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The Girl I've Never Seen Clothed

I tried an online hook-up ad. I'm fifty-three, she's twenty-three, and she stayed a week.
I've been divorced for what seems like forever. We were both fooling around with other people so, really, neither one of us was singly at fault. It just all fell apart.

And, my last relationship also just fell all apart. Neither of us wanted to make a commitment and there really wasn't anything holding us together except some pretty great sex. Even that wasn't enough.

So, here I am, horny, living in Savannah, Georgia, jacking off like a 16-year-old kid. Hell, 16-year-old kids today are fucking and I'm not. So, I did what a lot of people do, I wrote an online hook-up ad.

I wasn't expecting a lot and that's pretty much what I got. Some women who I didn't think I'd be interested in replied but, then, one came in from a 23-year old young woman named Gina. She, I replied to and we went back and forth a few times and then she sent me a picture from the neck down.

Wow. She was gorgeous. Nice, firm, B-cup breasts, not a trace of sag or droop, narrow waist, curvy hips, and a clean-shaven pussy. She was standing with her legs cantered, just opening her legs a bit, very sexy, oh, yes.

She wrote me that she lived about 60 miles away and that her husband would be away for the entire week the following week, if I wanted her to come and spend the week together. I hit the jackpot, for sure. Luckily, I have the kind of job, sales, that I could take a week of vacation off without having to give a lot of prior notice.

We talked several times, she told me that her husband travelled a lot and never seemed to be interested in sex much any more. Always claimed that he was just too tired. Even when he was home for a week or more, he still just was too tired. Gina figured that he had at least one girlfriend and probably more, so she was wanting a little attention of her own.

She emailed me that she would leave home Monday morning and be at my house about ten, maybe eleven. And, she had one requirement, that we both be naked when we first met and saw each other. That I was to leave the front door unlocked and that she would come in and disrobe in the living room and come back to my bedroom where I was to wait for her, also naked.

I did ask her why a young woman like her would be interested in a somewhat older man and she emailed me back that too many younger guys were just interested in a hole to cum into and that earlier in her life, she had found that older men were much more loving and that they enjoyed pleasing a younger woman.

So, I laid there, semi-hard, not knowing exactly what to expect but hoping for what I was wanting, when, about ten-twenty, I heard the front door open and a woman's voice called out, "Bryce, it's me, Gina, I'm just getting naked, be right in."

At her words, my cock was rising in expectation, then, a few minutes later, in she walked to my bedroom, beautiful and completely naked.

She stood there in the doorway and said, "Hi, Bryce, I'm Gina, and I'm so wet driving here thinking every mile about you fucking me. I can't wait," and she hopped on my bed, fell over me and started kissing me, her fingers wrapping around my cock.

She lifted up and said, "Mmm, just as hard as I expected," and plunged her mouth over me and began sucking.

I was amazed. She was beautiful, she was sexy, she sucked like a demon, just the best I've ever had.

Then, as I'm about to pop her mouth full of cum, she raised up, smiled and said, "So, we have the whole week together, right, Bryce?"

"I sure hope so, it's what I've been planning on."

"Good. Now, here's the rule: no clothes. None at all, all week long. I want to see your nice hard cock every minute of the day and night and I want you to see my boobs and my wet pussy every second we're together. Think you can stand to do that?" she said with a cute smirk.

"Oh, I guess I'll just have to force myself," I replied as she pushed me over, climbed on top of me and began rubbing her pussy all over me as she kissed me. Wow.

It wasn't long until she scooted her pussy down just right so I slid inside her. Then, with my cock deep inside her, she raised up to sit on me and began fucking me up and down as I played with her boobs.

"Fun, so far, Bryce? You like your little Gina?"

"Oh, do I? You're fantastic."

"Mmm, we've just started. Yes, I like you, this is going to be a great week," and she continued rocking back and forth.

Her body was really nice, firm boobs, tight pussy, oh, she was a find.

"So, you like older guys, that's lucky for me, Gina."

"Well, there's more to it, actually. I do like older men because they're not so wrapped up in themselves, more interested in making me happy first. But, it also has to do with my first time."

"Mmm, older guy, huh?"

"Yeah, and I was 16..."

"Geez, kind of a cradle-robber, huh?"

She laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess you could say that, it was my father."

"No shit, dear old Dad, huh?"

"What little girl doesn't love her father. I know I did, still do."

"So he made a move and you went along?"

"Not even close. I always loved my dad, what girl doesn't? But, I finally decided that I loved him in a new way, a more grown-up way. Finally, well, maybe it was my boobs, he fucked me on my 16th birthday. I told him that he either fuck me when I turned 16 or I would never give him any sex ever. Nasty little bitch wasn't I?"

"Well, determined, anyway."

"He let me suck him off, so I figured that he'd cave and he did. And, I got my first fuck."

"Was it what you wanted?"

"Oh, it took several hours. My dad took lots and lots of time with his little girl. By the time he got his wonderful cock in me and was fucking me, I was so up, so, sexed, so wild, that when I did have an orgasm, I think the whole neighborhood knew it. No, not really, but I did scream pretty loud."

"So, it was everything you'd hoped for, with your dad?"

"And even more. We basically lived like husband and wife until I got engaged to my husband. Then, he drew the line."

"So, no more sex with Dad?"

"Um, not exactly. He lives in Illinois and I don't see him very often. But when we do, I can always manage to get him in bed with me. Women know how, right?"

"Well, Gina, I'd certainly say you know how and you're sure getting me close to cumming. Are you close?"

"Not real close but go ahead, this one's on me, cum in me whenever you're ready. I'll let you get me off with your nice tongue, okay? You don't mind licking a pussy full of your own cum, do you?"

"Not at all, especially such a pretty one as yours."

"Well, you just go ahead and cum, just have a great one. Mmm, here," and she began pulling straight up on my cock, her pussy tightening when she lifted up, oh, it was so good. Then back down and twisting back and forth, then the slow, tightening pull up.

"Mmm, oh, that's just the best. It feels so, so good. It's gonna make me…UUNH, UUNH, UHH, uhh, uhh, oh, oh, uh, mmm, Gina, oh, you are the best, just the best. What a pussy you've got."

"Well, my Daddy sure liked it, still does. It's had its admirers. Nice to add a new one to my list."

"I'm an admirer all right, I've already added my deposit up inside."

"You still feel pretty hard, maybe I'll try to get off like this," and she rocked back and forth over me until she began to moan.

"Mmm, yeah, I'm there, oh, yeah, oh, this is going to be good, really good. Mmm, MMM, AAYE, uuh, uuh, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. We're gonna have a whole week of fucking and sucking, what a great start."

"After that nice start, Gina, I have dessert planned," and I reached down to the floor where I had a can of whipped cream.

As I sat up between her legs, she said, "I've always wanted to do this, now I get to see what it's like," and she opened wide and I sprayed the whipped cream up along her pussy groove, then began licking it off.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, that's good, Bryce. What a great idea. That feels so hot and sexy."

I put dollops on her nipples and into her navel, then more on her pussy, even some up inside her, where I took my time licking and sucking it out.

This was an instant hit with Gina, she was squirming and writhing with every lick.

"It feels so good with the whipped cream, I never thought it would be very different but, oh, it really is. I love it."

Yes, she did, by the time I'd used about half a can on her, she had had more orgasms than any woman I'd ever been with. Ten or more. Then she wanted to do me.

I suggested she try something a girlfriend of mine used to do and that was to fill her mouth with whipped cream then slowly lower her mouth onto my cock going up and down with just the foam touching me until she had slowly closed her mouth around me, swallowing the whipped cream.

One thing I was quickly learning about my new fuck-buddy, Gina, was that she's open to new ideas and she sprayed her mouth full then lowered over me, my cock moving just through the whipped cream at first.

"Mmm, oh, that's so soft and nice. Just velvety," I murmured, then she began closing her mouth around me as she took in some of the whipped cream and began to suck.

She soon had my cum well mixed in with the remaining whipped cream and I had a very happy cock.

"Mmm, yum, that was fun. I've used whipped cream on a guy's cock before but never quite like that. How did it feel when I lowered my mouthful over you?"

"Oh, Gina, it was so soft, just like a cloud enveloping my cock. It was so soft and satiny on my cock. Very erotic."

"Hmm, well, we may need more whipped cream this week."

"I have six cans in the fridge."

With that she pushed me down and began kissing me and rubbing her body all over me.

"Mmm, this is so nice. I was awake a lot of the night last night, excited about coming here and fucking you for a week, I'm tired. Let's take a nap and get rested up for a nice afternoon, okay?"

We slept until almost three, when I felt her hand on my cock.

"You find something you like, Gina?" I asked.

"So far, yes, I love it. I want it again."

"Let me warm things up for you," and I got between her legs, wide open for me, and began licking her all along her slit which was already wet with passion.

I worked her wondrous pussy for a while, through one orgasm and on to her writhing and thrashing, when she said, "Mmm, Bryce, you've got my pussy so hot, I'm gonna fuck you good," and she got up over me, held my cock up and slid down on my shaft, putting it deep inside her.

"Mmm, that's good, real good. I just love being on top. It's how I used to fuck my Dad when we lived together. After the first time I sucked him off, I slept in his bed. I played with his cock so much, he finally had to make me stop late at night so he could sleep. I wouldn't leave him alone. You'll see how I am tonight. Better be ready."

"Mmm, I'll try, Gina, I'll sure try," I grunted out as she fucked me up and down with that fabulous, tight pussy of hers.

"Pinch my nipples, Bryce, it helps get me off. Mmm, yeah, like that. You can do it harder, go ahead."

Every time she pulled up on me, her vagina contracted even more snugly around my delirious cock and put me one more stroke closer to cumming.

"I love your cock. Maybe I'll call you Daddy. Would that be all right? You're like fucking my Daddy."

"Hon, you can call me anything you want, just keep fucking me the way you're fucking me."

"Okay, Daddy, I'll fuck you until you cum me full. You like fucking me, Daddy?"

Deciding to play along, "I just love your little tight pussy, honey. My daughter is the best fuck I've ever had. Make Daddy's dick cum, honey, come on, make Daddy happy."

Well, it did the trick, she was cumming in no time, bucking up and down on me like she was riding a bronco, her pussy clenched tight around my delighted cock. And she soon had a pussy full of cum as a result.

She fell over me, kissing me all over my face.

"Mmm, I love fucking you. You lasted a nice long time. And, playing my Daddy got me off really strong. You're the sweetest."

We laid there together kissing and feeling and petting until she said, "My pussy is all sticky for some reason, Bryce, how about a shower. Your's big enough for both of us?"

I assured her it was a coed shower and we got in under the cascade of warm water and soaped each other enjoying every minute. We dried one another and went to the kitchen for coffee and talked about what we each did for work, and what some of our past sexual experiences were.

The thing that surprised me about Gina was that she had had little oral sex in her life. Her husband never did it and of the boys she dated, only one ever licked her pussy. She even said that she was surprised, pleasantly, of course, how much I liked doing it. So, I finished my coffee and got down on the floor and started her.

She sat there, legs wide as I ate her out, her hand caressing my cheek sweetly, smiling at me as I eagerly licked and tongued her to another orgasm. I was to do that many times each day during our time together. She said as long as I wanted to do it, she wanted it. So, she got it a lot.

We had a week of sex, if my cock was soft, I got her off with my tongue which she loved. Every time I did get hard, she immediately set about to get me soft again. Even in the middle of the night. She would stroke me and if I started to rise, she'd suck me back down.

There was no way I could have counted all the sex we had, all I can say is that it was the most sex-filled week of my life. By far.

On Friday afternoon, we had a final coupling and said our goodbyes, she went out to my living room, got dressed and drove home.

We have planned another week two months from now and I'm seeing my doctor first. Maybe I can surprise her with more hard-ons that ever. Wish me luck.

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Posted 29 Sep 2012 12:18
Great story. Makes it nice when your partner wants it as much or more than you did, Good writting, easy to read. Well worth a solid 5 in my book. Write up after you see her again and let us enjoy thr fun.
Posted 19 Sep 2012 22:16
That was great. Good thing for Viagra and all the other products that are avail to keep us Older Guys up and ready. "V=5++."
Posted 19 Sep 2012 17:40
great story,, and i hope more to follow soon!!!
Posted 19 Sep 2012 15:10
Man oh man....I need a that..
Posted 19 Sep 2012 14:52
This was wonderful. Something every man dreams. It is true about oolder gentlemen. The treat a woman well. I couldn't stop reading. Awesome. I want to spend a week like hell even a weekend. Keep them coming.

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