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Those Uni Days- Going Home To My Dad Part 1

Tags: bisexual, gay, dad, son
I didn't really know what was going on with me and Nate. He was cool. Smoking hot, but cool. We kind of just fucked when we didn't pull- which was fine with me. I got over my crush on him, soon enough and we were able to have a solid friendship- I didn't even think he notices half the time that I'm his male friend, not some slut that he'd picked up. I think the first time I had come back with a man startled him, almost like he wanted to be the only guy I fucked, but he got over it, and even joined in. In the last few months, I've taught him to be a bisexual pro- He could give a blow job like they're running out of fashion, and his arse hole! He was ready for two weeks without me.

I was going back to my Dad's house for Easter. I hadn't seen him since starting Uni, so it was only fair. And I'd been missing him like mad. University is no joke, there is a lot of pressure, so to see my Dad, I thought it will take the pain away.

Dad has been gay ever since Mum left us. I think that's WHY Mum left us, but I've never resented him for it. For one thing, I'm Bi, so I don't have a leg to stand on. Anyway, on my way back to Eastbourne, I was getting excited to see him.

Pulling out of the taxi, I noticed that Dad wasn't home. Hmm, he must be at work. I fumbled for my keys and let myself in. Dropping my bags into my unusually clean bedroom, I stumbled out to the kitchen to make myself a cuppa and wait for my Dad to get home. There wasn't much to do in the house- I had taken the PS3 to Uni, and we only ever watched films on the Demand Box. I switched on the tv to kill some time. Dad probably hadn't even been watching the tv due to his work schedule. Laughing to myself, I went on our Channel History to see if this was true, and I was shocked with what I saw. Porn. Gay Porn, I might add. That was it. I was kind of shocked. Obviously, I knew that my Dad was gay. I even knew he was a player- I had caught the occasional man running from the bathroom to Dad's bedroom in the morning. But, it still shocked me to see what he was watching. I clicked on the most recent video he had watched.

I hadn't masturbated in a long while, because I had Nate to sort out my needs, but we did watch porn together- only straight though. It was weird to see two guys going at it on the screen again, but it turned me on, all the same. I didn't know what turned me on more: the fact that it was porn or the fact that my Dad was watching it. My dick was poking out, and I knew that I had to sort it out before my Dad got back, so I undid my jean zipper and let my dick come out for air.

Ah, sigh of relief. I felt slightly freerer as I began to tug on my piece. During my 'session,' I realised something that I couldn't work out if it freaked me out or turned me on. The younger guy in the video, well, he looked alot like me. I don't know if I was imagining it, but he had the same colour hair, the same facial structure as myself. I frowned, and looked at the title of the video, and almost fell out of my chair: "Hot son gives his father the time of his life." I was almost cumming when I heard the front door click open. SHIT.

I switched the tv off, and hastily shoved my dick in my boxers and zipped myself back up. I knew I was standing straight for all to see, but I was hoping that Dad won't notice. Then I bounded into the front room to give my Dad a hug. "Jakey! I've missed you, son," Dad opened his arms out to me, and as I leaned into the hug, I made sure to keep my turgid penis away from his body. But Dad wasn't having any of it, and pushed me into him so I could give him a proper hug. I was sure he could feel me, but he didn't do anything. The feel of my Dad's thigh against my trousers quickened my pulse. What is wrong with me?

Shaking my head to rid my sexual thoughts about my own father, I figured that it was only because I badly needed to cum that I was having these thoughts. Comforted by this, I went to put the kettle back on for my Dad, while talking about my uni and his work. My Dad is not what you would call the stereotypical Gay. The only thing gay about him is his sexual preference. He absolutely loves football, fishing and cars. He works on a construction site with other male workers. I think that's where he first found out he was gay, because the first guy he ever introduced me to was a collegue. All of a sudden, I pictured my Dad on his hands and knees awaiting the guy's cock and I immediately felt jealous that the cock wasn't mine. Whoa, I seriously needed to get this out of my system.

"Son, I need to talk to you." He said to me, eyeing me closely. I almost dropped my cup. Can he read minds?
"I have been seeing someone recently," he said in the same tone.

Phew. But then, no on can read minds, Jake, you idiot.

"Oh, erm. Don't know what to say. So have I, sort of, so I can't be mad, can I?" I say, stuttering.

He seemed eager to change the subject, "Oh, you're seeing someone?"

"Well, he's actually straight, so we're just having sex, really. He's my room mate," I feel embarrassed talking about sex with Dad now, which is weird, as that has never been an issue.

"That's sort of how it is with me and the guy I'm seeing. I'm just in it for the sex, but I think he actually likes me," as he said this, I raised my eyebrows at him.

He continued,"Don't judge me, I feel guilty. But I love the sex better."

Again, I pictured my Dad awaiting cock, but this time with his legs and buttcheeks spread, on his hands and knees. I felt my face heat up.

After many attempts of having a normal conversation, I excused myself to have a shower. The cold water soothed my blood flow to my cock, and eventually I could feel myself deflating. But then the images came back into my head and I was up like a po-go stick once again. Fuck it, I thought, as I began to tug on my member. As soon as I started to rub myself, all the guiltiness from my thoughts washed off me and I began to imagine being with my Dad.

I would hear the sound of the shower curtain moving and feel him climb in next to me. Then he would look me up and down, getting closer, pecking me on the face and neck with little kisses, until I wouldn't be able to take it anymore. I would eventually pull him into an embrace, kissing his lips, slipping my tongue into his wet and wanting mouth. Then, my hands would roam around his body, first his bum, then going round to his front. I would give his ball sack a gentle squeeze before tugging on his hot and hard member. Then, I would start to slowly stroke him, in the same way as I was stroking mine, to the same slow, steady rhythm.I would start to rub both our cocks together, using the same hand, until he was groaning withecstasy. I would slowly, without losing eye contact, get down on my knees, giving him gentle kisses on the way down, on his neck, stomach and finally thighs, as the water of the hot shower would run down his and my bodies.

Finally, I would give a small peck on the tip of my father's pulsing cock, before swallowing the cock, as my father groaned helplessly. I would suck like a pro, taking the whole thing in before bobbing my head, licking every inch. I would know what he wants. My moaning father would hold my head tightly to his pelvis, encouraging me to deep throat him, and I would oblige. Within a matter of minutes, I would have my father cumming into my mouth, where I would swallow it all, savouring every last drop of my father's sweet and salty cum.

Opening my eyes, after my orgasm, made me realise two things. One, that thinking about my father had never made me cum harder, and Two, that by the end of this holiday, I needed to seduce him.

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Posted 30 Jun 2013 05:27
An enjoyable read. Good job.
Posted 08 Jan 2013 02:14
mmm hot whats nexted

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