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The first time together

My first story.
My sister walks into the family room, where I am sitting on the couch watching a movie. It is not a porno, but something with nudity and sex. She sits on the end of the couch, just beyond my outstretched legs and feet. I try to ignore her, but I think she has noticed that the movie might have been getting me aroused.

She stretches her arms up to tie her hair back. She has to know her shirt is very short and raises up to her nipples when she does that?

I try to get a good look at her breasts from the nipples down. I’m excited by it, but not wanting to be too obvious about seeing my sister’s very nice breasts. I've seen them before, although she doesn't know that I've seen her in her room, but this is much closer and more exciting.

Now she flips her head upside down over the edge of the couch and pulls her hair up. And I see even more. I shouldn't, but I want to reach out and touch - maybe poke with my toes, as a start. I stretch out my feet, pulling the blanket with them, until my toes touch the inside of her thigh.

I don’t know if she likes it, but she has to feel it. Is she pretending not to? Then she scoots down in the sofa and blanket placing her pussy right next to my other foot. I notice, and wiggle my big toe, rubbing against her leg - wanting to stretch a little bit to see what happens if I rub against her pussy. She sits with the blanket over her mouth. Is she smiling or scared?

I see her bite her lip… then I see the silent words on her mouth: “C'mon brother, you know you want it.”

I push my toe up against her pussy, just to touch and see how she reacts. She doesn't move away, and I get braver - pushing my toe a little harder against her and wiggling it. She has to feel it.

And then she wiggles more into the sofa. Her eyes are closed, as I move my toe and slide it under the loose shorts and feel the damp, warm pussy lips. It feels so warm as I discover that she is not wearing panties under her short loose girly boxers. I wiggle my toe again, feeling her squirm against it.

In a whisper, she asks, “Do you like that way that feels?” And then she opens her legs and straightens one of them out.

“I like it,” I whisper, with my cock getting even harder when she puts her my foot in between my legs.

I do love my sister’s waxed pussy, and never thought could feel this good.

I push harder against her, and my toe slips between her pussy lips, while her foot rubs against my cock that is hard against my pants.

I hear a soft moan escape her lips. She is trying to play innocent, but I know she wants more. She is just laying there. I wonder how I can take advantage of the situation. I want more and reach down to hold her foot against my cock, rubbing it against me while my toe pushes into her.

She is very wet, and as she squirms she bites her lip – trying not to make any noise.

We both hear mom in the kitchen right behind us. But I keep rubbing, feeling her hot wet pussy. I want to touch her with my fingers, but I'm not sure if I should take the risk.

At that moment mom comes into the living room and sits right in front of us facing the television. My sister puts her hands under the blanket and rubs my foot on her pussy.

If mom knewI was playing with my sister's pussy we'd be in so much trouble, while my sister rubbed my cock – both of us teasing with our feet.

I wonder if my sister ever thinks about me fucking her. I push a little harder against her, wiggling my toe inside her tight, wet, hot pussy. I want to know if my sister wants my cock instead. I've jerked off thinking about her body, sometimes after spying on her while she changes clothes.

I hope mom goes to bed early tonight, but wondering where this playing is going to end. I’m betting my sister has never sucked a cock before and I want to her learn with me. And I want to see if her pussy tastes as good as it looks.

All the boys want my sister and I've seen why. And now I know she likes to play. Damn I want to know how good it feel to fuck her.

Suddenly she moves, gets up and goes to the kitchen, but not before she bends over in front of me to pick up the remote. I know she wanted to give me a good show of ass, pussy, and titties as she bent over. I try not to stare, not wanting mom to wonder what is up.

My sister is in the kitchen eating a banana. She leans over the island, and I see her in the reflection of the TV. I wish my cock could replace that banana. I want her so bad right now. My cock is throbbing. I need to keep the blanket covering the obvious sign of excitement from mom.

I decide to get up off the couch, and quickly go to the kitchen. I grab a glass from the cupboard, and get some water. I then stand right behind my sister, close enough that she can feel my cock pressing against her.

She bends over more, slightly grazing me with her ass. She has to feel my cock through those flannel pj's

With one hand holding the glass, the other hand moves to rub her ass cheek, then pulls up the edge of the shorts. My fingers brush against her smooth pussy. My fingers probe a little, teasing her pussy lips. She lifts her leg up on the island so I can see what I have been playing with. It is like she is throwing herself at me now. I have to fuck her. I want to fuck my sister.

I move against her, pulling down the top of my pj's to expose the head of my cock. Just then she backs up right on it. The head of my cock slides between her pussy lips. It takes some effort to push it inside her.

She feels so hot and wet, I push against her and my cock slides deeper to her tight pussy. We are both trying so hard not to make any noise. She bends her body to the left so mom thinks we are standing next to each other.

I can now see her tits from under a short shirt. I start to slowly move against her, trying to avoid what it might look like if I move to fast. My free hand continues to rub her ass as my cock pushes inside her.

I lean over, pushing deeper with my cock throbbing and rock hard. “I want to fuck you so hard,” I whisper close to her ear

I move my hand down, and my finger teases her asshole as my cock slowly pumps her pussy. My finger pushes inside her tight asshole as my cock throbs inside her.

A commercial is coming up and mom stands up from the sofa, but doesn't turn around. My sister pull off of me and motions to go upstairs to our bathroom. I nod my head, finish the glass of water and moments after her, head up the stairs.

When I walk into the bathroom she is waiting for me, sitting on her knees on top of the sink. Her pussy is at my cock level 2011. I close the door and lock it, the walk over to right in front of her – my hard cock poking out wanting to get back inside her.

She turns around still on her knees and push her ass back onto my cock.

“Mmmmmmm, it feels so big again,” she whispers. “Fuck me brother. No one can hear you .”

My hands are on her hips, pulling her back against me.

“Fuck me,” she says as my cock starts to pump inside her.

She pulls off her shirt and I can see her tits bouncing in the mirror. One of my hands reaches up to squeeze a breast and to pull her against me as I fuck her harder and faster.

She is pushing back against me as I move faster and harder against her. I feel her tight pussy squeezing my cock. My balls are getting tighter. I can feel that I'm getting close to cumming.

“Can I cum in you?' I whisper, with my cock moving a little faster now. She slowly nods yes.

She puts both of my hands on her tits and squeeze hard. I start to push deeper insider her, feeling my cum starting to build. She is so wet, I can feel her dripping.

I want to release my cum, and I pull her against me as my cock goes deep into her. She pushes her ass down on my cock. I let out a gasp as cum starts to shoot out of my cock deep inside my sister.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moans softly.

We are both sweaty, as she slips off the sink. My cock spasms and it is dripping as it pulls out of her.

My sister puts her face down and begs me to lick her pussy. I get on my knees, and my tongue licks at her clit. I feel her hands push my face against her.

She lets out a moan, and then I taste my own cum as I lick at her pussy and clit. I want her to cum for me.

“Mmmmm, it feels so good,” she says.

“You taste so good,” I respond.

“I'm so close to cumming. Put your fingers in me.”

I suck on her clit while my fingers go inside her. I feel how wet and hot she is, and my cum drips out of her as I fuck her with my fingers.

“In my ass brother. In my ass, too.”

I respond to her request, and with my other hand, I push a finger into her tight asshole. I’m fucking both of her tight holes with my fingers, while my tongue licks her clit.

She is almost hopping on me fingers.

“Harder,” she says as my tongue pushes against her clit, while my fingers are deep inside my sister.

She grabs my head with both of her hands and squirts in my face.

I stand up and kiss her lips, while she reaches down and rubs my semi-hard cock.

“Did you like getting fucked by your brother?” I ask.

She kneels down and sucks hard on my cock once reeeeally good....

She then stands, winks and walks out the bathroom – naked.

“That should tell you,” she says.

I don't move and wonder why I've waited this long to discover just how hot my sister really is.

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Posted 01 Mar 2013 10:54
nice story
Posted 04 Feb 2013 18:09
A very good story. Keep up the good work.
Posted 14 Sep 2012 00:52
dear author, u made me long for a sis like this.. please write more..
Posted 21 Mar 2012 07:57
I loved it, it certainly made me very very wet xxx
Posted 18 Feb 2012 17:54
good first attempt, bring on part 2
Posted 18 Feb 2012 14:21
Not bad for a first time try. Good theme, but your grammar needs some effort next time. Need some more build up, but I know that was hard with mom in the story, maybe you should revise it and take Mom ou or maybe put her at the neighbor;s and likely to come home anytime. I remember my first time with my sister,but in the bedroom
Posted 18 Feb 2012 06:41
Pretty good for the first one

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