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Taking Mom

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Tormented son finally gets his...night...

Maybe it was one too many Buds…or taking one too many tokes before I got home. Or maybe it just finally came down to my uncontrollable want to take her. Whatever the reason or reasons when I got home that night I was pretty fixed on the fact that I was going to take my Mom, have my way with her, and let the cards fall where they may.

I had been living back home for about three weeks and I was miserable. I moved out when I was seventeen, went to college, got a graduate degree, and then hit the job market. My timing couldn’t have been worse. Just when things should be taking off, the economy went south so at twenty-four I had to swallow my pride and move back home until things improved.

What was an even more difficult problem was the fact that the biggest reason I went to college out of state was to get away from my Mom. It wasn’t due to cruelty or that she made my life hell, but in a way she did. Ever since I had those first sexual urgings, I wanted her. Endless afternoons, and late nights were spent working the monster, with my door partially ajar in hope that she would come into my room, catch me…and…well you can pretty much figure the rest.

I thought when I came home it would somehow be different, that it wouldn’t bother me like it did before. I mean after all, I had scores of girls while away at school, and I had grown up, right? But the first night back, after a great home cooked meal, and watching her move around the house, I was hard as a brick and hoping she didn’t notice the embarrassing bulge in my pants. Immediately after saying my ‘Good Night’, I was whacking Willey to the thought of having her. And yes, I left my door ajar.

The next morning it got worse. When I made my way to the kitchen to get that first cup of eye opener Mom was in her usual spot, standing on the heater keeping warm, wearing her thin, pale blue nightgown that left nothing to the imagination when it came to her luscious breasts. The fact that her house coat was slightly open only lured me in deeper, in lust and shame.

Let me set the record straight. Mom is fifty-four, and she has been a widow for just over ten years. She is barely five feet tall, around ninety-five pounds, with curves in all the right places, and a set on her that any woman would die for. It was her breasts that first caught my fancy back when. I was probably ten when I caught a glimpse of her rack, full, luscious, and the firmest nipples that jutted out there begging to be sucked. As for looks, she was quite attractive, not many could guess her age, and she always kept her light ash colored hair fixed nice and neat. She had a quiet confidence about her that was also an alluring quality.

And now, having known more than a few ladies up close and personal, I wanted more. I imagined tasting her nectar, and filling her kitty with my monster. Damn she had a hold on me, and I was simply miserable.

The proverbial shit hit the fan last night. We were chatting at the table having just finished dinner, when Mom asked me how my ‘love’ life was going. I laughed and told her not very well given the fact that there weren’t too many ladies wanting to hook up with an unemployed twenty something guy.

“Well I don’t understand what that has to do with anything,” Mom replied, “After all, the economy will turn around soon enough and then you will have so many offers you won’t know which one to take.”

I had done well in school, having graduated in the top two percent of my class, but I laughed at Mom’s optimism. “I sure hope you’re right Mom,” I said, “But for now, any Lady in her right mind see’s me for who and what I am, an unemployed bum.”

‘Well I still don’t understand why that should stop you from going out and mingling with the ladies. You’re bright, young, good-looking… ” Mom said matter-of-factly. “What about that girl you brought home, Lydia, what’s she doing?”

At the mention of Lydia, I blushed. She was one of my many conquests, and for a time we were pretty hot and heavy. In fact, I brought her home to meet Mom thinking maybe she was the one, but in all honesty, when all was said and done, she just didn’t stack up to what Mom offered. And yes, when Lydia wasn’t around, I was busily whacking Willey to the thought of taking Mom, sick right?

“Oh Lydia and I are friends, but nothing more than that Mom,” I managed to stammer out. “We just agreed to let things run their course, and when it came down to it, we just aren’t the right one’s for each other.”

“That’s too bad, I kind of liked her,” Mom replied, “She was very pretty too.”

“Yes,” I stuttered, “Yes she is but…”

“But what,” Mom inquired.

“Oh nothing,” I blushingly said. I mean, what could I say, that compared to you, she was milk toast?

As Mom busied herself in the kitchen cleaning up, I sat in my chair trying to build up my courage, eyeing her with an incredibly raging lust, but I didn’t know what to do or how to say anything that would start a conversation in the right direction. When she was finished Mom told me she was going to take a shower, and call it a day. I went into the living room and turned on the television and looked for a game to watch and console my miserable self.

I heard the shower start, and felt the urge to go see if, well maybe, the door wasn’t quite all the way closed. As I went down the hall, much to my surprise, it was partially opened. I mean, just a crack, but, over the noise of the shower, if I were to just open it a bit more, Mom couldn’t hear it and I would get a view of her naked body through the shower glass.

The throbbing monster in my pants won out, and I eased the door just a bit more open and watched in rapt attention as Mom busily cleaned her lithe body. I should have moved away when she turned off the water, but my urgings had a full grip on me so I stood there, transfixed, and hoped for the best. Mom opened the shower door slightly, reached out and grabbed the towel. She hurriedly dried herself off and much to my satisfaction stepped out onto the floor before wrapping the towel around her. She was fucking beautiful. Her body glistened from the shower, and I was impressed that she had a well manicured landing strip just above her slit. That was all I could take, all that I dared, as I pulled back on the door handle, and stole away back into the living room.

A few minutes later Mom made her way into the living room to say good night, and I stared at her nipples that seemed to be pressing through the thin material of her night gown, just begging for me to please them. Plus the fact that the pale pink material was so sheer that I could see the fullness of her voluptuous breasts and the white panties she was wearing underneath. “What’s wrong,” Mom asked.

Her question broke me out of my stupor and I felt myself reddening by the moment as I hemmed and hawed before finally managing to say, “Oh nothing, nothing Mom,” and I silently prayed she wouldn’t notice the small tent that had formed down in my crotch.

But her eyes were fixed on the embarrassing bulge, and I still wonder if I heard correctly, the breathless gasp and silent “Oh my,” that escaped her lips. She seemed to bite her lower lip and get a bit wide eyed as she was staring, and though I was embarrassed, I was plenty turned on by the fact that she was at least looking. I brought my hand down to my throbbing monster and it seemed to break the hold for Mom as it was now her turn to show some reddening of her cheeks. “Well, ummm, I guess I should head for bed now,” she stuttered.

“Do you have too Mom,” I quickly asked, hoping she would stay for a bit longer so I could feast my eyes on that hot little body, and well, maybe something more would come up besides my cock.

“Yes, ummm, yes I should,” she answered haltingly, but not before taking one long, final look at my crotch.

Our eyes locked, and for a brief moment I felt a surge of powerful lust, want and desire coming from her eyes. Later I would kick myself for not having said or done something, but the moment passed too quickly and before I knew it I was watching Mom’s backside as she made her way down the hall and into her bedroom.

I made my way into my own room shortly thereafter, as I really had to take care of the throbbing member that was begging for relief between my legs. I left the door more open than usual, and as I stroked myself with a senseless fury, recalling how beautiful my naked Mom looked coming out of the shower, I let my moans and groans of erotic desires fill the air in hopes and wishes that…but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

Sometime during the night I woke up with another raging hard on. I had slept fitfully, erotic dreams of Mom and what I wanted to do with and to her flooding my mind. Knowing I would find no respite, I again stroked myself to completion, whispering Mom into the night. Maybe it was my over excited imagination but for an instant I thought I heard something at my door, but as the time passed nothing but silence was my reward.

When morning came, I was already exhausted, but my morning wood reminded me of my miserable state, so to ward away the coming time with Mom over coffee I slowly and silently stroked myself to fulfillment. When I went out to the kitchen Mom was in her usual spot, and I thought, looking me over with more than a furtive glance.

“So how did you sleep,” Mom wanted to know.

“To be honest Mom, not very well,” I replied wearily.

“I, ummm, kind of wondered,” she said haltingly. “I almost got up last night to check on you because you were mumbling in your sleep and I was worried you might not be feeling well.”

“Well, I didn’t feel too hot, but nothing that I couldn’t handle,” I said sheepishly.

“That’s…good,” she said, and for the rest of the time we were silent.

As I was getting dressed I decided I needed to get out of the house and away from Mom for awhile. Maybe this incredible, overpowering sexual urge would find some respite if I just put some distance between us for the day I told myself. So I headed out the door without saying anything and took off for a lengthy drive. After about an hour, I stopped and got out walking along a trail that led up into the mountains. But I was no less in labor over my thoughts or situation. My head, (both of them actually) just could not wrap itself around anything other than Mom and her hot little body.

I headed for one of my favorite sports bars and figured to kill some time and hopefully distract myself by watching a game. As the afternoon wore on I began to drown my sorrows with a few Bud’s but to no avail. I could only think about HOW I am going to get to her. How could I tell her, let her know, what I was thinking and feeling.

The longer I sat there the more my thoughts kept going back to the night before. The image of her naked boDy fresh from the shower, the heat of her near me in that inviting sheer pink gown fully revealing her luscious breasts, and…and…the look in her eyes as she stole away the glance fixated upon my manhood before she reluctantly, yes I had convinced myself, reluctantly went to bed. There was more there, more happening, than was said.

It was late evening when I finally decided to take my misery and agony home. As I made my way through the streets I built up my courage and lust to take action when I got home. I ran through a hundred scenarios and by the time I pulled into the driveway nothing concrete had emerged other than my lustful desire.

What was in the back of my mind quickly came to the fore as I heard Mom call for me when I got inside the house. “Alan, is that you?” my Mom called from her bedroom. “Where have you been? Come in here and talk with me.”

As I made my way down the hall to her room my cock was already half way hard and throbbing. When I came around the corner and saw her in bed wearing that summer nightgown with the low cut I was at full staff. I licked my lips and tried to calm my beating heart. “Hey Mom,” I said with much more calm than I felt.

“Where have you been Alan? I cooked dinner but after a while I covered it and left it in the oven for you. Have you eaten anything?”

“No Mom, I haven’t,” I replied as I made my way up alongside her bed.

She had the sheets drawn about halfway up her body, leaving her top and those luscious breasts fully exposed. I licked my lips again, and my eyes were fixated on the hard nipples that were visible underneath her nightgown. I didn’t care if she saw my bulging cock that I knew was visibly protruding from beneath my jeans. All I could think of was I wanted her.

Conspicuously I rubbed myself and cast a quick glance to her eyes to see what she was looking at. Did my ears deceive me as I thought I heard a quiet gasp escape her lips. Her eyes were locked on the front of my jeans where my hand was resting. She brought her right arm up, across her breasts and placed her hand across her mouth. As she did so her eyes, questioning, locked with mine. “Are…are you okay Alan?’ she stammered in a hushed voice.

“No Mom,” I responded, “No I’m not.”

“What…what’s wrong dear? You seem to be acting a little peculiar, like something’s bothering you,” she said still in that hushed tone.

I didn’t reply right away. I kept my eyes locked on hers and in the still quiet of the hot night I unbuttoned my jeans. Mom’s eyes darted to the front of my pants then back again to meet mine. “What…what are you doing?” she asked with a heightened urgency to her voice.

“What do you think I’m doing Mom?” I said matter-of-factly and reaching inside I pulled out my stiff, hard cock.

There was no guessing this time, she audibly gasped as she once again moved her eyes to my jeans and took hold of the finger resting on her lips with her teeth. Flustered, anxious, she stammered and hemmed and hawed before blurting out, “Alan…is something the matter…are you…hurt? I don’t…understand.”

“Oh yes you do Mom, you understand,” I said in a quiet, low voice. “I want you Mom…and I’m going to take you. The only question is…,” and here I smiled, “Are we going to enjoy it, or are you going to make things difficult for us.”

I stared at her, and slowly stroked my meat, moving to within inches of her face. Letting my cock dangle there I reached down on either side of her shoulders and hooked the thin straps of her nightgown and brought them down to the crook of her elbows, slowly rolling the low cut front over her voluptuous fullness. Her nipples sprung forth at attention as the thin fabric made its way over them and I was mesmerized by the sight of Mom’s nakedness. Initially she struggled to keep from having them exposed, but she quickly realized the futility of her actions as I had pinned her arms by the way I had brought down her straps. I locked eyes with Mom once more and in a hushed voice said, “Well…?”

Her face was a mixture of puzzlement and desire. Mom knew what was coming and there was really nothing to prevent it from happening. There was only the two of us in the house. Nobody else lived there but us. Yes, her window was open to let any breeze that might happen come through the screen, but nobody lived close enough to let any screams or pleas that might occur do any good.

I lowered myself to my knees right next to her head. I slipped my right hand under the sheets and found the hem of her nightgown and pulled it up a bit forcefully as I kept my eyes locked on hers. I let my head slowly descend and touched my lips to hers. Nothing. I kissed her again leaving my lips to linger this time. My hand brushed the top of her mound and I felt the wetness that was seeping through her silk panties. I let my fingers dance lightly over her and almost like a whisper I traced the length of her slit.

Mom whimpered, and I kissed her again. This time there was a hint of response. I forced my tongue between her lips, and though initially she stopped my advance with her teeth, as my fingers worked across her forbidden garden she relented and granted me entrance. Hungrily I kissed her, our tongues danced an erotic dance of lust and desire and in that moment I knew that it would be.

I lowered my head to her breasts. For too long I had lusted for this, to taste, to suckle her fullness, to feel her round buttons that were her nipples. Bright red buttons atop light pink areoles that served to offer what I considered to be a gift of the God’s to any man lucky enough to feast upon her. As my tongue flickered on one nipple, and then the other, a lusty groan filled the still night air.

“Oh God Alan,” my Mom whispered not too convincingly, “This…this is wrong…we…we can’t do this.”

I put a finger to her lips as I raised my head from her breasts, “Shhh…, Mom,” I said quietly, “I know you want this as much as I do. Relax, and enjoy what you have wanted and what I want to give you.”

I fingered her pussy through her now soaked panties and as I did so she jerked, thrashing her legs and moaned and I knew she was close to her first, of many orgasms that night. I licked her fullness, I suckled at her lusciousness, and I nibbled and toyed with her distended nipples. I couldn’t believe that after all the time that had passed of my lusting after her, I was finally…finally getting my chance to pleasure Mom.

Suddenly she started bucking and Mom let loose with a long held, deeply felt cry of delight. I could tell it had been a long time, too long, since she had experienced an orgasm with this much intensity and wanton desire. She placed her hands over my fingers that were playing with her erotic garden and moaned, “Oh Alan, Alan dear God that was incredible.”

I slipped my fingers underneath her panties looping the bottom and tugged them down. She eagerly helped and together we took them down over her legs and off. I stood up and Mom opened her eyes, lustily fastening her gaze at my throbbing cock. She reached out and cupped my balls, stroked my meat and leaned her head forward, licking the oozing pre-cum from my head.

I shivered with both excitement and anticipation. “Yes,” I groaned, “Yes Mom, suck my cock. Let me share my golden seed with you. Please Mom, please…”

Ravenously she took me into her mouth. My legs shook and I could barely stand as the beauty and long pent desires of what was unfolding swept over me. Mom briefly looked up at me, smiled, and then returned with renewed passion to the job at hand. I couldn’t believe the deftness with which she used her mouth. I am not huge, but my cock is a bit more than the average, yet Mom showed no difficulty taking me full, and deep in her dainty mouth. Up and down, in and out she worked furiously on my rod, sucking and licking as if she might never have another one. “Oh Mom,” I groaned as my legs began to shake and I felt the length of my rod filling up, “I’m cuming Mom, I’m cuming…”

Mom tilted her head back and smiled wickedly, saying, “Feed me Baby…feed your Mommy.”

And as she gobbled up my cock deep within her throat I let loose with wave after wave of my load and Mom eagerly took it all with a lustful gleam in her eye and a picture of joy across her face.

She smiled a lustful smile as she licked the cum from around her lips and when I bowed my head to kiss her this time she eagerly responded. The taste of me upon her lips stirred my manhood once again and before I let it take over my thinking, I started to give Mom butterfly kisses about the neck and ear…down across her shoulder, over her wondrous breasts I stall and feasted. I continued down, across her smooth stomach, to the top of her manicured landing strip. As I positioned my body between her legs, she whispered, ”Oh Alan, Alan…you don’t know how much I wanted this, how long I’ve dreamed about this.”

It was music to my ears and I was more aroused than ever to know that what I wanted, what I had felt was really true. As I burrowed my head between her legs she said, “I almost came into your room last night Baby. I stood outside your door for the longest time. It was so beautiful to hear you crying out my name, God I so wanted to go inside and make love with you. I was so afraid, I don’t know why. But it’s over now Baby, we don’t have to think about it anymore. Just love me Baby, take care of Mommy.”

Renewed, refreshed, and invigorated by her words I ravaged her garden. I licked the length of her lips, so full and puffy. Her juice was like nectar from heaven and as my tongue probed and explored her wonder she filled the air with squeals and moans of erotic delight. I fastened on her incredibly distended clit as I worked three fingers into her flaming hole. As I licked and sucked and fingered her garden she bucked and swayed her hips, as if wanting more, or wanting to help me as I pleasured her.

It wasn’t long before she was crying in orgasmic delight as she snapped off one, then another, then a third climax…and she acted as though she could and wanted more. I eased off and slipped out of my jeans and repositioned myself between her outstretched legs. Our eyes met and she beamed in erotic delight as she grasped my manhood and guided me into her hot hole. “Fuck me Baby,” she purred, “Fuck your Mommy…let me feel that glorious cock deep inside me and share that hot golden cum with me.”

I teased her entrance a few times, but I wanted, I needed to feel her wrapped around my throbbing cock. As I worked my way inside her she wrapped her legs around me, locking her ankles just under my ass. As I worked up a rhythm, plunging deeper and deeper inside her chamber, she aided my plunge with her legs and as I thrust into her she arched her hips and met me thrust for thrust.

Faster and harder I fucked her. She had locked her chamber tight on my rod and she was so wet it aided the speed and depth of my cock as I entered into her. We were coated in dripping sweat, the smell of our sex was an aphrodisiac in the air compelling us, intoxicating us, to reach higher and farther with each thrust. “Yes Baby,” Mom screamed, “OH GOD YES…”

And with that she began to shiver and quake…her body was a convulsing mass of hot, erotic want and she danced on the end of my rod as though a ballerina. She grabbed me tight and with one more hedonistic cry I thrust my monster into the depth of her very soul and load after load of my golden seed was filling her chamber. Those glorious breasts that I had for so long lusted after were now crushed against my chest, those hard nipples buried tightly against me.

I smothered Mom with kisses and left my waning member inside her not wanting this moment to end, to feel her wrapped around me in want and desire. “Oh Baby,” she whispered breathlessly in my ear, “That was nothing short of incredible. Now rest up for few minutes, and then we can start again…Mommy needs her Baby…and his beautiful cock…all night long.”

I grinned with satisfaction knowing that this was just the beginning of a long and joyous relationship…

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Posted 26 Sep 2013 13:34
In going through my late fathers personal effects I came across a nude of my mother that etched itself into my brain. Thanks for bringing the fantasy to life
Posted 29 Sep 2012 21:04
Absolutely phenomenal writing!! 5++
Posted 11 Sep 2012 10:02
Great story. Very hot.
Posted 11 Sep 2012 08:14
excellent writing
Posted 11 Sep 2012 04:49
That was hot.
Posted 11 Sep 2012 01:56
nice command. forcefully written. great work of literature! keep them coming!

Posted 10 Sep 2012 22:10
The Mother/Son genre is not my favorite, but the story is hot and I couldn't stop reading until it ended. Bravo! 5
Posted 10 Sep 2012 22:06
Really well written!

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