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The family of loving lovers

Dad was in Europe on business. My twin sister, Jean, and I had just turned sixteen. Mom had taken Jean to the dentist and they were going shopping for new shoes for Jean afterwards mom and Jean left before we got up. My older sister, Jenna, was seventeen, this summer day, we had been both sleeping late,

Jenna was still wearing her short night gown and I was in boxer shorts. We were watching TV. She and I started tussling over the remote control. I wanted to watch an old war movie and she said there was a fashion channel that she just had to see. We were in a struggle for the remote control. We rolled off the sofa on to the floor together. She landed on top of me. Jenna was trying to grab for the remote and was wiggling on top of me. The feeling of her beautiful body on top of mine made my cock grow. Her night gown covered pussy was placed right over my erection. She became aware of what was happening.

Jenna purposely rubbed herself on my cock, “Are you trying to dry fuck me? That is what Johnny always does before we get naked and fuck. Oh, Donny, you feel so much bigger than Johnny.” She humped me a half dozen times more. She surprised me, “Let me see your cock, Donny. I want to see just how big you really are.” She rolled off me and began pulling my shorts down. “Oh, it is so much bigger than Johnny’s. His cock is not circumcised like yours! Your cock looks so much nicer. I want suck you and have you fuck my pussy, I have to see how it fells up inside me.”

She began taking her gown and panties off. I was pulling my shorts all the way off. My cock was bigger than ever before. Jenna had a beautiful set of small tits and the first real pussy I had ever seen. I had watched and jacked off to many pussies on the porn sites on my computer. Jenna had full plump pussy lips neatly shaved and only leaving a small patch of pubic hair, so she could wear bikinis and throngs.

She grabbed my cock and her hand moved up and down. She bent down and kissed the head of my cock. She was gently holding and caressing my balls. She then opened her mouth and started sucking me. Jenna was very experienced in her technique. I was rapidly approaching my cum. She could feel my ball sack draw up to the base of my cock in preparation of an massive climax..

“Donny, have you ever had a girl suck you off before?” I shook my head to indicate a negative. “Have you even fucked a girl yet?”

This time, I said, “I have never even seen a real girl naked before, just those in the porn that I watch on my computer.”

“Oh, Donny, do you mean that I am getting your virgin cherry cock to fuck my hungry pussy? I do not want you to cum in my mouth first. I want to feel your cock love juice filling my pussy, I love how that feels. Mom has had me on the pill since she caught Johnny and me fucking last month. I’ll suck your cock off later!”

She stretched out as she lay on the floor, spreading her legs. She held out her arms for me. As I crawled over her and got between her legs, she reached down with one hand and grasped my cock. Jenna rubbed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. I could feel the slick wetness. She used my erection, I later found out, to titillate her clitoris, before guiding my still virgin cock deep up inside her pussy. She was so wet, so tight and making my cock feel so good, like nothing ever before. I slid quickly all the way in until my cock was all the way up inside my sister.

“Oh yes, Donny, fuck my pussy, you are so much bigger than Johnny. I love how good it feels in my pussy, even if you are my brother. Oh, I can feel it all the way up in my belly. That is the way Donny, fuck me, oh, yes fuck me. My kid brother with his big cock is fucking my pussy. Slow down, Danny, I want you to go slow until I tell you to start fucking me hard and fast.”

“Jenna, I do not know how long I can last. Your pussy is so tight and makes me feel so good all over. I have not felt anything this good in all my life. Your pussy is so much better than when I jack myself off!”

Soon she was breathing as hard as I was. “Now, Donny, fuck me fast and hard, I am going to cum and I want you to cum at the same time!” She wailed as she had her orgasm as I was spewing my semen for the very first time deep into my sister’s thrashing body. “Donny, oh yes Donny, that is a wonderful cum, and my own brother gave it to me!”

I continued to lay on top of her, I loved the feel of my still erect cock in her cum filled pussy. Her vagina muscles continued to milk my cock. I kept gently moving my cock back and forth in Jenna‘s pussy. I liked the sensation of her firm breasts tight against my naked chest. I soon began to move faster until she responded with movements of her hips. We were once again in a full fucking mode.

“Oh, Donny, oh fuck, yes keep fucking me. Johnny could only do it once then his cock would shrivel up and he would get off of me. A lot of times I would not even have a climax.”

Just as we both were enjoying our mutual orgasms, we felt the presence of our mother and sister. We froze, with my cock still in Jenna’s pussy. We were awaiting in anticipation of what might happen next. My twin sister, Jean, came and knelt beside us as she looked closely at her older sister and me. Jenna’s and my naked bodies were still locked together in our lustful incestuous sexual embrace.

Our mother said, “Oh dear, I was so sure that incest was not a genetic trait. I might as well tell you that both your father and I came from families that were deep into incest. Where my daddy and momma fucked my sisters and me. Your dad’s mother had him fucking her. Now, I find my own children having sex with each other. When I caught Jenna and Johnny fucking, I let them continue. I thought that she would not involve her own brother and sister.”

Jean said, “Mom, If Donny can fuck Jenna, then I want him to fuck my cunt too!” She then began to undress and lay waiting for my cock to take my twin sister’s virginity. Her pussy was semi shaved for her bikinis and throngs.

Mom did not object as I moved over on top of Jean’s beautiful body. She warned me, “Take it very slow, Donny, very slow. Jean is still virgin and it will not be like Jenna. You will hurt her when you break her hymen!”

My cock was still soaked with Jenna’s and my cum. Jean was already wet with her pussy love juices in anticipation as my cock entered her virgin vagina. My cock ate its very first cherry as I fucked Jean’s now no longer virgin body. She was so tight, it was as if her pussy was a condom that I tried on one time. I was able to bring Jean to her first vaginal orgasm. She was my first virgin. I noticed that our mother was closely observing my erection as it fucked up into my twin sister’s willing pussy. Jean and I continued fucking for the first time together.

Jenna said, “Mom, I don’t know if dad had a chance to tell you three months ago, the day he had to leave on his trip to Europe. He caught me together with Sue, that is Johnny’s sister. We were naked on my bed and in a 69. Sue teased my dad and said that she wanted him to fuck her. She liked his big cock in her pussy, she said it was so much bigger than her own father or her brother, Johnny. I had been watching dad and Sue actually doing it. Then she taunted my dad about if her father fucked her, then my dad should be fucking me. Dad did it, his cock took my virginity, and I loved it. Dad made me cum three times before he did. He then gave both of us ‘morning after pills.‘ It was after that when I started fucking Johnny. Mom that is when you caught me fucking Johnny.”

Our mother fixed us supper, saying that sexual exertions needed fuel to sustain our energy for this evening. Afterwards, mom took us to her large king size bed. She undressed and was naked before Janna, Jean and me. She was still beautiful with small size tits and unshaved pussy hair. We knew that our mother was going to join us in our incest love making.

“Donny, I need to teach you the methods of foreplay in order that you will be able to always sexually satisfy your sisters and me! I want you to just lay beside me. We will start by touching each other all over our bodies. I want you to learn the places that I love your dad to touch before we have sex. Your cock is ready now and so am I, but there are some things that I want to show you that I like. Things that your dad does that drives me to a sexual frenzy.”

I was really excited, I had fucked my two sisters this afternoon and now it was my mom’s turn. My mother still had a body that turned me on. Her breasts were small with very little sag. She had me touch and cup them. I was shown how to hold them in my palm of my hand while my thumb and fore finger kneaded her nipples. “Kiss my breasts, Donny, put your mouth on my nipples and suck on them.”

She was stroking my cock, sending shivers though out my entire body. She took my other hand in hers as she moved it across a full pubic mound of unshaved hair. Her pussy lips were thinner than Jenna’s or Jean‘s. She got my fingers real wet with her juices and then rubbed them on her clitoris. “That is it, Donny, feel my clit, touch it. Oh, it is so exciting having my own son doing it to me.. I want you to play with my joy button and make me cum.”

After a bit, mom then took that hand in hers and raised my wet fingers to my lips, “Donny, you need to learn to taste a woman’s pussy love juices, I want mine to be your first. Now, does that taste good to you?”

I tasted my own mother‘s sex, and the flavor and odor was so intoxicating, “Mom, I love it, I want more.”

“You can do it better by moving down between my legs and kissing my pussy. I want to feel your mouth, lips and tongue on me.”

I quickly complied with her request. It was my very first oral sexual contact. I first noticed the wonderful female aroma of her sexual arousal before I buried my face in her cunt. I loved the smell and taste as I licked between her pussy lips. They were a lot thinner than those gorgeous thick pussy lips of my two sisters. I found mom’s hard clitoris with my lips and tongue. I teased, tongued and sucked on her clit as she began having a strong cum several times. My face was covered with my mother’s sex fluids.

Mom was twenty years older than me, I wondered what the pussy of both of my sisters would taste and smell like. I later found as I kissed their clitoris, that mom’s clitoris was larger than those of her two daughters.

“Oh, Donny, you are a great pussy eater, with more practice, you will be as good as your father. Now you are going to fuck me for the first time. I want my own son‘s cock deep in my pussy. I want to feel your cock pump your love juice all the way up into my womb and filling me!”

Both Jenna and Jean were in their own world of sex. Jenna was teaching her sister the technique of two females with their faces in each others pussy.

Mom said, “Donny, put your cock way up inside me. Oh, yes, that’s the way, now fuck me, fuck me hard. Yes, oh yes, you are in as deep as your dad gets and he makes me cum while we are fucking. Oh, Donny, yes, you made me climax! Keep fucking me Donny, make me cum again and again, that is what your dad does and I love it.”

Mom, Janna and Jane kept me busy late into the night as we fucked to our hearts content in a lust filled orgy of incest. Each of them sucked my cock until I had a cum. They all shared in tasting my cock love juice. As I did the same for them. We finally needed some sleep, I thought back to the afternoon and evening with pride.

Mom’s pussy was not as tight as Jenna’s and certainly not real tight like Jean’s virgin pussy, but mom knew how to use her cunt muscles to stroke and clasp my cock in a grip that was exciting. She had ways that my sisters had not learned yet.

My sixteen year old male hormones were now unleashed in a super high speed overdrive of sexual release of lust. I was now highly addicted to incest sex with my sisters and mom.

The next morning, I woke in mom’s bed with a sister close on either side of me. I had a gigantic piss hard on. I tried to get Jean to fuck me, but she said that she was too sore. Jenna was willing to take her sister’s place under me as she willingly accepted my engorged cock to our mutual satisfaction.

Later that afternoon, our father returned home from his three month European trip. He joined his family by fucking his wife and two daughters while I did the same with my mom and sisters. Dad and I changed off to suck tits, kiss and fuck each pussy to keep everyone lusting and fully happy and sexually sated each day after that. After much practice my sisters and mom agreed that I was almost as good as my father.

My sisters and I were now fully committed to a life of incest sex with our mother’s and our father’s full consent and total approval. There would be many more orgies of lust and incest to come.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 30 Nov 2012 02:34
Lovely family fucking.
Posted 03 Jul 2012 08:02
Oh my GOD ! Yes , mother need her "special attention" hot - oh. I loved it my pantyhose are drenched!
Posted 11 Jun 2012 19:18
Very hot.....loved the needy daughter. Mom trained her well, now she will be wanting it always
Posted 11 Sep 2011 14:45
that was sxy and fun,,,,want more please!!
Posted 17 Dec 2010 19:01
Great, Two cherries busted on the same day. V-5.
Posted 08 Oct 2010 11:30
add peeing to it
Posted 08 Oct 2010 10:08
love the story
Posted 08 Oct 2010 09:35
Very hot! Keep them cumming.

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