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The Initiation

A brother and his sister find a mutual interest
I had just turned 21 and my 18 year old sister was budding into full womanhood. I’d only really noticed her when she had strutted to the pool side wearing her usual black bikini. Now, to put this into perspective, she had owned the garment since she was 15. The bikini was now a ‘micro-bikini’ and the fabric stretched tightly over her body. I was stunned but even more so when, after she had taken a swim, she walked over to me. The bikini clung even tighter to her and every part of her womanhood was outlined in delicious detail. Being a male, I was immediately turned on but hid my feelings. We have always been very close and she sat cross-legged in front of me as I lay on my belly, soaking up the sun.
“What a day! I needed that swim.”
“Did you have a shitty day at college?”
“Yeah but that just capped it. Mom was all over me this morning before they left for the coast. I’m grounded until next semester for getting a D in Afrikaans! Fuck! I just know that she’ll be checking up on me every day too.”
“Well, lucky for you then that I’m in charge while they’re away.”
“I guess you’re right. Still, she’s always got it in for me.”
“How can I cheer you up? I hate it when you’re blue.”
“Well, since you’re offering, how about one of your special back-rub’s after my bath tonight? They always make me feel good.”
“That’s a deal Pam. By the way, where are Sean and Robert?” Our brothers had not come home from school and I was curious.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you. They’ve gone fishing with Colleen and Wayne.” Colleen was married to Wayne and they often included the boys on their frequent fishing and camping trips. Neither Pam nor I enjoyed either activity and weren’t invited to any of them.
“Groovy! That means we have the run of the place. I like it.”
“We can have some peace and quiet for a change.” She shifted and lay on her side, still facing me, giving me an even better eyeful of her new and very much improved femininity.
“You’re looking good, Sis. They boys at college must be driving you nuts.”
“Not really. I’m not into them at all. The rumour is that I’m a lesbian and I haven’t bothered denying it.”
“A lesbian? What makes them think that?”
“You know that Joanne and I are just about inseparable. Well, sometimes we hold hands and stuff. The rest is all just their imaginations running wild.” It was true. Her friend Joanne also detested boys just as much as my sister. I had overheard her talking to Pam when she visited one day; “I like MEN not those pimply idiots in our age group.” Pam had agreed with, “I know what you mean. Now, if Mark wasn’t my brother, I’d be all over him. He’s so yummy. I even have very naughty dreams about him sometimes.” Joanne’s response was very similar. “I’ve also thought of him that way but best that this stays our little secret. Did you see what Jacqui was wearing under her school dress today?” At that point, I had to stop eaves-dropping. It wasn’t quite the information that a brother wanted to know about his little sister.
“I get embarrassed even now, thinking about how dumb I was with girls at your age. Oh well, I’m glad I made it through my awkward teens without too much damage. You girls have us men at your mercy from an early age.”
“Really Mark? I’ve never looked at it like that before.”
“It’s the natural way of things. Think about it, would we be attracted to a woman if they were ugly and uninteresting? Would women be attracted to a man if he were like that? I think not.”
 Oh, now I get it! We’re unconsciously looking for a mate! That explains a lot, really. How come you know this stuff?”
“I read a lot. That and I just like knowing what makes people tick. I strongly advise you to do the same. You never know when it may come in handy.” Little did I guess how prophetic those words turned out to be?
“I’ll do that, thanks Markie!” She leaned forward and kissed me. I’d turned my cheek as was the norm and I could swear that a brief look of disappointment crossed her face as she leaned back.
“It wouldn’t be too wise to let you kiss my lips, Babe.”
“Humph! I just wanted to show you how much I love you and appreciate the things you do for me but I guess your cheek was fine. Or am I not attractive enough?”
“Pam, you’re becoming a beautiful woman. Any man who is lucky enough to find himself with you will be the envy of all, I promise!”
“There you go again! You know just how to speak to a woman and now all I want to do is kiss you again…but not on the cheek.”
I shuffled closer and said, “Okay, I promise not to give you the cheek. Now hurry, before I change my mind.” She needed to further prompting and kissed my upturned lips. We were both a little apprehensive at first but our lips softened and parted slightly as we relaxed. I know she felt the sudden change between us as much as I did. It was as though we’d shared a part of our souls with each other and in a way, we had. Things between little sister and I were dramatically different from that moment on. We had lingered a lot longer with the kiss than was necessary but, strange to us both back then, neither of us felt guilty. “Wow Pam, you’re a fantastic kisser!”
She was silent for a few seconds, her eyes studying my face intently. She drew in a deep breath before responding. “I’ve never kissed like that before. Did you also feel it? That jolt or whatever when we kissed like…lovers? Ag, you do know! I saw it on your face!”
“Then I don’t have to answer, do I? You’re more perceptive than you think Pam. Maybe we should cancel that back-rub now. I’m not sure I’ll be able to be too brotherly and definitely not in my mind. The thoughts that are running through my head right now are very, very bad.”
“How do you think I feel? I’ve had similar thoughts about you for so long that they are part of me now and don’t you dare even think about cancelling the back-rub. I’ll hunt you down if I have to!”
“Pamela Jane, do you know what you are saying? Do you realise the implications of what you are suggesting?” I always used both her names when I felt strongly about something.
She nodded her head solemnly. “Yes, I do. I’m just as aware that it’s…what’s the word I’m looking for?”
“The word is ‘forbidden’ or ‘taboo’. Incest is very much frowned upon by everyone.”
“Mark, we’re not ‘everybody’. Would you rather have me explore my sexuality with a stranger who will more than likely end up hurting me? I know that you love me too much to want that to happen. Now, are we on the same page or must I draw you a picture?” She laughed as she used on of my favourite witticisms on me.
“You know that I only want to see you happy, Pam. It’s just a very serious topic and it could have far-reaching effects on both of us, especially with relationships.”
“Well I hadn’t thought that far ahead but even so, I’m sure that we’ll still love one another regardless of what happens. I’m certain Markie. I want this. Now, are you with me on this or must I really use another weapon to get you on my side?”
My bad side had already decided and it was this dark half that asked, “What weapon would that be?”
Like mine, her dark side was in control. “Since this little black number only got you half-way interested, I guess that I’d have to put Plan B into action.” She saw me blush. “You think I didn’t see you staring? This cozzie is way too small for me but I wore it anyway…for you! Don’t you want to see what’s underneath?”
She leaned closer, the fingers of her left hand pulling at the cup of her bikini top. She’d revealed just enough for me to say, “Yes but not out here and you must promise not to laugh at me when I stand up.”
“I promise, but why would I laugh at you?” She saw soon enough. “Oh!” It was her turn to blush. My cock had a mind of its own and was thoroughly erect. “I didn’t realise that I affected you to such a state. At least we’re even. You do that to me all the time.” She took my hand and laced her fingers with mine as she led me inside the house. Despite the heat of the day, she closed and locked the door. “Come, let’s not waste another second.”
If I wasn’t totally convinced before, she made certain that I would be when, as we entered her bedroom, she undid the ties to both her bikini top and bottom. They fell off her and she stood naked in all her sultry glory. “You’re perfect. My god Pam, you’re beautiful.”
“I want to see just how beautiful you are too. Do you need a hand with your shorts?” Without waiting for my reply, she slipped them off and stood back a little to admire what she saw. “Hmm, you’re just as I had imagined.” We studied each other intently, etching every detail into our memory banks. “I must feel you. Then I’ll know.” She stood close and ran her hands all over me, not missing anything. I thought I’d die when she lingered on my stiff penis. “It’s beautiful Mark. Like velvet…and so, so hard.” At that point, my hands were all over her too. She yelped quietly as I lovingly caressed each breast, each deliciously erect nipple. “Oh and those touches of yours! Just like a girl…oops, you never heard that!” I did but stored my question for later. I squeezed her ass with both hands and she jerked into me. “I’m so jumpy!” She chose not to comment on the way my cock was pressing into her belly, opting instead to stand up on her toes until I could feel the soft new hair on her vagina. I was totally absorbed by the moment and hardly felt her pull me with her onto the bed. As we bounced on the mattress, her legs parted and I felt them wrap around my waist. With that movement, she’d managed to get the tip of my cock well into her vaginal opening.
“Fuck! Wait Pam, let’s not rush.”
“You’re right! I got a bit carried away. I’m all yours anyway so what should we do?”
I lifted her further up the bed and showed rather than told her. I happily showed her what my mouth could do, loving her from her neck all the way down to her pussy. By the time my tongue had begun licking her and probing her, she was already shrieking with delight. Words had finally escaped my sister. She was climaxing deliciously when I lifted her up to my mouth so that her pussy was more accessible. I turned her over as her convulsions eased a little and finger-fucked her to another orgasm. She lifted her backside and rocked her body in time to the thrusting of my hand. I was totally focussed on my pleasant task and didn’t realise that she was staring at me intensely. “You really are enjoying doing that to me, aren’t you?” Her voice was thick and rasped seductively. She rested her head on the bed, reached up to her cute little cunt and started masturbating. “I do it like this every time I touch myself…”
“Pam…I can’t hold back anymore. I’m losing control…”
“Oh thank fuck!” she screamed as I pushed into her for the first time. “I love it…oh fuck, I love it!”
She didn’t bleed at all but I kept the discovery to myself. My baby sister had surprised me plenty. My relative inexperience, if you’ll pardon the shameless pun and the forbidden nature of the coupling made me come too quickly. I jetted a thick rope of cum on her ass and across her back. “Fuck it! I’m sorry Sis. I’m better at sex, I promise.”
She rolled onto her back and looked into my eyes. “No need for apologies, I loved it. Besides, you sexy man, we’ve got the whole week-end! Just promise me that you’ll cum inside me next time!”
“I mean it! I’m on the contraceptive injection, so I can’t get preggie.”
“Okay…but fuck Pam! That was fucking amazing! I mean, I know that we shouldn’t but fuck, how can we stop?”
“We can’t stop, ever. My first experience was nothing compared to this.” ‘Here it comes’ I thought. “Latex and the real thing are completely different. Jo and I kinda had some fun with a dildo we found in her mom’s closet.” I should have guessed. The smile on my face got her asking, “What’s the big smile all about?”
“You…you own me and I’m not unhappy about it.”
“I think we own each other. What we just did was a beautiful act of love, don’t you agree?”
“You know that I do. We can never, ever let this get out or we’ll never be allowed near each other again.”
More will be posted as interest demands. Criticisms and suggestions are welcome. -JM
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 04 Jan 2010 11:21
Thanks for all the comments - I'm very grateful and encouraged. I'm working (reworking) the above story, with embelishments and WITHOUT experiment that I hope works out. I guess I have dialogue pretty much licked but yep, I agree, paragraphing is a weakness I aim to correct forthwith. Watch this space! - JM
Posted 02 Jan 2010 15:07
you could add paragraphs if that ain't too much trouble for you, cause it makes it easier to read.

Other than that. Great story.
Posted 01 Jan 2010 09:28
good start, I definately look forward to more, especially if you continue to develop the story
Posted 01 Jan 2010 05:27
great story I hope there will be more!!
Posted 30 Dec 2009 05:08
Can't wait for part 2. Great story
Posted 29 Dec 2009 20:46
Part 2....where is Part 2! I love this story!
Posted 29 Dec 2009 15:42
If part 2 is anything like this... Wow, It's gonna be AMAZING!
Posted 29 Dec 2009 14:41
Great story. Hurry with part two. Very hot.
Posted 29 Dec 2009 14:39
excellent story

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