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The Tangled Web - Chapter 5 - The Easter Break

A late night encounter in the silent darkness between brother and sister
April 2000 - The Easter Break

A year has passed since their first weekend away. Sara and Sam are still very much together. Sam is still married to Lynn and Sara still lives with David. Their incestuous relationship is still secret and they are secure enough in their relationships to risk another holiday away as a foursome. *

David stared at the bedroom ceiling in the early morning light, waiting for the alarm clock to ring. He was looking forward to the end of term. David liked the Easter break – the lull in routine which prepared the staff for the long hot summer term. The previous term had been long and hard work, with unexpected complications. There was Paula, of course. Her demands on him were entirely physical and welcome, if increasingly risky. But there was also now Sophie – not so much a problem, but a factor David hadn’t anticipated.

The previous February, on Valentine’s Day, he had received another card from her. 'I am still in love with you' was all it said.

Since last year, David had become more and more aware of Sophie as he worked, especially as she was now in his class for two subjects. Gradually he had started to appreciate her intellect as the lessons became more demanding, and as they worked more closely together, so he had found her conversation lively and her shy humour infectious. He would occasionally spot her gazing at him in an adoring way, which disconcerted him, and he was perhaps reading more into her intonation than was intended, but still not a thought of impropriety crossed his mind.

No, David was too concerned about the impending holiday in the countryside with Sara, her brother and his wife Lynn. The potential for trouble when they were together was always high. The last time they had been away together was the now infamous holiday in Spain where he and Sara had almost split up after she had caught him masturbating as he secretly watched Lynn swimming. Only the hours she had spent with her brother Sam had persuaded Sara to take him back.

He must make sure he did nothing so stupid this time.


A week later, Sam, Sara, Lynn and David were on holiday in the country. They were staying in an old stone cottage in a very isolated spot near the Yorkshire moors, just outside a picture-postcard village where there was plenty of good walking and good bike riding – if you were energetic enough.

Like many old houses, the cottage had small high windows and its heavy curtains kept out almost all the light, and of course being in England, the rain clouds allowed little moonlight anyway. At night it was cozy for a romantic holiday but very dark indeed.

The two couples did, on the whole get on very well, despite their complicated relationships. Lynn tried hard to enjoy the outdoor life - something Sara and Sam had been brought up on, but which did not come easy to her - and David made strenuous efforts not to annoy Sam. Had he but known it, this was a pointless exercise. Sam's resentment of David arose from far deeper motivations than simple annoyance.

It was Thursday night, the normal night for Sara and Sam's 'tennis' training. They had both been feeling the strain of living so close together for so long without being able to touch, to kiss as lovers and to make love, and the knowledge that this, their normal night for coupling, would have to be missed was proving difficult to accept.

The weather had been very good that day, and after a long walk along an old railway track, they were all hungry and thirsty. Dinner had been prepared by Sam and David, and had taken much longer than confidently predicted at the beginning. As a result, the two girls in particular had drunk much more white wine than they were accustomed to. To put it bluntly, they were drunk. Giggly drunk, but definitely’ under the influence’!

Throughout the meal, Sara had tried to touch Sam's thighs with her hands and feet under the table, in an attempt to make some form of intimate contact. Sam had served Sara her meal standing rather closer than was strictly necessary and for a moment she thought Lynn had suspected something.

The conversation after dinner had roamed widely and, as it was prone to do when alcohol featured, had touched - but only obliquely - on sex. There was, not for the first time, a sexual frisson in the air and as the plates and cups were cleared, Sara insisted on making more coffee and on helping Sam to wash up in the kitchen. This meant leaving David and Lynn together in the lounge. Sam always felt a little uncomfortable when those two were left alone, but it gave him a few minutes to have Sara to himself

He was standing at the kitchen sink as Sara entered the room with the empty cups.

"Are they OK?" he asked.

"Deep in conversation. David's trying to flirt with Lynn but she's having none of it." Sara laughed.

Sam smiled wryly. He knew inside it was hypocritical of him to feel jealous of Lynn simply talking to David when he himself was in a long standing, passionate affair with Sara, but he wouldn't have been a man if he could have helped it.

Sara crossed to the sink and placed the cups one by one into the warm soapy water as Sam washed. Their fingers touched. They both paused and Sara slowly drew her wet index finger up Sam’s arm, leaving a shiny wet trail up to his elbow. He pressed his thigh against hers and she leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"Sam! I’m going crazy. I can’t stand being so close to you for a full week without having you."

Sam clutched her hand tightly under the hot water.

"I know, Midge. I feel really frustrated too. It's impossible to live in this place with you around all day and yet not being able to touch each other. I feel like I'm going to explode."

"What can we do? We can hardly go upstairs together and leave them down here."

“Lynn won’t be left alone for long. Especially with David. She told me she thinks he’s cheating on you.” Sam said laughingly.

“If only she knew. Sam, surely we could find some way to……”

Sam thought for a minute.

"Do you think we could meet later? When they're asleep?" He asked, half joking.

Sara seemed to consider the idea seriously.

"I suppose it might work. But it would be quite a risk. We would have to be very quiet."

Sam felt encouraged.

"Do you want to try, Midge?"

"Sam, right now I would do anything to have you inside me again."

Sam smiled broadly at her unaccustomed directness. "Right! Then come down to the kitchen at two o'clock. I’ll be waiting."

She took her hands from his and he turned as she went to close the half open door before re-crossing the room to stand in front of him. She raised her lips to his and they kissed slowly, softly and silently, the tips of their tongues seeking each other out and intertwining. Sam's free hand in the small of her back pulled her towards him and she felt the hardness of his erection pressing into her stomach.

A sudden scuffling noise outside the door made them spring apart, Sam turning back to the sink as Lynn entered the room.

"I think I'll skip the second coffee and go up to bed now, Sam." She said in a 'David is getting on my nerves again' kind of way. "Are you coming up soon?" This was as close as Lynn ever came to an overt sexual invitation, and Sam knew he must respond to this special moment.

"As soon as I've finished these plates." He responded.

Lynn smiled broadly at him and with a quick “Goodnight" to Sara, left the room. Footsteps could be heard on the stairs.

"Sam!" Sara gasped, horrified. "She wants you to make love to her tonight. Now!"

"Does that really upset you?"

"You know it does, Sam."

"Well I happen to know that David is expecting to do much the same of you, Midge."

“How do you know that?”

“He’s already dropped a few unsubtle hints. He wants you tonight too, Midge.”

"What! Not if I can help it."

"Midge!" Sam whispered in earnest. "We must behave as normal as possible, whatever we feel. Lynn is my wife, after all, and David is your boyfriend. You live with him. We must keep outward appearances the same” A troubled look crossed his face. “However painful it is."

"But we will still make love later?" She sounded anxious, insecure.

Sara had started to resent the fact that while she was officially still single, Sam had already been married when their affair had started. He was tied to Lynn much more strongly than she was tied to David and tonight had just served to remind her of that painful fact. But Sam could read his sister's mind.

"I would never miss a chance to be with you, Midge, you know that." He smiled. "I'll be here at two, waiting."

Placing the last plate on the dresser, Sam opened the door to let Sara out of the kitchen and into the lounge where David was waiting, reading his book - or at least with his book over his face, fast asleep.

"Come on sleepy head!" Sara teased, gently shaking David awake. "Time for bed."

They all three mounted the stairs, Sam joining Lynn in their room, Sara taking David by the hand and leading him into theirs.

The lights went out. It was very dark.


A few hours later, Sam stood in the deep darkness of the old stone-flagged kitchen. His right hand rested on the cold tap as a torrent of water flowed into the empty porcelain sink, its whiteness barely discernible in the blackness. He felt a little unsteady, knowing he had drunk too much red wine, and needed water. Sam wanted to be in full command of his senses when Sara arrived. He filled his glass with the cold liquid and downed it in one, refilling it and downing a second glass. He felt much better, if a little unstable still.

The watch on his wrist beeped twice to indicate the hour. Two am. Timed to perfection, the door handle creaked in the darkness as it turned, and a dark but familiar shape entered the room.

"Midge?" he whispered.

"Yes. Where are you?"

"By the sink. Follow the wall round."

"Shall I put the light on?"

"No. It's too risky. We must be as quiet as we can."

In silence, Sara ran her hands over the kitchen worktop to find her way. Working her hands along its edge, she gradually moved around the room until she met the soft, warm wall that was Sam's body waiting for her. Their hands touched first and Sam grasped her fingers between his. She swung round to face him, barely able to distinguish his features in the gloom. His free hand fell to her waist and as she raised her lips once again, Sam bent to kiss her. Their arms wrapped around each other as their embrace became more passionate.

After what seemed an age, their lips parted.

"How's David?" Sam whispered hoarsely in Sara's ear.

"Fast asleep."

"Did you….you know? With David?"

“Did you… you know with Lynn?"

“I asked first." Sam insisted, stepping back from their embrace.

With a noise which Sam thought was of protest, Sara quickly grabbed his hand and pulled his arm back around her waist. She turned to face him. Sam could just make out her features in the darkness by their slight paleness, and was about to ask her once again, when with considerable passion, she kissed him full on the lips.

Abandoning his questioning, Sam returned Sara's kiss strongly, answering her demands with his lips and tongue. As their kissing became more passionate, Sara pressed her pelvis against her brother’s waist and he realized that, despite his recent encounter with Lynn, he already had a huge erection tangling uncomfortably within his boxers. To his delighted astonishment, Sara slipped her hand down the front of his shorts and grasped his hardening shaft firmly. Sam moaned with pleasure and surprise. His hands fell to Sara's waist, then to her buttocks and he pulled her firmly into him, squeezing her hand, still wrapped around his cock, between their two stomachs. His eagerly searching fingers found the hem of her night gown and lifted it, exposing her firm, bare buttocks to his touch.

He kneaded them confidently as she gently massaged his erection, pulling her cheeks apart and running a finger lightly up and down her cleft, each stroke bringing his fingers closer to the base of her vulva.

As his invading fingertips touched her moist pubic hair from behind, Sara whimpered softly, rolling her hips back against his fingers. Sam felt dampness beneath his touch and his hands moved outwards as he brought his palms underneath her buttocks. Sara ground herself hard against his erection, making him harden still further and as he pulled her closer, her breath came faster and her gyrations became more frenzied.

Her lips pressed harder against his, her mouth open, her tongue seeking his own. Sam felt the hand down the front of his boxer grasp his hard cock more firmly and squeeze. Releasing his hold on her buttocks, Sam slid his middle finger down the cleft in Sara's bottom, over her tight anus and deeper down between her thighs to reach the lower edge of her vulva. He felt warmth and wetness, and at the touch of his finger, a sudden weakness in her knees.

Sara's arms tightened around her brother’s neck and he felt her weight on him. His hands returned to beneath her buttocks and, lifting gently with his legs, he raised her hot body off the ground. Sara wrapped her slender legs around his waist, and he carried her forward, staggering a little in the darkness until her buttocks were perched on the edge of the large oak kitchen table. Feeling the cool wood beneath her, Sara's legs released Sam's waist and she leaned back in the darkness, her night gown around her waist, her legs brazenly apart.

Sam could just see the outline of her body in the feeble moonlight. His hands found her knees and he slowly ran his fingers down the inside of her thighs towards her waiting vulva. His fingers found the triangle of short, wiry hair and rested there, his middle finger very slowly exploring the opening of Sara's slit, before slipping confidently into her moist opening. Sara moaned as Sam's long middle finger slid its full length into her until his palm rested against her mound. He began to move his finger around in small circles inside her body, feeling her warmth and wetness; hearing her mounting pleasure as her breath caught in her throat. He felt her tighten and loosen around his finger, and slowly, carefully slid a second finger alongside the first.

A low groan told him it was welcome and, turning his hand over within her, Sam sank to his knees. The darkness was almost absolute, but he could feel Sara's wetness with his fingers, hear the soft sounds his fingering was producing, and increasingly smell the hot scent of her mounting passion. He worked his fingers in and out of her, turning them over and back, seeking her most sensitive spot deep within. Sara's hips bucked back and forth against his hand, her back arching, soft moans coming from her mouth. Suddenly he felt Sara's vagina tighten suddenly as her body convulsed before him and his palm filled with wetness as a first minor climax shook her frame.

His erection now painful within his shorts, Sam slowed his hands and gently slipped his fingers out of Sara's vagina. He heard a short sound of disappointment from above him. Remaining on his knees between her thighs, he quickly leaned forward and licked her flowing slit with a long single stroke from its base all the way to her clitoris. She gasped and her hands reached down to grip his head tightly and hold his tongue upon her body. Sam licked her again, his tongue firm and pointed. Sara's fingers entwined themselves in his hair and held him firmly as his tongue began to dart eagerly in and out of his mouth and up and down her slit, first in long strokes along her inner lips, then in short rapid movements across and underneath her clitoris.

Sara began to moan and writhe on the table, her back arching. Sam could feel her excitement increasing and slipped his two fingers back into her vagina, rotating them as his active tongue ran under her clitoris again. Sara's body twitched and her breath came in shorter and shorter gasps. He could hear her, feel her, smell her, even taste her as a second, stronger climax pulsed through her body, but could barely see her. The excitement was hard to bear.

Sam slowly rose to his feet, his eyes seeking the smallest glimpse of the beautiful girl beneath him. Her pale skin was just visible in the darkness, in contrast to the dark wood of the old oak table on which she lay. Gently removing his fingers from her wet opening once again, he gradually introduced the tip of his cock between her swollen, already open inner lips. He placed his palms on his sister’s smooth white knees and firmly pushed them upwards and apart, noticing with delight that she was wearing short white socks to protect her feet from the cold stone floor.

The white socks brought back memories of the two of them as children, playing ‘house’ and ‘families’ together. Of he times they had pretended to me husband and wife, pushing a doll around in a toy push chair. He thought of himself inside her body now, the two of them truly mated and his desire multiplied. He drove his cock into her with his whole weight, hearing a small gasp of intermingled shock and pleasure in response, as she wriggled her pelvis beneath him.

He began to slide himself confidently in and out of her, first in long, slow strokes, then with increasing speed and vigour. He felt her vagina tightening around his shaft and his excitement grew and grew.

Leaning over to look down into what he could see of her soft, sweet face, Sam began to thrust harder and harder. Twice, his driving thrusts pushed Sara far up the table and he had to pull her bodily back to the edge. Her back arched beneath him again and she began to pant. Her fingers sought out the edges of the table and gripped them tightly.

Sara felt both exquisite pleasure and real pain as her strong, handsome brother repeatedly drove himself into her body. Waves of heat rippled outwards from her vulva, and as she relaxed her hips, the power of his thrusts opened her legs wider and wider, forcing her to open for him. She could feel the pounding of his hips on her buttocks and the hammering of his steel hard cock into her insides and felt almost broken open by his violence, but at the same time filled by his warmth and love. The pulsing waves of heat reached her chest as her orgasm intensified and her breaths came in short, noisy gasps.

Through the haze of her climax, Sara dimly realised she would soon begin to moan aloud and cry out in her ecstasy. This would surely wake up Lynn, who was sleeping directly above them. She pulled her nightshirt higher up her body and bit hard on its knotted hem as she clearly felt the head of Sam's cock begin its final swelling within her inflamed body. She tightened herself around his shaft as hard as she could to intensify both of their pleasure.

Sam felt his end approaching quickly and grasped his sister by the hips just as animal passion overtook him and a shattering climax grew within. Great spasms convulsed his body as his hips drove violently forward and with his strong arms he pulled Sara hard onto his driving cock. The base of his erection burned as he began to cum messily inside her, biting his lip to stifle his cries. He could hear the sound of his balls slapping against her buttocks, so violent were his thrusts, and Sara's muffled, hard, guttural noises in time with his pumping as he finally ejaculated deep in her body.

Eventually his thrusts slowed to a stop and he rested, breathless, his knees weak beneath. He rested on the table top, his string arms either side of his spent sister’s body as his cock quickly softened inside her. His breath slowly returned to normal and he sought to hear Sara's sweet breathing before him. Silently, lovingly he ran his palms over her legs, thighs and buttocks, stroking her soft skin in the all-encompassing darkness.

Finally, with great care, Sam slowly withdrew himself from Sara's tired, trembling body. His sore cock burned in the cold night air.

Groping in the darkness for Sara's hands, he gently helped her sit on the edge of the table. Sara felt the blood gradually return to her tingling legs and a burning soreness growing between her thighs, soothed slightly by the coolness of the table top. She leaned against her brother, hugging him firmly to her before whispering in his ear.

"Oh God, Sam. Oh God. You were wild again tonight."

"Did I hurt you?" He asked anxiously.

"It was wonderful! I think I just had a glimpse of your soul."

"Midge, you make me feel so… passionate, so… animal. I lose all control when I'm with you. Nobody has ever made me feel like this before."

"I hope I always make you feel this way, Sam. I hope nobody else ever does." They held each other tightly in the darkness for a long time, listening to the ticking of the kitchen clock.

At length, the cool night air made them shiver. Sara finally broke the silence. "We'd better go back to bed, Sam, before we’re missed. We’d better not push our luck any further. You'd better go first."

Sam made an unhappy sound.

"I'll be up soon." Sara insisted. "Go on."

"OK Midge. I love you." He hugged her and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth opened and they melted into each other one last time.

"I love you too, Sam."

Parting reluctantly from her, Sam turned to grope his way to the door. He suddenly thought of something.



"The answer was no, wasn't it?"


"About David? Tonight?" Sara laughed.

"If you couldn't tell from where you were, I'm not going to help you." Her voice was light, mocking him a little. Sam wished so much he could see her face.

He laughed at himself and silently left the room.

Sara waited in the darkness, still sitting on the table, recovering her breath and thinking. She could tell her brother had made love to both the women in his life that night, merely hours apart. She knew also that both of them loved him. It hurt her to think of Sam making love to Lynn, but she knew that she, Sara, could satisfy him in ways no mere wife could ever do. Sam's new, wild passion had proved this beyond doubt tonight. Satisfied, she lowered herself to her feet, still a little unsteady.

Reaching blindly towards the sink for a damp cloth, she wiped the table top clean before padding in her white socks across the floor and upstairs to the bedroom where David lay peacefully sleeping.

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