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The Center of Attention

The Center of Attention

The Center of Attention

By Woffen


This all started about a month ago. I am Julie and I'm 18 and have been told I'm quite beautiful. I think I'm just lucky because I have a beautiful mother and handsome dad. I'm a blond with a 34D – 22 – 32 figure. My mother is a redhead, 36D – 24 – 36 and my dad is fairly tall, 6 feet and like I said handsome. When this all began I didn't know how well endowed he was but things were about to change. I also have a brother (Bobby) and sister (twins) that are 20 and in college. My sister is built like me, almost exactly, and my brother is the spitting image of my dad and my older sister Sally is a mirror of mom.

It was the middle of winter and my dad's business was in its slow season. At this time of year he usually only works about a half a day making sure the maintenance is done on the equipment. It was 2 weeks before Christmas and in the past couple of months I had started coming into my own. My interest in sex had taken off like a rocket. I had accidentally stumbled in on mom and dad having sex one afternoon when I came home from school early. They didn't see me but I sure saw them. They were in the den. Dad had mom lying over the back of the couch and he was fucking her from behind like there was no tomorrow. From the sounds of it she was loving every minute of it too. She was telling him to fuck her harder and looking back at him as he continued to pound his cock in and out of her pussy. I could see mom pinching her hard nipples of her big tits as dad spread her ass apart with his hands as he fucked her. She kept telling him to fuck her harder and deeper as she pinched her nipples until I heard dad grunt and mom scream in orgasm. That is when I saw the most amazing site. Dad pulled what looked to be a pole out of mom's cunt. His cock was so big that I didn't see how anyone could take such a thing. It was already getting soft but it had to be at least 9 inches long and as big around as my arm. Cum was still dripping off the end as he pulled out of mom. I could also see his cum dripping out of her snatch and running down her legs.

"OK honey, you ready for your ass fucking now?"

"I'd love to Mark but I guess I had better get cleaned up before Julie gets home. Too bad she isn't 20 yet or she could clean that monster up for you and you could ream her ass."

Did I hear correctly? Mom said that I could clean the cum off dad's cock if I were 20 and he could fuck me in my ass? I couldn't believe it.

"Your right. That is too bad but don't' worry Sally will be home in a couple of days and she'll do it for you. Until then you will have to do your own cleaning."

At that point mom turned around and dropped to her knees and started licking and sucking dad's horse cock. She licked every inch of his cock clean before she got up and headed for her room. I ducked down the hall to my room. I was so fucking horny that I couldn't stand it any longer. I had some experience but I was still a virgin. I masturbated often and that is what I intended to do right now. I slipped into my room and quietly closed my door. I got out of my cloths as quickly as I could and got on my bed. I slipped two fingers deep into my already dripping snatch and started pinching the nipple of my left tit. It only took me about 30 seconds before I had my first orgasm. I managed a second one before I heard mom coming down the hall. I dressed quickly and slipped into the den before they knew I was home.

It wasn't long before mom and dad appeared and said hi. From looking at them I would never have known they had sex less than an hour ago. Dad ask mom what was for dinner so mom as me what I wanted. My mind, as well as my eyes, were wandering from mom's tits to dad's cock so I couldn't even answer.

"Julie? What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing mom. Just have some things from school on my mind."

"OK...get ready for dinner. I'll have it ready in about an hour."

Later at dinner I still couldn't keep my mind and my eyes off my mom and dad.

"Mom? Can I talk with you later about something personal?"

"Sure dear, is there anything you want to talk about now?"

"No....I think later will be better."

"OK...just let me know when your ready."

I ask mom to stop by my room before she went to bed. About 10:30 mom poked her head in my door and ask if now was a good time.

"Sure....Now's good."

I still didn't know what to ask but I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Mom....This afternoon...."

"Yes dear...what about this afternoon. Did something happen at school?"

"No it's not school....Its....This afternoon....uh....this afternoon I got home early and saw you and dad in the den."

Mom's eyes opened and I could hear her gasp for breath. I knew I had taken her by surprise.

"Julie....this afternoon your dad and I were making love in the den. That is what two married people in love do sometime."

"I know but it's more than that. I heard what you said about when I turn 20."

"Honey I'm sorry. You shouldn't have heard that. You are still too young."

"Too young for what mom? Too young to clean dad's cum from his cock or too young to be fucked in the ass?"

Mom seemed shocked for just a second then I could tell she relaxed.

"I guess the cats out of the bag so I guess I'll have to tell you the rest. You see your dad and I believe that once you become 20 your father and I believe you are an adult and should be able to make certain choices. One of those choices is about your sexuality. Over the past few years we have wanted to enjoy a bigger variety of sexual experiences but with the diseases that are being spread like they are we have been scared to meet with other people. About a year ago your brother walked in on me masturbating. I guess you know what that is. Anyway, before I could say anything he was between my legs eating my pussy. By then I was in no position to stop him. Things went a little farther and we ended up having sex. Later that night I told your father what had happened and instead of getting mad he actually got excited. We ended up having the best sex ever."

" and Bobby?"

"Yes! Me and Bobby! Well your dad and I talked it over. I knew that Bobby wanted more and I was reluctant but after talking with your father we decided that it was the perfect situation. Bobby was over 18, an adult, wanted to have sex with me and we wanted to experience new sexual things too so it just seemed to work."

"But I heard you mention Sally."

"Oh yea....well what I didn't know is that your brother has no secrets from your sister. He had already told her everything. That same night your dad and I called Bobby into our room to talk with him about this and Sally shows up right beside him. I ask her what she is doing and she told me that if Bobby gets to have sex with me than she gets to have sex with her dad. I couldn't argue the logic. Besides I had already gotten horny again and couldn't wait until Bobby and I could make love again."

"So you and Bobby and dad and Sally have sex."


"Well what?"

"It's not that simple. You see that night after we talked Bobby looked over at dad and was given the OK I guess he couldn't wait any longer. He was on top of me in a second. Sally didn't wait much longer and had her dad's cock in her mouth before I could say anything. It all just seemed to happen so fast. The next thing I knew Sally had her dad's cock all the way up her cunt and her mouth was on one of my tits. I had never considered this happening but when it did all my inhibitions broke down. Before the night was over and after your dad and Bobby were worn out, Sally and I had some more fun. It was the first time for both of us."

"So you and Sally have sex too?'

"Yea....Yea we do."

My room got quiet for a second. I was trying take it all in. My brother, my mother, my sister and my dad were having sex together. Then it hit me.

"Mom, why am I being left out?"

"Because sweetheart, you're not 20 yet and you haven't appeared to be interested in sex. I mean you don't date much and I've never caught you masturbating like I did your sister."

" if you caught me then I could be included."

With that I pulled off my night shirt, threw back the covers and shoved two fingers of my right hand into my leaking pussy. I started pulling on my already hard nipples as I began pleasuring myself.

"So you've caught me what are you going go do about it?'

My mom couldn't believe what was happening. Then all of a sudden she smiled and pulled off her own night gown. Before I knew it I could feel her tongue lapping the lips of my pussy. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I started cumming almost immediately. The next thing I knew mom had crawled up beside me and was feeding me one of her big tits. I began to suck on her tit like I was a baby as I reached down and started to play with her wet cunt. In less that a minute mom started to scream in orgasm. The same type of scream I had heard earlier in the day. Mom bent over and started sucking my nipples one then the other while she played with my mound. All of a sudden I noticed the presence of another person in my room.

"What in the hell is going on here?"

My mom looked up from my tits and said that we were having some fun. Then she told dad that although I wasn't officially 18 she thought I was close enough and that he could join us if it was OK with me.

I looked over at dad and could see his huge cock pushing against his shorts.

" it ok with you if I join in?"

I shook my head yes as mom started sucking on my tits again. I could see dad remove his shorts and move between my legs. Mom reached down and started rubbing dad's cock head up and down the lips of my virgin pussy. I could see the desire in his face as he started to push his cock past my pussy lips. I looked up at him with my eyes wide and I could feel his cock moving forward.

"Dad....take it slow please. I'm still a virgin."

With that my mom stopped sucking my tits and my dad instantly stopped moving. My mom looked at me and asked if I was sure I really wanted to do this.

"Yes....I've been ready for a long time. I've only been waiting for the right cock to come along and now I've found it. Take me daddy....take your little girl. Fuck me...fuck me please. I want your cock buried in my little virgin pussy."

With that my dad started moving forward again. A little at a time slowing easing his big cock deeper and deeper into my cunt. My mom started sucking on my tits still holding on to dad's prick.

"Come on honey, fuck you little girl. Give her you big fuck stick. Shove it up her little virgin pussy!!! Make her cum!!"

"Ahhh....dadddddy. Yea...fuck me...oh that feels soooo gooood... Fuck me daddy... fuck your little girl. Give me more....I've wanted it so long. Fill me up with your horse cock!!! Ahhhhh....your gonna make me cummmmm!!! Oh fuck yes...I'm cummmming daddyyyyyy!!"

Dad shoved about 8 inches into my cunt and hit bottom. I could feel that monster cock buried deep in the pit of my stomach. Slowly he pulled out of me and then shoved it in again but this time he buried all 10 inches into me cunt. I had my knees pulled up next to my ears. Mom was helping to hold them down while still sucking on my tits. She reached down and started playing with my nub sending me into an orgasm like I've never experienced before.

"Ahhhhhh....oh fuck daddy.....OOOOOOOhhhhhh fuck me daddy...I'm cummingggggg"

"That's it baby. Cum for daddy. Cum on your daddy's big cock. That's it honey. Make your little girl cum on that fat prick of yours.'

"I'm cumming baby. Your making your daddy cummmmmm!!!!'

Daddy started shooting a huge load of cum deep in my virgin cunt. Cum was leaking out around his massive prick as he held his cock as deep in my tight little pussy as he could get it. As he pulled out mom leaned over and took hold of his slimy cock and pulled it out taking the head of his semi hard monster and stuck it in her mouth as she started to moan. Licking the mixture of his cum and mine from that monster prick while shoving as much of it down her throat as possible. I could see mom licking the sides of his prick and his tennis ball sized testicals savoring the cum and my cunt juice. Once she had all the cum licked from dad's cock she knelt between my legs and attacked my dripping pussy. The feel of her tongue on my sensitive cunt sent me into orbit again as my juices started to flow again along with a huge amount of cum that had been deposited from my dad's cock.

"Oh fuck mom your making me cum again. Oh fuck..... eat you baby's pussy!!! Lick me dammit....lick my hot little pussy...."

Mom lapped and sucked all the cum from my cunt as I tried to shove my cunt against her face and get more of her tongue into my throbbing little pussy. When my orgasm was subsiding mom backed off and lay down beside me. She rolled over to me and kissed me tenderly on my lips.

"Welcome to the family sweetheart."

"Thanks mom....By the way, when are Sally and Bobby going to be home?"

"Anytime dear....anytime."

Chapter 2

Mom and dad left a few minutes later and I fell asleep. A deep, peaceful sleep. The kind only a good orgasm can give you. I woke up about an hour later feeling dried cum on the inner parts of my legs. I fingered my sore pussy and started to get horny again. I got up, took a shower and dressed in just a short tee shirt. It just barely came below my still wet pussy and if I raised my arms at all I cute little cunt would come into view. I looked into the mirror in the bathroom and was pleased with what I saw. My tits weren't as big as moms and Sally's yet but I was getting there. I walked down stairs and found mom and dad sitting in the den. Mom had showered and had on a shear gown with no panties that I could see. Dad had on some boxers with the head of his massive cock peaking out the front.

"Well dear, did you have a good sleep?"

"Yes I did mom. It was the best ever. Did Bobby and Sally get home?"

"Yea, they came in just after you fell asleep but both of them were tired so they just went straight to bed. They had a very long trip today."

"Well honey, I guess your mom and I had better get to bed too. We have a lot to do tomorrow."

"OK, dad...goodnight and thanks for everything!"

"No...thank you. Your mom and I are really happy having you part of our lives this way."

We all kissed and I got a good feel of dad's horse prick and a quick suck on mom's nipples. After that they went on to bed and I sat to watch TV for a while. It was after midnight but I wasn't sleepy. About 1 am I heard someone coming down the hall and when I looked up I saw Bobby.

"Hi and dad told me you were here."

"Hi sis... how are you?"

"Great now. By the way, did mom and dad tell you what we did tonight?"

"Nope, didn't say a word to me. Sally and I were so tired from our trip that we almost didn't say hello."

"Good....then I get to tell you."


"Dad fucked me and mom ate my pussy! I'm just like you and Sally now."

With that I saw Bobby's cock start to rise in his shorts. I sat back on the couch and raised my arms over my head and he got a good look at my tight little pussy.

"Want some? Dad said it was some of the best pussy he has ever had!"

Bobby didn't wait 10 seconds before he was on his knees in front of me. He slid his hands under my ass and pulled me forward until my cunt was in full view. Without saying a word he dove right in and stuck his long tongue deep in my once virgin twat. I almost came immediately. I pulled my tee shirt over my head so I was sitting naked on the couch letting my brother eat me. I started moaning as I pulled on my nipples and Bobby continued to work on my dripping cunt. All of a sudden I felt something push against my bung hole. Bobby had lubricated one of his fingers and started to push it into my virgin ass. The feeling was incredible and I pulled my feet up on the edge of the couch to give him better access to my butt. Without warning I started cumming and cumming. I let out a loud moan as I reached down and pulled Bobby's head hard against my exploding cunt.

"What the fuck is going on in here?'

I looked over and there stood my sister in a short night shirt. She was standing in the doorway looking at me and Bobby as he continued to eat my tight little cunt.

"You woke me up but now that I know why do you mind if I join you?"

I shook my head no because I was about to cum again and I couldn't get any words out. Sally pulled off her night shirt and climbed on the couch straddling me. For the first time in my life I was face to face with a pussy. Sally lowered herself until her pussy was right up against my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick her cunt as Bobby was licking mine. Sally started to moan as she turned to Bobby and told him that I was as good cunt licker as mom.

"Bobby...I'll bet Beth could use some of your cock right now. Why don't you show her what you have?"

Bobby didn't hesitate. I couldn't see him as my face was full of dripping pussy but I could tell he was preparing to stick his cock in my cunt. All of a sudden I felt what must have been his fist pushing its way into my tight opening.

"Damn Beth your tight. Haven't you had sex before?"

I tried to tell him that up until 3 hours ago I was a virgin but all that came out was a mumble. Bobby continued to work his weapon in and out of my cunt until he was balls deep in me. If I hadn't seen dad's cock I would have sworn that he was fist fucking me. I started cumming again on is huge prick as Sally started cumming on my face. I didn't realize that a woman's cum would actually pour out of her pussy but when Sally started to cum I felt I was about to drown in her pussy juice. It was running down over my face and down my neck.

"Oh fuck Beth!! You have a fucking wonderful tongue. Keep eating me...I'm fucking cummmmminnnnnggggggg!!!"

Bobby kept pounding my tight little cunt until I felt him shove all that monster in as deep as it would go and grind against my juicy little pussy. As I felt him start to squirt his load deep into my twat my orgasm shook me all the way down to my core as I gasp for breath beneath Sally's dripping snatch.

"Damn Beth you have...a .... tight.... fucking... little cuuuuunnnnntttttt!!!!"

Moments later as Sally laid back and Bobby started to slowly pull his softening prick from my dripping cunt I realized what a good day this had been. I looked over at my big sister as she was fingering her cunt as it was still dripping juice then at Bobby as he sat back admiring his handy work of cum dripping from my tight little snatch.

"What is going on in here? I though you two were too tired and just wanted to go to bed."

Dad stood in the doorway and was looking at his three children as they were recovering from a hard night of fucking.

"We were dad but I got up to get something to drink and saw this little minx sitting here. She invited me to play so what was I suppose to do? Neglect my little sister?"

Dad started to laugh and told us to be sure to turn off the lights before we went back to bed. I didn't know about Bobby and Sally but I was sure ready. After all, tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


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o mi gosh that was hott you almost got me cummin
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this may be your best story yet Please keep it up .It keeps me up
Posted 01 Jul 2009 07:32
Wow hot hot hot
Posted 28 Jun 2009 10:46
A bit too may Ellipsis...but well presented.
Posted 26 Jun 2009 04:01
Great story. Loved it like the rest of your stuff.

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