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The Incest Diaries: Chapter One

What happens when family pleasures is also the family business?
Winter 1990

You could say it was all Mike Scully’s fault. One day after geometry class in the winter of 1990 he quietly opened his backpack, revealing an issue of Hustler. Upon seeing the cover I knew I had to have it. Mike being a young interlunar sold it to me for $20.

“How did you get this?” I eagerly asked. 

“My Dad hides them in his study,” he replied. “If you want anymore Eric I can snag them for a price.”

I wanted to say yes, but the twenty bones I had just given him was my allowance for the next two weeks. If I asked for an advance I would get a lecture in fiscal responsibility from my Dad. Boring.

“I don’t know why you need to buy porn with all the hot ass you have running around your house,” Mike said.

He was referring to my sisters, three of the hottest, yet most unattainable girls in the school. Jenna, is the oldest, she’s 18 and a senior. She’s 4’11, has long black hair and weighs no more then 100lbs. Then there’s Kyra, she’s 17 and junior. She looks exactly like Jenna. The only difference is that she wears braces. All the guys debate over their best feature. Some say it’s their butts, others say their boobs. I would go with their boobs, only because they look great when they wear tight sweaters, but their asses come a close second. Finally there’s Terra, my twin sister. Like me she’s 16 and we’re both sophomores. We both have light brown hair, but that’s where the similarities end. She’s 5’2, probably ways around 110lbs and is the most beautiful girl in the world. I also have a younger sister named Chelsea; she’s 13, goes to middle school and is just an annoying kid.

None of us are allowed to date, unless my parents are chaperoning. It’s one of my parents many strict rules. Normally children of a repressed household go to school for a little freedom, not us, not the Simon kids. Our mother, Joanna Simon is the school principal. At 42 is not only the youngest female to hold that position, but according to my friends the most fuckable. She’s 5’2. Jet-black hair. She’s about as tall as Terra. And has huge tits (DD’s if I had to guess). She always lurking around every corner and always knows what were up to. Needless to say we can’t get away with anything.

I looked around to make sure neither she nor any of my sisters were around before I stuffed it in my backpack. I would get in so much trouble for having this, anything deemed risqué or obscene not allowed in the Simon household.

To say my parents were strict would be an understatement. They were definitely the “no fun police.” We weren’t allowed to watch TV. If my parents heard or suspected that we went over to a friend’s house to watch it we’d get in trouble. We could only listen to or buy music that they approved of. Most of it lame. We weren’t allowed to wear inappropriate clothing. This mostly affected my sisters. We were not allowed to see movies rated beyond PG. Our after school rituals consisted of homework, dinner, talking about our day and family book club or game night. Boring.

My Dad, Matthew Simon often said that he didn’t want his kids to grow-up to be idiots. He wanted us to grow-up and be just like him and Mom, pillars of the community. I honestly didn’t want to be anything like Dad. I had no plans on joining him and Uncle Stan as owners of the second largest chain of furniture stores throughout the metro Detroit area. The thought of becoming like him scared the crap out of me. Actually he scared the crap out of me. At 6’2, he was only a couple of inches taller then me; still to me he was still a giant of a man. Unlike any of my friends dad’s he was muscular. Women in the neighborhood, especially Mrs. Woodle, said he looked like a Greek God. Maybe that’s why I was scared of him.

I got home from school. Went up to my room to do homework. Today was I was so happy that I had my own room. Until this past September I shared one with Terra. From the moment we were born we were always together. We were each other’s best friend. That changed over the summer, after she developed. That summer was extra hot and our air conditioner wasn’t working. Terra traded in her pajamas for gym shorts and a tight fitting tank top. It left nothing to the imagination. Torture. I always made sure that I was under the covers before she got back from the bathroom. Even though it really uncomfortable I did to ensure that she would not see my raging hard-on. I stared at her, as she’d walk back into the room, watching her boobs and ass jiggle with every step. I’d grab my cock, as she’d slowly bend over to properly arrange her stuffed animals before bed. I couldn’t wait for her to turn off the lights. As soon as I thought she might be asleep, I’d lie on my stomach, bite my pillow and quickly masturbate.

One night I woke-up to Terra murmuring. I groggily opened my eyes. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see Terra lying naked on her covers playing with her pussy. My cock instantly got hard. I put my hand down my pajamas to play with it. As her fingers moved in and out of her pussy, my hand slid up and down my cock. As she pinched her left nipple I could feel my cock was ready to explode. I bit my lip as cum flooded my pajama bottoms. Moments later I saw her body shake and could hear her moan. It was the first time I ever heard a female cum. She never looked more beautiful then she did at that moment.

This was a near nightly occurrence. At first it was hot. However two weeks later it was driving me crazy. I wanted to do more then stroke it while she played with herself. I wanted to get out of bed, jump into hers and make all of my fantasies real. The realist knew that if I even attempted that I’d get caught and probably get whooped. I’m just guessing that fucking your twin sister is definitely on my parents list of no’s. Instead of succumbing into temptation I demanded that I get Cal’s (my older brother) room. He was leaving for the University of Michigan. After hours of debate my parents finally relented. I moved into Cal’s room. Chelsea moved into Terra’s and Jenny and Kyra had more space.

Alone in my room I grabbed the issue of Hustler and started flipping the pages. I read every word in the letters and Hot Letters. As I was imagining all those encounters happening to a guy like me, my cock started getting hard. I unzipped my pants, slid them and my underpants down to the floor. Grabbed my cock, flipped to the pictorials and started stroking. I imagined the brunette, 36DD centerfold popped off the page and into my room.

“Hello Eric,” she said while pinching her erect nipple and rubbing her hairy muff. I licked my lips as I imagined her inserting her fingers into her pussy.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” she said. “You know what will make you feel better?”

“No,” I replied.

“If I looked like this,” she said as she transformed into Terra.

She looked at me as I played with my hard penis, smiled and asked, “Did I do that to you brother?”

“Yes,” I stuttered.

I stood-up from my chair. She walked over, kissed me before getting on her knees and putting my cock in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she said as I fucked her mouth.

She then got up, put her hands on the desk, and stuck her ass out. I got behind her, put my cock in her pussy and started fucking.

I imagined her screaming at the top of her lungs as I fucked my twin sister from behind.

Oh shit I was about to cum. I didn’t want the fantasy to end this fast. I wanted it to keep on going. Fuck. Just as I imagined cumming all over ass, I bit my lip to keep from moaning. I opened my eyes to see my load spray, not on a centerfold’s ass, but rather the wall under my desk. I grabbed my shirt to clean the wall and myself. Hid the magazine under my mattress and changed for dinner.

I was still horny during dinner. As we ate I started noticing how hot my sisters were. Jenny and Kyra looked. All I could think of was how they looked naked. It was too much to bear.

“Mom, may I be excused?” I asked.

“Are you feeling okay?” she asked.

“I’m just tired,” I replied.

My dad turned to me and said, “But we’re going to play your favorite game, Trivial Pursuit.”

“Not in the mood,” I said.

Terra clapped her hand and said, “Goody, that means one of us actually has a chance to win this time.”

Everyone laughed.

I walked upstairs to my room. Got into my pajamas and climbed under the covers. I dared not grab the magazine in case I got unexpected visitors. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

Around 11:30 I woke up to go to the bathroom. After pissing, I went to make sure my parents were sound asleep. They were. I went back to my room, retrieved the magazine and my flashlight. I turned to the third pictorial that had three girls enjoying each other’s company.

I grabbed my cock and imagined the three of them on my floor going at it. Before I could join them I turned toward my door. I imagined that Terra was standing there naked pinching her nipples and playing with her pussy. She looked at me, smiled and said, “I think my friends are prettier.”

The other girls vanished as Jenny and Kyra stood behind her. They were also naked. Jenny started kissing Terra down her back, Kyra down her front. Kyra paid extra attention to her nipples, pinching and licking them. As that happened Terra started squirming and moaning. Jenny was down by Terra’s ass. Before kissing it, she slapped it causing Terra to go, “Mmmmmmm.”

I started stroking faster as Kyra and Jenny were now kneeling on both sides of Terra. Her legs spread as both of them rubbed their pussies while licking Terra’s. Then the three of them got on my floor, formed a triangle and started eating each other out.

Just the thought of that happening was driving me to the point of no return. Then it happened, I let out a loud moan as a large load erupted in my sheets.

I could hear my mom getting-up and quickly walking toward my room. I threw the flashlight under my bed and the magazine under my pillows. The door opened. The lights went on. My mom walked over to me, felt my forehead and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My stomach,” I replied.

“Well you look flushed and feel warm,” she said. “I think you should stay home from school tomorrow.”

“Ok,” I said while thinking, “Sweet I’m going to have the entire day to jerk off.”

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my parents talking outside my door. I was hoping that they didn’t change their mind about me staying home. I had the entire day planned; I was going to stroke it in my sisters’ rooms.

Minutes later they walked into my room. Mom walked over to the bed, felt my forehead and then kissed it. She looked at my dad and said, “Still feels warm.”

Dad nodded and said, “I’ll call the doctor and see if he can see both of them.”

He then stared at me to see my reaction. This was his way to test us to see if we were really sick. If we showed any sign of nervousness or apprehension he’d know that we were faking. So I looked at him and said, “Ok.” Hopefully that satisfied him.

He looked at me and said, “If you and Terra need anything give me a call.”

I look confused.

My Mom smiled and said in a comforting tone, “Terra’s sick too.”

“Fuck!” I thought to myself. “Does she have to ruin everything?” My whole day was now ruined.

After everyone left I went to grab some breakfast. I knocked on Terra’s door to see if she wanted anything.

“No,” she said in a sick tone.

I went downstairs had some Eggo’s and juice. Then went back to room to spend some time with Hustler. After unleashing another load, I decided to read the magazine from cover to cover to see if there’s anything I missed. I’m pretty sure I jerked off to every picture, letter, movie review and ad. I needed something new. I wondered if my Dad was like Mike Scully’s and kept porn hidden in the house. I know that I wrote that my parents didn’t allow anything risqué or obscene in the house, but I was also old enough to know what holds true for us kids doesn’t always hold true for our parents. I realized this after they grounded Cal for having cigarettes in his jacket. Later that night I saw Dad smoking one on the patio. I wondered if maybe, just maybe that meant he might have porn stashed somewhere in the house.

I knew there was nothing in his and Mom’s bedroom. Terra and I searched every corner at it before Christmas for our gifts. We found a lot of cool things, but no porn. I then wondered if he had any in his office or the shed.

His office and the shed were two places kids were not allowed. The shed is where Dad built furniture. According to him and Mom there are lots of dangerous tools out there and we’d hurt ourselves. Since I failed shop and never had any desire to build furniture I never was curious to check it out. The office was a different story. I’ve been curious as to why none of us were allowed in there. Cal said it’s where they go to pay bills and other boring things. All my friends’ parents had a home where they paid bills, the only difference is my friends were allowed in there’s. It was as good as any place to start looking.

I walked back downstairs and headed toward the office door. Tried to open it and as usual it was locked. I tried jiggling the doorknob and hopefully force it open. Nothing happened. Instead of trying something new I kept on jiggling on the door. I didn’t realize how loud I was that I didn’t hear Terra walk up behind me. She tapped me on the shoulder and scared the shit out of me.

“Got ya,” she said with a mischievous laugh.

I turned around and saw that Terra was wearing tight jeans and an even tighter sweater. She looked perfectly healthy.

“I thought you were sick?” I asked.

“Didn’t feel like going to school,” she replied. “Your moans in the middle of the night gave me the perfect excuse.”

“My stomach hurt,” I said.

She looked at me and sarcastically said, “Right.”

“It did,” I cried.

“Sick moans don’t go Ohhhhh,” she said smiling.

“Shut-up,” I yelled.

“It’s okay I still love you ya perv,” she said. “So why are you trying to get in Dad’s office?”

“Just curious,” I said.

“Why don’t you just use the key?” she asked.

“Because I don’t have one,” I said.

“Mom and Dad hide it in the antique teapot,” she said.

She then walked over to it, opened the top and grabbed a key.

“How did you know about it?” I asked.

“A few weeks ago I saw Dad put it in there,” she said.

“Have you been in there?” I asked.

“No way. Why would I want to see where Mom and Dad pay bills?” she replied.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m kind of curious,” I said.

She handed me the key. I put it in the lock. Turned it to the right and slowly opened the door. We couldn’t believe what we saw in there.

“Is that a TV?” Terra asked.

“Uh huh,” I replied. “And a VCR too.”

“I can’t believe they have a TV,” Terra screamed with delight. “Let’s see if we have cable.”

I sat in the lounge chair, grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. I flipped the channels and quickly realized we didn’t have cable.

Terra then said, “Turn on the VCR.”

I picked up the other remote, turned it on and pressed play. All of a sudden a guy and two girls fucking by a pool appeared on the screen. I scrambled and quickly pressed stop.

Terra screamed, “What are you doing? Turn it back on.”

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yes,” she screamed with delight.

The thought of watching porn with my twin sister got me instantly hard. Once again I hit play and the threesome once again appeared on the screen. We watched intently as the blonde was riding a huge cock and the brunette with big tits was sitting on the guys face. My hard cock was standing upright in my pajamas.

“I think your little friend wants to come out and play,” Terra said.

I desperately tried to find something to cover it up with.

“It’s okay,” she said. “Everyone knows you like to jerk-off.”

“I don’t do that,” I said nervously.

“Yeah you do,” she said. “We can hear you every night. I know it’s why you moved out of our room.”

“It was because of you masturbating,” I said.

“I only did it cause knowing you could hear me turned me on,” she said with a smile. “So for me, will you please play with your little friend?”

She then flashed her pouty face. The one I can’t say no to. So I slid off my pajama bottoms and put my hand around my cock and started stroking.

Terra licked her lips, looked at the screen and then at my cock.

“I think yours might be bigger then the guy on the TV,” she said. “It’s so big.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yesss,” she replied.

Her watching me stroke my cock got me very excited. Almost instantly semen squirted all over Dad’s leather chair and me. I quickly took my shirt off and wiped my juices off the chair.

As the movie continued Terra took her sweater and bra off and threw it at me. It landed on my cock. I picked it up, sniffed and then rubbed it up and down my hard member. I then watched her pinch and play with her nipples. Then the movie ended.

“Do you want me to rewind it?” I asked.

“No, there are video tapes everywhere. Put something else on,” she demanded.

I walked over to the stack of tapes. Most of them only had titles written on masking tape. So I started reading the titles out loud, “Hot Virgin Ass, Principal Knows Best, Kinky Business, After School Special.”

Terra then screamed, “After School Special, on account that we’re not there today.”

I took the other movie out and put “After School Session in. I then went back to the chair, grabbed the remote and before I could hit play Terra said, “Wait, before you do that I need to get a little more comfortable.”

Terra got off the couch and stood right in front of me. She took off her jeans and laid them on the floor. She then slowly took off her panties. Held them in her hand and then put them against my nose.

I took a whiff. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever smelled.

She then dropped them in my lap and said, “You can keep them.”

“Thank you,” I said before sniffing them once again.

Once Terra was situated back on the couch, with her legs spread and fingers lightly rubbing her pussy she said, “Start the movie.”

I pressed play. Started stroking my cock not only in anticipation for the film but also in hopeful anticipation of making my fantasies about Terra come true.

The credits started rolling. The first one that popped up said, “The Carter Family Presents: After School Special” 

Terra started laughing and said, “What kind of family produces porn?”

I shrugged my shoulders, laughed and continued stroking.

The credits then read, “Starring America’s Favorite Family, The Carters.”

Seeing that caused Terra and I to laugh hysterically.

“Fast forward through this crap and get to the good stuff,” Terra demanded.

I sped through the credits and stopped as we hit the first scene. A petite black haired walked into a room wearing a Catholic School girl uniform and carrying a backpack. I looked over at Terra and said, “She kind of looks like Kyra.”

Terra stopped rubbing her pussy and said in a concerned tone, “I’m pretty sure it is Kyra.”

“No,” I said. “Why would Kyra be in a porn and why would Dad have it?”

“Maybe he found out she did it and is going to confront her and ground her,” Terra said.

“Should I turn it off?” I asked.

“No way,” Terra said. “Knowing my sister’s in a porn is kind of hot.”

We continued watching as Kyra climbed on the bed, lifted up her skirt and started playing with her pussy. It excited me when I noticed her pussy was shaved. I increased the tempo of my strokes when I noticed Terra vigorously fingering herself.

A few minutes into watching Kyra masturbate she looked right into the camera and said, “Daddy I need help with my homework.”

Then we heard a familiar voice say, “Okay sweetie.”

I immediately hit stop and said, “Holy shit.”

“Now we know why Dad has this?” Terra said as she continued to rub her pussy.

“We should get out of her,” I proclaimed.

“I can tell you don’t want to do that,” Terra said. “Otherwise you still wouldn’t be stroking your hard cock.

Busted. I’ll admit the thought of watching my Dad fuck Kyra turned me on. It meant I wasn’t a pervert and it was okay to think about fucking my sisters. I didn’t realize that Terra felt the same way. I felt free. I pressed play and together we watched the action unfold. Dad walked into frame naked stroking his cock. He walked toward the bed. Kyra grabbed his unit and started sucking it.

Terra said, “You know you can come and sit next to me.”

As Dad was making Kyra gag on his cock I walked over to the couch and sat down. I grabbed Terra’s hand out of her pussy and put it on my penis. I shook as I felt someone other then myself touch it. She took my hand and placed in her pussy. I had no idea how one was supposed to feel. Hers felt hot and wet.

On the screen Dad was now eating and fingering Kyra’s muff. She demanded to taste her juices, so dad took his fingers out of her box and put them in her mouth. Terra then said, “I want to taste my pussy.”

I took my fingers out; she grabbed them with her free hand and guided them into her mouth. As her tongue circled my fingers she started stroking my cock faster. I was moaning loudly.

On the screen Kyra was now riding Dad. She was screaming, “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me.”

I inserted a third and fourth finger into Terra’s pussy. She then started rubbing her clit with her left hand, while increasing her cock stroking speed with her right.

Kyra was now on all fours. Dad was fucking her from behind. “Daddy, cum on my ass,” Kyra cried.

As Dad unleashed his spooge all over Kyra’s backside, I stood-up and bathed Terra in my juices.

Before she could taste them we heard, “What the fuck is going on here?”

We turned around and saw our Dad standing the doorway of his office. We looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

He grabbed the remote, turned off the TV and yelled, “Get your clothes on, sit here and don’t say a word.”

He then stormed off and walked into the kitchen.

As we were putting our clothes back on Terra looked petrified.

“It’s going to be okay,” I said hoping to calm her down.

We then heard Dad talking on the phone.

“Hey dear.”


“I came home to take the twins to the doctor and guess where I found them?”




“Can you come home and tell Jenny and Kyra to take Chelsea to the mall and go see a movie?”


“I’m going to take them to the shed.”

Terra started shaking and crying.

“It’ll be all right,” I said as if I was trying to convince both of us.

My Dad returned to the office and told us to follow him. We walked out the patio door toward the shed. Even though the shed is only a few feet from the patio, the walk felt endless, as if we were being marched to a Siberian Gulag.

Upon arrival Dad unlocked the doors and ushered us inside. There were no tools or furniture being built. There were video cameras, couches and a bed. I’m pretty sure it was the same bed where Dad fucked Kyra.

“Get undressed and sit down on the couch,” Dad ordered. “And do not and I repeat do not touch each other or yourselves.

He then stormed out as we quickly took our clothes off. As soon as I gazed at Terra’s naked body my cock swelled up. I looked at her with pleading eyes.

“No,” she said. “I don’t want Dad to get madder.”

All I could think of was how good it felt when she touched my cock. “Please,” I begged.

“No,” she said.

“You know you wanna,” I said.

She smiled coyly.

I grabbed her hand and placed it onto my cock. She started stroking away.

“Your hands feel so good,” I moaned.

She started stroking faster.

“Oh Godddd,” I moaned.

She increased the tempo of her strokes.

She then looked at me and said, “I want to taste it.”

“Yes,” I responded.

She got on her knees. I stood-up. She grabbed my cock. Before she could put it in her mouth, the door flung open and my Dad yelled, “What part of do not move didn’t you understand?”

Mom walked in behind him and said, “Don’t be a jerk Matt. We were young like them once.”

She walked toward me and grabbed my cock and said, “Very impressive. Matt he’s bigger then you and Cal. It must be close to 11 or 12 inches. Nice.”

She then looked at Terra and asked, “Have you sucked his cock before?”

“No Mom,” she replied.

“Finish stroking him off, do not blow him. We’ll save that for your first scene,” she said.

As Terra rejoined me on the couch and restarted stroking me, Mom and Dad got undressed and sat on the bed across from us. She started stroking Dad’s cock. After a minute or two she looked at Terra and said, “Why don’t we switch places?”

Terra got up and moved to the bed and Mom took her place on the couch. Mom immediately grabbed my cock. Terra nervously started stroking Dad’s.

“As you can tell we aren’t like other families,” Mom said as she played with my penis. “We were both raised in loving families. In fact we are cousins.”

“That’s hot,” Terra said.

“Yes it is,” Mom replied. “We were both raised to believe that family love is the greatest way to say I love you. And for the longest time we’ve had to hide that love from the world. A couple of years ago the furniture stores weren’t doing well. Your Uncle Dave was hurting. One night after the store was closed, he used his video recorder and shot a movie called, “Kissing Cousins.” Starring Cal and your cousin Heather.”

I looked over at Terra and could tell that she was paying more attention to Dad’s cock rather than Mom’s story.

“Spit on it,” Dad told Terra.

Like a good daughter she did as she was told.

“Uncle Dave put ads for the movie in all the porno mags,” Mom said as she continued my hand job. “He made more money from that one tape then he ever did with the furniture stores. That’s when him and your father decided to start Carter Family Productions. Every movie features the erotic\c adventures of America’s favorite family, us. Once you kids are initiated into the life, you’re invited to share the exploits on video.”

“Does anyone say no?” I asked.

“No,” my mom said as she tickled my balls. “The money’s to good. Now you two were the first kids to stumble onto the family secret on your own, with no help from us. Normally initiation into the family is done off camera. In your case we’d like it to happen onscreen.”

“You helped the other kids?” I asked as Mom spit on my cock.

“We pushed the others in the right direction,” she said. “Our original plan with you two was to catch you watching each other play with yourselves in the middle of the night.”

“You heard us?” I asked as I could feel my balls ready to explode.

“Everyone could hear you,” dad said.

“I told you,” Terra said between strokes.

“But you ruined that plan by wanting your own room,” Mom said staring at my penis.

She aimed my cock towards her face and I shot my load all over her. Seconds later Dad shot his all over Terra. Mom tasted it and said, “MMMMMMM. Do you think you can cum again?”

“Yes Mom,” I said.

“Good,” she responded. “Go get cleaned up, go into Terra’s room, bring some of your stuff back in there, put on your pajamas and pile all of Chelsea’s stuffed animals into the closet.”

Before exiting the shed I turned to my parents and asked, “Why do you pretend to be so strict?”

Dad said, “It’s a cover. We don't people to suspect how we really are."

“But don’t people recognize you from the videos?” I asked.

“No one wants to admit that they watch the kind of movies we make,” he said.

We then exited the shed.

An hour later we completed everything on Mom’s list and joined them in the office where Mom was filming Dad. He sat on his leather chair naked stroking his big cock. He looked into the camera and said, “Matt Carter here. A lot of you have been entertained by the adventures of my family. On this movie you’re going to see Jenna how Jenna and Kyra convince me to let them stay out late. What Cal gives Mom for her birthday? And you get to meet two Carters that you’ve only heard about, Eric and Terra the twins.

Mom stopped the video camera and yelled, “Cut.”

Dad continued stroking his cock as he said, “Here’s the way the scene plays out. Terra you get naked and start playing with yourself on top of the covers. Eric you get naked under the covers, do not and I repeat do not touch yourself until after your Mom comes in. I just want you to watch your sister. After your Mom enters she will be directing you.

Minutes later we were in Terra’s room. She was on her bed rubbing her sweet pussy and moaning super loud. I laid under the covers in my old bed, with my cock sticking straight out as I watched my twin sister pleasure herself. I desperately wanted to touch my penis.

Then the door swung open. My Mom entered, wearing only a black nighty. “What’s going on in here?” she yelled.

“Nothing,” Terra replied as inserted two fingers into her wet pussy.

Mom looked over at me and said, “Look at what you’re doing to your twin brother.”

She walked over to my bed, pulled the covers off revealing my rock hard penis and said, “You’re torturing him. Look at what you did to my baby.”

Terra continued frantically playing with her pussy.

Mom sat on the bed next to me. She put her arms around me and started kissing it passionately. She then whispered, “Let Mommy make it better.” She then grabbed my cock and started stroking. As we intently watched Terra, I slid my hands between Mom’s legs and started rubbing.

“Your cock is so big, so hard,” Mom screamed. “Terra this is all your fault, I need you to stop what you’re doing and take care of it.”

She climbed off her bed and crawled over to me.

Mom looked down at her and asked, “Have you ever sucked cock before?”

“No Mommy,” Terra said.

“Let me show you how it’s done,” Mom said.

She took off her nighty. Got between my legs. Hit my cock against her big titties, before spitting on it and putting it in her mouth. I looked over at my Dad who was masturbating as he filmed this.

A few minutes later she momentarily paused orally pleasuring me, turned to Terra and said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes Mommy.” Terra replied.

She switched places with Mom and started kissing my penis.

Mom perched herself under Terra and started eating her pussy. This action caused my twin to squirm and squeal with delight.

I held Terra’s down and made her gag on my cock while Mom fucked her love box with her tongue. She then started shaking. I released my hold just in time to hear her scream, “I’m cumming.

Minutes later Terra was sitting my face as Mom was gobbling every inch of my cock. I was in heaven as I ate my sister’s sweet pussy. I loved the way she moaned and giggled as my tongue explored every inch of her twat.

Eventually Mom and Terra teamed-up to finish up the greatest BJ of all time. As they were kissing my cock I knew I was ready to burst. Mom looked up at me and asked, “Are you ready?”

I nodded yes.

Mom and Terra got into position as I sprayed my load all over them. I collapsed on the bed as they kissed and licked my juices off of each other.

Dad turned off the camera and yelled, “Cut. That was great.”

“I thought we were going to fuck,” I asked.

Dad smiled as he said, “We’ll save that for the sequel.”
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