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Thinking of my Brother

I got home from work, checked my emails, ate, and was getting ready for bed. I stripped down to my bra and boy shorts, and was walking across the hall to use the bathroom, and I heard some moaning. I figured once again that my brother and his girlfriend were having sex, and in a jealous mood, I walked away and into the bathroom. It had been so long since I had sex, and here it was, my younger brother getting it on a fucking daily basis. I was furious, mad, and horny all at the same time.

I got ready for bed, brushed my hair, my teeth, took my sleeping pills, and started walking back to my room to go to bed for the night. I heard multiple moans; it then dawned on me that my brother was getting it on…again!

I walked back into my room, shut, and locked my bedroom door. All I could think about was my brother in his room having sex with his girlfriend and wishing so bad I was the girl he was having sex with. The thought of that turned me on more than anything had in a long time. Next thing I knew I found myself climbing into my bed and reaching into my treasure chest for my new long Pink vibrator.

Lying back on my bed, I slipped out of my little pink boy shorts that were already soaking wet from my pussy juices. I was extremely turned on, and I could not wait long enough to have the feeling of my vibrator in my pussy. Gently I roamed my middle finger up and down the slit of my pussy. I was so wet, and turned on, that I could feel my pussy juices dripping down to my ass.

Thoughts of my brother fucking his girlfriend in the room next to me filled my head. I could not help but feel jealous and wish that was me that he was fucking, and wishing that his nice hard cock was sliding in and out of my wet tight pussy. I proceeded to turn my vibrator up to the next setting, and slid it harder and faster into my dripping cunt. I had never been more turned on in my life. I could not believe that I was laying there imaging that my brother was fucking me, his big sister.

As I gently placed the vibrator against my clit, I could feel my orgasm building up, and knew that it was only a matter of time till I was cumming. I began to fuck my pussy harder and faster with my vibrator while I tugged and pinched on my nipples. I was just imaging that I had my brother on top of me, sucking on my nipples, and fucking me hard and fast in my pussy. Before I knew it, my body started to shake; this was the first time I had ever had an orgasm while thinking about my brother. 

I was just starting to breathe right again when I heard a loud moan come from my brother's room. I knew that my brother had just cum very hard, and thought of that just turned me on so much more. I was going crazy with excitement. Once again, my pussy was aching to be touched.

I had spread my legs wide apart and started to gently roam my fingers up and down against my extremely sensitive clit. The feeling that I washed through me was purely amazing, and I thought I was in heaven. After doing that for a couple of minutes, feeling myself become more and more wet with every little stroke, I reached for my vibrator again. Turning it on to the maximum speed setting, I started to slide it up and down my lips, occasionally sliding it into my pussy. I knew that I was close to cumming because my whole body tensed up, and my body began to shake. All I could think about was my brother pushing me up against a wall, sliding his hard cock harder and faster into my pussy, and slapping my ass. I pulled my vibrator out of my pussy and placed on the tip of my clit, and next thing I knew, I was squirting.

It had been so long since I had an orgasm so strong that I squirt and it took me a good ten minutes to come down off of my high. I felt like I was flying high. When I was finally able to start breathing right, I put my toy away, rolled over, and in minutes I was sound asleep. 

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Posted 07 Apr 2014 01:23
See what brothers can do. Now how about one where their together, and I know you can do it cause you are a exciting artist when it comes to writing erotic stories. By the way, I've been sick for a long time but I'm back now, just for you.
Posted 17 Sep 2013 11:41
Waaaow!So xciting story.I can't wait for the 2 nd chapter when finally the sister and brother fucks.Brothers who have been able to fuck their sisters,and nephews their aunts are lucky guys.I 'm telling it by experience.Believe me,these are the best fucks a guy can have when siblings fuck willingly.
Posted 01 Jan 2013 07:33
I'm also ready for chp. 2 ..
hope this time you fuck your brother..
it was a entertaining read, just wish it
was longer
Posted 19 Apr 2012 19:36
Made me wet reading it, thank you
Posted 19 Feb 2012 23:29
great read
Posted 05 Feb 2012 06:58
well written and very hot.....our minds are our best partner...more
Posted 05 Feb 2012 02:16
looking forward to the part where u fuck ur brother
Posted 03 Feb 2012 21:44
Enjoyed throughly as it is so natural for a sis to feel for her bro sexually. 5
Posted 03 Feb 2012 15:04
hope theres part 2

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