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The Tangled Web - Chapter 1 - A Shoulder to Cry On

A badly behaved boyfriend brings a brother and sister together on a hot summer night
Chapter 1: July 1998 - A Shoulder to Cry On.
A sister discovers just how close she and her married brother secretly want to be.

This is the first Chapter in a comprehensive revision of a series I wrote under the male pseudonym JGUK years ago. In those days I was less confidant about my writing and thought a masculine name would reduce the amount of unwanted attention I would receive, particularly as the subject matter is something very close to my heart.

I feel differently now and am re-publishing under the female name I should have used years ago.

The Tangled Web is a continuing story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set mostly in the English Midlands , the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

I hope you enjoy it

Jenny x

"Midge! What's wrong?" A soft, familiar voice from behind her asked gently and a warm, reassuring hand fell lightly on her shoulder as Sam eased back the chair next to her and sat alongside. "Are you crying? You are crying!” He said softly as his long, comforting arm enveloped her shoulders. “Come on! Tell me what's happened."

Sara hardly responded. Her elbows remained on the table cloth, her hands over her face, her shoulders continued to shake. "I'm OK Sam." She eventually mumbled.

"I can clearly see you’re not OK." Replied Sam quietly, and placing his right hand lightly on Sara's forearm, he lowered it to the table forcing her to reveal her pale, mascara-streaked cheek. He turned her chair toward him, raised her chin with his fingertips to make her look him straight in the eyes and took both of her hands in his. His voice was soft and reassuring.

"Come on Midge, talk to big brother."

The room around them was full of noise as the band played the usual tacky holiday tunes. The dance floor was full and the jasmine-scented Spanish night air was warm. A light breeze drifted in from the sea, across the beach and the woodland that surrounded the villas. It was a perfect romantic night.

The holiday had been their parents' idea and until that day had been a good one, if you ignored David - and Sara really wanted to ignore David right now. Sara and Sam’s parents had been staying in their Spanish house over the summer months, and had invited Sara, her boyfriend David, her brother Sam and his wife Lynn to stay with them for a couple of weeks. The weather had been perfect, the sea warm and clear, and both couples had been able to spend as much time alone as they wanted.

Sara and Sam had always been close. The age difference between them was just over one year and, although Sam had made great capital out of this when they were young, it had become less relevant as they became teenagers and at their current 'advanced' ages of 21 and 23, had been completely forgotten.

In their very early years they had been treated almost as twins and as children had shared a bedroom in their tiny house for many years as their parents struggled to make a success of their business. Later, as the business had grown and the family had prospered, they had moved to a much bigger house and the kids had been given large, separate bedrooms with plenty of space to call their own.

Both their mother and father had worked very long hours and, although loving parents, had not had much time for their children. As a result Sara and Sam had grown used to relying on each other and a special relationship had developed between them. Each had looked out for the other at school and at play and as a result, neither had comfortably adapted to the other’s boyfriends, girlfriends – even Sam’s wife Lynn had found Sara difficult at first.

They lived in a city in the English Midlands. Sara was a student at the local university, just about to finish her final year and, now her exams were over, was living with their parents again in an attempt to save money. She had many friends; in particular David, her boyfriend of just over 18 months, and had spent as much time as lectures and tutorials allowed at the nearby sports club, membership of which was a perennial gift from their parents to both their children.

Sam had always been the ‘movie star’ of the family. He was tall and dark and athletically built. Now with two weeks of Mediterranean tan he looked like a new arrival from Hollywood and Sara had noticed with amusement how he always attracted attention in public. He drew the admiring attentions of woman; he evoked feelings of envy and sometimes hostility in men. Sara wasn't sure it was a nice position to be in. Sam had graduated a year ago, and had been accepted on the Management Training Scheme for the large multi-national company that dominated their city. He lived in a newly-built flat with Lynn, his wife of over a year.

Sam's wife Lynn was one of those women that other women pretend to hate but secretly envy. He had first met her at the sports club to which they all belonged. At that time she was working in the beauty salon attached to the club and had caught the eye of every man who entered. Even the gay ones admired her waist length blonde hair. Naturally blessed with breasts that would cost other women many thousands of pounds, she was tall and very slim and knew exactly how to dress to make the most of her figure. Sara had once thought ruefully that it didn't seem to matter that she had difficulty giving the right change and could barely identify Africa on a world map. Never mind, Sam could always help her as he helped her in so many other ways. Lynn and Sam were on the face of it a 'golden couple' attractive and apparently made for each other, but Sara had begun to suspect that all was not quite as it should be.

Sara, on the other hand, had a certain 'girl next door' quality which no amount of gym sessions, hairdresser visits, clothes or make up could completely eliminate. Always in the top three students at school, she too was quite tall, and knew her fairly slim, toned body to be attractive if unremarkable. Her shoulder length brown hair was soft and glossy, but she had realized years ago that she wasn't going to be one of those girls who everybody stared after in the street. Her small breasts didn't help there, even now not requiring a bra. But she didn't give up. She trained regularly, swam regularly, read practically every women's magazine in existence and took care to try and make the most of her pleasant features.

Her boyfriend David, she now believed, had probably been a mistake. They had been together for well over a year but things had not been going well recently. David was tall and dark like Sam and in moments of self-doubt Sara wondered if she had started 'going out' with him because of that resemblance to her brother. But that was where the resemblance ended. David was certainly intellectually much brighter than Sam, but lacked his confidence and felt the need to prove himself on an almost daily basis.

Unusually well endowed, David’s his lovemaking had initially almost terrified Sara who was less sexually-oriented than he would have preferred and a lot less experienced than he had assumed. Sara often thought he confused size with sensitivity and although his extraordinary erection could certainly bring her to repeated orgasms, he was not a sensitive lover and her climaxes were often accompanied by pain. Consequently she could not bring herself to make love as frequently as David demanded and, as a result, there was often tension in their relationship.

David also had a wandering eye. It had not taken long for Sara to see this and she did not like it. She was almost sure that David had had 'a fling' with at least one of her girl friends over the last year, and he certainly could not keep his eyes off Lynn , something that had become more and more obvious as the holiday had progressed.

Sara had faced him with it tonight. The row had been brewing all day.

When she had woken up that morning, there had been the sound of splashing from the pool outside. David routinely rose before her, but during this holiday he had often been missing for up to an hour before breakfast. This morning she had quietly descended the stairs and to her surprise had seen David on the covered patio, partly concealed behind a pillar, looking intently towards the pool. She had approached him silently and quickly realized that the object of all his intention was Lynn in her skin-tight one-piece costume doing her daily pre-breakfast 100 lengths of the pool. David was gazing across at her - staring in fact - and was keeping to the edge of the patio, apparently to avoid being seen. As he stared, he was doing something with his right arm, in front of his body.

Sara, puzzled, moved forwards to get a better view. As she drew closer, her bare foot had made a sound on the tiled floor and David had spun round, pulling his hand instantly from down the front of his boxer shorts where his massive erection was bulging out. Disgusted, Sara had said nothing, turning away and walking back into the bedroom, but they both knew it was going to be impossible for her to pretend nothing had happened.

Unsurprisingly, there had been an awkward atmosphere during the day. David had been distant, Sara had been cold and aloof with him, and she could not avoid feeling it was somehow partly Lynn 's fault too. It had been a relief therefore, when Sam had suggested going to the party at the beach bar that night. They had all eagerly agreed.

After a hot day by the pool, it had been fun to get dressed up smartly. There was much deliberation over clothes – from the boys as well as the girls – but when they assembled on the villa’s terrace for pre-dinner drinks there was much satisfaction at the result. Both the girls wore short cocktail dresses – in Lynn ’s case a silver one which was very short indeed and had both straightened their hair. Both wore high heels – in Lynn ’s case killer heels that showed her long legs off to perfection. Sara ached inside when she saw just how good her sister-in-law looked but tried not to let it show. David’s jaw almost dropped open which didn’t help Sara’s mood.

The boys were both in khaki trousers and bright summer shirts and looked gorgeous with their two-week tans. Sam’s shirt was unbuttoned just the right amount, David’s perhaps just a little too much but when they left for the beach bar restaurant they looked a million dollars.

At first things had gone quite well. Pent up tension led to them all drinking perhaps a little too much too quickly and Sara could feel herself getting distinctly tipsy. She also felt strangely bolder and more confident - Dutch courage, she thought. Dinner had been good, although Lynn had eaten next to nothing, as usual, and the wine had flowed.

As the coffee was served, the band began to play and the dancing started. They had danced as a group to the silly holiday dance routines, laughing at themselves despite the tension. Sam and Lynn had danced and Sara and Sam had danced - quite a lot because she was still so angry with David. David and Lynn had danced rather too closely for Sara’s comfort, after which she and David had danced a little stiffly together, Sara going back to their table when the slower music had begun and David had followed, a little worse for wear.

As midnight approached, Sara and David had been sitting alone at their table, drinking water to cool themselves down. Sara noticed David's eyes fixed on the dance floor and looked across to see what was drawing his gaze so powerfully. She saw, as expected, Lynn in her tight, short silver dress gyrating to a powerful rhythm alongside her husband Sam whose shirt was now unbuttoned half way.

To Sara’s extreme annoyance, David's eyes were fixed on Lynn 's smoothly covered behind. Sara could contain herself no longer. Taking a half full jug of Sangria in her hand, she threw it in David's face. He leapt backwards, knocking over his chair, and stood up, purple droplets falling from his hair, face and shirt.

"What was that for?" He gasped.

"You know, you bastard"

"No I don't! Tell me! Have you lost your mind?"

And it had gone on from there. Sara had accused him of being unfaithful with her friends - which, she thought later, he had not actually denied - and had told him exactly what she thought of his Peeping Tom activities and of his ‘jerking off’ looking at Lynn. David, unable to deny the accusations, had chosen to try and blame her, her body and her ability in bed. Their raised voices brought silence to the tables near them, but the loud music ensured they made little impact on the dancing crowd.

"I hate you!" Sara finally breathed at David. She meant it too. "Just go away. I never want to see you again. Ever!" David had silently stood up, turned, and had left the party, his shirt dripping red as if he had been wounded. Sara had turned, placed her head in her hands, and tried nobly not to cry. Nobly but unsuccessfully. And that is how Sam had found her.

Holding her hands in his, Sam had gradually coaxed some of the story out of his weeping and angry sister. Her distress was palpable and she frequently dissolved in renewed tears, but eventually the comfort of his presence had calmed her and she had told him all she felt able to. She had kept back the identity of the object of David's fantasies, and the nastier things her had said about her sexual performance, but in the end she was surprised just how much better it felt to have unburdened herself so fully to someone so close, someone who she knew would never hurt her.

Sam held her close as she talked, and when she had finished, brought her a large Spanish brandy from the bar. As she sipped the thick, pungent liquid, it brought warmth to her insides and with it a determination to get over this row - a determination not to be defeated. In the candlelight, the colour gradually returned to her cheeks and Sam patted her knee affectionately.

"Come on Midge!" he said, using the pet name they had known as long as she could remember. "Let's dance this off."

Sara nodded and smiled, squeezing his hand then said "I'll be right back".

Sam waited at their table while Sara went to the ladies' room to repair some of the damage the tears had done to her face. When she returned, her eyes were still slightly puffy and there was paleness beneath her tan, but she had become almost her normal self again, moving as gracefully as she could between the emptying tables and across the room towards her brother.

As she approached him, he rose to take her hand and together they crossed to the packed dance floor. Wriggling their way past scores of half-drunk revellers, they at last found a small gap in the crowd and began to dance enthusiastically. To her surprise, Sara felt the music and motion quickly cheering her up, and as they danced, she felt the tension leave her body and the frown lines left her face.

Tacky holiday Pop music was replaced by more involving dance anthems and the few remaining children in the room drifted away to bed. The crowd thinned and with more space around them, they could dance more freely, moving with the rhythm as the night went on. Sam had always known how to move, Sara thought, even in school discos he had been a great dancer and had never been short of female partners. She briefly wondered where Lynn had gone but was soon distracted as one of her favourite songs took over.

Tired, but increasingly happy together, they remained on the dance floor as the music changed to a slow, romantic set. Sam gestured to his sister as if to ask whether she wanted to sit this one out, but instead she moved closer to him and placed her hands a little formally on his upper arms, beaming with pleasure. She felt his hands falling automatically to her waist and they danced close together - close enough to talk over the music.

"Where's Lynn ?" She asked in his ear.

"She went back with Mum and Dad. She saw how upset you were and left me to look after you."

"So we're on our own then?"

"Yes. Do you want to go back now?"

"No way! I don't want to take the chance of seeing David tonight. Let's stay here."

"My pleasure, Midge"

And they had danced longer into the night. The dance floor thinned out as midnight passed until only a handful of couples remained, their bodies uniformly pressed close, their arms around each other. Sara, physically and emotionally tired, followed suit, moving closer to her brother’s body until she rested her head against his chest, feeling reassured by the presence of his strong body against hers after the day’s aggravations. Bloody David! Thanks God she had someone who wouldn’t let her down. Her eyes closed and they rocked gently, closer together with the music. Unconsciously Sara's arms slid up around Sam's back, and his hands moved to her shoulder blades.

Midnight had long passed but the music continued, their bodies swaying together to the slow beat. Sara felt her brother’s arms squeezing her tighter and she held him close, absorbed in the motion of their bodies. She felt part of him firming against her stomach, but thought nothing of it. He was good and loved her and such a reaction was only natural.

She slid her fingers further up his spine, and felt his hands slide down towards her buttocks, which surprised, but did not disturb her. She pressed herself against him again, aware of his hardness more clearly now. She hated David. It felt good to be with a person she could really trust, someone who would always be there for her. She would always be devoted to Sam; she loved him and there was nothing she would not do for him. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

Their lips met. It was an electric moment, unplanned by either of them. Without thinking, their mouths opened and their tongues touched.

Oh my God! Sara felt as if her heart had stopped.

Suddenly as if they both simultaneously realized what had happened, each turned their face away fro the other. Neither spoke. They kept dancing but their movements were stiffer, more reserved. Sara felt awkward, embarrassed and angry that something – possibly Sara herself - had marred the perfection of the evening. What could have possessed her? It was Sam, her brother for God’s sake!

She waited for Sam to break the dance and lead her back to the table in shame but after a minute she realised that he was showing no sign of wanting the dancing to end. At length, she plucked up the courage to look up into his face again, her heart thumping in trepidation. To her relief, she saw no horror or disgust, just the same warmth that she had always known. He smiled warmly but made no move to kiss her again.

As if trying to restore normality, they continued to dance, stiffly at first but, as the music played on surrounding them and Sam still showed no sign of unease, Sara couldn't resist moving closer to her brother once more and as her arms once again wrapped themselves around his body, she felt his hands return to the base of her spine and as the DJ announced the last dance, they were once again relaxed in each other's arms.

At last, the music ended for the night leaving a strange emptiness in the air. The dancing stopped and Sara looked silently, even anxiously into her brother’s eyes. She saw what she hoped was a willing acceptance of what had happened. She hoped so much that there would be no recriminations. There were none. Instead, taking her by the hand, Sam led her out of the room and into the warm night air.

As the party lights at the beach bar were one by one extinguished, so the night grew darker. A bright full moon shone down, giving the world an eerie black and white appearance. The sound of the waves lapping the pebbles on the shore was a soothing contrast to the noise of the music. Sam led her hand in hand across the lawn and down a short path through woodland to the beach. The night aroma of pine trees filled their nostrils and Sara began to feel light headed. Just as she began to feel the silence had gone on too long, Sam turned to her, his eyes lowered to his feet and mumbled.

"Midge. I'm really sorry. I don't know what came over me. You were upset. I'm really sorry...I shouldn’t have…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Sara had raised a finger to his lips to silence him. She smiled sweetly at her embarrassed brother then placed her lips once again lightly but deliberately on his. There was no mistake this time; no suggestion of an accident or misunderstanding. She had kissed him.

At first their lips barely touched, as if each was still anxious and afraid. Then as she became accustomed to the feel of a familiar mouth in a most unfamiliar way, Sara's arms rose to wrap themselves around Sam's shoulders. Sam's hands pressed lightly against Sara's bottom. They stood motionless in the moonlight, mouths open; pressed together, tongues meeting, touching, exploring the new warmth of each other's embrace; hands stroking, rubbing, kneading each other’s bodies, pressing them together more tightly than before. Sara could feel her brother’s hardness pressed against her belly and it made her feel...

At long length their lips reluctantly parted, Sara’s mouth feeling numb from the length and passion of their kiss. Sam looked sheepish, but held her fingers in his and squeezed them gently, as if not really understanding what had happened and not knowing what to do next. Sara saw the anxious look in his soft, gently eyes and reassured him.

"Come on Sam, let's paddle like we used to!" She whispered.

She kicked off her shoes and waited while Sam did the same then bent to her knees and rolled up his trouser legs, giggling as she did so. She took his hand and led him to the water's edge, light and child-like all the way, feeling the warm night-time sand between her toes until they reached the white-edged waves lapping gently on the beach in the darkness. Cool water flowed over their feet and ankles, and together they walked silently, hand tightly held in hand along the sea's edge as if in an unreal dream.

Reaching a small concrete jetty, Sam led his sister away from the sea and towards a group of pine trees clustered around the edge of the nearby golf course. The warm sand under their feet was replaced by sharp pine needles which made Sara skip like a child until the soft feel of close cropped grass took its place.

The moon was shining brightly on the long, smooth fairway giving the world the unreality of a black-and-white movie. Sara stopped at the edge of the short grass, still holding her brother’s hand and turned to face him, raising her face once again to his. This time without hesitation, their lips met once again, but now with increasing passion, mouths opening, tongues seeking each other's as they melted into each other and their bodies pressed tightly together; two dark shapes in the moonlight merging into one. Sara felt dizzy with the unreality; still in a dream from which she was afraid to wake but with an increasing passion, an increasing need to become closer to Sam in every possible way.

They paused momentarily in their embrace, gazing into each other's eyes. Sara reached up to cup her brother's face in her palms. She felt his hands on her waist, then her sides, and then sliding upwards to gently cup her small breasts. He paused as if expecting a reprimand, but none came. Instead, Sara’s mouth returned to his, and as they kissed his hands worked their way clumsily around her breasts until his thumbs lightly rubbed her nipples through her dress. She felt herself firming beneath his touch, and the bulge in his pants growing larger and harder.

Breathing more heavily now, Sara pulled herself hard into him, pressing her body against his in a now familiar manner. Her flat stomach pressed hard against his erection - she could not possibly fail to notice it and understand it - and his hands fell to her buttocks to hold her close and hold her tightly.

In a display of sexuality quite unlike her former self, Sara began to slide her body against his, rubbing her lower belly lingeringly and brazenly against her brother’s thigh like a teenager in a disco. She felt him move his leg a little to make it easier for her and softly kneaded her buttocks as she slowly writhed against him. She felt his fingers gently, tentatively walking their way down her back and across her bottom, with each step inching her dress upwards until she felt his hot fingers on her panties, sliding downwards until his hands rested in the fold below her buttocks.

Something had changed between them. This was no longer just a kiss and fondle between siblings. A harder sexual edge had appeared.

No longer kissing but tightly clasped together, Sara could hear her brother’s breath coming faster and deeper. She felt his strong muscular thigh between hers, pressed hard against her vulva and as he raised the hem of her dress and the cooling night air brought a chill between her thighs, she realized how wet she had become. Her hand moved tentatively to his groin and began to caress through his trousers the bold erection that was fighting to escape. His hands moved upwards on her buttocks and his fingers slid into the back of her panties to cup her soft cheeks in his palms before moving deeper down towards the base of her most private place where she knew her opening was wet and ready. She felt incredibly aroused.

Sam’s hands moved to the sides of her dress and, grasping its hem, in a single smooth action lifted it up and over her head. It fell onto the grass nearby.

Nearly naked, Sara pressed back against him wearing only high cut black panties. Her small, firm, braless breasts, nipples erect in the night air, looked white against her tanned torso. Sam's fingers ran through her hair and he pressed his lips against her neck as she unbuckled his belt and fumbled with his zipper to let his trousers fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and made to remove his shirt, but Sara shook her head. Moving closer, she took hold of its sides and, despite their height difference, drew it over his head and cast it alongside her dress on the grass.

For a split second they paused, holding held each other tightly, as if each feared the consequences of going further but desired the other passionately. Sam was no longer a brother to her; he was a gorgeous, irresistible man that she loved passionately, wanted badly and wanted now.

Then Sam’s hands plunged back to his sister’s panties, pulling them down over her buttocks where they rested in the crease at the top of her slender, tanned legs. Sara felt his right hand, fingertips first, palm against her skin, sliding down her soft, flat stomach until his fingers tangled with the tight curls of her sparse pubic hair. She pressed herself hard against his hand and slipped her own fingers into the front of her brother’s pants to grasp his shaft firmly before freeing it from its captivity and stroking it firmly from base to tip.

His palm descended further until the tip of his one long finger slipped between the moist lips between Sara's thighs to probe her core. She gasped and her knees went weak for a second with excitement then she swept his pants downwards with her free hand, the other still grasping his cock. Her hands ran passionately over his most intimate parts as she felt his hands on hers, her mind barely registering the magnitude of the leap they were about to take; as if she knew instinctively that once they had become one in body, there could be no going back.

She didn’t want to go back.

Releasing his erection, she took Sam's fingers in hers and stepped backwards, drawing him firmly towards her. Holding both his hands, she lowered herself quickly onto the grass, pulling him down on top of her, her legs opening for him. Sam knelt between her thighs, his erection proud and firm, and grasped the sides of her moist panties in his hands. He pulled them roughly down her legs, Sara lifting her bottom and bending her knees to help him, and cast them aside, next to his own discarded underpants.

The momentum now irresistible, Sam put one hand under each of his sister’s knees and lifted them, opening her soft thighs wide. Cool air struck the moisture between her legs again, and she shivered with excitement as he rose up over her, placing one hand either side of her shoulders, the tight muscles of his chest and stomach above her face.

Gazing passionately up into her brother’s eyes, Sara reached down between her legs and ran the palm of one hand from Sam's tight balls, along the length of his shaft, to its swollen head. She could feel moisture on its tip and as Sam moved slowly forwards and over her, she guided its swollen head towards her own moist opening until it rested against her moist lips. Her vulva was now engorged, leaving his path to her most private place moist and clear. She a felt shock of excitement as his smooth head rubbed up and down her opening. Her legs instinctively opened wider still and she reached out to run her fingers over his chest and neck.

And then suddenly he was plunging deep within her. Sara's heart and body filled with joy as with one clean, powerful movement, Sam's firm thick cock glided smoothly its full length into her warm, wet, unresisting body. Soft, high-pitched noises escaped her throat as he filled her, not stopping until she could feel his tight sack pressing against the base of her buttocks. He rested there, his girth stretching her, his head pressing against the entrance to her womb. For a second, the world stopped turning for them.

The passion of his penetration stunned Sara. Her eyes opened wide in surprised delight as she felt his warmth surrounding her and inside her; smelt the sweetness of his body and caught just the slightest scent of her own passion rising from their union. Sam made as if to speak, but Sara again laid her index finger on his lips to silence him. She said nothing, but nodded slowly and smiled playfully at the look of surprise on his face as she tightened her pelvic floor, squeezing his shaft twice in quick succession.

Encouraged, Sam drew himself back until just his head was still within her body then with a slow but firm stroke buried his length within her once again. Sara gasped with renewed pleasure, the realisation that she was actually having sex with her gorgeous brother; that it was now too late to turn back, was a strange relief her. She lost all remaining doubts and surrendered herself to his lovemaking.

His face directly above hers, Sam began to thrust into his sister in long, slow, measured strokes. Beneath him, Sara felt as if her body had begun to glow with pleasure as each thrust reached deep into her most intimate places. His erection was not large compared with David’s, her body easily accommodating and compatible. She tightened herself around his shaft once again and heard his breathing shorten in response and his pace quicken. She heard soft, contented noises emanating from her own throat, and her legs, already bent at the knees, opened wider still to welcome him further. Sam's slim, fit body, supported on strong, muscular arms, loomed over her as his passion drove him to stronger and faster strokes.

Sara's breathing became hoarser as her own excitement grew. Her fingernails dug into the grass alongside her and her head rocked from side to side with Sam's quickening rhythm. Arching her back, she tilted her pelvis downwards, rubbing her clitoris against Sam's shaft. With each fast, strong stroke she could feel every ridge, every contour of Sam's erection as it invaded her and retreated.

Sara had never known sex like this before. In contrast to the raw pain and feverish excitement of her encounters with David's massive erection, the sweet pressure of Sam's body on hers and in hers was a perfection of compatibility she had never dreamed existed. The increase in her pleasure was frightening and, buried deep within her, she felt Sam’s whole body tightening - the early signs of approaching orgasm. The air filled with wet slapping sounds as her body fluids thickened and Sam’s cock churned them white in her vagina as her own climax built.

"Midge? ...Midge?" He panted in a half-asked question.

Sara was almost beyond speech. The ripples of pleasure spreading out from her vulva were racking her body and her low moaning had grown to a high pitched squeal with each of Sam's deep, penetrating strokes. As if reading his mind, she forced out the words

"Yes! Yes!"

Sara felt her brother’s pace immediately quicken, his thighs driving his full length powerfully and repeatedly into and out of his beautiful, adoring sister's body. She was dimly aware that thrusts had become erratic in depth and pace – short and stabbing - as his orgasm rushed upon him.

This final quickening of pace lifted Sara still higher. The long loud moan she issued filled the air and hung there, attracting the puzzled attention of the very few late night drinkers that remained in the bar. She felt the swelling of his head against her inner walls as he began to cum deep within her, and as the first spurts of semen struck her cervix, she gave up all attempts at self control and screamed Sam's name into the moonlit night.

Their climactic spasms eventually died down and they both gasped in lungfuls of the sweet night air. Sam lowered himself tremblingly onto his sister’s body and their mouths met in a soft exhausted kiss. Sara felt her brother’s arms around her, holding her close. She held Sam him tightly in return, her tired legs wrapped around him, holding him inside her as he slowly softened. Their breathing slowed and their grasp on each other gradually loosened.

After what seemed like an eternity, Sara kissed Sam on the forehead and released him from the grip of her legs. Very slowly he raised his body from hers, and even more slowly slid his flaccid cock out of her. Sara felt an emptiness inside that she hadn’t felt for a long time.

He lay down alongside her, both of them naked in the moonlight. His right hand stroked her stomach and she stroked his hand as it touched her.

“I think I’ve wanted to do that all my life.” Sam said softly. “Well, nearly all!” He smiled. “As you’re so much younger than me!” Sara shuffled closer to him and nuzzled his cheek.

“All of my life.” She said. “Almost every day!”

"You’re not... sorry it happened Midge, are you?” He asked. Sara shook her head emphatically.

“No! I think I’ve been in love with you for a long, long time.”

She kissed her brother tenderly on his neck and, rising on her elbow, stroked his chest with her fingertips, a warm glow of contentment within her.

“Actually I used to fantasize about you when I was younger.” She confessed.

“So did I.” Sam replied. “And not just back then to be honest.”

“Really? Why didn’t you say anything?” She demanded. Sam laughed ironically.

“And just how do you tell your sister that you’d like to get into her knickers?”

“I suppose you’re right.” She laughed in return, kissing him playfully on the cheek. “Was I worth the wait?”

He pretended to give her a spank on the wrist. “That, young lady is a leading question and fully deserves the wrong answer!”

They both laughed softly.

“Where do we go from here though?” Sam asked her. “I mean is this a one-off? Do we go back and pretend nothing happened? I’m not sure I could do that now.”

“I know I couldn’t.” Sara responded as he stroked her naked back. “Not now.”

Without another word, he took her in his arms and held her naked body tightly against his. She hugged him equally tightly in return as if not wanting him ever to leave.

"But I’m married and you’re with David.” He continued. Sara grunted at her boyfriend’s name. “And it’s... well, it’s illegal too if that’s not enough of a problem.”

"Sam, if we really love each other we will find a way to be together, I promise."

“You think we could make it work? Like having an affair?”

“It’s more than that Sam. Much more. I don’t want tonight to be just an accident that we will remember and regret.” She suddenly felt uneasy and vulnerable. “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering ‘what if…’. I don’t want to be just another notch on your bedpost! I want to be with you all the time…”

“My bedpost isn’t anything to boast about” Sam laughed dryly. “And I feel the same. Truly I do. It won’t be easy to make it work“.

“We can be together if we really want to.” Sara whispered.

His mouth pressed against hers. Their mouths opened, their tongues sought each other and for a minute they were lost in each other’s embrace. When their lips parted, Sara saw disappointment in her brother’s eyes as he spoke reluctantly.

"I suppose we’d better get back now, Midge. It's getting too cold for us out here, and we'll be missed soon."

He rose and offered her his hand. Sara took it and rose unsteadily to her feet. She leaned on his arm as they swept the blades of grass from her naked legs and back. She shook the dust from her hair while her brother brushed his knees clean, and bending down, picked up her dress.

"It's a bit creased, but I don't think there's anyone to see."

Sara grinned and, taking the dress from his hand, slid it awkwardly over her head as Sam pulled on his trousers and T shirt. They both put on their shoes and with difficulty tried to straighten each other’s clothing to look as unruffled as possible. It wasn’t very satisfactory.

Sam slipped both his underpants and Sara’s knickers into his pockets. "I don't think we need these." he smiled. Sara giggled and blushed.

They walked hand in hand in silence the half mile along the beachside path to the villa. The night seemed even more magical to Sara now. As the villa came into sight she felt a trickle of sticky wetness run down the inside of her right thigh and realising what it was, glowed inside with pleasure. She felt happy, fulfilled, loved and in love.

The patio and poolside lights were blazing, and a lamp was on in the lounge as they passed through the gates of the villa and into the garden. They entered the house quietly through unlocked sliding doors.

"Look" whispered Sara, pointing. David was asleep in an obviously uncomfortable position on the couch in the lounge. "I suppose I had better think again about throwing him out." She said, smiling mischievously at Sam. “I’m hardly an angel myself - now!”

They kissed on the cheek and went to their separate rooms.

Washing herself in the en suite bathroom a little later, Sara was relieved not to have had any awkward encounters with David. Nothing should be allowed to spoil what must surely be the most magical evening of her life.

Her mind buzzing, unable to sleep she lay awake in bed for some time trying to think of ways she and Sam could be together – whatever that could mean for them – but her mind was still woozy with the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Mmm... It had been just as wonderful as she had fantasised all these years… Maybe even better…

In the small hours, she found herself briefly wondering if Lynn would notice anything different about her husband. She felt sure David wouldn’t notice anything new in her.

What about their parents? Surely they would realise something had changed.

It would be difficult behaving normally for the last few days of the holiday, not when all she wanted to do was jump on her brother and shower him with kisses and… and…

How could they be together… together forever… living together… together…

Wow! That really was amazing sex... amazing…

Then she fell happily asleep.

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