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The Missing Piece (Part 2)

The beginning to the ending of The missing piece
As the doorknob started to jiggle we both quickly got up but it was to late the door was slowly opening. We both stood there in shock as we saw my own sister standing there. My sister is the defintion of gorgeous. She takes after me of course. She stands at about 5'3 and has firm 36c breast. She has caramel color skin and has a very tiny waist and a huge ass.

"What is this?" she asked.

Eric,my boyfriend, quickly got up and moved to get his clothes.

"Sit down now!" she screamed. Eric immediately obeyed. 

My sister came and sat on his lap and took his face into her hands. She leaned in so close their lips grazed each other. I sat there in shock. I could tell Eric was very uneasy about this ,but his cock was ready for action.

She looked over at me. Then him. She took my hand and placed it on Eric's dick. She commanded me to stroke it but I sat there still in shock. She snatched his dick from my hands and went to work. She rolled her tongue over the tip while stroking his aching dick gently. She went down his shaft licking it as if it was a popsicle on a hot summer day.  She came to his balls where she gave them sweet soft kisses. She came up and dove right back into his dick. You could hear my sister gagging on his monster dick. Eric couldn't help but let out a few moans.

My sister lean over and with her free hand she found my soaking wet pussy. She started stroking my clit with two fingers. Then she quickly shoved three fingers into me. She curved her fingers and took no time finding my g-spot. I buck my hips back meeting her rhythm. I could feel my muscles start tensing up.

My sister was still working on Eric and fingering me when she stopped suddenly. We both looked up to see her fingers covered in cum. She shove the three fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. She stood up and pushed me down to the bed and turned Eric around so he was facing me. The shock had returned as I realized my sister is going to lose her virginity also.

She climb on top of him and slid down his long dick. I could see the pain rushing through her body just by looking into her eyes. Then she bent over and dove into my pussy.

She was doing so many things with my sweet little pussy. She flicked it. She licked it. She even nibbled it. She plunged her tongue in my hole making me scream out in ecstasy . She even curled her tounge upwards making my body go nuts. She licked all around me. She kissed my inner thighs, my legs, my breast. She kissed me everywhere! This all seem so disgusting as this was my sister but so much pleasure was running through my body.

I heard Eric moaning very loudly as she rode him. I could hear her ass slapping on his huge dick. I could hear all the juices squirting out my sister onto Eric's huge dick. I could hear my sister moaning but buried deep into my pussy. This was all to much for me I threw my head back and let my sister have all my sweet juices and at the same time I heard Eric scream out to.

When all of our breathing came back to normal, we all sat up in silence. We all were just realizing what just occured. Then we heard a car door slam outside....

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Posted 29 Mar 2014 18:55
Both parts #1 & #2 were nice story's. Take your time, be imaginative. Great job.
Posted 11 Sep 2012 23:31
The twist at the conclusion leading to the next part. Eager for the next. 5
Posted 18 Aug 2012 23:21
Nice! Cant wait for part 3

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