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The Tangled Web - Chapter 2 - Mixed Doubles

The new lovers find a novel way to meet in secret
Chapter 2: September 1998 - Mixed Doubles

A sister and brother find a way to meet in secret to explore their new-found feelings.

This is the second chapter in the Tangled Web series, a story spanning several years, based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set mostly in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories.

Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

Originally published on a different site under one of my previous ‘male’ pseudonyms, it has been extensively re-written and, I hope, improved.

I do hope you enjoy this episode too.

Jenny x

Sara and her older brother Sam returned from their holiday determined to continue their new relationship. The first few weeks were difficult – their relationship was new, exciting and their new-found sexual compatibility needed to be constantly tested and improved, didn’t it? Hot liaisons followed in Sara’s bedroom, in Sam’s house and car and once even in the University Park.

After two near-misses where the illicit couple were almost discovered – the first occasion by Sam’s wife Lynn, the other by their Father – the risks they were running gradually dawned on them and a safer, more long-term plan was needed.

Surprisingly, the idea came from their Mother who it seems had noticed that, since the holiday, Sara had almost stopped her gym visits and was in her words ‘slouching about the house wasting the membership fees’. Of course Sara was getting her ‘exercise’ elsewhere.

However her mum did have a point and Sara realised that this might be an opportunity for the two of them to meet more openly whenever they felt the desire - and they felt it often. By simply joining the tennis league in the sports club and then entering the mixed doubles competitions as a pair, they would have a perfectly acceptable reason to be together one or two evenings a week for matches (real or not) and especially for ‘club training’ on a Thursday night.

Sam's wife Lynn worked on Thursday evenings as a Personal Trainer at a rival club. Sara's boyfriend David – they were still ‘together’ if only as cover for Sara’s new love - was not a member of either club, so neither partner was in a position to notice that the training sessions were often only thirty minutes long rather than the two or three hours that Sara and Sam were away for, or that they were usually lamentably behind in playing their league matches.

It was a Thursday night. Sara, who was still living with her parents, was due to visit Sam at his and Lynn's house - after Lynn had gone to work, of course - and was getting ready carefully in her bedroom.


Sara stood upright before the full-length bedroom mirror and inspected her preparations, turning left then right then looking over her shoulder at her back and bottom. She was, on balance, pleased with the results and really hoped that Sam would be pleased too. She had been counting the hours impatiently since his call that morning to confirm their arrangement, and the time for her to go had now finally arrived.

She smoothed her white sleeveless tennis top firmly down over her small, firm breasts, and straightened the pleats of her short white tennis skirt. Her freshly-shaved smooth, slender legs, still nicely tanned from their summer holiday in Spain (she smiled and blushed whenever she remembered that magical first night) were framed top and bottom by her skirt and white cotton socks. Her brown, shoulder length hair was shiny, sleek and just a little sun-bleached. She leaned forward to check her lightly applied make-up, and nodded in satisfaction.

Sweet and sporty with just a hint of sexiness if you looked for it! Just as Sam liked her to look – or so she hoped!

To outward appearances she did indeed look as if she was about to play a serious game of tennis. However, a more perceptive observer might have noticed that her make-up was perhaps a little heavier than it would normally have been for sport and that her boobs were entirely unsupported – most unwise for strenuous exercise, even for small breasts like hers. An even more perceptive observer might have noticed that the newly-bought g-string panties she wore under her skirt were hardly the norm for Centre Court.

But then, Sara thought happily to herself, she did not expect to be involved in much racquet work that night. With an excited shiver, she smiled broadly at her reflection, turned and grabbed her green Slazenger bag from the bed, then swept from the room and down the stairs.

"Off now?" her mother Helen called from the kitchen.

"Ye-es Mum." she sang back happily.

"Would you tell Sam we'll expect him and Lynn at around twelve on Saturday? Oh - and good luck in your match."

"Okay Mum. Thanks. Bye." she called back cheerily and disappeared through the front door.


In his modern semi detached house across town, Sara's brother Sam was feeling anxious. His wife Lynn seemed to be taking an age to get ready and leave for her exercise class. As an Instructor, Lynn always had to really look the part - something nearly perfect for the rest of the class to aspire to - but even so, he thought ruefully, she could have been a great deal quicker about it.

The result was, he had to confess, always worth the wait though. Lynn was always simply stunning! He was a very lucky man, he knew; the envy of all the male club members who had tried unsuccessfully to persuade the beautiful but distant Lynn to go out with them, let alone sleep with them and marry them.

But since Spain, Sam had discovered he needed more. He wanted and needed his sister Sara very badly indeed. He fidgeted as he watched Lynn tying her long hair back then looked at his wristwatch again. He tried to make himself relax a little; it would not be too difficult to explain things if Sara arrived before Lynn had left. They were supposed to be playing tennis that night after all, and he could always say she was picking him up on her way to the club.

But tennis was the last thing Sam wanted to play with his sweet, sexy sister.

To keep up the deception he had changed into his own tennis clothes; the ones his sister had bought him when the deception was first conceived. Tall and tanned like his wife, the tight dark shorts he wore seemed designed to show off his strong, muscular thighs and tight buttocks while his slim-fitting white top showed off his gym-toned upper body to very good effect indeed – exactly what Sara had in mind when she had bought them for him. Sam wanted to please his sister very badly and wore them even if dressing so obviously did make him feel a bit self-conscious.

Finally, Lynn rose from the dressing table, smiled and turned to kiss him lightly on the cheek.

“I’ll be back by ten, Darling. Good luck in the match!” She said softly before gracefully descending the stairs.

Sam heard her call out a brief ‘Goodbye’ from the hallway then the front door slammed shut and the sound of her car engine revving up in the driveway came in through the open window. He looked out and waved as his wife drove speedily away along the narrow road before turning out of sight.

Alone at last, Sam sat on the bed, gazing at his reflection in the wardrobe door mirror. He could almost hear his heart pounding in his chest, as excited as a teenager on a first date, and forced himself to take long, slow breaths to calm down. He didn’t have long to wait. After only a few minutes, another car engine sounded outside and he jumped excitedly to his feet. Dashing to the window, he saw Sara's Mini turning into the driveway. Almost running across the room, he quickly descended the stairs to arrive in the hallway just as a soft knock sounded on the front door. He opened it quickly.

Sara stood outside smiling expectantly, her sports bag over her shoulder, the slight coldness of the evening air on her bare legs and arms raising goose bumps on her soft brown skin. She was pleased when Sam opened the door almost immediately.

He looked good. No, very good, she thought, in the shorts and shirt he must have put on to please her. It had worked – she was pleased!

"Hi Sam. Sorry I'm a bit late." She said, a shiver of excitement joining the shiver the cool air had brought and with a broad smile she squeezed past him into the warm house.

“S’Okay Midge.” He replied cheerfully. “Lynn’s only just gone. You might have seen her on the by-pass. I was getting a bit anxious.”

Sara stroked her brother’s handsome face and grinned before dropping her sports bag in the hallway and walking through to the clean, bright kitchen. Sam followed, admiring his sister's slim, athletic body and wondering why he had never noticed her amazing sexiness over the many years they had lived in the same house.

"Did you book a court, Midge?" he asked hesitatingly, as always allowing her to signal whether she really wanted to play tennis or......

"Oh no! I forgot!" Sara grinned back and Sam felt a warm glow of excitement inside him. It would be all right tonight.

"So did I. Funny isn't it?" He crossed to the fridge. "In that case, how about a drink?" he asked. "A glass of wine?"

"Mmmm. Yes please."

Sam opened the fridge door and poured two large glasses from an open bottle. He passed one to Sara who clinked it against his.

"Cheers!" She said, and sat down on a tall wooden stool at the breakfast bar. She took a large sip of the cool liquid and let it wash around her mouth as her brother sat on the stool next to her, their bare knees almost, but not quite touching. Sara looked at Sam's fit, muscular body and positively ached with desire.

She had quickly realized that, despite his usual air of confidence, Sam felt quite insecure in their new found relationship and was leaving her to set the pace. Apparently he could not bear the thought of his sister being anything but a full and willing partner in their illicit liaisons so on each occasion they had 'met' since that first unbelievable night, he had tried to give her a way out if she wanted one; never taking her consent for granted, and always trying to appear as if anything that happened was a pleasant surprise for him – hence continuing the whole ‘tennis’ charade even when only the two of them were there.

In principle she respected this but there were times - and tonight was one of them - when she wanted him to forget the ‘Sensitive New Man’ act and, yes she would use the word - fuck her passionately. But how could she make him understand this without damaging the relationship that had developed so deeply and so quickly?

She turned slightly on the stool until their thighs touched more firmly. A small step but an important signal – if he picked it up!

Sam's early tension seemed to have moderated now that he knew that they had come with the same end in mind, but he still talked slightly awkwardly of their parents, of Lynn and David, and of Sara's forthcoming exams as if they had no other purpose in meeting. Sara reluctantly joined in the chat, knowing that Sam needed it, but all the time her body was silently screaming "Touch me! Touch me!"

After a few weeks of passionate liaisons, sex between them was no longer a novelty but it was still a delight as they discovered more and more exciting things about each other. As they became more compatible in bed, so they became more adventurous there too and, despite the relatively casual chat that was taking place now, they both knew full well what they were there to do.

“So you reckon we need to keep an eye on Dad, right?” Sam was saying.

“Uh-huh.” Sara concurred, trying to pay attention. “He’s been working too hard for years and doesn’t take nearly enough care of himself.”

“I’ll do what I can Midge but you’re the one ‘on the spot’. You’ll have to do most of the watching and...”

Suddenly a car engine sounded close by in the street outside. Sara jumped up and went to the window to investigate.

"It can't be Lynn this early." Insisted Sam in a hoarse whisper.

"It isn't. Whose car is that?"

Sam crossed to stand close behind her and followed her finger with his eyes.

"It's just Jim from next door in his new car. He's not very good at parking it yet. It looks like he needs both driveways." He laughed.

Sara felt the warmth of Sam's body close behind her. It was time. She reached back with her hands until they rested slightly clumsily on her brother’s hips and leaned back against his chest.

"Lynn will be back soon, I suppose." She said archly and was relieved when Sam apparently took his cue.

"I reckon so." He said softly, stroking her upper arms with his palms, one of which had been cooled from the chilled wine in his glass. Sara flinched at the unexpected coldness as he bent his lips to her ear and whispered "So I suppose we've not got much time, Midge."

She nodded silently, her body relieved that things were finally beginning. Sam buried his nose in her hair as he squeezed her back into his chest, her firm buttocks pressing firmly against his groin. She felt his hands slide down over her hips to caress her firm taut buttocks and thighs through her skirt, before sliding boldly under her tight white top where his fingertips danced on her flat stomach.

Sara shivered at his touch and turned her head to one side, her chin tilted upwards to offer her soft lips to his. His lips brushed lightly against her, barely touching at first, then more passionately until at last their tongues entwined. Sam's hands slid further under his sister's tight top until his fingers found her small, firm breasts. Her erect nipples slid between his fingers and he nipped them lightly.

Sara flinched with the small sharp pain, then giggled and, grasping the hem of her top with both hands, slowly rolled it up her body and over her head before casting it aside. She could feel warmth of his strong chest against her bare brown back and the slight strain of his hardening cock against her buttocks. His hands, now warmed on her flesh, returned to her naked chest where they cupped her small, pointed breasts, the slightly coarse touch of his fingers exciting her; hardening her nipples. She ground her buttocks into his groin, his cock now a firm, growing pressure in her lower back.

To her surprise, Sam’s hands slid softly down from her nipples, brushing against her belly before running down his her bare, slim legs as he dropped to his knees on the floor behind her, his face merely inches from her cotton-covered buttocks and long slender legs.

Sara shivered again in excited puzzlement as he ran his fingers first over her ankles then up the inside of her calves. Her knees trembled a little and she turned to grasp the edge of the kitchen table to steady herself. She closed her eyes and felt his hot breath on the back of her thighs then, as his fingertips began to stroke the outside of her ankles, moaned as he drew his tongue in a long straight line up the inside of her right thigh, to rest momentarily at the hem of her skirt.

Outside the open window, the evening peace was shattered by the sound of a small petrol engine starting up. Sam paused as if to listen.

“Oh my God! He’s cutting the lawn.” He hissed, laughing ironically. “Right outside the window. We’d better stop!”

Sara was horrified. “Why? Will he hear us? Or see us?”

“Over that noise? You’re right!” He paused, still stroking the back of her thigh. “Unless you’re going to be really loud...!” He laughed. “There’s a fence too so I suppose he can’t see us.”

“Then for God’s sake don’t stop now...”

She held her breath, her body's sensitivity heightened to an almost unbearable degree as Sam once again gently licked the back of her left thigh, his fingers stroking her soft flesh as his tongue drew a cool wet line across her skin. She gripped the table more tightly still as, pausing only to adjust his position, Sam gently slid his palms up the outside of her thighs and up to the hem of her skirt, before returning to the sensitive back of her knees.

Sara bent over the table top as her brother, seemingly bolder now, began to draw his firm, moist tongue up the soft, sensitive inside of her thighs as his hands once again began their journey up their outsides. He paused again as his face met the hem of her skirt. His tongue crossed to her right leg then descended to her knee once again. There was a moment's pause before his moist tongue ascended her thigh again, this time flattened, reaching deep between her thighs to touch the soft flesh within. The sensations were amazing. Head-spinningly new!

Shuddering with this new sensation, Sara bent her knees the merest fraction to let his tongue reach even deeper between her thighs. His face once again touched the hem of her skirt, but this time when he paused, she parted her legs wider and bent further over the table to present her bottom, barely covered by the short white skirt, directly to his face.

She could feel the heat of his breath even more clearly now and it thrilled her. Sam's face was merely inches from her vulva, covered as it was only by her fresh white g-string panties. She wriggled her bottom in excitement, feeling herself lewdly moistening right in front of his face.

In response, he placed one hand gently on each of her cheeks and parted them, at the same time boldly drawing his tongue down the exposed cleft, along the string of her panties from the base of her slit, across her tightly puckered anus to the g-string’s waistband. Sara gasped with delight at the unexpected and unfamiliar feeling and gripped the tabletop firmly, opening her legs an inch wider still.

In instant reply, she felt two firm hands slide up her thighs and under her skirt, firmly gripping the waistband of her panties and drawing them smoothly down over her buttocks past her knees and all the way down to her to her parted ankles where the elastic strained against her skin. She tried to kick them off, but her left tennis shoe caught in the strings. She giggled as Sam helped her free herself then placed the moist panties on the table in front of her before quickly returning to his knees and lifting her skirt up, over her buttocks and onto her back. Bent over the table with her short skirt riding high, Sara felt wonderfully exposed. She could clearly see the damp patch on the tiny triangle of her discarded panties and could feel her brother’s presence so close to her hot naked sex.

His palms firmly on her buttocks, Sam’s active tongue darted forward, parting her short, tightly curled pubic hair to find the soft, moist, warm entrance to her most private place within. He licked the full length of her exposed slit, beginning near her hardening clitoris, and then moved upwards between her swelling outer lips to dive deeply into her vagina. His firm pointed tongue dived briefly in and out of her body, before being drawn upwards again and along her cleft. Sara felt the merest touch of his tongue on her bare anus. Her knees trembled and she closed her eyes more tightly to heighten her sensitivity.

Wonderfully exposed, dangerously vulnerable, unbearably excited, she could feel Sam's tongue as it explored her body more and more. She felt it soft against her buttocks, then wide and flat against the underside of her clitoris, then firm and pointed entering her vagina. Her legs trembled again with a minor climax that caught her by surprise, her knees involuntarily bending, pressing her precious passage harder onto Sam's waiting face. She could feel herself moistening even more, and with one hand, began to stroke her own naked breasts as they hung over the table top. But it was not enough. It was time...

“Mmm. Enough… please….” She moaned. “I need... you...”

Sam’s licking slowed and stopped as Sara, breathing heavily, leaned hard on the table to steady her legs. She felt her skirt being raised right up and over her back leaving her buttocks and vulva fully exposed. Her body, inflamed with passion, desperately wanted – no, needed him inside her. She felt him moving closer behind her, heard the rustle of clothes, and shuddered as something firm and large parted her puffy outer lips, pausing at the entrance to her weeping channel. She reached forward to grasp the edges of the table in front of her, and braced herself.

Two strong hands grasped her by the hips and in one smooth movement Sam drove himself hard and deep into her vagina. She gasped out loud as he buried himself completely within her, penetrating her hot wetness, filling her deeply and suddenly with a force unexpected from so caring a lover. There was a loud smack as his upper thighs collided with her buttocks and a blow within her as if she had been punched deep inside.

“Oh God! Sam!”

For a second, she felt the heat of his lower belly against the coolness of her buttocks then a brief emptiness as he drew himself back before driving hard into her body again. Again she felt punched inside but the great pleasure from his penetration overwhelmed the small pain as he began to thrust in rhythmic, forceful strokes.

Sara willed her body to open for him as he repeatedly penetrated her from behind. Her face was pressed against the cool smoothness of the table top and its edge was rammed into her hips with every powerful thrust against her buttocks. But she didn’t care. She tried to tighten herself around his shaft and was gratified to hear him moan aloud. Her body was burning; she could feel herself losing control, but wanted yet more.

With what could only have been inspired instinct, Sara crossed her ankles, closing her vagina tightly around Sam’s shaft as he continued to thrust in and out of her. The amazing sensations, already new and powerful, increased tenfold. Through the new tightness she could feel every ridge on his cock as it rubbed back and forth along her smooth, wet over-sensitive passage.

She gasped at the feel of his swelling head as it reamed up and down inside her as outside, the sounds of the lawnmower’s loud, insistent engine ceased.

“Don’t stop!” She croaked. “For God’s sake don’t stop!”

In the new silence, loud slapping sounds of Sam’s body slamming into his sister’s seemed to fill the room along with the earthy aroma of their juices as his pounding churned them into white foam around the base of his cock.

Suddenly she knew what would happen next, and happen it did.

Sara's orgasm began in earnest. A huge wall of climax began to engulf her, starting as a glow deep within her sex then radiating outwards in waves through her belly and thighs until it encompassed her whole body. Her panting became grunting, her grunting became moaning and as her orgasm intensified and yet another wave surged outwards, her moaning became repeated squeals of ecstasy in time with the banging sounds made by the table with each increasingly violent thrust.

The volume increased as her passion increased and, even above his own approaching climax, Sam was concerned enough to croak:

"Midge! Shh! Shh!"

Through the deep cloud of the orgasm now racking her body, Sara understood. She grabbed the nearest thing she could find, stuffed it in her mouth and bit hard upon it as Sam finally lost control of his thrusting. She heard him grunt loudly behind her as the warm wetness of his orgasm burned through his body and the animal within him in took over, slamming his cock uncontrollably hard into her body with the full force of his thighs, the table jumping forward with his final thrusts as he began to cum inside her.

The power of his passion was almost frightening. Sam's final short, sharp thrusts lifted her bodily from the ground, literally impaled on his manhood. Sara bit hard onto the gag to stifle the cries escaping her throat as her brother throbbed within her, ejaculating hard.

Suddenly her mouth was filled with the scent of her own musk and she realized that the gag she had grabbed in the throes of her climax was in fact the moist g-string Sam had so recently torn from her, soaked in her own juices. The aroma almost choked her as the final waves of her climax flowed through her, tightening her throat as Sam's wildly pulsating cock filled her with his seed. She half screamed into the gag, her features screwed up and her eyes tightly closed as her legs turned to jelly and a final huge wave of pleasure washed over her body.

Sam’s thrusting slowed and stopped. Sara's toes once again touched the ground, her legs unsteady and as his erection began to soften inside her she felt the warmth of his chest on her bare back as he collapsed across her, his body heavy on hers.

They stood, swaying together, still bent over the table for what seemed like an age, Sam's hot, sweating body moulded smoothly to his sister’s beneath him. His hardness softened further. Sara listened to his heavy breathing in her ear, his sweat mingling with hers as it dripped onto the table top below them. She felt his lips kissing her on the shoulder, then the back of her neck and his fingers running lovingly through her hair. Then as he slowly stood up, she felt his soft cock slip out of her hot, sore body.

She felt more than a little light headed and as the cool air in the room caught the wetness of her vulva, a shiver passed through her. Slowly, carefully, she pushed herself unsteadily upright and turned to face her brother. Sam stood sweatily in his shirt alone, his strong hairy legs firm and attractive beneath its loose hem, his flaccid cock, now red and wet with their juices, hanging down below, a spent force.

Sara smiled at Sam. Then, with the dramatic performing skill of a stage magician, put her fingers to her lips and slowly, tantalizingly pulled the g-string from her mouth. Sam laughed out loud, and reached out to pull her into him. He held her close, her head pressed against his chest; she could hear his heart beating quickly and could feel her own heart keeping pace with his. They held each other for a long time.

At length, Sam spoke, still panting slightly.

"Wow Midge!"

“Like you said. Wow!” She replied. “I’ve never… done it like that before… wow!”

“I’m sorry… it wasn’t caring or loving... I just couldn’t stop myself!” Sam sounded concerned.

“It was amazing though… I never imagined you could be so… so animal, big brother!”

"I know... I think I surprised myself too. Did I hurt you?” Sara looked at the small bruises on her hips that the table edge had made.

“I’ll be ok.” She grinned, her eyes sparking mischievously. “I’ll be sore for a while though…”

Sam smiled back. “God! I love you. You're incredible." He took her hand in his. "Are we really so bad? How can something that feels this good be wrong? God! That sounds so corny!"

She grinned and hugged him as tightly as she could. They held each other in silence for a minute, Sara's trembling body gradually relaxing in her brother’s arms.

“After all that, I think I need a lie down...” Sara chuckled and led him silently upstairs to the guest bedroom, Sam following willingly.

As they passed the open door of the main bedroom, the sight of Lynn’s toiletries on the dressing table and her clothes discarded on the floor gave Sara a brief pang of jealousy – a stark reminder that her brother actually legally belonged to someone else – but she fought hard to ignore this.

In the bedroom, Sara removed her skirt, shoes and socks and the two lay side by side on the single bed cuddling for a while before making love one more time. This time it was loving and gentle, face to face. Both of them were sore and Sara gazed deep into her brother’s eyes as he came deep inside her body for a second time.

There was silence in the room, broken only by their deep breathing.

After a while, a wristwatch beeped the hour downstairs. Sara sighed unhappily before reluctantly conceding:

"It's getting late. I suppose we'd better get dressed. Lynn will be back soon."

She rose naked from the bed and, as she took a fresh towel from the airing cupboard, Sam went ahead into the bathroom, turning on the shower and running it warm for her. As she stepped under the hot water and the steam hid him from her sight, she felt a bit battered and sore, but so happy and fulfilled. Nothing that felt this special could possibly be wrong. It didn't even feel like being unfaithful to her on-and-off boyfriend David. She let the heat of the water wash away any tiny remnants of guilt she felt, and emerged strong and happy with her decision and her life.

She towelled herself dry and dressed in her tennis clothes again before joining Sam who stood, naked apart from a bath towel wrapped around his waist, in the kitchen and, she thought still looked drop-dead gorgeous. Her panties had been unwearable and were now in her sports bag. She felt very vulnerable, naked beneath her short skirt. Vulnerable and sexy – but she would have to be VERY careful on her way home. She made a mental note to bring a second pair next time, then laughed at herself for being so boringly practical.

“How long have we got?” She asked. Sam looked up at the clock on the wall.

“Five, ten minutes. She’s never late during the week.” He replied. Sara pulled a face in mock disappointment.

“I’d better go then...” She sighed. “Wouldn’t do to let her see me straight afterwards.” Sam looked puzzled. Sara laughed. “A woman can always tell, silly. Even after a shower she’d guess – and you’d better have one too before she gets back! And open all the windows. Lynn’s not stupid, you know!”

They drained the remnants of wine from their glasses and kissed once more, a long and lingering kiss before Sam walked his sister to the door.

"We'd better play a few matches for real soon." He said unenthusiastically. "Or someone will start to wonder why we’re so far down the league."

"I suppose so." She replied, kissing him on the cheek in a sisterly manner - in case of witnesses. "But I feel better now than I ever do after a tennis match. See you on Thursday?"

"I'll see you anytime, Midge." Sam ruffled her hair with his fingers. "Now you really look like you've just played three hard sets. Mum won't suspect anything." He pecked her cheek one last time.

"See you soon, Sam. Bye for now."

"Bye Midge."

Sam stood in the doorway as Sara skipped down the path to her car. She jumped into the driving seat and with a warm glow inside her, started the engine and drove slowly home, watching him in the rear view mirror until he was out of sight.

As she drove home, her mind raced. The radio was playing but she hardly heard it. She was, she suddenly realized, for the first time, very much in love.

Arriving home and very much aware of her lack of panties, Sara had planned to sneak into the house through the back door and up the stairs to her bedroom to change. Her plans were thwarted by her mother, Helen who rounded the corner of the house just as Sara stepped out of the car.

“Well, how did you get on?” She asked her daughter jovially. Sara gave her a quizzical look.

“The match! Did you win?” She explained.

“Oh... um... they didn’t show up so... um... we won by default.”

Her mother looked at her watch.

“You’ve been gone a long time then...” She said casually.

“Oh... Sam and I played with each other...” Sara mumbled in guilty reply, convinced her mother could see through her subterfuge and maybe even through her tennis skirt too. “We needed the practice.”

“Great! Well from the look of your face he certainly put you through your paces.” Helen smiled. “you’re flushed pink!”

Sara looked horrified. It hadn’t occurred to her that, if Lynn could have guessed what had happened, so could her mother. She tried desperately not to react as her mother continued apparently unsuspecting.

“By the way, David called while you were out!” She added and went into the house.

Sara breathed a long, silent sigh of relief before following her inside.

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