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Taking Sis's Cherry

Its a bit big story hope you all will like it.

I have been ogling my younger sister, Andrea, for as long as I canremember. I'm Dave, twenty- eight and she has just turned nineteen; we share the house our family has lived in since our parents bought the place years before either of us were even thought of. They died in the crash of a commercial airliner during their annual tour of Europe a few years back and left us with the house, their two autos and a good chunk of cash.

Andy is a small gal, not more than five feet two, and can't weigh more than a little over one hundred pounds. She is pretty enough but doesn't have much of a figure to speak of. She must have been on a break when tits were handed out for hers aren't any larger than tennis balls so it's not her overwhelming good shape that makes her so attractive to me. She just has a way about her, a smile, a toss of the head while looking back over her shoulder at me, a smile that knocks me out and some facial expressions that have me wanting to ravish her sweet little body.

We have lived alone in this house together for over four years and neither of us have made any kind of move on the other but I damn sure have been tempted. Last night she got up from her chair to do something to the VCR, bending at the waist to do it. My mind flipped out at the sight of her tight little ass staring me in the face. It wasn't more than a half dozen feet from me and I could just imagine holding her hips while I slipped my cock into her pussy from the rear. Whew, what a mental picture I was painting.

I came home a week ago and yelled, "I'm tired of this fucking snow. Who wants to go to Key West with me?"

Andy came roaring down the stairs from her room saying, "Well, if you can't find anyone else to accompany your ugly ass, I guess I will."

Winter was now upon us and both of us hate the cold weather it brings. Snow can make me want to curl up with a few good books and not get up until the first flowers of spring show themselves. We would move to a warmer climate except for the fact I have a great job and she wants to attend a college only a few miles from the house so we are more or less stuck where we are.

We both roared and I swatted her ass as she pranced past me.

"Andy, I'm really thinking of taking a month off and driving down. There are a few things to see along the way; neither of us has ever been to the Keys, and I think they would be a fun place to visit. No kidding, would you like to join me?"

"I'd love it, Bro. I am also tired of this damn cold weather and could use a change. Why do you want to drive, rather than fly into Miami and rent a car there for the drive out to Key West?"

"Well, as I said, there are a few things to see along the way and we couldn't do that playing hopscotch with airplanes. We will have to go right past Charleston and everyone says the city with its harbor is a fun place to see. St. Augustine at the top of Florida is a city I have always wanted to visit and the hard packed sands of Daytona seems as if they would be fun to see. They are just a few of the things that would be interesting. We could return up through the center of Florida and stop off to take a peek at what Disney World has to offer. I don't know, Andy, I just think that driving gives us more flexibility to explore."

"Sold. Driving it will be."

"It will be a solid week getting there and then I figured a week in the Keys and then a week getting home so a month will give us more than enough time."

We got the house ready for our absence and loaded my car on a Sunday night. We were off and running first thing on Monday morning.

We hadn't talked about our rooming situation on the trip so I thought we ought to get that out of the way first.

"Andy, as you are well aware, we each have our own rooms and baths at home and that will not be the case on the trip. I have no intention of paying for separate rooms in the middle of their high season so the best we can do is to get a room with two beds and then share a bath. Can you get along with that?"

Smart-ass Sis came back with, "Oh, hell, yes, if you get scared at night you can jump into my bed with me. I won't let the boogie man get you."

"Damnit, Andy, you know damn well what I'm talking about. There will be little or no privacy in our sleeping quarters. Now, will that present a problem for you or not?"

She slid over as close as she could get to me with the center arm rest blocking her from coming all the way over and in the most theatrical voice purred, " I'm not sure I will be able to keep my hands off you but I'll try."

I laughed but responded with, "You know, you can be a big pain in the ass when you try. I asked you a simple straightforward question and you come up with your bullshit. I'll take it that you are not objecting and let it go at that."

We got into Charleston early afternoon and visiting the place turned out to be a great idea. We got a room in a motel chain with two queen size beds and then toured the old city on one of the tram tours that run every hour or so. Southerners still seem to be living in the days of Gone with the Wind but that's okay, we enjoyed the tour guide's commentary. We got chatting with a couple of locals who gave us the name of a fantastic seafood restaurant that turned out to be a true gem; it was out of the way and one frequented by locals rather than the tourist crowd. We enjoyed a feast.

We finished off dinner with a couple of cognacs out on a deck the place had overhanging the water and it was great watching the small boats coming back from their day of fishing. Okay, the drinks were over and it was time to hit the sack. The moment is here; this will be the first test of our sleeping in the same room and sharing one bath.

As we were going through the lobby of the motel, she asked, "Who's going first?"

"Well, knowing how much time you spend in your bathroom at home, I think I'll go first or it will be breakfast before I get in to brush my teeth."

I sleep in my skivvies so I don't have a major get-ready-for-bed problem. All I had to do was strip, use the toilet and then brush my teeth and I was ready. I came out of the bathroom hung up my pants and dumped my dirty shirt in a laundry bag and got into bed.

"Your turn, sweet thing."

She hardly took any time at all. She showered and I could hear the toilet flush and she must have brushed her teeth. The next thing I knew she was back out into the bedroom area....nude.

That had me stuttering big time. "Andy, what the hell are you doing? Get some clothes on."

"Dave, I sleep this way every night. Get used to it," as she pranced over to her bed.

Oh, my God. I can't imagine that I'll be able to get any sleep knowing she is over in the next bed bare ass naked. I'd love to fuck her but I damn sure am not going to rape her. Then I thought of all of the times we were in our own rooms at home without me knowing she was lying there naked just a very few feet away from me.

I wasn't sure if she was just being a cock-teaser or not but she sure went into some poses that looked awfully tempting.

Sometime during the night I got up to use the toilet and with the light coming through the curtains could see she had kicked the covers off and was lying there on her side, nude and in a position just made for rear entry fucking. Her ass was aimed back at my bed and I could just picture myself sliding onto the bed behind her and slipping my cock in deep. Whew! We are either going to have to get involved with some serious sexual activity or this trip is going to be pure torture for me.

I awakened first and showered and dressed while she was still asleep. I finally yelled at her to get up and ready for the road and she did while rubbing her eyes and moaning about it still being in the middle of the night. Shit, it was eight AM.

We had an early breakfast and were on the road by nine-thirty. Our next stop was going to be St. Augustine and fortunately, it wasn't going to be too long of a drive.

We arrived there in mid-afternoon. Andy spotted the signs for the Flagler Hotel and we were able to get a large suite with two queen size beds. There was no way I was going to share a king- size bed with her.

It is a quaint little town and the history of the place is fascinating. A walk through the old restored section and then over to the fort had us both enthralled with the sights and sounds of the place. We took a touristy trolley ride through the old city and enjoyed the guy's commentary. Some of it sounded like so much bullshit but it had us laughing in any case.

Dinner was in a real tourist mecca. There was a restaurant that hung out over the water of the harbor and you could drop food to the fish swarming below. We were there before five so we were way ahead of the crowds. I called the waitress over and explained something to her.

"Honey, as you have probably guessed we are tourists and know nothing about this place. However because of it's location I think that most of your clientele are tourists and will only be with you for the meal and you, the owner and the kitchen aren't worried about repeat business from them."

She looked at me and was nodding affirmatively to almost everything I said.

"Now, here is what I propose. We are each going to order a rather simple dish of shrimp scampi with a couple of sides. If our meal is memorable, I will tip you better than you have ever been tipped before. If it isn't, I will leave you one dollar to remember me by. It's your choice but if you make the one I hope you will, we will have a nice meal and you will be very happy. You can share a part of the tip with the cook if you think it will help insure we get the meal we are hoping for."

"One great meal coming up," She said with a huge smile. "The cook is my boyfriend and if he screws up your meal, he won't be getting a nickel or anything else from me!" Great it was. The shrimp were cooked to perfection and there were so many they were falling out of the little scampi dish they were cooked in. The asparagus and onion ring sides were perfect. We had a couple of drinks to accompany the meal and all in all it was very nice.

I motioned to her for the check and she brought it over standing at the side of the table expectantly.

"Okay, honey. Let's try this a different way. You tell me what you think would be a very nice tip."

That had her stuttering and stammering. She was facing a big dilemma. She didn't want to go too low in case I had a higher figure in mind but on the other hand she didn't want to appear to be a glutton.

"Sir, I have never received a tip of twenty five percent in all the time I have worked here."

"Then I guess I am safe in assuming you haven't received one of forty percent either. And, it will be all cash so the boss won't hit you up for his share of a credit card bite."

Looking at Andy, she said, "God, forgive me Ma'am, but I have just fallen in love with your husband." She was grinning from ear to ear as she took the money and left our table.

Andy just smiled and said, "You really are a nice guy, aren't you? My husband. Mmmmm."

"Nah, it's just a bad rumor."

We walked through that section of town, stopping off for drinks in a few places that seemed interesting. It was still early so we didn't want to get back to the hotel too soon as we strolled like newlyweds ... hand in hand, laughing at almost everything.

We had one more drink when we got back to the hotel and then went up to the room and were faced with the same problem ... her sweet little bare ass just a few feet away from me.

The bathroom ritual was about the same as the one from the previous night. I went first and she followed me, returning to the bedroom bare ass naked.

Instead of getting into her bed she sat on the edge of mine, saying, "Dave, as soon as I heard you invite me on this trip I knew my long held dreams had come true. I have wanted to sleep with you for years but knew it would be a problem for me to break the ice. I was afraid of your reaction and what you would have thought of me. But, when I agreed to come on the trip, I knew that all bets were off and I was going to go on the make for you full time."

"Why have you waited all of these years?" I asked.

"Well, I thought for a while I was way too young for you and then I would never have felt right about doing it in our parents' house. It would have seemed to me to dishonor their memory."

She was looking at the lower part of my bed and said, "Oooh, lookie here. Davie has a hard-on."

Sure enough, my rod was harder than steel and making a tent out of the covers.

That was all it took. She whipped the covers back and slipped in beside me.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Andy?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, I'm more than sure," as she lowered her hand down to my crotch. "In case you are wondering, Dave, I am only a part-way virgin."

I laughed and asked, "How the hell can you be a part-way virgin?"

"Well, I was going out with this guy and he tried to get in my pants. He got a hard-on and when he went to put it in me his dick went soft and that was it. He only had it in me an inch or so when he stopped."

"Well, that's it. You are still whole and now more than ever we shouldn't be doing anything like this. Save it for the guy you are going to marry."

"Geez, will you get real and come into the world. You are talking about shit that used to go on fifty years ago. I want to get laid and you are the one I want to do it with." As she was saying that, she had fingers wrapped around my rock hard shaft and was starting a slow up and down movement.

"Andy, it has been some time since I had any sex and you have me turned on so much I am going to have an orgasm before we even get started. How about if we just use our hands on each other until I do and then, after I recharge, we can get down to some real fucking?"

"Whatever you say, Bro. I am just a little ole gal who is at the mercy of big ole you," she said in her pretty good imitation of a Southern Belle.

I let my hand drop to her crotch and used a couple of fingers to open the lips of her pussy wide. I couldn't help but notice she was soaked as I let my fingers wander up to uncover her clit. That caused a deep gasp and she started to breathe a lot faster and toss her head from side to side. I leaned forward and took one of her hard nipples between my lips, and had my tongue flicking back and forth over it. She lowered a hand behind my neck and pulled me to her breast even harder.

"Dave, that feels awesome."

I was holding her clit between two fingers and letting my other hand go up and down the sides of it and then letting it slide up and down the lips of her pussy. That was it. She exploded and let out a small howl with the pressure release of her orgasm.

"Oh, Dave, you are wonderful."

"Reach down and use your hand on me, honey." I swung around a little bit to make it easier for her and she was soon jacking me off like she had done it a million times before. It took about two minutes of that and I was spraying my come all over her.

"Whew, that was something else again. Where the hell did you learn to do that if you are, as you call it, still a part-time virgin?" I asked.

"I think I've read ever sex book ever written and have at least a dozen videos at home showing every possible position. I wanted to be ready for you."

We lay around just chatting for a while with her fingers roaming up and down my shaft. I guess she wanted to be the first to feel the signs of new life in it. It really didn't take very long before the pulsing started deep at the base of my shaft and the heat and pressure rose up to the head of it. She was soon stroking it lightly when I told her to roll over onto her back.

Deep down I had some hope this situation would present itself but like an idiot, I completely forgot to get condoms. We would have to ride bareback and pull out at the last minute.

The head of my cock was soon positioned between the lips of her tight little pussy, getting ready to make its grand entrance. I leaned forward and then gave a little pressure and it opened her pussy lips just a little. I then reached down and held her hip and exerted more pressure and I slid in her about half way. Her gasps were loud and her breaths were coming a lot faster. I gave one more huge thrust and I was buried to the point where my balls were slapping against the cheeks of her ass and I could hear her crying,

"Dave, you are tearing me apart. Your cock is so big and my pussy is too small for you."

"We'll just go very slowly, honey. Your pussy will stretch to be able to take me okay and everything will be fine."

I lay perfectly still for a few minutes with my cock buried and my hands cupping her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as my cock and, as I massaged them lightly, I could hear her purr and then felt her pushing her hips back at me hard. I started a slow thrusting, first pulling all the way out and then driving in to the hilt. Her pussy was so tight it was holding my cock tighter than her hand had earlier before we started to fuck.

"Oh, God, Dave. That feels terrific. Fuck me hard."

That was all I needed to hear before I started some hard and deep thrusting into her tight pussy. I could feel her pulse rate through the shaft of my cock in her vaginal canal. It was racing full steam ahead.

As I was thrusting, she was throwing herself up to meet my every thrust. We were in perfect sync with her own thrusts coming at me so hard they were almost throwing me off. Uh, oh. I could feel the pressure start deep in my balls as my orgasm was building. I pulled out immediately and jacked off and shot my load all over her smooth white stomach. She still hadn't had her own orgasm yet and I slid down and placed my face where my cock had been and then began to use my tongue on her clit. It didn't take much of that before she was bucking like a bronco and holding the back of my head with her two hands.

"Yes, Dave, YES. Oh, dear God, Yes!"

We lay intertwined in each other's arms and legs for what seemed like an eternity before I rolled off and made my way into the bathroom. I took a leak and she was right behind me wanting her place on the stool. I gave it to her and went over to the sink to brush my teeth again.

"Well, Sis. You are no longer a part-time virgin. How does that make you feel?"

"Just like a woman," she answered somewhat confidently as we scrambled back into the bed.

Some new thoughts came rolling over me. It wasn't much more than a day ago and I was worried about how the two of us were going to get along sharing a room and a single bath and here we were just coming down from the first fuck of her life. God, I know it was wrong but I damn sure couldn't stop it.

"Dave, I read about a guy using his mouth on the girl but never realized just how wonderful that would feel. My clit is very sensitive and your tongue touched every spot on it that would arouse me. The feeling was indescribable." As she was saying this, she nestled her face close into my shoulder and draped her leg across my midsection.

I awoke a half dozen hours later and neither of us had moved one inch in all of that time. I slipped out from under her and let her fall face down on the bed with my cock starting to rise as I looked at her naked body alongside of me. I rolled on top of her and let the head of my cock slip between the luscious cheeks of her ass and into her pussy from the rear. One long thrust and I was buried and that awakened her in a hurry.

"Wow, what an alarm clock," she cooed.

I was holding myself off her while resting my body weight on one forearm and used my other hand to reach down and pull her hips up to me. For some reason I was thrusting harder than I did the night before and as far as I could remember harder than I had with any other woman.

Damn, I just have to stop and get some condoms today. This pulling out and jacking off is for the birds.

"Andy, I don't know about you but I felt that was one hell of a night. Your pussy is now opened and you had a couple of terrific orgasms and so did I. I think it best if we just drive to the Miami area today and then make it down to Key West tomorrow morning. What do you say?"

"Sounds good to me."

The drive down I-95 to Miami went fine with traffic only getting to be a pain the closer we got to the city. We checked into a decent hotel, this time asking for a suite with a king-size bed.

We were in the heart of Miami and walked a short way from the hotel to a neat little place for lunch. On the way back to the hotel, I made one quick stop in a drug store for a couple of dozen-size packs of condoms.

I was getting hard just thinking about the afternoon. I had used my mouth on her but she hadn't returned the favor and I wanted to have her bend over a chair in the living room area of the suite as I rammed my cock into her tight pussy. It was something I had wanted for a hell of a long time and as it turned out she had too.

We were no sooner in the door of the room when she turned to me and threw her arms around my neck, pulling my face down to hers. It was really the first time we had a huge kiss and she had sweet soft lips.

"Andy, get those clothes off. I want to get something straight between us ... my cock."

My clothes fell at my feet and I ripped open a package of condoms and had one on me before she was totally nude.

"C'mere, honey." I took her by the hand and led her to the chair over which I was going to bend her while ramming my cock into her.

I pushed her face down over the back of the chair and she knew instantly what was going to happen. "Dave, please go slow."

" Okay, honey, but as soon as I am buried I want to have you throwing yourself back at me."

The lube on the condom made the entry a lot easier and I slipped in to the hilt with only the slightest of pressure. I had no sooner bottomed out when I felt her ass coming back at me slowly but surely.

I had her by the hips pulling her to me as I rammed in to the bottom. All of my earlier intentions of going slow and easy went out the window. I was thrusting as hard and as fast as I could. She was grunting with each of my inward moves and I could tell by her sounds her orgasm wasn't going to be far off. Neither was mine if we kept up this pace. The next thing I knew was the feeling of her squirming her pussy around the base of my cock. She hadn't done anything like that before and it drove me over the top in an instant. I was filling the condom with stream after stream of my white-hot come.

A second later she was actually shouting, "Dave, I am coming," so loud I was afraid hotel security would be coming up to see if everything was okay.

I slipped out of her and stripped off the condom. I gave her a hand back up and walked her into the bath and suggested we could both use a shower. It was a separate stall shower alongside the tub with plenty of room for the two of us to shower together. Wow, did she ever have a good time washing every spot on my cock. I knew if I let her keep at it I would be hard again but I wasn't sure I could recharge fast enough to do either of us any good.

We plopped down on the king size playground and quickly drifted off for a nap. I awoke a few hours later with a hard on and her fingers running up and down the sides of my shaft and then going around the ring of the head of my cock. She was examining every square centimeter of it with a close up view.

I reached down and put a hand on the top of her head saying, "Honey, it's time for you to use your pretty mouth on my cock."

"Oh, I knew that was coming and have been afraid of it," she answered.

"Afraid? What are you afraid of?"

"I don't think I can let you come in my mouth without it making me very sick,"

"Aw, hell, every gal feels the same way the first time. You'll be fine," I said hopefully.

"Okay, I'll try."

She must have read the chapters on blowjobs in her sex books very carefully and watched the triple X videos a number of times for she sure knew exactly what to do.

I groaned as she took me into the silky heat of her mouth. I could feel nothing more than the caress of her lips, the touch of her hand, the slight abrasion of her teeth as I was rushing towards an explosion that would be only too fast in coming.

It was feeling terrific and I could feel the pressure start deep inside of me as my orgasm was approaching. It wasn't long before it was roaring through my balls and up my shaft to fill her sweet young mouth with my juices. She gulped them down over and over again and then used her tongue to lick up ever last drop.

"Honey, you were fabulous. I knew you could do it." I said.

She stayed right where she was with one hand holding my shaft while the other was caressing my balls. Her mouth hadn't moved other than to let the head of my cock slip out as it softened.

It was my turn to reciprocate so I slid down on the bed and positioned my face between her thighs about the level of her knees. I was lying on my stomach while she was on her back with her legs now spread wide open. I started to nibble the inside of a thigh very lightly and then moved up a few inches to do it again. When I reached her crotch, I moved over and did the exact same thing on the other leg. She was not only moaning but her ass was squirming with pleasure. I finally used my fingers to hold the lips of her pussy wide so my face could get into position to give her clit some attention.

I let my tongue slide up one side of it and then down the other using my lips to hold the sheath covering it back so her clit was out in the open. From there I took it in my mouth and let my tongue give it a massage. That was about all she was going to be able to take. She was throwing her hips from side to side and then up in the air so I was having a hard time staying with her. She finally gave in as the explosion overwhelmed her. I looked up to see her biting the side of her hand to stifle the noises she usually made with her orgasms.

"Dave, I certainly can't compare you to any other guys since you are my first but you are one hell of a lover."

"Anything to please you, sweet thing," I replied.

"What do you say we get cleaned up again and take in whatever sights Miami has to offer?"

A shower and fresh clothes and we were out on the town. I felt that, from all we had ever read about the city, it was past its prime and was struggling to regain its position as the premiere place for the wealthy to spend a good part of the winter. We did find a nice seafood restaurant and enjoyed the views of the canal with the millionaires' yachts moored along the seawall. It always amazes me why people will buy such toys simply to show off their wealth to others. We ended up the evening at the late show in one of the hotels. We danced in their ballroom and then laughed ourselves silly with the comedian who was appearing in the theater.

We were back in the room close to midnight and simply got ready for bed, then sacked out with me spooning to her ... nothing else.

The next morning we had breakfast in bed before heading out to the Keys. One of the first stops I wanted to make was at the Holiday Inn in Key Largo to see the boats from the movies 'On Golden Pond' and then 'The African Queen'. I had read someplace you could take a small cruise on the African Queen and was disappointed to find they had stopped running them. Something about a steam boiler needs to be licensed every few years and the one on the African Queen could no longer pass the exam. No problem - we had about a hundred miles of one island after another from there to Key West and I for one was going to enjoy the ride.

We stopped for lunch at a nice little place we had seen advertised for miles on Islamorada and were terribly disappointed. I guess it was a 'nice little place' before they felt the need to expand it. It is now one giant tourist trap ... small portions and large prices.

Anyway we continued on to Key West. We had reservations at the Best Western Motel and they had a fantastic room waiting for us. They had a nice pool with sort of cascading waterfalls in a couple of places and then a Tiki bar close by. I knew we would be spending some time in that pool before we left the place.

We took the usual sightseeing trolley ride around the city and then made sure to be down on the dock at Mallory Square to see the sidewalk performers and the sunset. Both are great entertainment but a couple of people said they had been there for three nights to see the sunset and the low hanging clouds had blocked it every night.

"Hey, Andy, we are going to be lucky to see the sun go down on our first night in town. No clouds," I yelled to her as she was watching the end of one of the little shows.

She came back over to me and took my hand, saying, "Can we have an early dinner and then get back to the motel? I am so horny I could burst."

"Dinner it will be, babe," and we walked down one of the streets near the water and ate in another good restaurant.

We were advised to try the dining room on the second floor since the one on the first floor is more casual and gets rambunctious. Great advice for we poked our head in downstairs and you couldn't hear anything but the shouting and screaming from a bunch of drunks having a good ole time. We each had marvelous lobsters after bowls of conch chowder with a nice bottle of Chardonnay. We were back in the room by eight and in the sack by eight-ten.

"Dave, just lay there quietly and let me work over your whole body with my hands and tongue. When I finish with you, you can start on me. Okay?"

"Go to it, honey."

She knelt between my legs and used her hands to massage them, letting her fingertips just lightly tease the bottom of my scrotum and then up and down my shaft. But her hands didn't stay there long as they were exploring the rest of my lower extremities. She let her mouth fall lightly on my stomach and used her tongue to touch a million spots all over it. Damn, my cock sprang to full attention and she just gave it some cursory kisses before moving on.

She then let her mouth slide up to my breasts and took first one nipple between her lips and then the other. She would let her tongue flick back and forth over the nipple when it was in her mouth and her hand was lightly touching the other one. She moved her mouth up to my neck and kissed and licked the entire way around under my chin until finally sliding up and kissing my eyelids, lastly dropping down to just barely let her lips touch mine. All of a sudden she stopped everything.

She moved from between my legs and knelt over to one side and then turned me over. She now had me lying face down. Once again she got between my legs and lightly massaged the back of my thighs and then up to softly caress the cheeks of my ass. I could feel the warmth of her lips as they kissed all over each cheek and then I felt her hands spreading my cheeks. The next thing I felt was her face buried between the cheeks of my ass and her tongue penetrating my puckered ass. She had her tongue up my ass and I thought I was going to explode! She only stayed like that for a very short time before lifting her face up again and resuming her kisses on my back.

By then she had her breasts pressing against my back and she had moved her crotch so it was clamped onto the back of my upper thigh. She was pressing it hard against my thigh as her pussy lips opened slightly and I could feel the warmth and wetness of her love box. She reached around under me and used her hand to grasp my steel hard shaft that wasn't going to take any motion at all before it was going to empty itself all over the bed.

She quickly turned me over and took me deep in her mouth, using one hand to slide up and down on my shaft while the other lightly squeezed my balls. That was it. I shot stream after stream in her mouth and I had a hand on the back of her head not letting her escape what was happening. I could hear her gulp as I filled her mouth time and time again before the last drop came out of me. I finally lay back exhausted, both physically and emotionally.

"Andy, where the fuck did you ever learn to do that? If we weren't brother and sister, I would rush you down to the nearest preacher and marry you right now."

"Aw, aren't you sweet? I don't know where I learned it. Just from reading I guess. One book discussed the lovemaking of the Japanese geisha girls. I am sure that's where it was."

"Whew, I better find me a Japanese geisha gal then," I said almost breathlessly.

"Not until you fuck and suck me completely dry, big boy," she answered.

We just lay there chatting while letting our hands roam over the other's body. It was after ten PM and quite dark outside when I suggested something I thought would turn her on.

"Hey, the pool is supposedly closed but what would they do if they found us in it ... shoot us? I don't think so. What do you think about putting on our bathing suits, getting out into that warm water just outside of our screened porch and then having me put you up against the wall behind one of those cascading waterfalls and fucking your brains out right there?"

"Let's go, Tarzan."

There wasn't a direct access from our porch to the pool so we had to go out of the room into the parking lot and then around the edge of the building to the walkway leading to the pool. She was first and casually walked down the steps in the shallow end into about three feet of water. I was right behind her. It wouldn't have been too smart to make a lot of noise or we surely would have attracted some unwanted attention so I motioned to her the direction of the waterfall and we walked slowly through the water over to it. I ducked under it and was on the other side with the water cascading down with me behind the flow. I reached out and pulled her through the flow and she was soon in my arms with the waterfall hiding us from view.

Even though the pool was heated we both were shivering. It was probably more due to the excitement of what we were doing than the actual temperature. I pulled her to me and planted a huge kiss on her lips.

"Dave, I never knew you were such an adventurer."

"Neither did I until the thought of ramming my cock into your tight little pussy out here made me one."

As I was saying that, she had moved her hand down and had it encircling my half-hard cock with her fingers. It didn't take much of that and I was rock hard again. I moved my hands down to each of her hips and slipped the bottom of her suit down and then I reached below water and pulled it completely off her. I lifted it up and out of the water and put it up on the edge of the pool behind her for safekeeping.

Once again we were facing each other when she lifted herself and clamped her legs around my hips with my cock in a direct line to enter her. I guided it between her pussy lips and then gave one long thrust and I was buried.

"Oh, God, Dave, that feels wonderful. When you went in me you pushed a little water in front of your cock into me and the pressure of both the water and your cock felt terrific."

I didn't answer her but just started some long, slow but hard thrusts. She had her mouth clamped to mine and had her tongue half way down my throat as I was pounding her pussy for all I was worth. She was making some noises around her kiss and I just kissed her harder to try and keep her noises from attracting any attention from the customers at the nearby Tiki bar. I soon felt her tightening and loosening her legs around my back and that was working in concert with my own thrusts. The old familiar feeling came up through my balls and I, at the last minute, remembered we had forgotten one thing ... a condom. I frantically pushed her way and reached down and was soon shooting a good few streams into the pool. She knew what was happening and couldn't control her laughter.

"Do you think any gals who swim through that in the morning will get pregnant?" And that got me laughing as well.

I reached up behind her and got the bottom of her suit off the edge of the pool and she pulled it on. A few more kisses to seal our lovemaking adventure and we slipped out from behind the waterfall and made it out of the pool and over to the Tiki bar as if nothing had happened.

A few drinks there and we were ready for bed ... again. We showered and then hit the sack in the king-size playground.

"Honey, lay on your side facing away from me. I am going to fuck you from the rear."

"Oh, you're not going to try and put it up my ass?" she asked softly.

"Why, would you like me to try it? Remember that you thought I was too big for your pussy the first time we did it and your ass won't expand the way your pussy did. It will hurt you some until your ass gets used to the intrusion," I told her.

"Can you use some of the lubrication on a condom to help make it easier or isn't there enough there to do it?" she asked.

"Andy, I think if we are going to try it that way I ought to get a tube of KY jelly and use plenty on you, not just the little bit we can scrape off a condom. Why don't we wait until tomorrow for that?"

"Okay, but I really would like to try it that way too. I want to feel you fuck me every way possible before this trip is over."

"No problem, Sis, but I am warning you it will hurt you."

I put on a condom and was spooning to her as I slipped into her pussy and she threw it back at me. We fucked slower and easier than we had up until then and I reached around and gently fondled her breasts. They were by far not the largest I had ever felt but they were very tender and firm. She seemed to love me taking a nipple between my thumb and index finger and softly rubbing back and forth. She reached around behind her with one hand and grabbed my hip and pulled me to her as she was letting go with what felt like a giant orgasm. I kept thrusting away for a while longer before I too was breathing harder than before and driving my cock as deep in her as I could get it. My orgasm felt terrific although not as large as the one in the pool.

The next day was a riot. We had toured a good part of the city the previous day and wanted to get to those places we had missed the day before. That left us with one of the city's tourist highlights ... Mel Fisher's gold diving museum. Mel had dived on a number of wrecks throughout the Caribbean and made a name for himself on the wreck of the Atocha. The total salvage value of the 'pieces of eight,' silver bars, gold ingots plus the valuable jewels totaled over $450 million. Well, he had a museum a short ways from the Key West waterfront with a lot of this salvage stuff on display. One display had a gold ingot you can reach through a hole in a Plexiglas window to pick it up and actually hold this solid bar of gold. It is a little more than the thickness of a hot dog and about a foot and a half in length. There is no way you would be able to get the bar out through the hole but everyone who touches it is sure to try.

Well, it was Andy's turn. She reached through and grabbed the bar and then let out a huge, "Ooooooh, it feels so goooood. Not as good as you did last night, Davie, but it is so smooooth. Davie, it isn't as thick as you and you are about the same length." Holy shit, everyone who was anywhere near this exhibit came rushing to see what and who she was talking about. I was as embarrassed as I could possible be and ready to strangle my dear ole sister.

"Davie, if it is worth so much, yours ought to be worth a fortune," she continued.

By then every gal in the place who was near us was looking at me with awe and the guy she was with had nothing but hatred in his eyes.

t took all of my power to rush her out of the place and, when we exited the building, she collapsed against the wall in hysterics.

"If you posted your phone number on the wall by that gold bar your phone would ring off the hook for a week," she said through her tears of laughter. had to laugh along with her for it sure did create some disturbance in the quiet sedate museum.

We saw a few more things and then went back to the motel where we actually went in for a swim. There were a number of other bathers nearby and Andy couldn't let it be but just had to say, "These waters are great for childless couples. Some women had even conceived while swimming here." I could have choked her.

I ushered her out of the pool and back to the room where we both collapsed on the bed with laughter. I was upset with her crap but had to agree it was funnier than hell.

"Well, Andy, I got the tube of KY jelly. Do you still want to try my cock up your ass?"

Oh, yes. But you have to promise to go very easy. If it is hurting me too much you have to stop as soon as I tell you to.

"Of course, Sis. The last thing I want to do is to hurt you."

I lubed up the fingers on one hand and then had her lay on her stomach as I smeared some more all around her puckered asshole. I slowly inserted first one and then two fingers part way in her ass. While I was doing that I had my lips locked on hers and carefully kept up the pressure and soon had both fingers buried. "Andy, I am going to take these two fingers out and replace them with three."

"Whatever you think is best, Dave. It burns a little but doesn't feel bad at all right now."

I did the same thing with three as I had with two and soon had all three all the way in. I sort of did a little finger fucking of her ass with them and she didn't respond negatively so I took them out saying, "Honey, I am going to lube up my cock and try it."

The KY was smeared all over my cock with the majority on the head and the first few inches of my shaft. I figured if we got that far the rest would be a snap.

"Andy, get up on your hands and knees and we'll do it that way. You will keep your chest and head on the bed with just your ass in the air," I instructed.

The head of my cock, as I looked down at it against her puckered asshole, looked much too big for her tiny orifice to take in but we would try.

I pushed a little and her asshole simply retreated from the pressure. I grabbed her hips and pulled back on them as I gave another push. This time the head popped in with her sphincter ring clamped around it.

"Of God, Davie. I can't take any more than that," she whimpered.

"Andy, I only have the head of it in you. Nothing more."

"Oh, God. I'll try a little more but go slow and easy."

I did just that. I held her hips and pulled her back as I pushed a little more forward and soon had about four inches up her sweet little ass. "Andy, how are you doing?"

There wasn't an answer.

"Andy, are you okay?"

I didn't hear a word but could feel her body wracked with her sobs. I pulled out instantly and moved around to kiss and hold her.

"Oh, Dave, I tried so hard. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you."

"Andy, it was you who wanted to do this. Not me. I am happier than hell you at least tried it for both of us but let's forget about ever trying it again. Okay?"

" Okay, King of the Atocha," she yelled and I just about smacked her.

I used my mouth on her for most of the rest of the night and she had one of her biggest orgasms of the trip.

The next morning we had plans to drive out to some of the neighboring islands to take a look at them but when we went out for the car we were greeted with a big empty space where I had parked it a few days earlier. We hadn't used it the day before so we hadn't seen it for two days. The damn thing was stolen!

Well, we went though all the usual shit with the local police but since we hadn't seen the car for a few days they didn't have much hope of finding it on Key West. If it was off the Keys, Lord only knew how far the thieves had gotten with it. Big deal, that's what insurance is for ...isn't it?

The police asked if we could stay around for at least another day and we agreed. At the same time I made flight arrangements out of Key West back north. Our planned stopover at Disney World on the way home was going to be trashed and I could have rented a car in the Keys for the return trip but I thought 'the hell with it, let's get home and deal with the problem on familiar grounds.' That still left us with another day in Key West and all of the fun to be had there.

"Dave, here is what I would like to do if you would like to listen," Andy volunteered.

"Shoot, sweet thing"

"It is near noon and I think we ought to go back to that restaurant where we had the great lobster dinner and see if we can get a nice lobster salad for our lunch and accompany it with a couple of glasses of a nice white wine. After lunch, there is a marvelous huge sailing vessel that takes tourists out to cruise the harbor. I think we ought to enjoy that. That should get us back here around four at which time we ought to retire to this lovely king sized bed where you will get your wonderful cock in gear and fuck my tight little pussy. Does that sound like a workable plan?"

"Have you called for a cab to the restaurant?" I replied not entirely jokingly.

Lunch was fine, the cruise was very interesting and then we got back to the motel!

"Andy, there is one position we haven't tried and that is with you riding my cock on top of me. Let me get stripped and get a condom on and you can work your magic on my cock and get it ready for you".

She rode my cock as if it were a thorobred horse. She used her knees on the mattress to rise and fall with each of my thrusts except when she was near having an orgasm she went a little wild. "Davie, fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Hearing that I drove my cock as hard and as deep as I could but there was a problem. I had forgotten to put on a condom. Shit, piss, fuck. (Or SPF, as I would normally say). I had to pull out and begin to jack off at the last moment. No problem ... she moved her mouth down to my cock and sucked it for all it was worth. This gal can suck some mean cock and is going to make some lucky fellow very happy.

I used my mouth on her to give her the pleasure she so richly deserved and we both fell into a deep nap only to awake around nine PM. There was a lovely restaurant almost next door to the Best Western and we enjoyed a wonderful prime rib dinner with a couple of bottles of Merlot.

Key West really doesn't have a beach per se but there is a waterfront walk across the street from the motel and the restaurant and we walked that for another hour or so. When we got back we had a nightcap at the Tiki bar where our stolen car was the topic of conversation among all of those at the bar. They couldn't get over our lack of concern about the problem. I tried to explain that insurance covers shit like this and we weren't going to let it spoil our trip. Everyone wanted to buy us a drink and I guess we each had a few more than we should have for when we got back to the room we collapsed into the bed and guess what? We missed the wake up call for the morning flight out of Key West. Aw, what a shame ... another day of great food and superb sex.

We had a little bit of a problem with our hotel reservations since we were supposed to leave that day until I threatened to call their worldwide reservations number and explain how our personal automobile was stolen right under their security agent's nose. All of a sudden the problem went away.

We did make the flight the next morning and arrived home safe and sound. The insurance company was going to wait a bit before they reimbursed me for the value of the car but they did agree to rent one for me while they were waiting. Andy and I had some serious discussions as to what was going to happen between us. They haven't been resolved yet but we are sure thinking about it. In the meantime we are fucking our eyes out.
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