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The Irresistable Offer

A mutual attraction between step-father and step daughter builds sexual tension.
Part I

    My name is Mark, and I was divorced for 5 years and 43 years old when I first met Karen, the woman who was later to become my second wife. From that new relationship a temptation and obsession unlike any I have ever had presented itself to me.  That took the form of her daughter from her first marriage, Rebecca, who was fifteen years old when I first laid eyes on her.  Rebecca was heart-stoppingly beautiful:  being bi-racial (her father was black), she had a glowing, clear dark tan complexion, high cheekbones, brown hair braided down to her shoulders, full lips, and almond shaped intensely dark eyes that seemed to look right into your soul.   She was 5'8", fit-looking and slim waisted, with smallish perky breasts that rose enticingly from her chest like soft gentle hills.  Her legs were long and incredibly shapely, and she moved with a gracefulness and a natural, uncontrived sexiness that made it nearly impossible to take one's eyes off her.  Just as sexy as her physical aspects was a sharp intelligence, an off-beat, playful sense of humor, and a soft-spoken but very direct style of communication, with a tendency to say whatever was on her mind without self-censoring.  Talking to her was just as much a turn-on as looking at her.
    The first time I saw Rebecca was on my second date with her mother.  I rang the bell and when Karen let me in, Rebecca came down the stairs to meet me.    She was dressed to go to a party, and I struggled to keep my composure as she approached me.  She was wearing a short skirt, about six inches above the knee, and I tried to be subtle while visually taking in her legs.  On top she was wearing a sheer silk blouse that showed off her shape.  I could see the outline of a blue-colored bra strap, so I knew she was not being too daring, but it must have been one of those very thin bras with no lining, and perhaps she was a bit chilly, because two nipples were jutting out magnificently.  I turned my eyes away so I would not be caught looking, but I noticed that Karen made a quick frowning expression when she saw that her daughter's nipples were so visible.  Rebecca smiled at me, looked at me for a moment, and shook my hand, holding it for a few seconds.  As she stood next to me I took in her natural floral scent, which was utterly intoxicating.
    That was our first meeting.  As Karen and I got more serious, I started sleeping over weekends. Rebecca would always stay with her father on the weekends I was sleeping over, but sometimes she came by, or hadn't left yet, while I was there.  Each time I saw her, she would almost invariably do something, always subtly, that would turn me on.  One time she put on deodorant while I was talking to her.  She was wearing a T shirt and she just reached under the hem, pulling the T shirt way up to where her bra began, revealing her entire perfectly toned midriff with a little peek of the bra bottom.  Another time, on a hot summer day, she was wearing cut-off jeans, which were cut extremely close to the crotch, and the leg openings were quite baggy.  She was sitting on the couch directly across from me (Karen was upstairs putting on makeup), and she began twirling her braids in a distracted way.  By this time we had gotten to know each other, so we were in a comfortable conversation, and in a casual way she leaned back and opened her legs.  Instantly, I had a perfect view of silky white panties.  I tried to keep eye contact with her so I wouldn't be obvious, but I could not will myself not to look.  I could see that the panties were tight against her crotch, so that I could make out the shape of her mons pubis.  This went on a good ten minutes before Karen came down, and my heart was pounding the whole time.  I had the sense that Rebecca was very aware of what she was doing, but then I told myself that it could not be, she was just unconscious of how much she had been revealing to me.
    By the time Rebecca turned 16 Karen and I were quite serious, and I was seeing a lot more of both mother and daughter.  Karen seemed to be very trusting of me with regard to her daughter, and by now I occasionally slept over while Rebecca was staying at home.  This led to one major turn-on incident.  One evening, after Karen and I had both been feeling extremely horny all day, we agreed to get to bed early so basically we could fuck our brains out.  Rebecca was home that evening, but was leaving soon out to hang out with friends.  She announced that she was going to shower before going out.  Rebecca's room was on the same floor as Karen's, with a bathroom in between that was accessible from both rooms from separate doors.  Karen and I were in the bedroom, and we started fooling around a bit-the first time we had done this with Rebecca so close by. At the same time I was hearing the sound of the water running in the shower and started picturing Rebecca's body glistening with water, as she rubbed herself with a soapy washcloth.  I was playing with Karen, but fantasizing about Rebecca.  Then the water stopped, and I heard Rebecca get out of the shower and then close the door to her bedroom.  A few minutes later, I went into the bathroom to take a leak, and Karen said she was going downstairs for a while and we could return to continue our "activities" after Rebecca left.  I could hear Rebecca walking around  her room getting dressed.  I took out my penis to pee, and then I looked down at the floor next to the shower and my heart skipped a beat.  There on the floor was a light colored bra, and a pair of black panties, that she had removed before showering.  My mouth went dry and my heart was pounding.  I tried to resist what I immediately wanted to do, but I couldn't.  I picked up the bra, held it in front of me, and took note of the size (34B).  It was not an underwire or padded bra, just a thin piece of sheer material, and holding my hand under it, I saw that it was nearly transparent. I immediately visualized how clearly her nipples must have shown through when she was wearing that bra. 
    I dropped the bra and then, holding my breath with anticipation, I picked up the piece d'resistance, the panties.  I held them by the waistband and noted how they were bikini shaped, cut very high in the legs.  There was no doubt that unless she shaved very close, her pubic hair would show on the sides.  Without yet daring to touch the crotch of the panties, I turned them so the inside of the crotch would show.  I almost lost it when I saw that the crotch panel was visibly quite wet with her secretions.  Unable to stop myself, I took my fingers and gently touched the wetness.  It was not the kind of non-sexual secretion that many women stain their panties with.  This was the clear, slippery lubrication that women secrete when sexually stimulated.  Not only that, she had lubricated copiously, because when I looked at my fingers they glistened with her moisture.  I licked my fingers hungrily.  Unable to control myself, I buried my nose right into the wetness.  I cannot describe the thrill induced by that smell, which was somehow a perfect mix of clean, fresh, flower-like innocence, combined with a hint of the very sexual funkiness of a highly aroused woman.  After breathing it in deeply for a while, I gingerly stuck out my tongue and tasted it.  Sampling its salty perfection, all I could think was that I would give anything to eat the pussy that secreted that nectar, and if miraculously given the opportunity, I would eat it for all eternity in a state of ecstasy without any need for reciprocity.  Finally, I left the bathroom, so as not to arouse suspicion, and after Rebecca left, I fucked Karen's brains out, but all I could think about was Rebecca's sweet pussy.
    So our lives continued, Karen and I moving gradually to marriage.  Rebecca was now 17, even more beautiful, and beginning her senior year in high school.  The little, innocent-seeming teases continued, but never enough to alarm Karen.  By now I could sleep over when Rebecca was home.  One morning after I stayed, I came down for an early breakfast while Karen remained in bed.  I heard soft footsteps on the stairs, and suddenly Rebecca appeared sleepy-eyed in the kitchen.  She was wearing her sleep clothes, on top a loose fitting large sized sleeveless man's undershirt with the armholes cut very deep, and only panties on bottom, which were not completely covered by the oversized top.  She was not wearing a bra, and her amazingly firm breasts jutted out with not a hint of sag.  I got the best view I had ever seen of the exact shape and size of her nipples.  I could now see that her nips were dark colored, with fairly large aureoles--bigger than her mother's.   The points of the nipples were erect and pushing out with no subtlety against the thin material.  I thought she would be embarrassed, but she seemed quite comfortable to be dressed like that in front of me, smiling and chattering happily.  She turned slightly to the side, and I could see the sides of those beautifully hemispheric breasts peeking out from the large armholes.  I barely could contain myself already, but then she upped the ante by reaching up high to get a pot from the pot rack.  Two things happened simultaneously with this movement:  the undershirt lifted up so I saw her entire panties, which were low riding enough that I saw a bit of ass crack, and I got a peak of almost the entirety of her left breast through that big armhole.  As she held up her arm to try to pull the pot down-- was it taking an unusual amount of time?-- she was faced away from me, so I stared freely.  I could see the entire beautiful half-melon shape of that perfect firm breast, but I was just a tiny fraction of an inch short of seeing the nipple.  Finally getting the pot, she walked towards me to put the pot on the stove, all the while with a sly smile on her face that seemed to suggest she knew exactly what I had been looking at.  As she walked, her breasts jiggled against the shirt, and it seemed that the nipples were jutting out even more than they had before.  I couldn't take it any longer, and after we both had finished our breakfasts, I went upstairs and jerked myself off for relief.
    By that spring, Karen and I made plans to marry, and Rebecca was going off to college that fall.  All the time I was getting more and more aware of and addicted to Rebecca's sexuality, which burned with a steady glow under that poised, thoughtful, open and direct yet somewhat demure demeanor.  Karen told me that she was sure that Rebecca was still a virgin, and though she dated and was quite popular, she did not have a steady boyfriend.  At this point my obsessions started to get the better of me.  When I was alone in the house-- by now I was living there almost full time and was planning to officially move in soon-- I would go into Rebecca's room, and invariably there were worn panties on the floor.  I always examined them, and I learned that she had begun to wear very sexy underwear, such as tiny thong panties, panties that were completely sheer, and at least one pair that had no gusset, that was just thin silk-like material without a cotton liner.  I became bolder about sniffing and licking those panties, and I was always thrilled by the taste and smell of her most intimate area.  Boldly I began to leave my saliva on the panties, knowing that she might figure out that they had mysteriously become wetter than when she had taken them off.  I would examine the panties and could often discern that they had ridden up into her slit, leaving clear crease marks where her pussy lips had held the panty.  A few times those creases were so visible that, like ancient fossils, I could see the exact shape of her labia left behind, right up to the top of her slit and her clitoral hood.  I also relished seeing the one or two pubic hairs that were sometimes left in the panty crotch.
    One time that summer, just before Rebecca was leaving for college, she and Karen left together early in the morning to do some last minute shopping.  As I often did, I went into Rebecca's room, and on the floor were her sleep pants with the panties still wrapped around the leg, as if she had stripped them off together.  I touched the panties and saw that this time they were not just moist, they were completely soaking wet with her slippery sex juice.  They were light blue panties.  I pulled them off the pant leg, and saw that the crotch was so saturated that the front was one large wet area.  This was more sexual secretion than I had ever seen in any woman.  I was racked with curiosity.  Had she had a morning wet dream?  Had she just masturbated in the morning, touching and rubbing herself through the panties?  How could she have gotten so completely wet, and why would she leave it so exposed?  I could not resist my next action; I pulled my pants down, took out my dick, and wrapped the crotch of those panties around the shaft.  Knowing that my dick was touching the juice from her sweet pussy, it took only seconds.  I came in huge spurts, spraying on her floor, one shot on the side of her bed, and at least one shot into the panties.  I cleaned the floor and bed because Karen might spot it, but I left my cum on the panties and put them back on the pants leg.  Later that day when they had returned, I saw Rebecca carrying a laundry basket with those same pants on top. The light blue panties were now separated from and lying next to the pants.  I could see how wet they still were, both from her cum and my cum.  She surely must have noticed it, but when she passed me carrying the laundry, she flashed me the sweetest smile I had ever seen.  Maybe I was crazy, but I think I saw a twinkle in her eyes.

Part II

    Karen and I got married that summer, and then Rebecca went off for her college freshman year.  On occasional weekends, Rebecca would come home.  Each time, something would happen to turn me on.  When she would hug me hello or goodbye, she would do a full frontal hug, so I could really feel her breasts against me as I inhaled her scent.  She was playful and teasing with me, and called me by a nickname-Marky-that nobody else used.  One time, on a hot day of Indian summer, she wore a loose fitting, low cut blouse, and--this was unusual for her-- was clearly braless.  Every time she bent over I could see her breasts.  This was a complete view of both breasts so I saw their exact shape as they hung down, and only the nipples were just barely hidden by resting on the fabric of the blouse.  I was thrilled when I thought I spotted just the beginning of a brown edge of an aureole, but I wasn't sure.  Again, I had to jerk off right after that. 
    Another time when Rebecca was home for the Christmas holiday, Karen left the house to have dinner with a friend and left us alone.  We watched TV sitting on the couch together.  We turned to HBO, and came smack upon a pretty graphic soft-core lesbian scene, with two women tongue kissing and their nude bodies intertwined.  Rebecca laughed and said, "Hmm, you like that, don't you Marky?  Trying to keep it light hearted, though my heart was pounding, I answered, "Yes I do, and I'm not ashamed to say it."  Rebecca laughed and said, "Well there's nothing in it for me, so let me have the remote."  Mock protesting, I said "No!" and held the remote away from her.  To my shock and delight, Rebecca leaned over and tried to get the remote, grabbing my arm and leaning her whole upper body against me.  I could feel her breasts against my shoulder, and then she brought her left leg over my legs so that her thigh was against my thighs.  As I continued to hold the remote away, she leaned in even more and now her crotch-- she was wearing tight blue jeans-- was pressed against my hip bone.  Time seemed to stop momentarily.  I leaned away from her, towards the arm rest of the sofa.  Instead of ending the physical play, her body followed me, and for several seconds I could simultaneously feel her soft breasts pushing firmly against my shoulder and her crotch pushing against my hip.  Then something amazing happened.  She was still reaching for the remote with one arm, but at the same time I felt her hips do a slow circular motion so that she was grinding her crotch against my hip bone.  First I thought it was an accident, but I continued to feel this deliberate erotic rubbing against me.  I looked down, and she had opened her legs so she was straddling my hip, and I became certain that this was no accident.  Her pussy (through her jeans) was positioned firmly against my hipbone, and there was a series (eight?  ten?  I lost count) of gentle, sensual grinds, all the while pretending to be grabbing for the remote.  I was out of my mind with lust, but I gave her the remote and she finally lifted herself off me.  I looked at her, and her face was flushed, and she looked a bit embarrassed.  Nothing was said about it and we continued to watch TV till Karen came home.
    Nothing quite equaled that again for her freshman year, but every time Rebecca came home there was more touching, more leaning in with her body, more long looks, more sexual tension.  Karen seemed totally unaware of it.  The only other thing of note was that I found in the basement an old high school diary of Rebecca's, where she referred to a late night party when all her friends left the room so she could be alone with the boy she had come with.  (This was her sophomore high school year, just before I was in the picture.)  She described explicitly how they tongue kissed, how he felt her breasts over her bra but she would not let him take it off, and finally that he finger-fucked her (her word!), the first time she had allowed a boy to go that far.  She went on to write that after his finger was all the way in, she felt a little pain and bled a little, so her cherry must be broken.  I probably was never as jealous of anyone as I was of that boy, having his finger up her sweet innocent pussy and deflowering her digitally.  God, I would have spent the rest of the week just smelling my finger!  And I also thought how unskilled boys are at that age, how he was undoubtedly too quick and rough, and how I wished it could have been me in his place.   How slowly I would have played with her, gently massaging her clit and labia, going so gradually into her pussy hole that she would have had contractions trying to suck all of my finger in, and how I would make her cum over and over until she had dripped juice all over, she was moaning uncontrollably, and she was begging me to stop because she was afraid that if she came again she wouldn't find her way back down to this earth.
    So that was the state of things, full of erotic tension, until the decisive summer between her freshman and sophomore year...

Part III

    Rebecca came home from college that June, planning to stay most of the summer while working a part-time summer job.  She was in the house a lot of the time, quite often without Karen around.  At that time I had begun to work out a bit.  One day I was in the bedroom, doing pushups with my legs facing the bathroom door.  I heard Rebecca in the bathroom.  I was wearing very baggy gym shorts with no underwear on, and could feel that my cock would be very visible from behind.  Suddenly I heard a small click--the door that led from our bedroom to the bathroom (which in turn led to Rebecca's room) had clearly opened.  Although my head was faced away, I could feel Rebecca's presence, her eyes focused on me.  I knew with certainty that she was looking right at my cock, which now got completely erect.  I continued to exercise.  I thought to myself, what will she do if I turn around?  Is this that once in a lifetime moment, and she is waiting for me to do something?  Is she as turned on as I am right now?  I kept exercising, mentally feeling her eyes looking at my cock.  After a good ten minutes, I heard a slight motion, and the door clicked shut.  She was gone.  Had she been waiting for me to make a move?  I didn't want to destroy my marriage, but I don't think I could have resisted if she had made her presence explicitly known.
    The summer went on without further major incident till August, a week before she was to return to school.  I say without major incident, but there were countless minor incidents of bralessness, short shorts, panty peeks, major amounts of cleavage revealed.  (Well, not exactly cleavage, because her breasts weren't big enough for that, just tantalizing views of their individual round shapes and the sweet gap between.)   I still kept just missing the sight of her nipples, though, which frustrated me tremendously. 
    In mid August, she announced that she was going to bake cookies.  Karen was again out of the house that day.  When the cookies were out of the oven Rebecca asked me if I wanted to try a bite.  I said yes, but she told me to wait a second while she went to the bathroom. She went in (that bathroom is next to the kitchen), but I did not hear the toilet flush.  Coming out, she grabbed a cookie from the sheet, but instead of simply handing it to me, she brought the hand holding the cookie right to my mouth.  As she fed the cookie to me, with her fingers under my nose, I smelled a different smell than the chocolate chips.  I caught a clear, intoxicating whiff of pussy coming from her fingers.  I did not say anything, but I think that was when I first became absolutely sure that these little erotic "accidents" were not all accidents.
    So, with a few days to go before Rebecca was returning to school. there was a day when Karen had to be out of the house from morning till late that night.  After she left, Rebecca was in her room doing some last minute packing and organizing.  The door was open, and as I passed Rebecca called out softly, "Marky, come in."  There was something in her voice that told me that she had been processing some thought and had resolved it.  I came in, and asked, "What's up?"
    And then Rebecca began a conversation that I could never have initiated or even imagined.  She looked at me directly in the eyes and said,  "I think we both know that for a long time there has been sexual tension between us.  I feel it every time we are together.  Don't you agree?"
    I took a deep breath, and with some trepidation, finally summoned up my courage and simply replied, "Yes."
    Rebecca went on.  "I know you love my mother, and I love my mother.  I know you don't want to hurt your marriage, and I don't want to hurt my mom.   But I think this is an urge that will drive us both crazy.  I know it's driving me crazy. I think about you a lot, and I have a pretty strong feeling that you think about me.  So I thought of an idea-- maybe this is nuts-- that I think will finally let us relieve those feelings, and then we can move on and stop obsessing about each other."
    I was shocked.  I certainly had been obsessing about her, but I never imagined that the reverse was true.  I figured she had just liked teasing me a bit for fun.  Tremulously I asked, "So what plan have you thought up?"
    Staring deeply into my eyes, she took a breath and began.  "Okay, here goes.  If I don't have the courage to say it now, I never will.  The truth is, I have.... I have masturbated many times thinking about you.  Actually, I masturbate all the time, and it's almost always about you.  And I know you masturbate about me, because I have seen the results more than once.  Don't be embarrassed-- I liked that.  I liked the taste and smell.  And you've made it clear that you like my taste and smell."
    I didn't know what to say... I felt completely busted.  On the other hand, she had just admitted doing the same thing, so I realized there was nothing to be ashamed about.  So I just nodded, and let her go on.
    "This is what I am proposing.  If you think it is too crazy, I won't bring it up again, and we'll go back to me being your step-daughter and you my step-father.  Which we already are to each other, in a healthy loving relationship, except for this thing we both know that we have been avoiding.  But I don't think we could ever have actual sex without it leading to dishonesty with my mom if she ever suspected.  And neither of us wants that.  Besides-- I am still a virgin.  I mean I have never had a penis in me."  My eyes opened wide at that statement.  I thought again of those lucky fingers that had been in her.  And her own fingers that she touched herself with.
    "So I want to do what we are already doing, but do it together.  I want us to masturbate together.  For one time only, and then we hopefully will have achieved our fantasy and worked it out of our systems.  We should do it today because I am leaving for school soon, and we can make it last as long as we want-- my mom won't be back till late.  But then it's over.  And we can't touch each other, only watch-- I want to honestly be able to say that we haven't had sex-- but we can talk and stare all we want.  So, what do you think?"
    I could not believe the scenario just proposed, and the courage and straight-forwardness with which she had presented it.  I could never have had the nerve to suggest such a thing, but here it was, the amazing chance of a lifetime.  I answered, a little nervously,  "I think it sounds incredibly exciting."
    Rebecca giggled and smiled.  Then she went on.  "I think there needs to be some limitations.  I don't think we should be fully nude.  I think we should do it in our underwear.  I just think if we were completely nude we would not be able to control ourselves and would end up having sex."
    In a way this sounded disappointing, because I so longed to see her completely nude, but I realized that the scenario she presented would actually be unbelievably sexy.  I thought of the underwear we could do this in.  I had satin boxer shorts that I knew was smooth and thin enough to provide sufficient tactile sensation.  And I already knew that Rebecca had all kinds of sexy underwear--I had been studying it for some time now.  Emboldened, I asked, "Could I request specific underwear?
    Rebecca laughed hardily.  "Yes, that would be fine.  I wasn't sure you were that familiar with my intimate wardrobe.  But what would you like?"
    "I have noticed you have one pair of red panties that are very silky, bikini style, and they have no cotton liner of any kind on the crotch.  And you have several bras that are pretty see through.  I prefer a light colored one.  Are you willing to wear those?  I would wear satin boxers."
    Rebecca said, "Yes I have seen those boxers.  And your underwear preference for me is fine-- in fact, I feel very sexy when I wear those.  So, do you want to do this right now?"
    I was still nervous, but I was the most sexually excited I have ever been.  All this talk had given me an enormous erection.  I answered yes, and we both went to our separate quarters to change.
    Ten minutes later I was ready, wearing just those boxers, and knocked on the door to her room.  From inside I heard her soft, lovely voice say, "Come in, Marky."  I took a deep breath and opened her door.

Part IV

    I could not take my eyes off the sight in front of me.  Rebecca indeed was wearing a sheer bra, which was low-cut as well.  The curves of her small breasts were exposed over the top, and just below, for the first time, I could finally fully see her beautiful nipples showing through the very sheer material.  The nipples were puffies like adolescents often have, dark in color, with points that jutted out what looked to be almost half an inch.  They were the most perfect breasts I had ever seen, beautifully highlighted with her brown skin.  The bra fit a little loosely and away from the breast on top, so I knew that viewed from the side I would be able to look down and see the nipples with no covering at all.
    On bottom she was wearing the panties I had requested.  There was no seam where a gusset is normally sewn in, just a very thin light red panty that was utterly silken and translucent enough to show darkness where her pubic hair was.  They were cut high on the legs and low at the waistband, so the waistline was just barely above where the pubic hair started.
    Next to her bed, Rebecca had set up two chairs facing each other.  All I could think was, oh my god, this is really going to happen.  She smiled at me, and asked, "Do you want to back out?"  I gazed at the vision in front of me, and slowly shook my head no.
    Rebecca sat down in one chair, and I sat down in the other.  Our knees were almost touching.  We sat there almost a full minute, just looking up and down each other's bodies.  Just as I was thinking, "How are we going to begin? Maybe this is not going to happen," Rebecca put the fingertips of both hands lightly on her neck, and slowly, slowly, worked them downward, past her collarbones, to the tops of her breasts above the bra, and then to the bra.  Encouraged by the ice breaking, I brought my hand to my cock, and just held it through the silk boxers, barely making any motion at all, just squeezing and releasing my erection in a slow steady rhythm.
    Rebecca's hands went further down and now her fingertips grazed her nipples.  I could hear her catch her breath, and she opened her mouth slightly.  Her fingers stayed over her nipples, and almost imperceptibly, she began to make slow circular motions.  Amazingly, those tips of hers, which were already unusually long, stuck out even further in response.  Rebecca pursed her lips together and I could sense her body tightening.  She was just so beautiful, and her innocent looks and manner made this all the more intensely erotic.  I gripped my cock more tightly, but kept the movement very slow-- I wanted this to last a long time, and I was in danger of losing control.
    After several minutes of playing with her nipples, Rebecca let her fingers travel further: down her rib cage, and then in front to her flat abdomen.  Retracting her other fingers, she now left only her forefingers extended.  She kept going, past her naval, to the tops of her panties.  At that point, she opened her legs, and I now for the first time I had a beautiful, unimpeded view of her crotch.  I swallowed it all in.  There were a few stray pubic hairs peeking out from the narrowest part of the crotch area.  The thin silky panties were pressed tight against her pussy, and I could make out the exact shape of her mons, and a visible bulge where her labia were.  Leaning in and looking closer (she had  said staring was OK), I realized that the panty material was sheer enough, and having no liner, I could actually make out the outline of her genitalia.  Her labia menora were engorged enough that they delicately puffed out from between her outer lips, perfectly symmetrically, like a beautiful flower that was blooming.  Though partially obscured by the panty material, it was a heart-stopping sight.
    She brought her hands further down, over the outside of her panties, until she hit where her pubic hair was.  At this point she flared out her two forefingers so as to go around the center cleft, and went all the way down.  Bringing her fingers closer together, she began drawing them upward, just outside of the middle cleft, so that she gently grazed over her labia.  Meanwhile, I was squeezing myself, my erection as large as can be, and her eyes were fixed on that.  Up came her two forefingers, meeting her clitoral hood, then down again, up over the labia, and then down again.  She continued this motion in a steady rhythm, accelerating ever so slightly.
    I knew I would be able to cum at any time, but I wanted this once in a lifetime experience to last and last, so I carefully paced my rubbing.  Rebecca kept up her technique on herself, now squeezing her labia between her forefingers.  Pressing inward, she picked up her lips between those fingers and pulled them out slightly, rubbing the sides against each other.  After quite a while of rubbing the lips together between her forefingers (it looked like this was providing direct stimulation to her clitoris), she moved her left hand to her right nipple, circling it, and she switched to her right middle finger on her pussy.  She brought that finger down to nearly her anus, but this time moved it slowly right up the middle of the cleft, indenting her panties inward.  When she hit the top, where her clit was, I saw that she applied a little more pressure, and a groan escaped from her throat.  Down the slit again, up, and this time, she began a little circular motion on the clit.  Down again, up again, circle, but each time there was more intensity, a little firmer pressure, and more time spent on the clit.  Meanwhile her left hand was now pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger.  It didn't seem possible, but the nipple was even more erect than before.
    I looked back down at the crotch, and I saw that an area of wetness had emerged where her vaginal hole was.  I almost came from just seeing that, but I got myself back under control.  Rebecca continued the motion from bottom to top of her pussy, but she was starting to go a bit faster.  Her breathing was becoming heavier, and there began to be a distinct sexual smell in the air.
    Just as I thought it couldn't get more erotic than this, Rebecca suddenly opened her legs all the way, as far as they could go.  I do not know if this was to give her fingers better access, or to give me a better view, or both, but it drove me crazy.  She now put her middle finger and forefinger together and started pressing in more firmly.  The wet spot which had started at just the vaginal hole now encompassed the entire slit top to bottom, and had spread side to side as well.  Pushing her fingers inward, she worked the length of her fingers right into the cleft, and the tip of her middle finger right into the vaginal canal itself up to the first joint.  The panties pushed in with her fingers, and now I could see the entire shape of her crack as the panties were squashed between her labia and slightly up the hole.  Working her way up, she now seemed to concentrate more on the clit, and the movement was coming faster and faster.   Her groans were getting louder and louder, and I knew that if she came I would not be able to control myself and would cum also.  I was almost at the point of no return, and clearly so was she, when she suddenly stopped her movement and looked at me intensely.  She pulled her fingers away, and I saw that they were all wet.  What she then said was the most erotic thing I had ever heard from a woman's mouth.
    "I don't want to cum yet," she panted.  "I want to change the rules."
    I asked her what she meant.
    "I want to cum with your cock against me and we cum together.  With our underwear on, we can't fuck, but I need to rub against your cock while I am cumming.  I have to feel your cock.  Is that all right?"
    Somehow she had convinced or rationalized to herself that humping with our thin underwear on, with her pussy soaking wet, was still "not sex."  To me, it sounded like the ultimate wet dream come true.  I looked at her and said, "Okay, but I am so close to cumming now I don't know if I can hold out for long."  She answered with a laugh, "I am so close to cumming that I think I would cum if I sneezed.  But I've got to do this."
    She didn't have to twist my arm.  She got off the chair, and lay down on her bed.  She opened up her legs.  Again, I took in how saturated her panties were, but Rebecca seemed utterly unembarrassed about my staring right at it.  I got on the bed next to her, and then rolled over onto her in missionary position, supporting myself on my elbows.  I pressed my cock against her crotch, and felt the squiggly flaps of her distended inner labia through the slick secretions on her panties.  She immediately lifted up her knees, and we adjusted till we had found each other's perfect, most sensitive spot.  I took my cock out through the fly of my boxers, and found the cleft where her panties her worked their way up her crack, so that the underside of my cock was nestled right between her labia.  With the silkiness of the panties and their saturation with her lubricant, this was not dry humping at all-- it was very, very wet indeed.  I started fucking motions, my cock sliding freely over the soaking wet panties, and she pushed back just as hard into me.
    We started getting into a perfect rhythm, accelerating together as if we had been doing it all our lives.  She looked up at me, and said, "You know it's true that I am a virgin.  I have never gone this far with anyone."  I answered truthfully, "I've never been so completely turned on by anyone."  The feel of her soft labia--her most private parts--combined with the silky wetness against the underside of my cock was indescribable.  I began making a very slow, long up and down sliding motion so that the most sensitive part of my shaft, right in front of my balls, traveled the full distance from her vaginal opening at the bottom to her clitoral hood on top.  The sensation was exquisite beyond belief, and I could feel every fold of her genitals as if she had nothing on at all.  After I did this a while, I felt a hard bump touching the underside of my dick every time I reached the top of her cleft.  I realized that her clit was now fully erect and was poking out beyond its hood covering.  Each time I got to that spot, Rebecca let out a gasp, held me for a moment, and pushed back against me harder to maximize the contact.  With her clit engorged and erect like that, I knew she was not very far from an orgasm.
    I brought one of my hands between us and laid it on her breast.  As I would have guessed, they felt perfect-- soft and firm at the same time.  I knew the rule had been no actual nudity, but as I brought the hand down, the loose material at the top of the bra traveled down, and her left breast was now fully exposed.  Finally, after all these years of sexual tension and teasing, I was looking at that perfect brown nipple from inches away.  I took in every bump on the puffy aureole, the little milk hole at the tip of the nipple, and most of all, saw that the nipple was, almost impossibly, close to three quarters of an inch sticking straight out, like a pencil eraser.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
    The humping down below was going faster and faster, groans kept coming from her throat, and I knew the end was approaching.  The feel of her labia, the wetness, the pad of pubic hair above, was sensory overload and my cock was about to explode.  And Rebecca was seconds away from just the same place.  Pushing back against me faster and with more and more insistence, she was on fire.  Looking into my eyes, I heard her start to talk as if I was having the ultimate wet dream.  "Oh my God, I am so hot, you are going to make me cum so hard.  My pussy is so wet, oh my God, rub against my clit, it is so hard.  Don't stop, don't stop, I want us to cum together.  Your cock feels so good."  I am not a natural dirty talker, but her outburst got me going.  I cried out, "Oh God, Rebecca, you are so beautiful, your pussy is so good, I would eat it forever.  I love how wet you are, I love how your pussy smells.  I want to feel your pussy against me and I want you to cum all over me."
     We were both on the cusp of a huge simultaneous orgasm, but I wanted to make this one-time only experience last a bit longer.  Somehow I summoned the will to pull my cock away to avoid cumming.  Rebecca grabbed my ass to try to pull me back down into her again--clearly she desperately needed to cum-- but I resisted.  I wanted to hold onto this experience for as long as possible, and I needed to let my impending orgasm subside.
    After a momentary breather, I lowered myself again, but something amazing happened.  My cock, while still totally erect, dropped down low enough so that instead of the bottom of my shaft pressing against her slit as it had before, the head of my cock now positioned itself right up against her vaginal hole.  If she hadn't had panties on--my own boxers were completely out of the way by now--we would have been fucking for real.  I moved forward, and my cock head just ever so slightly penetrated into her pussy hole, where her panties had been traveling upward.
    I immediately thought, well, this is definitely breaking the rule of no actual fucking, she is surely going to stop me now.  But she didn't.  With my cock totally hard, I slowly thrust forward and backward, and with each forward movement I pushed her soaking panties further up her hole and  began edging my way in.
    I didn't say anything, because if I said anything she might wake up to the reality that we were going further than we were supposed to, and call an end to it.  Ever so slowly I moved, up and back, getting in a micrometer further each time, until the entire tip of my cock was inside, with her panties around it.  She was so wet and open that with each push I was able to get in just a bit more.  She reached her hands behind my back, I was so sure she was going to stop me, but just the opposite happened.  She pulled her knees all the way to her shoulders, and interlocking her fingers behind my ass, she tried with all her strength to pull me inside her as far as possible as she thrust her hips forward.  Oh my God, I thought, if her panties rip, my cock is going to enter her completely with one quick motion.
    I began thinking, "Are we technically fucking or not?  My cock is in her, but only a little bit, and through her panties.  Is she still a virgin?"
    Again we began to reach that point of no return.  A very strong sex smell was now in the air.  I inhaled deeply to breathe in the intoxicating pheromones her pussy was emitting, and the smell went right to the sex centers of my brain.  We were both accelerating and pushing harder.  Somehow I kept getting in further and further--those panties seemed to keep stretching and traveling up her vaginal canal.  I then realized I was a full half way in, maybe a bit more.  This was undeniably fucking, we could no longer pretend that it wasn't.  I also had the realization that at the age of 47, with 30 years of fucking under my belt, this was by far the best feeling pussy I had ever felt, even though I was only half way in and blocked by panties.  Her pussy walls gripped me like a perfect wet velvet glove, tight, completely smooth, and lubricated like liquid teflon.  It felt like my cock was being massaged by a thousand vibrating fingers made of gel, each one touching just the right place.  This was, truly, the perfect pussy, one men would fight wars over.
    Rebecca now had her eyes closed, and I knew she had an enormous orgasm approaching.  We now began a full, no holds barred fucking, each returning the other's thrust with equal force.  And with each thrust I seemed more and more fully inside her, until I was three quarters buried. Suddenly I realized that my cock had finally escaped the limits of her panties-- I must have finally torn a hole right through them with my erection. I could feel her perfectly smooth, silky, but tight vaginal walls squeezing me, massaging me like they had a life of their own.   It felt as if every nerve ending of my cock was being individually manipulated by the enclosure of her astounding pussy.  Faster, faster, harder, feeling that incredible cunt of hers, and now out of her throat came gutteral groans.  She gave one final thrust of her hips, and there I finally was, fully inside her, buried to my balls, squeezed by her virginal tightness.  It felt as if her entire vagina was undulating, from the tip to the root of my penis.  It felt so good that if my life were to end at that moment, I would go out feeling complete and happy.  For a moment she held that position, her hips thrust forward, her ass off the bed, her hands now behind my ass pushing me into her as far as I could go.  And then she reached her long held off orgasm, like one I had never seen in a woman.  She cried out uncontrollably, "Oh GOD, I'm going to explode, I can't stop, Oh GOD, you're going to make me cum, you're going to make me cum, OH GOD, I'm cumming right now, oh fuck, oh fuck, it feels so good, make me cum, I can't stop cumming, I've never felt this, OH MY GOD!!!"
    With that, I felt a long series of intense pussy contractions around my cock, and I then reached my own limits of control.  I could hold back no longer, cried out, "I'm cumming too," and shot load after load of semen up her as we experienced our simultaneous orgasms.  As her vaginal contractions continued for an astoundingly long time, I felt a liquid being shot up from her depths, gushing against my cock head.  It felt like my cock was being surrounded by a flow of warm liquid gold.  I realized to my astonishment that this beautiful, sweet, sexually inexperienced, quiet, intelligent virginal (at least up till now) teenage girl, was, astonishingly, a genuine "squirter," something I had previously observed only in a porn movies.  Rebecca was  experiencing female ejaculation and was shooting copious amounts of sweet girl cum from the depths of her pussy to meet my still thrusting ejaculating cock.  I understood now how it was that the panties that I had been touching and sniffing for several years sometimes were saturated enough to rub the ejaculate off onto my fingers, making them glisten with her moisture.   
    Finally, finally, our orgasms subsided, and we lay there in a daze for a while until we could speak again.  I rolled over and looked down.  The crotch of her panties were totally up her pussy, torn through the middle, so the labia majora were completely, beautifully exposed. On the side of the pushed-in panties her pubic hair was fully displayed.  There was milky semen coming out from her cleft, dripping onto the bedsheets,  mixed with a clearer liquid, which must have been all that girl cum that she had ejaculated.  I had never seen anything so wonderful in my life.
    She looked at me thoughtfully and asked, "Are you sorry we did that?"  I answered truthfully, "No.  It was the greatest experience of my life."  And she said, "For me too."
    And then I asked, "So, we are going to keep our promise that this was one time only?"  I dared not mention that we had broken the primary rule, that we weren't supposed to actually fuck.  Was it even possible that she didn't realize that we had?
    Rebecca thought a moment before she replied.  I couldn't keep my eyes off her beautiful bronze face, those perfect small breasts with large dark still rock-hard nipples, that sweet pussy whose inner lips were only nominally covered by the torn panties up her slit.  She finally answered, "This was too good, I can't totally forget this.  But I think we have to change the rules again.  We can't do what we just did ever again, that's for sure.   But when we see each other from now on and are alone, do you think that we could both masturbate on our own, and then meet and you could taste my pussy on my fingers and I could taste your cum on your fingers?  And we could describe to each other in detail how we, you know, did it, what technique we used, what we were thinking of doing to each other, what the orgasm was like, stuff like that.  And I'll also..."  She took a breath her to summon up her courage, and lowered her voice seductively.  "I'll also masturbate into my panties and leave them for you to smell and lick.  I know you like that.  My mom will never find out.  I really want this, and it wouldn't really be sex, would it?"
    I gazed at this paradigm of young female perfection in front of me, a marvel of sweet innocence coupled with her newly discovered raw uninhibited sexuality, smiled, and answered disingenuously, "No, I suppose it wouldn't be."


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Excellent!!! If they don't like the way it reads, they can always read a different story!!!! It was amazing!!!! Thanks!!!!
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Posted 05 Oct 2009 06:04
I loved it - you have me so wet. As someone who has experienced female ejaculation since my early teens, I can relate so much to your descriptions of wet panties.

Posted 02 Oct 2009 06:29
It maybe a bit awkward to read but a definite 5 for sheer outright amazing sexiness. Outstanding.
Posted 01 Oct 2009 20:07
Paragraphs are NOT optional! It is extremely difficult to read a story which is simply one huge block of text

Its currently unreadable ...which is a shame as its such a good length

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