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The Morris Family - Chapter 1

He found the love of his life, but she have always been there next to him.
Hi, I'm Rob Morris and this is how I got to date the most beautiful girl I've ever met; it also happens to be my twin sister, Annie.

I and my twin sister have been really close since we were kids. We played with each other seeing that our only brother is 7 years older than us and he moved to his own apartment as soon as he was 18 and started the university.

Mom and dad met when she was 18 and working in a hotel and he went on spring break to Mexico during his last year of university. They fell in love there and spent the time together. After that beautiful time, the spring break ended and dad came back to the US to finish his degree in Computer Science but couldn't forget her. He went back to find her one year later and discovered that she was still working there but now she was rising a little kid; the already mentioned brother, Tomas. He married her and recognized Tomas as his and moved them to the US with Tomas being just a few months old; we came 7 year after that.

As our mother is Mexican the 3 of us have Latin looks as well as the ones we got from our blond haired and green eyed father; we 3 have caramel colored skin and green eyes with brown-black hair.

Growing up from a Mexican parent in the US is kind of difficult. We got ostracized because of that an Annie and I used to play only with each other. When we got to age 18, Annie had grown into a beautiful Latina girl, 5 foot 4 inches tall, 35C boobs and 37 hips with a slim waist she got from swimming, giving her a nicely hourglass shape that had half the school lusting over her. Me, I've practiced Basketball for some years now, at 6 foot 10 I have a lean complexion and a toned body that have granted me some admirers and more than one opportunity to take to bed a nice looking cheerleader.

For our 18th birthday party we had a pool party on our backyard. Each of us invited our closer friends and prepared to get the party of our short lives. That day Annie stepped out of the house to our pool party using one of the cutest and smaller bikini that I've seen her wear ever. I couldn't take my eyes from her. When the time came to open the presents I exchanged presents with her. She gave me a nice T-shirt and in a typical lack of imagination I gave her half a dozen roses. I suppose she liked them because she gave a small squeal of joy and gave me a big hug that pressed her C sized boobs to my chest and she planted a kiss in my mouth, it was a quick one but it left me frozen in place for a few seconds.

Before the kiss I have had a small crush on her that I dismissed as my desire to protect my sister as her brother and nothing more. After the kiss I couldn't take her out of my head and each time I saw her walking around the house made me feel again those soft and warm lips; and remembering the hug gave me a hard on that I couldn't get down until I jacked off, each time thinking of her.

As I started looking with more attention to her I noticed that she also looked from time to time my way, especially when she thought I wasn't looking. After that fateful day on the pool she also started dressing more daring in the house, shorter skirts, tighter T-shirts, and from time to time I got a glimpse of her in just underwear running from the bathroom to her room after taking a shower conveniently almost at the same time I always went for one.

The furtive looks and jack offs went on for some time until 2 months after the kiss I decided to confess to her and I took advantage of our parents weekly Friday romantic date to do so without interruption.

"Annie, can we talk?" I said when I walked into the living room.

"Sure" she replied as she turned to where I was standing.

Since we were alone in the house, I took Annie's hand as I sat next to here in the large couch that we use to watch TV. With her hand in mine I started my speech that I had practiced for some days in my head.

"Annie, I know how this is going to sound but I love you, and not only in the way a brother loves a sister but as a man loves a woman" I said it all in almost one breath.

In the next breath I continued as fast as I could to avoid chickening out of it. If she was going to hate me, she was going to do it completely.

"Since our birthday party I've noticed you, and I discovered that I want to be with you, go out with you, hold your hand and kiss you and many more other things that a brother shouldn't want to do to his sister".

As I finished saying this I had my eyes glued to her small hand trapped in my hands, too ashamed to look her in the face. If she hated me I didn't want to see the loath in her face. I don't think I could handle it.

After a full minute of silence I dared a glimpse to her face; she just sat there with an astonished face for a full minute more and suddenly shrieked.

"YES!! I knew it!!" then she jumped over me and gave me a kiss full on the lips. I hesitated for a second and then I returned the kiss and it became a full make out session of about 5 minutes.

When we came up for air I asked hesitantly

"You feel the same about me?"

"No dumb, I make out with every guy that confesses to me" she said with sarcasm.

Then I hugged her and between kisses I told her.

"I've ... wanted to do this... since you kissed me... on our birthday party".

When I finished saying that she broke the kiss to answer with a loving tone.

"I've wanted to do it for a long time now. I've dreamed of you finally noticing me from all the girls that flock around you, I wanted to be special to you, the one you directed a special look from time to time that wouldn't mean that I'm just your sister but the woman you love and the one you can't keep your hands out of".

We kept making out and during this my cock started to grow with each kiss until it was painfully impossible to ignore and it was poking at her from under my jeans. She just gave me a curious look and said.

"Seems that you are really happy to find out that your sister feels the same about you" as her hands started to undo my jeans button and fly.

She then proceeded to pull them down to reveal my 7 inches of cock and she stared at it. A lustful look crossed her eyes and without hesitation she went down on her knees and placed herself in front of me while I remained sit on the couch an she pulled my dick to her mouth. I have had a few blow jobs from some girls I've been with, but nothing felt nearly as erotic as to have my sister's hand, mouth and tongue running up and down my cock. Each lick, each kiss, each stroke, each playful bite sent shivers down my spine and nearly pushed me over to a wonderful orgasm. I resisted as best as I could not wanting to disappoint her and cum too early.

I endured the delicious torture until she took my cock out of her mouth and told me in a sensual tone.

"Rob, don't hold back I want you to come, I want to feel your cum covering my face and lick it to taste you"

And that was enough to make me fly to heaven as I started to come and I think I lost consciousness for a couple of seconds from the earthshaking orgasm I had.

When I came to myself she had her tongue running around her mouth and pulling all the semen she could to her sensual mouth. Then she started running her hands over her face to take all the cum she couldn't reach with her tongue and proceeded to lick it of her fingers as best as she could.

It seemed as she enjoyed it but still I hadn't see her enjoy as much as I did, so once I saw her finish cleaning her hands I told her.

"Annie, that was fantastic, the best blow job I had ever..."

She shyly interrupted with a "thanks" and I went on.

"... but I want you to feel as good as I feel right now. Come sit in the couch and let me make you feel good"

As she sat on the couch I went down to my knees and took out her short and paused to take a look at the nice black thong she was wearing, and appreciate the little damp patch in the place where it covered her pussy. I rose and eyebrow at her and asked.

"Someone enjoyed sucking her brother cock?"

At this she blushed a little and I proceeded to remove the thong as well. As I already said, I've have had my share of female partners to bed, but still seeing my sister pussy made my cock jump to attention, even though I just came.

I wanted this moment to last forever so I started slow and kissing her inner tights one at the time and approaching slowly to her pussy. Each kiss nearer to the treasure a little more. When I finally reached it she was so damp for my tease that she was leaking her female juice out of her and I hadn't even started sucking her. I used two fingers to pry open the outer labia and started exploring her pink pussy with my tongue making her moan in pleasure. I continued my exploration until I found her little clit that was already swelled enough to capture it with my lips and start sucking it. This made her moan even louder and she placed her hands on the back of my head to prevent me from leaving her pussy in the middle of the service. Not that I had plans on doing so.

I left her clit alone in order to go slightly south and started licking the entrance to her vagina and I moved my tongue around it until I couldn't hold myself back anymore and extending it as far as I could and I plunged in her with my tongue and started licking the inner walls of the pussy. After a few minutes of licking and sucking her, she grabbed my hair tighter and stilled my head with her tights as she had a nice and hard orgasm from my attention to her private parts.

After a minute or two of panting, time I just sat there seeing my beautiful sister enjoy the afterglow of orgasm, she said.

"Rob, I want you inside of me, and I'm not talking about your tongue; I want you to make me a woman".

This startled me a little, was my sister implying that she was still virgin and that she wants me to take her virginity?

I had to ask, "Annie, are you still virgin?"

She raised her head in a gesture of desafiance and said "Yes, why?"

I quickly backpedaled and said "Don't take me wrong, I just thought that you being popular and I know you went out with some guys before, I thought you had already been taken to bed at least once"

She blushed again as she directed her gaze to the floor and said "I've always wanted to save it to someone I really loved, I only did blowjobs and jacked off those guys".

At that I was the one to blush and blurted "And you want to give it to me?"

Without taking her sight out of the floor she just nodded. I couldn't hold myself, I hopped to my feet and pulled her to me and hugged her, with my lips near her ear I whispered to her.

"Then let’s make it right, not just in a living room couch, let’s go to my room and make it properly in a bed"

I eased her from my embrace and took her hand to guide her naked as we were to my bedroom.

When we entered my bedroom I closed and locked my door behind us and guided her to my bed, I helped her accommodate in the bed and went to the night table to get a condom. After putting the condom I positioned myself over her. I opened her legs and cock in hand I was on her entrance when I looked her in the eye and told her

"Are you sure you want to do this?" and without breaking eye contact she nodded.

Seeing the confirmation I just told her, "it will hurt a little but will feel good soon afterwards" as I started pressing my head into her pussy entrance.

As she had already come a few minutes ago on the living room she was well lubricated and my dick slide right in with little effort. After a little I felt the blocked of her hymen and with a little more pressure I went further. Annie closed her eyes and made a little face of discomfort and I stilled myself to help her adjust and get over the pain. A little after that she opened her eyes and nodded to signal that I could continue, I pushed forward until I was all the way in and stopped again, leaned over her to kiss her and told her.

"Let me know when you are comfortable and we can continue".

She took small and slow breaths for a few and told me.

"Go on, I'm ok now".

I wanted her to feel that giving me her cherry was worthy, I wanted to make love to her, I moved in and out of her at a slow pace giving her deep kisses and sweet words that I felt from the hearth. I kissed lightly her neck and collarbone, slowly going lower on her body to kiss her nice and hard nipples. I kissed one while I fondled the other all the while telling her how beautiful she was and running my free hand all over her body. All this time she was doing the same to me, hugging, moaning and saying how much she loved me.

After some time going on and on with it I felt her pussy twitch and knowing she approached an orgasm I quickened the pace. I started going in and out of her faster. At the last moment, caressing her face I told her "I love you" as we both erupted in a big orgasm at the same time.

After some minutes panting, I kissed her again, took out the condom and went to throw it away in the bathroom, when I came back from the bathroom I was carrying our discarded cloths from the living room, put them beside the bed and went in to cuddle with her. We fell asleep right there in each other arms.

The next morning I woke up to a soft and warm body still in my arms, when I tried to move she opened her eyes and asked.

"Do I dreamed all that last night?"

I just could smile and answered "No my love, I love you as much as you do to me and we will be together for now on".

A worried face set on her face.

"What are we going to say to mom and dad?" she asked.

I tried to reassure her.

"I don't know, nothing yet I guess, we will think about it and whatever happens we will face it together".

And I hugged her tight to make her feel that we would be together whatever would happen now.

Please comment, is my first story and tried to make it right, but I know that it’s hard to have it right the first time. I’ll continue with other family members on other chapters.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 30 Jan 2014 09:12
Yes! Absolutely wonderful for your first story.
But you know what? Go back, have it proofread by someone and the mistakes corrected, it makes it a way more enjoyable piece to read, belief me!
Posted 12 Nov 2012 20:35
Hot, love the detail,can hardky wait for #2,
Posted 09 Sep 2012 15:07
Great job/ It is amazing how many brothers and sisters want to do this but sit quietly frustrated on the sidelines. Get coming out party. You do need some help editing. I have edited a few stories here and am willing to help. Let me know,
Posted 03 Sep 2012 01:46
expertly written, reading was an utter pleasure, please write more, I started flowing my fluid.... thanks.
Posted 29 Aug 2012 09:31
Amazing first story. Can't wait to read more. Get someone to edit for you, it will make it a better read.5
Posted 29 Aug 2012 05:03
Good job..can't wait till the next one..
Posted 28 Aug 2012 23:22
Excellent first story looking forward to see were you will go with the next part......

Posted 28 Aug 2012 18:17
Enjoyed it....good job!
Posted 28 Aug 2012 16:00
I loved all the love. Very good. T/Y

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