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The incest video interviews chapter 9

The incest video interviews chapter 9

A young lady tells how she got her uncle, and herself, banned from the family
After Ted and I became exclusive, we decided to move in together. It was a win-win situation, we had less bills, and I had total access to his cock. By then, I thought I learned everything I needed to learn. Although, it led me to some great things.

I found out about my mom, and aunt, and fell in love with my brother. He told me if I wanted to keep going with my project, then I had his full support. He just told me he loved me, and he'd be ready for me when I got back.

My mom put me in touch with a man named, Randy, and he had a rather interesting story to tell. The main key point was, that it involved his niece, that was named Lily. She was twenty-two, and he was thirty-four. So, I was excited, and set up a time, and place.

This time, it was going to be better, because I had something to compare it to. I never really knew how the couples truly felt before, but after Ted, and I hooked up, I had a better picture. I came in there, and they were already having sex. She was riding her uncle, and moaning quite a bit too.

"Whoa, are you two just prepping up?" I wondered.

They both laughed, and laid down. They got under the covers, and stayed naked. Lily's nice rack was still showing though.

"We thought we were going to have another hour before you showed up," Randy mentioned.

"No, but I can leave, and come back in an hour," I replied.

"No, don't worry about it," Lily said, as she was out of breath.

It took them a minute to calm down, and put their thinking caps on. I was willing to give them all the time needed, considering I was in an incestuous relationship too. I set up the camera, and got comfortable.

"Before we start, your mom told us that you are hooking up with your brother, is that true?" Lily pondered.

Well, that was another advantage, I could brag about it to other incestuous couples.

"Yes, we've been together for a couple months now," I replied.

They both chuckled a bit, so they seemed to like that. They cuddled, and I started the interview.

"So, how did it start for you two?" I wondered.

"Actually, only three months ago, we started hooking up," Lily told me.

"No kidding?" I asked.

"Nope. It started when I was staying at her parent's house for a couple days. She was still living with her parents then, and they live about four hours from here. Anyway, they only had a two bedroom house, and I just had the couch to sleep on," Randy explained.

"I was just too nice, and insisted that he sleep in my room. It was only going to be a couple days, so I volunteered to sleep on the couch," Lily let me know.

"That was nice of you, so what happened?" I asked.

They both just laughed, and I saw something moving around under the blanket.

"It was getting late, so he wanted to go to bed. My parents already went to bed, but he didn't know where I was. He headed over to my room, but little did he know, I was changing into my pajamas," Lily told me.

"Oh, you didn't know? Is that a fact?" I wondered.

"It is, and I also didn't know something else. She doesn't wear a bra under her pajama top," Randy said.

I just laughed at that, I could see the whole thing happening there.

"He walked in, as he was really tired, and I whispered loudly. As you might have guessed, I was topless. He looked right at me, and saw my tits for a couple seconds, before I covered up. Then he came back into reality, and quickly came in my room. He shut the door, and he really just wanted to apologize. He turned around, and let me put my pajama top on. After that, he wanted to give me a hug goodnight. So, he came towards me, and gave me an extra big hug. Then I felt something in his pants," Lily explained.

"I'll take a wild guess what that was," I put on the record.

"It was just my cellphone," Randy joked.

They laughed, but it wasn't that funny.

"Nothing? Well, that's a miss. She actually wasn't disgusted, but a little happy I could be turned on by her," Randy mentioned.

"I guess it was mostly because, I was a virgin at the time," Lily confessed.

I was glad I finally landed on a virgin story.

"No kidding? You were a virgin?" I wondered.

"Yes, little did I know, I'd be losing it to him that night. I thought it just a somewhat innocent hard on, then he couldn't take his eyes off my boobs. Even though they were just A-cups, he definitely liked them," Lily told me.

"So, he stares at your tits, and then what exactly?" I had to know.

Lily had a weird face, so I was unsure what that was about.

"I just had to lay down, and after a minute, she asked if I wanted some company. She laid with me, with the light still on, and I fell asleep," Randy said.

"Okay, did you take advantage of him then?" I asked Lily.

"Well, he doesn't see it that way, considering how things ended up. I felt his hard cock on my back, and I noticed he was sleeping. I decided to get a look of his hard cock, sense I got it hard. It was wrong, but I did it. I got off the bed, and onto my knees. I looked at his crotch, and it was still hard. So, I slowly undid his pants, and took his cock out. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. It was at least nine inches long then. I felt the same about his cock, as he did about my tits, only I wasn't out of it," Lily explained.

I took in a deep breath, it seemed almost too hot. Although, I was still on a high from Ted.

"I wrapped my entire right hand around his cock, and I just gave him a hand job. He was asleep, and really tired, so I thought I had some time. I never felt a cock before, not even a dildo. So, I was just a little excited. I just kept stroking his cock for about five minutes, until my hand got wet. He came a bit, and I was a little freaked. I pulled my hand away, and looked at his face. His eyes were open, and he was smiling," Lily let me know.

"You didn't get up, and run away?" I asked.

"No, then he just leaned up, and kissed me. He put his hands onto my back, and butt. He wasn't my first kiss, but I wish he was," Lily confessed.

Then they made out for a minute.

"He took me down with him, and we made out for a couple minutes. I was still worried he'd say something to my parents about what I did, but after a few minutes, I knew I was okay. I eventually got under him, and warned him that I was a virgin," Lily put on the record.

"Then he deflowered you?" I wondered.

She nodded with a grin.

"I slowly pushed my pajama bottoms, and panties down a little bit. Then he leaned up a little bit, and let me push his pants down. After I did, his cock poked out through his boxers. Even though he was tired, he still asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I told him to take my virginity, and he put his cock at my entrance," Lily told me.

"I never took anyone's virginity before, so I wasn't sure how hard to put it in. After a minute, I just stuck it right in there. It only went in a couple inches, before she screamed a little bit," Randy said.

"I started crying, but it was a pleasurable pain. I wanted him to break through, so I told him to push harder. I did my best not to scream, or cry, but it wasn't easy. It was a slow process, but once he broke through, I wanted him to make sweet love to me," Lily explained.

"Nice," I replied.

"It was nice, he just locked his eyes on mine, and made love to his niece. Let's just say, he didn't seem as tired then. I guess I got his motor going, and then he asked me something that I think is ironic," Lily said.

"What?" I had to know.

"He asked if he could kiss me," Lily replied.

I got a good laugh out of that.

"We made out for a few minutes, and I enjoyed his cock being inside my pussy. The feeling was brand new to me, and I loved it. It still hurt a little bit, but the pleasure definitely overpowered the pain," Lily explained.

"I wanted to go down towards her boobs, but I didn't wanna break eye contact. I just wanted to make her feel good, but I also wasn't going to be able to hold off my load forever. I was trying to think of what I could do, but before I knew it, I was going to shoot. I told her I was going to cum, but she actually told me to cum on her boobs, as she lifted up her top. So, I just got off her, and came right onto her tits. It was out of this world, but it happened. Then I had to lay down again, but I did my best not to just fall asleep. Although, she wrapped her arms around me, and that made it harder to stay awake," Randy explained.

"He fell asleep, I was wide awake. I was excited, and I eventually got naked. I cuddled with him with a little while. He slept for about two hours, but then he woke up. I was starring at him, and he gave me a kiss. He noticed that I was completely naked, and he asked if I'd like to make love again. By then, it was after midnight, and I was up for anything. He got right back on top of me, and inserted his cock right back in there. We made love eight times that night, and it was still the best night of sex ever. I know it was only a few months ago, but still. We had sex a few more times while he stayed, and he talked on the phone a lot when he was gone," Lily let me know.

This almost seemed like a love story.

"Then I used every single excuse I could think of to make a trip out there. Then on my sixth trip out there, they caught us in the shower. They were supposed to be gone all afternoon, but they came home a few hours early. Her mom needed to go the bathroom, and said she was sorry, but it was an emergency. We were quickly trying to figure out to say, or if we wanted to wait for her to say something. I guess she just thought one person was in there. After about thirty seconds, she noticed that there were two set of undergarments on the floor, and looked in the shower. She didn't say anything, but she was furious," Randy said.

"She brought my dad in, and he saw too. We told them what happened that first night, and how we continued to see each other. They were the opposite of happy, and they wanted him out immediately. They said I could never see him again, and I said no way in hell. So, they kicked me out too, and a couple weeks later, all my stuff was in his house. Now we're here," Lily told me.

I nodded, I wasn't sure what to make of that, but I admired them. Being alienated over their love, that was something special.

"Ted and I have mainly just made love, because it just worked for us. That first night, you just made love, has any other position worked for you two?" I wondered.

"Well, as you saw earlier, we do cowgirl a lot too. I also enjoy reverse cowgirl, and he gets up there to feel me up too. I love it how much he loves my boobs, even though they are small," Lily put on the record.

Then he put his hands onto her boobs.

"Well, when we get you pregnant, they'll get bigger," Randy reminded her.

"So, you are planning on having kids?" I wondered.

"Yes, absolutely. He is only twelve years older than me, and he never had any kids. So we definitely want kids together, it could also just be another finger to the family," Lily made clear.

I liked that, they were the first ones that knew they definitely wanted kids. It was a nice change of pace, although, I was on the fence about the family thing.

"Do you still prefer him to cum on your boobs?" I inquired.

"Yes, that's really the only place I like it to land, unless it's going inside me," Lily replied.

"Very nice," I said.

"I know this a question for you, but where does Ted cum when you have sex?" Randy wanted to know.

"On my boobs, sometimes my butt too. A couple rare times, I've had him cum on my face," I confessed.

"Sweet," they both said.

I smiled, and asked more questions, and it just wasn't as awkward this time. Not that the other couples made it awkward, but it still was. I let the words just roll off my tongue, and I wasn't nervous at all. I was so glad that Ted liked making love to me. I had Ted getting my motor going in my mind, but I still certainly loved seeing them naked. The whole time, she was jerking him off under the blanket, so they were ready to fuck. She got onto her knees, and leaned forward, towards me.

"We usually don't fuck doggie style, but we wanna do it for your pleasure," Lily said.

"Thank you," I replied.

I picked up the camera, and got close to them. He began thrusting his cock, and she let her head lay on the bed. It seemed that doggie style might have been her weakness. She was already throwing out some passionate moans, and she was doing her best to keep her eyes on me. She found some eye candy in the room.

"Is it hot in here, or is it just us?" Lily pondered.

"Is it a little hot in here," I replied.

I disrobed to my bra and panties, and seemed that Lily also liked the ladies a little bit. I could only guess that it was a lot easier for women to cross that line, than guys. I was about five feet from them, but they both wanted a closer look at me. I slowly walked forward with the camera, and got right in front of the bed. My panties were wet, and of course the woman of the house could see that from a mile away.

"Someone is wet, you should take those off, and let them dry," Lily said.

I guess then, I stumbled onto a moral gray area. Ted said I could continue my project, but didn't say anything about having sex. Then for the first time, I used my phone during an interview.

I texted Ted real quick, and asked him if I could get involved with them. I heard back in about thirty seconds, as Randy was still pounding Lily, like a drum. Ted just texted back, that he loved me no matter what, and to grant him a favor. That was to let him come with on my next interview. I agreed, and stripped completely.

I guess I just really didn't think about the fact I'd be cheating when I set up the interview. Then I got really close to them, and Lily inserted a couple fingers right into my pussy.

"Was that your brother you were texting?" Lily pondered.

"Yes, I wanted to make sure he was cool, if I got involved," I replied.

I laid down on the bed, and then Lily had full access to my pussy. She began eating me out, and she put her fingers back in there too. It was something I still found to be wonderful. Women just knew how to please me better. Well, Ted is the exception, I guess.

"Oh, every time a woman eats my pussy, I just want to scream," I moaned.

She spread out my pussy lips, and stuck her tongue in there deep. I could look all I wanted, but I needed to be touched. Randy let her have my pussy all to herself for a few minutes, but then he got a little jealous. He took his cock out Lily's pussy, and came around to the other side. He picked me up, and brought me to the other side of the bed. He set me down, and then I had both of them going at my pussy.

"Just remember whose pussy you love most," Lily said.

Randy didn't answer, he was having too much fun eating me out. They took turns for about ten minutes, and I was coming dangerously close to cumming. Then they both put their tongue onto my pussy. I was in paradise, and even though Ted said it was okay, I still felt bad.

I just took my pleasure with a grain of salt, and did my best to enjoy my personal paradise. I knew I'd have to show Ted the tape, but I hoped they'd be okay with it. Before I knew it, I was at my limit. So, I sprayed both of their faces, and then Randy immediately came right over to me. He put his dick right there for me, and I took it in my mouth.

"Yeah, Rita, suck on my uncle's cock, and make him cum," Lily commanded.

She climbed up on top of me, and began licking my nipples. I always expected to have fun during the interviews, but once it actually happened, I was always more than happy with the results. Lily began motor boating my tits a bit, and Randy kept starring at her.

I thought he was imagining Lily was sucking on his cock, but I wasn't sure. Either way, I had a cock in my mouth, and I enjoyed sucking on it. While I was with Ted, he made me love blowing him. Although, Randy did have a bigger dick, but it still wasn't too hard to make him cum though.

"Shit, Rita, your lips are almost as soft as Lily's," Randy moaned.

We both knew what that meant, he was about to pop. Then, Lily got right under his cock with me, and both got our faces splattered.

"If we never had sex in the bathroom, this wouldn't have happened. So, I have no regrets. If they don't like it, then fuck'em," Lily put on the record.

Truth be told, I still wasn't sure how I felt about that, but I wasn't them. I had a great time with them, but I still felt a little bad. I asked them one more question before I left.

"Are you ever going to try to patch things up with your family?" I wondered.

"Well, it's still pretty fresh for them, I guess we'll have to wait until the time is right. Take the process in a slow matter," Randy replied.

That made more sense, so I kissed them both, and left. I went right home, and fucked the shit out of Ted. I guess I had to make up for having sex with them. Just for the hell of it, I let him cum on my face.
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