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The incest video interviews chapter 8B

The incest video interviews chapter 8B

After Ted gives his sister a present, everything becomes crystal clear, and everyone has some fun
I was standing there with a wet pussy, and it wasn't just from lady juice. Ted splattered it with cum, and if I didn't know before, I definitely knew it then, I loved that sister fucker.

"Oh, someone must have liked that," I said.

"You could say that," Ted moaned.

Then he leaned towards me, and we began making out. After a few seconds, we began moving towards the bed. We both laid down, and he wasted no time getting his cock inside me. Both ladies got a close look, and Lacy still held the camera. Ted began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of my pussy, and he still managed to make me feel like a whole new woman. He kissed me multiple times, and put arms underneath me.

"This is what you've been missing, Rita. Just remember, it's better late, than never," Lacy said.

"She makes a good point," Ted told me.

"Ted, did you like it when she sucked on your cock?" Bree wondered.

"Yes, mom, it was nice of her," Ted replied.

He gave me a kiss for that, and told me he loved me again. I saw both of the other ladies begin to tear up, so they were definitely happy for us. I put my hands onto his butt, and I caressed his nice ass. A minute later, I saw Lacy licking my mom's nipples, which made me want Ted to really pound me. I guess they were a form of Viagra for me.

"Pound the shit out of me, Ted. I wanna feel your cock getting really deep inside me," I whispered.

He loved that, so he did as he was told. He began pounding me as hard as he could. We definitely never did that before, but both of us were loving it. My pussy was getting sore, but it was still pure pleasure.

"That's how you get it done, Ted. Show your sister just how much you love her," Lacy let out.

"Fuck her hard, and make her purr, Ted. Make her purr, and she will love you forever," Bree said.

We both laughed for a minute. She was not wrong on that note, and he did as they commanded. He kicked it up a notch, and made me feel it. I just did my best to keep it together. I almost felt like crying, a little from the pain, but mostly because of the emotion. He was more than willing to fuck me hard, right in front of them. That was when I knew I wanted his cum to not go inside me.

I wanted it on me, so I whispered to him. He told he'd love to, and that he was reaching that point already. I saw him getting that face, and he threw out some slight moans too. He slowly got up off me, and began stroking his cock. In no time at all, he unloaded his seed right onto my tits. Both of us were quite satisfied, but the other two ladies were not. Lacy put the camera on the stand, and it was playtime.

Bree pulled Ted over to her, and they began making out. Lacy got right on top of me, and put her lips onto mine. I guess they wanted to get lucky too. We both made out with our older ladies, and then they both went down south. Lacy spread out my glistening pussy lips, and stuck her tongue in there deep. I looked over at Bree, and she had Ted's entire cock in her mouth. I tried getting a little closer to Ted, so I reached over, and grabbed his hand.

"I love you," I whispered to him.

"I love you too," Ted whispered right back.

I couldn't get close enough to kiss him, but I kissed my fingers, and put them on his lips. I knew it then again, I loved him more than a brother. Obviously, I already knew that to some extent, sense we had sex so many times before. I just saw my mom giving him a great blow job, and oddly enough, I knew it was love. The whole time, Lacy was eating my pussy, and doing a great job too. I was looking at the top of her head for a minute, and then I looked over at them. Ted was eyeballing me.

"You are going to let me try that later, right?" Ted wondered.

"Maybe," I replied, as I grinned.

We were going to have a lot of fun after the interview. Our sex life was going to get a hell of a lot funner, and I almost wanted to end the interview early. Then Lacy noticed that I was starring at them, so she climbed up with me. She put her head right below mine, and watched them with me.

"You better hold onto him, you aren't gonna find a better guy, with a bigger cock," Lacy said.

I looked at her with a funny face.

"What, he has got big one. I know the fact that he's made love to you, hasn't hurt," Lacy put on the record.

He wasn't even paying attention to us by then, Bree had him ready to shoot again. He began moaning a bit, and Lacy wanted to get a shot of that. For the first time ever, Ted shot his load onto his mom, and not his sister. He covered Bree's face, and she certainly loved it. I also knew something else, I probably was the jealous type.

"Damn, Bree, don't hog him. Let his aunt have a crack at him," Lacy said.

So, Bree got off him, and Lacy got on top of him. She got onto her knees, and grabbed his cock. She guided his cock right into her pussy, and my brother was declared the luckiest bastard on earth.

I guess that was due to me actually being turned on, and not getting really jealous. I did my best to hide it. Either way, he was going to owe me when this was all over. Bree came over to me, and laid down with me.

"Be honest, was this whole project just part of the plan to have him get in your panties?" Bree pondered.

"No, but I can't argue with the results. I even got to have sex with Jaime one more time," I confessed.

"Jamie really got his aunt pregnant?" Bree pondered.

"Well, I didn't feel her stomach, or get an ultrasound picture, but that's what they said," I told her.

Then she got off me, and helped me up. We walked a few feet away, because she wanted to ask something without Ted. The camera stayed on them, they were having a good time.

"Would you be happy carrying his baby?" Bree asked.

"Yes, of course," I replied.

"Good, I'm just asking you not to string him along then. I'm not saying to start trying soon, but let him know that you really want a baby with him," Bree whispered.

"Okay, mom," I said.

She put her lips right onto mine, and they didn't leave for over three minutes.

"Words can not express how much I love my family," Bree mentioned.

We hugged each other, and then got back on the bed. Bree laid down first, and I found my way right between her legs. I used my pussy eating skills to get my own mom off, which was quite a treat for me.

I guess everyone was going to walk away happy, very happy. I looked over at them for a minute, and Lacy was still riding Ted. Her boobs were shaking, and that was getting my pussy a little wetter. Then she had him lean up with her, and she put her hands onto his back.

"Give your aunt a kiss," Lacy demanded.

They began making out passionately, and he put his hands onto her butt. Then I began to get a little jealous, so I went back into my mom's pussy. I stuck in fingers from both hands, and made breathe in quite quickly. She exhaled very sharply, and let out a large moan too. As if she had it growing inside her, until it just couldn't be contained anymore. She put her hands onto my head, and had me go in a little deeper.

"Fuck yes, Rita. Show your mom just how much you love her too," Bree moaned.

As Ted heard that, he leaned down onto Bree's stomach, taking Lacy with him. They both laid their heads on Bree's there, and Ted continued to thrust his cock. He put his head right in front of Lacy's, and they touched foreheads.

"Rita is one lucky woman," Lacy put on the record.

"I know, but I'm quite lucky too. Have you seen her naked? She is one hot fox, and I get to have sex with her," Ted reminded her.

We all laughed for a minute, and that pushed Bree right over the edge. Lacy quickly got up, and got the camera. She made sure to record every drop of cum that came right out of Bree's pussy. About four seconds after Bree splattered my face, I went right over to Ted. I made out with him for about a minute, and then looked at him.

"You didn't cum inside Aunt Lacy, did you?" I wondered.

"No, you are the only one that gets my cum," Ted let me know.

"So, is it safe to say you love me, more than a sister?" I inquired.

Once they heard that question, they both got really close to us, with the camera.

"Of course I do, sis. I've never dated such a wonderful woman before. I know our sex life will just get better, and our relationship will get stronger too. I certainly wanna commit to making our relationship as strong as we can get it. We obviously have our families support too. Even before we had sex, I loved you to death. There is no better sister than you," Ted explained.

Then both of the other ladies started humming, and we looked at them.

"Well, other than our mom, and aunt," Ted said.

He leaned forward, and gave me a kiss. After that, he got down on his knees. For the first ever, he was gonna eat his sister out.

"Oh, this is going to be good," Lacy put on the record.

He slowly leaned toward my wet pussy, and stuck his tongue out. I guess the stage fright was still in the room, because it took him a minute. He still managed to put his tongue right onto my pussy. Lacy was still holding the camera, but she grabbed my left hand with the other. Bree took my right hand, and they both squeezed tightly.

Good timing there, because Ted actually stuck his tongue into my pussy. I immediately inhaled sharply, and then exhaled sharply as well. Jamie was the only other guy, that had eaten me out before, and Ted was looking to dethrone him. I had my head back, and eyes closed, as Ted made me go into an emotional dream state.

"I know that face," Bree mentioned.

I heard that, but I didn't really process it. I had my loving brother licking my pussy, and making me feel great. Then both of the other ladies released my hands, and I put my hands onto Ted's head. I heard the camera getting back on the stand, then my nipples were graced by some pure pleasure. I managed to open my eyes, and see my mom and aunt licking my nipples.

"I love this family," I muttered.

No one responded, but they didn't need to. Then, Ted pulled out some bigger guns. He inserted a couple fingers, to spread out pussy lips. Then he stuck in his tongue as far as he possibly could.

"Oh, fuck little brother, I love you," I moaned.

No one said anything again, so it seemed that everyone else was in that same dream like state. I still had two nipples, which each had a tongue on. With all the pleasure coming my way, my pressure points were at an all time high. I wasn't going to last to save my life.

"Fuck, I'm gonna blow!" I screamed.

As if they were magic words, that got my mom, and aunt to get down on their knees. So, all three of them got their fair portion of cum, that came from my pussy. My body stood still for about a minute after that, and they all just enjoyed the big payoff.

When I came back into reality, I saw Ted just starring at me, and the other two starring off into space. I got down on my knees with Ted, and gave him a kiss.

"Feel free to do that again, anytime you want. Now, I want to try something else, little brother," I confessed.

He was intrigued, so I took his hand, and brought him to the bed. I got on first, and got onto my knees. I looked at him, and his cock was still as hard as a diamond. I leaned down, and invited him on the bed with me.

"You say you really love me, prove it," I demanded.

He got on the bed with me, with his cock in his hand. He got onto his knees too, and inserted his hard cock right into my pussy.

"Now that's what I'm talking about, stick that huge cock deep into your sister's pussy, and make her purr some more," Bree wanted badly.

Truth be told, I never wanted to be fucked doggie style, but I certainly fell in love with him, when we just made love. He was gentle with me, just as I thought he would be. Of course, the older ladies stayed close, with the camera even closer. They didn't try to join in, they just thought we needed to do this alone.

He first had his hands on my butt, and continued thrusting. A minute later,he leaned down, and had his stomach against my back. He kissed my neck several times, and wrapped his arms around me. He put his hands right onto my boobs, and rubbed them softly.

"You are one hell of a woman, Rita," Ted whispered.

"Thank you, and you have a huge cock," I whispered back.

We both laughed, and then he began thrusting his cock a little faster. It was paradise, and there was no limit either. I looked over at the ladies, and they were fingering each other. I just smiled at them, and then, I heard Ted moaning. He was ready to pop again, and I honestly wanted it on my face. So, I got onto my knees, and leaned down.

He sprayed my face, and it was a priceless moment. The man I loved most in the world, came all over my beautiful face. I guess the interview was just what we needed. I wasn't sure what our relationship was, but after he came on my face, I knew we belonged together. I enjoyed the feeling for a minute, and then I leaned up with him. I stroked his cock, as the ladies asked a couple more questions.

"So, Rita, are you happy you tried incest?" Bree wondered.

"Absolutely, no one could possibly satisfy me like that. Not even Jaime," I replied.

"So, you'd be happy with him being the father of your kids someday?" Lacy wanted to know.

"Yes," I replied.

Then Ted put his lips right onto mine, and we made out passionately for about five minutes straight. Let's just say, after that interview, I considered my brother to be my boyfriend. 
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