I guessed that they must have headed out for a night on the town already.

I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge, took off my sweaty shirt and headed back to grab a quick shower. As I passed the spare bedroom I noticed my aunt was resting on the bed. She had a wet cloth covering her eyes and was in just a tank top and some shorts. Just as I began to open the door to my room I heard my aunt call my name, “Jason? Jason, is that you sweetie?”

“Nope…just your friendly neighborhood burglar” I said, “Got anything of value?”

“Just lil ol’ me all here by my lonesome” she came back using her best southern belle voice.

“Well, I may just have to tie you up and check it out for myself” I shot back with a smile. With that, I grabbed some clean shorts and a new top and headed to the shower.

This was one of those days where a cold shower was not only going to cool me off from the heat and sweat of the day but also from the thoughts going through my head of what I would really like to do to my aunt.

Within a few minutes of starting my shower I thought I heard the bathroom door open up. “Hmmm,” I thought, “this could turn interesting.” How interesting I was about to find out.

“Just looking for some aspirin, sweetie. I promise I won’t peek…a bit” she said with a slight giggle.

“No worries, there is a bottle on the top shelf of the cabinet to the left of the sink” I said while rinsing the shampoo from my head and thinking of what I’d like to give her to get rid of her headache.

“Is that for me?” said Aunt Val staring at my raging hard-on through the clear shower curtain.

Totally busted! But never one to let an opportunity to pass me by, I said that I was just thinking of what I would have done had I been a burglar and seen her laying on the bed looking so gorgeous.

“Really,” came her reply, “and just what would you have done to me?”

I guess she really wanted to know as she made herself comfortable by sitting down on the toilet.

“How about I just show you” I said as I climbed out of the shower. Her eyes bulged as she stared directly at my hard cock just inches from her face. I grabbed her hair and told her that she was just unlucky enough to be home alone when I came to rob the place. Pulling her towards me she opened her mouth and sucked just the head of my cock into her mouth.

“Did I say stop, lady?” I said pushing her head firmly into my crotch. As my cock snaked its way down her throat she began to gag. As I held her there she I told her that I was going to do with her as I please. That she was going to tell me where all of the jewelry and cash was hidden and that she would be sternly punished for any deviation from the truth. “Blink twice if you understand.” I commanded. Looking down at my aunt with her nose in my pubes and mouth full of my dick, I smiled just a little when I saw the second blink acknowledging the status of her position.

At that I pulled her mouth off my dick so she could breathe once more. With just enough time to take another breath I forced her head back down where I then began fucking my aunt’s luscious mouth. “Stick out your tongue and lick my balls while you are down there you fucking cum slut” I hissed. Out darted her tongue as I slammed her face down to my crotch time after time. I could hear her moans of pleasure between gags and coughs.

As I was getting ready to cum in her mouth I felt her hands clawing at my ass and one finger wiggled its way in my ass. I saw a hint of a smile as she saw the surprise on my face when she pushed past the resistance. This was definitely a first for me and I can honestly say that I knew she would definitely be encouraged to do that again, the sexy bitch.

Within a few minutes I felt my balls begin to tingle and tighten. Pulling her tight I spewed load upon load down Aunt Val’s throat. “Turn a bout’s fair play I said as I pulled my now limp cock from her mouth, pulled her up, turned her around and bent her over the sink. I pulled down her shorts and panties in one swift motion. “Now, tell me where they keep the jewelry or so help me I will thrash this ass until it bleeds!”

“I don’t know!” she screamed. “I am just visiting from out of town. My husband and my brother and his wife have gone out and won’t be home for hours.” She said.


“That does not answer the question I asked you fucking whore! Now tell me where they keep the jewelry”

Whack, whack, whack – I smacked her ass with three steady slaps in quick succession and not giving her a chance to answer.

“I don’t know what to tell you…I…I don’t know where they keep their jewelry” she said through deep breaths as her ass began to turn a fiery red.

Whack, whack, whack! “For your continued disobedience I am going to thrash your ass for fifteen strokes. Now get your fucking whore ass to the bedroom where I can have some room with which to work.”

WHACK! “I don’t remember telling you that you could walk there. Be a good little slut and crawl there like the bitch in heat that you are!” I commanded. As she crawled out of the bathroom with her shorts and panties around her ankles I could see a hint of moisture dripping from her pussy. The smell of sex filling my nose. “Oh what a kinky little bitch you really are, Aunt Val.” I thought to myself.

I sat on the edge of the bed and ordered her to get over my lap. Doing as she was told, I now had my aunt in the most wonderful position. “You will count each stroke and thank me for it. Should you forget either one of those two things at any time and we will start over. Do you understand me Aunt Val?” I asked.

“Y…y…yessss” she whispered. I grabbed her left arm and held it behind her back.

WHACK! “One sir, thank you sir”

Whack! “Two sir, thank you sir”

By the tenth stroke my leg was soaked from her juices and she was on the verge of orgasming. “Please!” she begged. “Please, I can’t stand it any more. I will tell you where they hide their jewelry. Just please stop and fuck me. I need your cock in me.”

WHACK! “Too bad Aunt Val, you forgot to count that last one. Looks like we have to start again.”

“Oh please no! I will do anything you want, anything at all. Just please fuck me, Jason. Please fuck me. I am burning up down there and need you in me.” She pleaded.

WHACK! “We both already know that I will be getting everything I want from you already.”

WHACK! “I can keep this up until you complete your fifteen strokes properly” I said raising my hand for another smack.

“One sir, thank you sir” she quickly blurted out.

By the time we finished our little game of Spank me if you can, she had had at least five orgasms. I stuck my finger into her pussy and started playing with her clit. Throwing her onto the bed I fucked her hard from the back. I wanted to see that beet red ass as I fucked her pussy for all it was worth. I was so turned on that I came for a second time that evening in just a few minutes, spewing cum over that fine fiery ass of hers.

As we lay there completely exhausted she turned her head and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Thanks, I really needed that” she told me between kisses. I was in heaven.

She turned over and grabbed my cock in her hands. As she massaged my cock and balls she told me that my uncle like to fuck her up the ass. “That’s right, right up the ass. Would you like to try?” she asked while simultaneously tightening her grip around my cock and balls as if to make a point. “Absofuckalutely!” I replied.

“Let’s go get something to lube that big dick of yours up with. You are definitely bigger than your uncle, that’s for sure.” She said as she got up. She pulled me up by my dick and led me down the hall to the kitchen where she grabbed some butter from the fridge. As she began to apply the family butter around my dick the phone rang. It was my dad and my uncle calling to check on my aunt.

I handed her the phone and she started to talk to them. I walked around behind her and bent her over the table. As she was talking to my uncle telling him that although she was feeling better, she thought she should probably hang out at our house for the next few days, I was slowly pushing my cock into Aunt Val’s ass. Wiggling it in past her sphincter muscle she never let on that someone was “knocking on her back door”, so to speak.

Once her ass relaxed and I was able to get my entire dick up there I began to fuck her ass slowly at first. By the time Uncle Andrew was midway through his second story of their evening out I was thrashing her ass with abandon. She couldn’t keep the noise down and told my uncle that the kids next door were knocking on the door and that she had to go. Just as she was hanging up the phone I covered her ass for a second time that night.

And that is just the beginning of the summer that I turned nineteen.

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Posted 14 Sep 2013 16:11
a fine story! I liked it very much. keep at it please!
Posted 20 Nov 2012 13:15
great story of the sexy hungry aunt
Posted 29 Sep 2012 08:20
good story
Posted 30 Jun 2012 10:14
Great, hot , story. 5+
Posted 26 Jun 2012 14:39
Thank you all so very much for the kind words and encouragement. I hope to deliver more stories in the coming months. Your enthusiasm is contagious and shall be my inspiration.
Posted 26 Jun 2012 10:34
Fuck yea that was a great story

Posted 26 Jun 2012 04:26
Excellant start.....eagerly awaiting part 2....there is a whole summer of fucking out there
Posted 25 Jun 2012 23:49
Thank you!

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