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Thank You Aunt Martha

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College girl goes and stay with aunt and learns about the finer thing of love making
First off I should say that Aunt Martha has always been my favorite Aunt. They, she and uncle James lived in Southern California but always came up to visit at least once a year. Twenty now, I was going to transfer to a college close to Aunt Martha and she invited me to stay with her as Uncle Charlie had passed away about four years earlier. I passed on the invitation wanting to experience the college life and the freedom I thought it would provide now that I was out on my own. I visited Aunt Martha several times and commented to her about the lack of privacy and how hard it was to study in the dormitory because of all the noise and activity going on almost non-stop. Again she made the offer for me to move in with her so being serious about my studies I agreed to move in at the end of the first semester.

They had a beautiful home in the hills setting on one hundred and twenty acres that is only about twenty minutes from the college. I had always loved their home. Aunt Martha had beautiful flower gardens and a huge pool. She helped me make the move and get settled into my room. I had all the privacy I wanted. My room was a second master bedroom at the other end of the hall from her room with my own huge bathroom. God, the tub was big enough to swim in. Aunt Martha was a strikingly beautiful woman and no matter how she dressed it was impossible to hide her fantastic figure. She worked out every morning and had gotten me to workout with her. I found myself admiring her beauty and even getting turned on watching her workout. I have no experience with another woman but the thought of being with another woman has always turned me on.

Aunt Martha leaves for work before I leave for school and doesn't return home until seven thirty. She puts in some long hours at work, which gave me free run of the house for several hours before she arrives home. After a couple of weeks I began to get comfortable enough to relax around the house when she wasn't there. She had never come home early so I began to run around the house nude as I always am in my room. I masturbate at least once a day and soon got comfortable enough to masturbate in the family room which had a full view of the pool area and her gardens. Things went great until the fourth week I was there. On that Friday my life changed forever.

I came home as always and started striping my clothes off as soon as I closed the door. I was especially hot this day because I had been watching a girl in my class. She is hot to say the least and had worn a short skirt to school that day. It was so short I was able to get several shots of her pink panty. I was nude by the time I got to my room so I grabbed my vibrator and headed to the family room. There was a storm that day with rain and high winds. The storm only served to heighten the intensity that had been building between my legs all day. I was on the sofa with my head on a pillow, one leg draped over the back and the other hanging over the front. My little friend was buried deep in my pussy, my eyes were closed and I was well into my solo session. Then for some reason I looked up.

"OH SHIT!" I screamed but nothing came out of my mouth. Standing in the doorway was Aunt Martha. I wanted to run but nothing worked. My body was not responding to the commands being given it by my mind. Our eyes were locked together as if on a string. She had worn a business style suit to work that morning consisting of a jacket; lace camisole and mid-calf length wrap skirt. My body was still frozen like a stone statue but my mind was beginning to function again. I thought she would be angry but that was not a look of anger on her lovely face. Quite the contrary. Martha is a very sensuous woman and now the look on her face revealed just how sensuous she was. Then I realized her jacket was unbuttoned and her right hand was neatly tucked inside caressing her breast. "Oh my god." My mind shouted out but still silence coming from my lips. What was happening here? I was petrified and wanted to run but there was something in my mind telling me to stay. The longer I watched her hand caressing her breast under her jacket the hotter I got. I had always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman but "Aunt Martha?"

Her smile was slight but warm and so sensuous. It actually made me feel at ease but now she was moving toward me. Our eyes still locked, she removed her jacket folding it neatly draping it over a chair as she made her way toward me. Again my mind screamed for my legs to take me out of here but they still weren't listening. My eyes drifted to her breasts and I could see her erect nipples straining against the lace material of her camisole. My eyes remained glued to her hard nipples as she moved ever closer. She lifted her skirt above her knees as she knelt beside me on the floor. Her hands gently caressing my cheeks and her soft words comforted me. "I'm so sorry I interrupted you." She said kissing my cheek. "It's ok. Masturbation is only natural. Everyone does it." She said still trying to comfort me. Her gentle kisses felt soft, warm and loving on my cheek and her breasts pressed gently against my right arm and breast and were making the fire between my legs burn even hotter.

Of all things to start working again my hands began to slowly work the vibrator in my pussy. She must have felt the mussels in my arms working and rising a bit looked down at my hands. "Aw you poor thing. You weren't finished were you?" She said turning back to me but my eyes were on her breasts with those hard nipples pressing against her top. "No shit!" My mind yelled out but fortunately that didn't come out. She noticed I was looking at her breasts and her soft smile told me she approved. Her hand continued to caress my face as I stared at her nipples. Now what's happening? My right arm is moving. I didn't tell it to move. Where's it going? Well it moved my hand right to one of Martha's breasts placing the palm of my hand center on her erect nipple. "Oh my god! I'm in for it now." I thought to myself but instead of her jumping back in shock I heard a soft moan under her breath. She placed her hand over mine and leaned back holding it to her breast. She began to move my hand over her nipple and it felt so good in the palm of my hand.

She held it there a few minutes then she began to pull her top out of her skirt. My hand was still on her breast as she pulled her top up. I felt it slide under my hand leaving nothing but her bare nipple against my palm. She took my hand in hers and lifted it to her mouth licking the palm with her tongue. Now wet with her saliva she moved it back to her breast rubbing it in circles against her nipple. Soft moans were slipping from her as her hands left mine. One hand returned to my cheek but this time the other landed gently on my left breast. This was so unbelievable. This whole scene was so surreal. I couldn't believe this was happening to me and especially with a woman I had known all my life and called Aunt. It was like a dream but I knew it wasn't. I knew now I was on my way to having my first experience with another woman and for some reason I was glad it was going to be with Martha.

I had no experience to speak of with other women. Just some petting and playful playing with a girlfriend but I somehow knew that Martha was experienced. I had no idea what to do with another woman but I know what I like and decided to go with that. I cupped her breast in my hand and gently rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Again a soft moan was heard from her but this time it slipped thru her lips. Her fingers found my own hard nipple and began to roll it between them. I was intent on watching my fingers at her breast as she increased the pressure on my nipple with her fingers. Now her other hand was moving down to my other breast taking it's hard nipple between her fingers. I heard a soft moan slip from my lips as she caressed my breasts. A smile appeared on her beautiful face as if she was pleased with herself. "You like your breasts caressed don't you?" She asked. "Yes." I said and was surprised it actually came out of my mouth. "So do I. ," She responded.

I wanted her now and moved my other hand away from my pussy placing it on her left breast. God this felt good. Two hands full of breast that didn't belong to me. Her 36d's are quiet a hand full and I marveled at how firm they were. Ok now what's she doing? "I wasn't done playing with those nipples. Bring them back here." I said to myself as she began to stand. My hands fell to my sides as she stood. I must have looked a site lying there spread wide open in front of god and Martha but her smile told me she was enjoying the view as she reached inside her skirt undoing the closure keeping it closed then reaching behind finishing the job. Unlike her jacket her skirt unceremoniously hit the floor. God she was beautiful standing there in front of me with only a pair of satin panties and lace top nylons. Her hands began to caress her body starting at her neck and slowly moving down going just a little further down each time until she finally touched her mound.

I watched as her thumbs slipped in the waist of her panty and began to slowly pull them down over her hips. I was enjoying the show and watched intently as she pulled them down exposing her shaved mound. After stepping out of them she stood straight and began caressing her body again. My eyes followed her roving hands as they moved slowly up and down her body her fingers gently touching her soft skin and paying special attention to her erect nipples as they passed over her breasts. Her hands now were touching her mound and I could see her swollen outer folds until she finally slipped her middle finger between them and a soft moan slipped through her pursed lips. My own hands were now at my breasts again kneading them as I watched Martha caress herself. She spread her feet slightly as her finger again slipped between her outer lips. She then brought it right to her lips tasting her own juices. "I'm afraid I've gotten just a little excited watching you." She said pulling her moist finger from her mouth. "I hope you don't mind?" She said again kneeling beside me. "Not at all." I responded.

"I never thought of you sexually before you came here to school but since then I have thought of you often." Martha confessed caressing my cheek and staring deep into y eyes.

"I never thought of you sexually either before." I said trying to restrain my excitement.

"So where do we go from here?" Martha asked.

"Where ever you want to go. I have no experience with another woman." I said inviting her to lead the way.

Martha leaned over and for the first time kissed me on the lips. Her breasts were pressed against me as our lips met. So soft, tender and warm. Her lips were full and then I felt her tongue timidly touch my lips. I responded by letting my tongue slip out to meet hers. Our first timid kiss soon grew into a full deep tongue kiss like I had never experienced before. I pulled my hands out from between us and gently held her head as if I was fearful she would leave. I guess knowing she wasn't going anywhere my hands began to caress her shoulders and back reaching as far down as I could. Her kiss and soft moans told me she was pleased. Then she began to move again continuing to kiss me as she moved around behind my head. Bracing herself with her hands she began to kiss my neck and I reciprocated, as her neck was now available to me. Slowly her kisses and soft tongue licks moved closer to my breasts. Her movement was giving me access to her breasts as she moved down on me until finally our tongues reached each other's hard nipple at the same time.

One hand caressed the back of Martha's head as my other found it's way back to the vibrator still in my pussy. We continued sucking, licking and kissing each other's hard nipple for several minutes then I could feel Martha raise her head enough to look down at my hand now working the vibrator ever so slightly in and out of my pussy. She continued to give my breasts a good working over with her tongue and lips and I hoped I was doing as good a job on hers. God knows I was trying. Then she rose up and looked at me. "Would you mind terribly if I helped you with that."

The only thing I could get out was a deep moan, which she took as an approval of her request and it certainly was. I didn't know how she planed on helping me but at this point she do could any thing to me she wanted. She moved between my wide spread legs and seated herself Indian style. Her hands touched my legs and slid from my knees up my thighs until she reached my pussy. Her fingers touched my outer lips and I almost came right then. Her touch was soft and gentle as she caressed my folds with her fingers. My hand left on it's own and landed on my breast leaving my pussy and the vibrator in it all to Martha. She began to slowly fuck me with it. Pulling it out to the tip then sliding it back in. I was so wet and could feel my juices flowing between my cheeks. Martha expertly worked that whirring monster in my pussy in ways it was impossible for me to do to myself. In and out, twisting and then her fingers touched my clit. That was it. I could stand it no more. My loud moans turned to screams as I exploded at her knowing hand.

"Oh Aunt Martha!!!" I yelled bucking to meet every thrust of the vibrator. She stayed with me until my orgasm began to pass. Slowing the action of the vibrator and her fingers matching the waning contractions in my body until finally her fingers just rested on my clit and the vibrator was motionless. As my mind came back to earth I could see a wonderful loving smile looking back at me. A comforting smile letting me know everything was all right and I was in loving hands. Then she shocked me pulling the vibrator from my pussy. Glistening with my juices and brought it to her mouth. I watched as she licked it savoring the taste of my juices and as she finished she lay forward on me and we locked in a deep wet kiss. I have tasted my own juices before but never from another woman's lips. I may have had an explosive orgasm but the fire in my pussy was far from out and this was not helping.

"You taste wonderful." Martha said breaking our kiss.

"I do?" I muttered.

"Yes and I would like to have more. Would you like to have a taste of me to?" She asked with a wanton grin on her face.

"Yes." Was all that I could say but it was enough.

"Good but I really think we would be more comfortable in my bed don't you?" Martha asked.

"Yes." I said pulling her lips to mine and shoving my tongue deep in her mouth.

"Good. We may need this later." She said moving back and pulling the vibrator from me. Standing, she reached her hand out to me and I let her help me stand. Still somewhat weak in the knees she put her arm around me as we started our journey to her bedroom. Arm in arm we walked up the stairs and down the hall holding each other tight. Together still arm and arm we moved on her bed on our knees. She laid the vibrator up by the pillows then continued to move me toward the middle of her king size bed. Once there we faced each other again locking in a deep wet kiss. Our hands began to explore each other's back pulling our bodies tight pressing our breasts and mounds together. I wanted this woman. Inexperienced and unsure of myself as I was, I was determined to have her. I broke our tongue kiss and sat back on my legs. Our arms now on each other's shoulders I looked at this beautiful woman in front of me my eyes drifting from her face to her mound and back. Her smile was one of pleasure knowing she had found a willing lover in me.

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Posted 14 Mar 2013 12:58
can't wait for more...
Posted 04 Aug 2009 11:03
that made me so hot. good work
Posted 04 Aug 2009 03:59
Bloody fantastic story so well set out and the scenes descibed to the point i could have been there watching, well done keep up the good work....
Posted 03 Aug 2009 10:21
That is by far the best from you so far - hotter than Hell!!
Posted 03 Aug 2009 09:31
Hot story. Keep them cumming.
Posted 03 Aug 2009 07:14
very nice keep up the good work

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