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The Morris Family - Chapter 3

So here we are, my sister and I make the two hour trip to see our brother just to find him going at it with our aunt and he asks, 'What brings you here?’

That is an excellent question, and to answer we need to go two weeks back.

Two weeks earlier 

It had been a couple of months since Annie and I found out our feelings for each other. Our being in the same house as Mom and Dad had presented a bit of a problem finding some time for us alone. Except for the Fridays when they went on their romantic dates.

After some thought, I came up with an idea.

"Annie, I think I have a solution to finally get all the time we want for ourselves," I told her.

"Yeah, how?"

"Next year we will be going to college. We can look for a faraway place where nobody knows us. We will have all the time we desire for us. Even if someone finds out we are brother and sister we can keep it to the privacy of our home. We can still be just brother and sister out in the open."

"But all our family lives within two hours driving from here. I don't want to be far away from them," she replied.

"You have a point there. I don't want to be very far from here either. Maybe a college out of town, but near enough to drive back."

"How about the same college Tom went to?"

"Yeah, but living with Tom will get us in the same situation. Beside that Aunt Joanna lives there too."

"We could find us another place near them. As you said, we keep our relationship to inside the house and we are brother and sister outside."

"You may have our answer there," I said.

"Then we have to tell them we are planning on studying there and take the time to find a place."

All this planning took us two weeks. We decided to surprise our brother at his apartment. We thought he shared it with our aunt’s college girlfriend, Yuuko.

Back to the present

I break the silence that has settled in the kitchen since we all gathered there. Tom has not let go of Aunt Joanna's hand since they met us here five minutes ago.

"I did not see that one coming," I say.

"Let me explain...” Aunt Joanna tried to start.

"Wait, we are not judging anyone here," I say as I take Annie's hand. "We have no right to judge.”

Joanna and Tom have questioning faces until Joanna notices our hands. "Honey, I think they are in the same type of relationships as us," says our aunt.

"But they are brother and sister," quips Tom.

"And the one holding your hand is our aunt,” I reply.

"Touché,” says Tom.

"So, how much time have you been together?” asks Annie.

They look at each other and Joanna answers, "Today it's our 8th anniversary."

"Sorry to put it this bluntly but then we interrupted your 'Happy Anniversary' sex?" I ask.

Annie blushes and mutters, "Nice tact.”

"...And our 'we are engaged' sex and our 'we are pregnant' sex,” Tom answers without missing a beat and without thinking.

"Wait Pregnant? Engaged?” Annie asks.

"Apparently tact doesn't come on just the male side of the family,” Aunt Joanna says while she covers her face with her hand.

"Uh I think they would have found out sooner or later," Tom says.

"Yeah, it was sooner thanks to you."

Joanna looks back at us and asks, "So that is us; how much time have you been together?"

Annie blushes and looking at the table answers, "About a couple of months now." Then Annie lifts her head with a curious look on her face. “Wait, if you just compromised with Aunt Joanna, what about Yuuko?”

“She knows about us and has helped cover us since the beginning,” Joanna says while looking at Tom; a silent message to not say more than necessary.

“So did he propose properly?” I ask.

“Yeah, he did,” Joanna says while moving her left hand forward with a nice engagement ring that Annie doesn't miss a beat to grab as she squeals like the teenage girl she is.

“OH MY GOD did he give it to you with the knee on the floor and all?”

Joanna just grins and answers, “Yes with the knee on the floor and all.”

We all hear the front door close as a feminine voice says, “Who got who on his knees and why I’m not invited in the fun?”

Yuuko enters the kitchen and stands there stunned for a second seeing us there. She recovers quickly and sits on Tom’s lap and kisses him on the lips. “Hi honey, did you miss me?”

Tom just chuckles a little and says, “Nice recovery, but the cat is already out of the bag.”

Yuuko whispers so low for only him to hear, “How much out of the bag is it?”

“Halfway I could say. They don’t know about your deeper involvement with us,” he whispers back only for her.

Yuuko stands and says, “Well my work here is done. I’ll head home and relax by myself.” She turns to leave.

Joanna reaches for her hand and pulls her back. “Wait. I’ll need you here. Tom proposed to me. Who else will be my Maid of Honor?”

Yuuko’s eyes start to fill with tears as she replies, “Are you sure, how about your niece here?”

“Oh. I love her very much, but I want you there.” She turns to Annie and says, “No offence, sweetie, I want my best friend as Maid of Honor although I still want you as my bridesmaid.”

“None taken, aunt, I would do the same and I will be your bridesmaid,” Annie replies.

Joanna turns back to Yuuko and asks, “So, will you do it? Will you be my Maid of Honor?”

The tears start to flow from Yuuko’s eyes and she answers, “Yes, of course I’ll do it honey. I’ll be there for you.”

As Yuuko hugs Joanna she whispers to her, “I’ll congratulate both of you properly later.”

Joanna blushes and says, “Thanks, Yuuko.”

“Well with that problem solved, let’s go back to the old question. What brings you here little bro and sis?” Tom asks again.

“Well we planned on moving here to get into the same college as you. And since we are being completely honest, the purpose of this is to get away from Mom and Dad. We need to get some alone time and more freedom to be with each other,” I answer.

Annie continues, “But we don’t want to be really far away from Mom and Dad. So we thought of studying here like you, to be able to go back to the house if the need arises.”

“So you will be coming on weekends to look for a place to stay here. Have you planned what you are going to tell other people? Will you be brother and sister here too or a couple of youngsters a lot alike in names and looks?” Tom asks.

Annie and I look at each other and I answer, “We have thought about it. We may be able to fool one or two people. In the end it will be really difficult to fool everyone that we are not related. We talked about it and decided we will still be brother and sister in public but in the privacy of our home we will be a couple. We won’t be able to walk hand in hand in public but we will have our little heaven to keep only for ourselves.”

“Now I have a question for you two,” interjects Annie.”Will you tell mom and dad about you and your future family?”

It’s Tom and Joanna’s turn to look at each other. “We don’t know yet,” answers Tom. “I suppose we will. It’s their first grandson or granddaughter after all. Mom won’t forgive us if she doesn’t meet him or her.”

“And how far along are you Joanna?” Annie continues inquiring.

“The doctor said that I’m somewhere around 6 weeks.”

“Well, since we came in during the celebration, I suppose you don’t have a date set for the wedding yet. Since you will be showing some time soon, I suggest you get it over and start planning for our nephew or niece’s arrival.”

“You may have a point there,” answers Tom. “I was going for a one year plan but I don’t want my son or daughter to be born before we are married. I wanted to give you a nice big wedding party, but I want him or her to be born to a married couple. Will it be okay with a fast planned wedding for you?”

“Oh Tom, I would go for a trip to Las Vegas this weekend with a wedding in front of a guy dressed as Elvis. How about two months from now? I think that gives us enough time to find a dress for me and my bride’s maids and to get food and music to make it in the garden of the apartment building.”

“Well we can’t help you on weekdays because we are still in school. Count on us during the weekends,” I say.

“We can help you look for an apartment here, while we are on it. If you come on weekends, we can see to both, my wedding preparations and your new home here for college,” Tom adds.

“That would be really good for all of us,” Annie answers for both of us.

“Ok then, with that decided we leave you to celebrate. We will be back next week to help with the wedding preparations and start looking for our apartment,” I say.

Annie and I stand up to leave and we approach our brother and aunt. “Congratulations to both of you, for the marriage and the future child,” we say at the same time.

“Wow, eighteen years and you still talk at the same time.”

Then we leave with the promise to come back the next week.

Joanna’s Point of View 

The twins just left the apartment when I feel two sets of arms roam around me. I find Tom on my back side caressing my stomach and Yuuko in my front with her right hand on my face and her left hand caressing my right breast.

“Congratulations, Joanna, I’m so happy for you,” says Yuuko as she starts to kiss me.

“Look love, your best friend is happy for you. Will you share your happiness with her?” says Tom.

“Of course my fiancé, she needs to know how happy we are and how happy she can be too.”

“Yes but tonight is about you,” retorts Yuuko. “It won’t be fair for you to share your happiness with me the day you got engaged and find that you are pregnant.”

“She has a point there love. Tonight is about you,” Tom agrees as he starts to lift the hem of the t-shirt I put on when the twins arrived while Yuuko starts to remove my jeans. In no time I stand there in a black lacy bra and thong set.

“Wow, going for the sexy MILF look Jo?” says Yuuko as she starts to fondle my thighs while Tom still at my back starts to play with my nipples through the lacy bra. Pinching and pulling them while he nibbles on my neck and earlobes.

Yuuko moves her face to my privates and starts to sniff. “You don’t smell much different, but still you smell so sexy,” she says. She moves her hands to the bands of my thong and starts to pull them down. At the same time Tom opens the front clasp of my bra and lets it fall to the floor to keep company with my discarded clothes.

“Now let us make you feel really loved and happy for your marriage and your pregnancy,” says Yuuko still level with my pussy. Tom keeps playing with my breasts, still pulling at my now naked nipples, alternating with rolling them between his fingers.

Meanwhile Yuuko has moved my left leg over her right shoulder to have better access to my vagina. She starts licking around my pussy lips matting the little hair I have over my clitoris, a small landing strip I keep neatly trimmed. She is only teasing me without making actual contact with my private parts. I start moaning.

“Yes… keep licking it… don’t stop… don’t you dare stop.” Yuuko chuckles but keeps licking. She starts flirting with the edges of my pussy lips, making me squirm but not giving me her tongue as I want it. I lean on Tom at my back. He keeps pulling and twisting my breasts, adding to the flirting pleasure that Yuuko is providing.

“Please. Oh Please, give it to me Yuuko, let me feel you inside me,” I plead when the flirting of Yuuko’s tongue is too much for me. I want her to give me the pleasure her tongue has been promising since she started playing with me.

I move my hands to my back and start rubbing the bulge in Tom’s pants. I fumble with his jeans until I manage to undo them and slip a hand in his underwear to grasp his manhood.

“What are you looking for Joanna?” Tom whispers in my ear. “You lost something there?”

“I want you too; I want you inside me, both of you are my happiness.”

“That can be fixed,” says Yuuko while she is still kneeling on the floor. She starts licking me hard and deep, running her tongue all along my slit parting my labia. She is inserting her tongue in my love cave. In no time she has me panting heavily. She extends her licks to my ass. Each time she goes by my ass, she puts a little pressure, increasing it each time. After a few minutes of this she manages to insert her tongue in my ass. I’m squirming under her and Tom’s grasp.

I manage to find my voice and moan to her, “Ooohh, that is new Yuuko, but it still feels so good, keep going.”

Using her saliva as lubricant she proceeds to insert one finger in my ass while her mouth returns to lick my vulva. This sensation is new but not unpleasant. She manages to insert her middle finger to the knuckle in no time and inserts another one. In a matter of minutes she is pumping three fingers of her left hand in and out of my ass. While licking and sucking my clit she is pumping the other three fingers from her right hand in and out of my pussy. I’m quickly approaching an orgasm, and I feel that it is a big one.

I feel myself float as an earthshaking orgasm hits me and sweeps me out of this world. I hear faraway, someone screaming in pleasure and I manage to recognize it as my voice. I lose track of time. I don’t know how much time later I awaken to find Yuuko standing in front of me. She has a smile like the cat that ate the canary. She tells me, “Now is the time to fulfill your wish.”

She signals to Tom and he takes me in his arms. I’m grateful for that since I’m not sure that my legs will work. He follows Yuuko to our bedroom. Once in the bedroom she walks to some drawers and fumbles in them. She finds the strap on we have used from time to time while playing with one another. She steps in it and buckles it.

Tom puts me on the bed while Yuuko approaches me with the strap on bouncing up and down. It isn’t a big one, around six inches long, but is nicely shaped and about three inches in girth. She crawls over me and I open my legs to receive her. She inserts the strap on in my pussy and pumps a couple of times. She stops and turns to Tom.

“Tom, could you lay here beside her, face up please?”

Tom moves to my side and once in position Yuuko takes the strap on out of me and I give a little meow of protest.

She chuckles and says, “Don’t worry sweet; we will make you feel better soon."

She takes some of my juices that are leaking out of my pussy. She uses them to lubricate my ass enough so she can put three fingers in there again.

"Now you will give Tom one more of your firsts; your ass should be relaxed enough, you know what to do,” she commands.

As I position my ass over Tom's dick ready to impale myself, a thought crosses my mind. "I don't know what happened to the meek and demure lady that I met eight years ago, but keep her locked away and leave this Yuuko with us.”

With a bit of equilibrium on my side I position myself over Tom's erect penis. I start to lower my hips. Soon I feel his head pushing my ass open. I go lower and lower feeling his manhood pushing deeper and deeper inside me. It is a bit painful, but it is the nice kind of pain, the one you think you want to keep going on and on.

Once I have fitted Tom’s entire dick in my ass, I start to move my hips in a slow circular motion to feel him move inside me. He starts to moan and bites his lower lip. I think he is on the edge of a nice orgasm and is only holding on by his nails to this world. I don't feel myself so far away. I will join him in no time.

I'm so focused on the sensation of having Tom all the way in my ass that I don't notice Yuuko climbing in bed with us until I feel the head of the plastic dildo she has still tied around her waist. She pushes and with my excitement and the previous orgasm it slides all the way in with one thrust of Yuuko's hips. I give a little cry filled with lust and excitement. I've never felt so full down there and it adds to my excitement.

I keep myself still for a moment enjoying the sensation of having both, Tom and Yuuko inside of me while I breathe heavily. Yuuko seeing that I was not moving encourages Tom to start moving.

“It seems that she is enjoying it, let’s pump up her excitement a little more, what do you say Tom?”

“I think we should go for it. It is her day to enjoy,” answers Tom.

As both of them start to pump in and out of me, Tom in my ass and Yuuko in my vagina.

I’m speechless, screaming incoherent words mixed with Yeses and the occasional “please don’t stop.” In no time a series of orgasms take control of me. I start to shake as one after another takes control of my body making me squirt copious amounts of my juices on Yuuko, Tom and myself.

I lost track of time. In an undetermined amount of time both Yuuko and Tom scream with their orgasms. I feel Tom fill my ass with his cum. After that they collapse with me on the bed. Their uneven breathing rocks me to sleep and I lose myself in a deep sleep comforted by their love and their desire to make me happy.

I wake up the next morning to an empty bed. I hear the water running in the bathroom, I feel a bit sore between my legs but never before has a pain been more fulfilling. I pull myself from the bed to the bathroom and find that the one in there is Yuuko. I step inside the shower with her and hug and kiss her. I am trying to put in the kiss all the gratefulness I have for what she did the night before. In a few minutes I hear the bathroom door open and close and feel a couple of strong hands come around and fondle my breasts.

“I came to tell you that breakfast is ready, but this seems more entertaining than eating” says Tom in my ear.

Right there we make love again and feeling those two bodies next to me I desire to never be apart from them ever.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Thanks for your comments... And I want to add that this story was proofread and edited by frogprince... Thanks for doing that again for me. I really appreciate it.

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Great continuation of the Morris Family Saga. Now we see that keeping it in the family is not just for Aunt and nephew. Very well written follow on. There has to be more coming. Keep up the good writing my friend.

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