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Ted had found a glory hole!

Driving home from his first class at the local community college, Ted thought he saw his mom’s car turn up the street, just a few cars ahead of him. “I can follow her if she’s going to eat someplace I can have dinner with her,” Ted reasoned to himself.

His mom a pretty woman at 42 had been an inspiration to Ted’s early puberty, her auburn hair, large full breasts, 40d according to the tag on her under wire bra that Ted had dug out of the clothes hamper. Not to mention her full round ass. At 5’4” tall and 170 pounds she was much hotter in Teds mind than those skinny models all his bodies drooled over. He had spent many a night in his bed with a pair of her panties under his sheet caressing his young growing manhood imagining that it was his mother’s hand.

Ted turned where he thought he had seen her car, speeding up a bit to see if he could possibly catch up with her. After he made the turn, he could no longer see the car that he thought was his mom’s. The street was long the terrain was flat his mother’s car was not anywhere in sight.

Ted slowed his car down. Head swiveling back and forth Ted searching for his mother’s car. Suddenly, he spotted it. Quickly turning into the parking lot he looked over the car trying to establish if it was indeed his mom’s car.

He peered around surveying the business whose lot he was in and saw the sign almost above his head. “ADULT BOOKS AND MOVIES” it read in bold letters. “PRIVATE BOOTHS” in smaller letters it read just below that. No way was this his mom’s car, not in here no fucking way. His mom would never go into this place, never!

Bummed out about not being able to catch up to his mother Ted turned to get back into his car. Then, on the spur of the moment, he thought “What the hell...” He was 19 and had always been curious about this place. All through high school he would drive by wondering what was behind those windowless walls. Today he decided he would find out. Ted walked over to the door, pulled it open and went inside.

He found himself in a small lobby a set of swinging doors blocking from view what was beyond them.. Looking around the lobby area Ted smirked at the bikini-clad women on the posters, thinking “Hell, I could see that at the beach...” He approached the swinging doors, pushed them open with a flourish, and stepped through.

He had no idea that he would be confronted with so many adult toys, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs or Blu- Rays of almost every conceivable subject.

Seeing him frozen half in and half out of the room the lady behind the counter looked at him smiling to herself, his youthfulness apparent.
“First time?” she asked.

Ted came back down to earth at the sound of her voice. “Um yeah, kinda” Ted answered, absently.

Stepping into the large carnival atmosphere Ted was awestruck. He looked around amazed at the range of toys and “sexual aids” displayed on every wall. The center isles packed with magazines. There were rubber dicks ranging from several inches in size to ones which would surely never fit in anybody. There were books and magazines showing every type of sexual act and situation some which Ted just could not fathom. There were strap-on dildos, pocket pussies, life-size dolls, everything that he had ever seen on the internet pop-ups and more. Much, much more.

He looked around at all the different things, slowing going up one aisle then down another. Examining everything he came upon. His cock had grown rock hard inside his jeans. There was a hallway just to his right the entrance lined around its perimeter with small round flashing bulbs.

“Movie Booth Entrance -Tokens Required Beyond this Point.” The sign declared

On the wall was a change machine. The smallest denomination it took was $5.00 for which you would get 30 tokens. Another sign said that each movie required 4 tokens to start for the first 5 minutes and 2 tokens for each additional 5 minutes. Ted reached into his pocket and pulled out $20.00.
“Oh well,” he thought, as he slipped the twenty into the machine, “I guess I’ll watch a few different ones.”

Gathering the tokens out of the machine Ted stuffed some in one pocket and some in another, making his jeans bulge out on either side framing the bulge in the front. Ted stepped into the dimly lit corridor waiting a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the sudden lack of light. As his vision gradually became accustomed to the gloom he could see a junction up ahead, branching off in both directions. Ted walked up to the cross path and for no particular reason turned to his left.

On either side of the hall were wooden doors that opened out from a booth. On the outside of door covered in Plexiglas were several movie posters depicting one of four movies available inside the booth. Above each door was light. Looking down the hall Ted saw several doors closed a small dim red light burning above the door indicating it was currently in use. Inside the booth built into one wall there was a bench. Opposite the bench there was small flat screen TV covered with Plexiglas that was screwed over the screen protecting it from vandals a machine for inserting tokens hung just to the side of the TV screen.

Ted entered the first booth closing the door as he did so a single red bulb came on inside. He could almost see the writing on the token machine. Latching the door behind him Ted thought “I better start here and see how this all works...”Settling down on the bench Ted dropped the required four tokens in the machine and instantly the TV screen came to life apparently in the middle of the last viewer’s movie.

The young blonde woman on the screen had one cock in her ass and another in her mouth. She had a look of pure joy on her cock stuffed face. The guy fucking her ass would pull it almost out then slam it back in his boding slapping loudly against hers. Ted stared at the screen his cock hardening even more as the threesome moaned and fucked. Before he knew it, the screen went blank and Ted was left with a raging hard on with the desire to fuck anything that moved.

“This is just the first booth - I bet there are better movies in the back,” he thought.

Standing up, Ted straightened his cock in his jeans to be more comfortable, unlatched the door and stepped back into the corridor. He moved down the hallway stopping by each booth and reading the movie descriptions checking out the young flesh portrayed on the posters. Ted Slowly worked his way around to the back of the room. Ted decided to not go down the middle corridor now, but straight to the good movies at the back.

Standing in front of the corner booth at the rear of the building, Ted was startled by the door suddenly swinging open, an older man hurriedly brushing by him, zipping up his pants. Looking over his shoulder, the man nodded to the booth he had just left.

“Go on in - you’ll really enjoy it” he said with a weak smile on his face.

Intrigued Ted stepped into the booth latching the door behind him. He sat down and inserted a dozen tokens into the machine. The movie came on a nude woman on her knees holding a cock in each hand with a bigger cock in her mouth. She was moving from one cock to another sucking each in its turn. Her moaning coupled with small popping sounds as she pulled her head off of one cock to wantonly suck in another was quite arousing.

Ted watched for a minute then did something he had never imagined doing outside his bathroom or bedroom. He unzipped his pants freeing his large cock from his jeans. Slowly he began to stroke it up and down watching the cocks on the screen being happily sucked by the woman on her knees.

To Ted’s surprise a hand was beckoning to him out the wall the forefinger crooking back and forth seductively inviting drawing his attention. Ted had read stories on the internet about, what were they called? Oh yes Glory holes! Now he’d found one. Ted had found a glory hole.

Nervous apprehension made him hesitate for a moment until he noticed the hand appeared to be female, with neatly painted nails and small gold bracelet around the wrist. Ted stood quickly pressing his belly against the wall, the full length of his cock inserted through the hole.

There was a sound of a sharp intake of breath. A soft “Nice” muffled by the wall. His cock was apparently pleasing to the woman on the other side. He felt soft cool fingers wrap around his blood engorged cock slowly stroking it. It stopping as it reached the head the thumb rubbing around the small pee slit smearing the oozing precum around it. Ted jerked with pleasure in response.

He felt a sudden moist heat around his cock head realizing that whoever was on the other side of the wall had taken him into their mouth sucking it intensely. Ted had had his cocked sucked once or twice but by young inexperienced girls he had dated in high school. More often than not the girls upon seeing the size his hard cock would only jack him off refusing to let him put ‘that thing ‘anywhere inside them.

The feeling of this hot sucking mouth was so overwhelmingly pleasurable that Ted wanted to push his cock all the way into the hot mouth which was now rolling a tongue around his little pee-hole. Only the wall between them prevented him from grabbing the sides of her head so he could fuck her throat. Slowly the mouth on the other side engulfed more of his cock the soft cool hand still stroking him as the hot wet mouth came to meet it. Ted had never known such pleasure.

He could feel the heat of her mouth taking in a little more of his hard cock every time it came forward. Then almost pulling her mouth off it but always stopping at the head as her tongue twirled around and around while softly sucking. Her head going forward and back as she constantly sucked his huge cock. More and more of his cock would ascend into that wonderful wet heat with each forward motion. Ted could hear a soft gurgling noise as his cock hit the back of the woman’s throat the feeling of his cock head being swallowed sent shivers of pleasure running through his tense body. She cupped his balls squeezing softly. The sensation was pleasurable to say the least but it also kept him pulled tightly to the hole as the full length of his cock was taken by the woman on the other side.

Ted stood shaking with desire as she held him firmly against the wall his imagination trying to picture the woman sucking his cock. He shivered as her mouth pulled free of his cock to suck the tender underside or to lick the bulging veins of his organ. He kept trying to conjure up a mental picture of what kind of face and body would go with those pretty nails and little gold bracelet. An older woman he surmised, maybe a housewife, or maybe one of his teachers from high school. There were several he had masturbated to imagining something similar being done to his cock. None of these fantasies though, not one of them, came close to the feeling he was experiencing now.

The woman on the other side of the wall had increased her sucking and the speed at which she was face fucking herself on his cock. She would hold his cock deep in her throat for extended periods of time then pull her head off it gasping for air as she licked and sucked the long shaft. Ted felt his balls begin to tingle. The intense pleasure he felt of the woman’s manipulation of his hard cock building to a peak.

Ted’s cock hardened to the point of exploding then began to spurt long hot streams of cum into the mouth that was greedily sucking him to total submission. Ted had always come hard and heavy. Now his body convulsed as he came his body jerking the pleasure so intense in his cock that he could barely stand it. Still the hungry wet mouth continued to engulf his shaft her tongue working the underside as he spewed cum in all directions inside her mouth. Ted felt he had cum about a cupful into the woman’s sucking jaws, when his cock finally quit jerking. The woman’s mouth was still around his cock, still sucking, seeming to not want to let his organ go. She was sucking his cock and balls empty. Finally she released his empty balls letting Ted reluctantly withdraw his cock.

Ted stood there for a moment, lost and disoriented, his cock still semi-hard as he mulled over what had just happened. He sat down on the bench, the screen long since gone dark. He leaned back and stuffed his cock back into his pants, zipping them up.

Standing he unlatched the door stepping out into the corridor. There were several men loitering in the vicinity of the booth he had just exited one a large black man the other a man in a top quality suit that looked out of place in here. The larger man stepped into the booth and shut the door. Ted wondered how many cocks the woman behind the wall sucked during the course of a day. There were at least three that he knew of. The man coming out of the booth when he arrived, the big black man that just entered, and Ted himself. Probably the man in the suit would be next and who knew how many before or after?

Ted left the area headed for the door. He didn’t want anyone to know that he had just got off so he casually walked around the inside of the store pretending to examine things. He checked out several magazines then walked out through the swinging doors to the lobby and outside to his car. He noticed that the car he had thought to be his mother’s was still there. Shaking his head he got in to his own car and headed home.

Ted had been home for several hours when he heard the garage door opening. Finally his mom was home. He went to the garage to see if he could help her with groceries or something. She smiled waved as she walked around the car towards the door. Ted reached out to take the gallon of milk from his mother’s out stretched hand, stopping his cock instantly hardening.

The hand holding the gallon of milk had neatly painted nails and a small gold bracelet around her wrist.

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Posted 12 Mar 2013 06:05
hot believable and a big 5
Posted 05 Mar 2013 20:29
Great story. "V=5+++."
Posted 03 Mar 2013 07:33
The second story is being reread and checked as we speak hopefully it will be as well liked as the first
Posted 02 Mar 2013 15:00
Well written story. While it stands complete as written a sequel story would be great!
Posted 28 Feb 2013 23:52
Very good story. Loved the ending, but you should add a chapter and shock us as to how it goes. Well written. Gave you a solid 5
Posted 25 Feb 2013 16:51
Good story, hope you write another one continuing it!
Posted 25 Feb 2013 14:29
Wonderful. I'm curious if you'll write another part. I think you've wrapped it up pretty nicely, with the bracelet and nails connection, Ted seeing his mom's car parked at the porn shop and her return home. You captured what a guy his age is like pretty accurately. That is what kept the story flowing for me at least.

Posted 25 Feb 2013 11:47
you must ,i say must continue with next chapter,chapter's ASAP

Posted 25 Feb 2013 09:10
Great Story, can't wait for the exciting conclusion.
Posted 25 Feb 2013 06:09
Lol, good. Wonder what happens next?

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