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The incest video interviews chapter 6

The incest video interviews chapter 6

Rita goes into this one on a very emotional high
My mom and aunt, actually caught a friend of theirs having sex with her twins. I absolutely loved that: a mom that gets it on with her son and daughter. When my mom told me about them, my mouth was wide open, and I almost started to drool. She gave me a long kiss, and saved her bedsheets from getting drooled on.

Anyway, I spoke to the mother, before I just showed up with a camera. She told me her name was June, and her kids were David, and Caroline. She also let me know that she was forty-nine, and the twins were twenty-one.

I knew I was in for another treat. I felt like I was fast asleep, and living in a dream. After I got a brief introduction from June, I made sure I worked on an extra large list of questions for them. I spent three days working on it, and I kept thinking there was something else to put on there. Anyway, on the day of the interview, I felt like jumping off the walls. When I was done with my list of questions, it had more than twenty on it.

One thing my mom worked out ahead of time was, she convinced June to let her, and Lacy see the interview when I was done. I didn't really like that, but she was my mom. Anyway, I set up the camera, and all three of them were on a queen sized bed cheesing. It was as if they just cured cancer. I felt the same way, and then I turned it on. After five seconds, I already felt like putting my hand down my panties. Even though I was really excited, I was still nervous, and they could tell. So, they decided to talk first.

"Well, as I said, I'm June. These are my twins, Caroline, and David," June put out there.

"Sorry, I'm just as high as a kite right now, and I haven't even had a single hit," I replied.

"We can see that," Caroline said.

I cleared my throat, and began breathing normally. I had no idea how many questions I would ask, or where I'd start, but I just threw one out.

"Where's the kinkiest place you've had sex?" I wondered.

"All three of us had a little bit of fun in a movie theater before. It wasn't actual sex, but my fingers were making both of my kids feel good. Don't you usually ask how it started first?" June wondered.

"Yes, I guess I forgot. That's interesting, but you didn't actually have sex in there?" I pondered.

"No, I thought it would be too risky, but they enjoyed themselves," June told me.

I just raised both of my eyebrows, and was a little surprised. It was interesting, but not very interesting, I guess. Then I got back to my normal first question.

"Well, how did it start?" I had to know.

June took in a deep breath, to talk for ten seconds.

"Well, they actually started before we all got together. So, I'll let them tell you," June replied.

That was interesting too, and my mouth opened up.

"We actually started having sex with each other on our eighteenth birthday. She knows this now, but we didn't tell our mom that we secretly got each other gifts. Personally to each other, and literally no one else knew about them. We had a party earlier that day, and got presents, but we kept our personal presents a secret. For good reason too, considering what we got each other," Caroline explained.

Then my hand went in.

"What did you get each other?" I had to know.

"I let her open her present first, and I thought her eyes were gonna pop out when she saw what was inside," David explained.

"He got me the skimpiest thong I've ever seen in my life, I couldn't help but smile," Caroline told me.

My face turned red. It was sexy, but it seemed to be an odd gift for a brother to give his sister.

"Why did you give her a thong?" I inquired.

"Well, I guess I was going for something extremely personal," David confessed.

"Obviously," June said.

They all got a little closer, and I found out just how personal Caroline got.

"Before I gave him his present, he offered to let me try it on. He said he'd leave the room, or look away, but I told him not to worry about it. I stripped off my shorts, and panties. I let him see my somewhat hairy pussy, and I tried the thong on. I could certainly tell he liked what he saw," Caroline explained.

"OK, then you gave him his present?" I asked.

"Yes, I came towards him, and just stood in front of him. He kept his eyes on me, and then I leaned down. I got about two inches away from him, and I asked him if he wanted to kiss me," Caroline replied.

I nodded, and I came a little bit. Then David jumped in.

"She got on top of me, and we made out for a few minutes. Then she told me my present was, that I got to have sex with her. She busted me on watching her change a few times, and I admitted I liked her more than a sister. So, she stripped completely, and told me she was all mine, all night long," David let me know.

I loved that gift, even though it wasn't mine.

"I'm guessing you loved your gift?" I asked David.

"Well, we had sex five times, before someone else showed up," David replied.

I cheesed, because that was hot.

"The first few times he came, he did it on the floor, but for that fifth time, I wanted it somewhere else. After our fourth time, we were cuddling for a few minutes. He told me that he loved me, and couldn't imagine life without me. Then an idea came into my head, I wanted him to cum on my tits. So I told him, and he loved it. He made love to me again, and he was ready to pop again in about five minutes. He got on his knees, and shot his cum all over my tits. It was really sexy, but our mom just opened the door, and saw it," Caroline explained.

I let out a huge moan, because I just had a big orgasm. They saw me, and gave me a minute.

"I just came in, and asked them what the hell? They were just honest with me, and told me it was his personal birthday present. I wasn't mad, but not excited either. Anyway, they carried on a sexual relationship for a couple months, and I supported them. It was really sudden, but I found myself attracted to them. Not individually, but as a sexual couple, I guess. The first day I felt it, I just asked them if I could join in once," June explained.

My mouth was open, and I had a little puddle on the floor.

"Holy shit, and then you two accepted?" I wondered.

"Well, I supported them, so they thought it was only fair to do that for me," June replied.

"What kind of sex did you have your first time together. Was it slow, and sensual, or more hardcore?" I pondered.

"Slow, they didn't want to push too far, too fast. We thought at the time, it was going to be a one time thing. We licked her nipples, and I let her give him head. I guess we did a few things, but it wasn't hardcore as you say. I never considered myself a lesbian, but I liked it with my mom," Caroline explained.

They were dangerously close to ranking at the top then.

"We did it a few times that night, and we all slept together. I actually woke up with them eyeballing me. They told me they really liked doing it with me, and wondered if I'd be interested in doing it again sometime. I agreed, and by our fourth time, I was just in love my kids. I couldn't help it, so they said we could all do it on a regular basis," June let me know.

"Nice, I like that story. Actually, no, fuck 'like', I love that story," I said.

"We can see that," David replied, as he was laughing.

I still had my hand in my panties, but still managed to ask a lot of my questions. A few I just couldn't remember to save my life, but I got a few key questions out.

"Where do either of you prefer him to cum?" I was dying to know.

"I actually like it on my feet, I don't know why. Sometimes I like it on my butt too," June replied.

"Since he came on my tits that first time, I only have him do it there. Nowhere else," Caroline told me.

"A woman that knows what she wants, I like that. I always ask this, and I hope this isn't too personal,
considering your situation. Have you considered what happens if either one of you gets pregnant? Or do either one of you even want to get pregnant?" I really wanted to know.

All three of them looked at each other. It was unclear if they ever talked about it before, or it was a completely new subject.

"We've talked to our mom about us having a baby, but she is resistant," David replied.

"Well, I don't know. I just... don't know, I guess. I certainly love them, and want them to be happy. I'm just not sure at all about them having a baby," June said.

June began sparking a few tears, and they both consoled her. I had no idea what to say, but I just went to the next question.

"So, do you all sleep together, or separately?" I wondered.

It took them a minute to answer, but they answered.

"Well, sometimes we all sleep together, but they sleep together alone most of the time. I have gotten the chance to sleep with each of them separately too," June replied.

I nodded, and June still looked teary eyed. I decided to give them some time alone. I turned off the camera, and gave them an hour. I just didn't know what else to do. I guess there was a lot of emotion in that relationship.

Anyway, they called me on my cell, and I came back over there. When I walked back in, they seemed to be much better. I turned the camera back on, and they broke some news.

"They are gonna start trying to get knocked up. We all just had sex, and he came into her many times," June confessed.

I nodded, and was a little surprised. This interview just kept getting more interesting, so I just continued with my questions.

"Have you two ladies ever taken turns giving him head?" I needed to know.

Both ladies grinned.

"Maybe," Caroline replied.

"Will you let me see that later?" I wanted to know.

"Maybe," both ladies replied.

I couldn't wait for that, and it seemed they did what was needed. I asked them a few more questions, but it seemed they needed to get something else out of their systems. So, I just asked one more for the time being. I thought I'd be able to ask more later.

"Would you two ladies say that you are only lesbian for each other?" I wondered.

"I guess, we certainly like each other. Although, I haven't have any other possible partners come along," June replied.

"If David really wanted me to, I might consider it. It could be a possible future birthday gift," Caroline said.

I smiled, and then they were more than ready to show their love. David and June sat on the edge of the bed, and Caroline got on the floor. She got on her knees, and put her hands onto David's cock. I wasted no time getting a closer look, so I grabbed the camera, and got closer. Caroline took David's cock out, as David and June were making out. I had no choice, but to put my hand back into my panties. I let out many moans, and I stripped off my shirt and shorts.

"Nice," all three of them muttered.

Then Caroline took David's cock into her mouth, and I was dying to finally see them start. Minutes seemed like hours, and it was already hotter than hell. As Caroline sucked on her brother's cock, June got on the floor. She laid flat on her back, and began undoing her daughter's shorts. She pulled them off her, along with her panties. As she had Caroline half naked, she began eating her pussy.

"Now that is mother/daughter love," I let out.

June looked towards me, and smiled. She went back in, and I decided to get even closer. I laid down right next to June, and watched her closely. I actually saw her moving her tongue around in Caroline's pussy. My panties were drenched, and June reached over to my pussy. She felt my panties, and gave me a kiss.

"Nice, if you don't mind me saying so," June said.

"Thank you," I replied.

June began eating Caroline's pussy again, and my fingers went in between my pussy lips. I began drooling again, and I looked over at Caroline. She was going up and down on his cock, and doing a sloppy job. I was crazy about all three of them, and my nerves were still shot. I felt mesmerized, and I was in my own world. It was a dream all too real. Then I saw Caroline lean towards David, and they made out for a minute. The love was crystal clear, and I knew that was where my emotional high was coming from.

"David, what is it really like, to get a sloppy blow job from your sister?" I wondered.

"It's like getting twenty blow jobs from Jessica Alba, only better," David confessed.

"Oh, greasing some wheels there, David. Caroline, I've also had my mom eat my pussy, so I know how good you feel. Although, are you happy you tried out your lesbian side?" I pondered.

Then she got down with her mom, and laid right on top of her. They began making out for a few minutes, and I kept the camera on them.

"Well, my mom has taught me to love pussy, so I can't complain," Caroline replied.

They continued making out for a minute, and then I found another hand in my panties. I looked down, and it was David. He was finger fucking me, but neither one of the other ladies seemed to notice. My mouth opened again, and he leaned towards me. I let him kiss me, and we made out for about thirty seconds. I didn't think it was too bad, I had gotten involved with the people I interviewed before.

"You are beautiful, Rita," David whispered.

"Thank you," I whispered back.

He took my hand, and put it on his cock. It was quite hard, and seemed to never go limp. I began stroking it slowly, and then he put his hands onto my boobs. He was more than impressed, I saw him grinning quite widely.

"Can I see them?" David pondered.

"Yes," I replied.

I slowly took off my bra, and he loved them. It was nice to turn on both men, and women. I guess it was a gift. Then he stood up, and had me get up with him. I put the camera over on the stand, and I grabbed onto his cock again. He put his hands onto my butt, and brought me close to him. I looked down, and the women were still making out.

"I know you love pussy, but you still like cock, right?" David asked.

"Well, I'm stroking your cock right now," I replied.

He laughed, and leaned over to kiss me again.

"Did you really just try to get your sister pregnant?" I had to know.

"Yes, I guess we swayed our mom a little bit," David let me know.

I kissed him one more time, and then I got onto my knees. I angled the camera, so it could see all four of us. I stroked his cock for another minute, and then I took it into my mouth.

"Oh, wow, Rita," David let out.

That caught the ladies attention. They looked over at us, and watched. I went just about all the way down on his cock, and neither one of them seemed to get jealous. It was a little surprising to me. Then Caroline got right under me, and began pulling my shorts down. She took them off, and threw them. She felt my wet panties for a minute, and took them off too. Then she went into my pussy, and was on a mission to get me off.

"I like this family," I muttered.

I took his entire cock into my mouth, and he let out a confession.

"Fuck, Rita, you are a great cocksucker!" David screamed.

I looked up at him, and smiled. Then June got onto her knees with me, and began licking my nipples. I got to suck on a cock, while getting my nipples licked, and my pussy eaten. I knew my mom, and aunt were gonna be jealous. Not that they didn't get to do it, but I was getting the great pleasure from someone else.

"You better not make me feel too good, or my mom, and aunt will get jealous," I let out.

"Maybe we'll return the favor to them," June replied.

I wasn't sure what that meant, but I liked it. Eventually, the ladies got onto their knees too.

"Well, you are lucky we're not the jealous types," June put on the record.

I took his cock out, and let them have turns too. We all took turns for about twenty minutes, so he was one lucky bastard. We were all sucking cock, and both ladies put their fingers on my glistening pussy. I let out a few moans, and soon enough, so did David.

"Shit!!" David screamed.

I got up with him, and let him cum onto their faces. I thought everyone would have preferred that. I got behind the camera, and got close to them. I saw him cumming right onto their faces, and I loved the sight.

"Holy shit, that is a shit load of cum," I let out.

"We know," Caroline said, just before she attacked June.

They began making out passionately, and then David came over to me.

"They do that every single time. I shoot my load right onto them, and they attack each other like that. It's hot, don't get me wrong, but I guess a little jealous after a while," David explained.

I loved that scenario, it was hot. As they went at it, David put his hand onto my pussy. He still wasn't done, even after he shot out all that cum. Then he got in front of me, put the camera on the stand, and put his hands onto my back. He pulled me to him, and put his lips onto mine. We made out for about seven minutes, and then the ladies looked at us.

"You can make out now, but if we catch you two fooling around behind our backs, there is gonna be hell to pay," Caroline put on the record.

Then they both came over to us, and had a group hug. They were quite delighted to do the interview, and seemed to be quite happy with the end result. That wasn't my favorite interview, but it was definitely the most emotional though.
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