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Todd and Ashley Part 2

The story continues
Ashley and Beth went into Ashley’s room and shut the door.

“Your brother is fucking hot Beth," whispered to Ashley.

“You should see him naked,” Ashley replied.

Beth’s face turned bright red. “Oh my god! Are you serious?”

“I have a picture if you want to see.”

Beth’s heart began to beat really fast and her face was now burning from blush at the thought of Ashley keeping a naked picture of her brother.

Ashley reached for the picture under her pillow. Beth was curiously aroused wandering why she kept the picture under her pillow.

“Why Beth you are blushing?” teased Ashley.

“It seems weird that you keep a naked picture of your brother under your pillow that’s all,” Beth replied.

“Why? He is a hot boy isn’t he? And, I’m a horny girl, everybody knows that!”

At that moment Ashley looked down at the picture and gasped.

“What is it?” asked Beth.

“Um, well my brother replaced my picture.”

“Look!” Beth then saw Todd’s long hot cock, and cum all over Ashley’s panties.

“Oh my god!” Beth gasped, but Ashley just giggled. “You’re not mad?” Beth asked.

“No, it is part of our game; he just raised the stakes a little that’s all.”

Just then Ashley’s vibrator fell onto the floor at Beth’s feet.

“What is that?”

“It’s my vibrator, don’t tell me you have never used a vibrator before.” Ashley grinned as a naughty thought came across her mind. She went over to the door and opened it slightly so that Todd would be able to hear them. By this time Todd had made his way from the living room to his bedroom.

Ashley slowly walked over to Beth. Beth was wearing a skin tight white tee top and a short black pleated skirt. Ashley turned on the vibrator and lightly touched it just below Beth’s belly button. “Ashley,” Beth squealed, “I’m not a lesbo.”

“Neither am I, but trust me you will enjoy this,” Ashley said seductively.

Todd was able to hear the conversation now, and began listening in. “Is she about to do what I think she is?” he wondered.

“Here, lie down on my bed,” Ashley commanded.

Beth felt every muscle in her body tightened up. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt the desire to let Ashley have her way with her. She lay on the bed and allowed Ashley to saddle her legs just above the knees. Ashley was wearing tight, hip hugging jeans and a crop top shirt, showing off the gold ring in her belly button. She took the vibrator and lightly ran the tip of it up Beth’s stomach. She outlined Beth’s breast a few times, and then teased each of her nipples with the love toy. Beth could feel herself breathing hard as juices began to fill her little pussy. Ashley then slid off Beth’s legs and spread them apart. Beth began to moan.

Todd was able to hear everything that was going on. His cock was hard and he began to rub it through his jeans. He noticed that Ashley had opened the door just enough so he could see inside. He saw Beth lying on the bed moaning, with Ashley kneeling beside her. Ashley ran the vibrator up Beth’s left inner thigh across her wet panties and down her right thigh. She did this a couple of times and each time she would leave it longer on Beth’s cunt. Ashley pulled Beth’s panties aside to expose her wet pink pussy. Beth’s clit was beginning to poke through it’s hood. Ashley rested the vibrator on Beth’s clit for a few seconds, causing Beth to squeal and squirm before she removed it. She teased her like that a few more times. Ashley then spread open Beth’s folds with her thumb and finger and placed the tip of the vibrator at the entrance of Beth’s cunt.

“Oh god!” Beth screamed.

“Beth, you’re not… You are, aren’t you! You are a virgin.” Ashley giggled. “Ok, I won't take your virginity, but you will cum for me.”

Ashley got down between Beth’s legs. She placed the vibrators' tip on Beth’s clit as she began to lick all around her cunt. Beth moaned loader. Her hips began to jerk out of control. She felt like she was about to pass out, as she felt pleasure she had never experienced before.

Todd was about to cum in his pants before he realized that the show was about over. He didn’t want to be caught spying on them so he quickly went to his room to masturbate.

The girls lay in bed together for a few minutes. Beth still feeling light headed and tingly all over rested her head on Ashley’s right arm, while Ashley used her free hand to caress Beth’s stomach with the tips of her fingernails.

“Now that you had your first orgasm, are you ready to lose your virginity?” Ashley asked Beth.

“I don’t know Ashley. Don’t get me wrong it felt great, but I kind of want my first time to be with a guy.”

Ashley laughed.

“What’s so funny?” asked Beth.

“Not with me silly, with Todd.” Ashley tried to speak loud enough so that Todd could hear what they were talking about.

Beth quickly sat up in the bed and looked at Ashley. “What? Todd isn’t interested in me,” she said.

“Trust me, he is so horny that he will be ready for the first naked girl that stands in front of him. Besides, don’t sell yourself so short Beth, you are a very attractive girl,” Ashley flashed a grin at Beth as she got up out of bed.

“What is it?” asked Beth.

“Quiet, listen.”

The girls could her Todd in the next room moaning.

“Come with me,” Ashley beckoned Beth to follow.

They snuck in the hall and peaked into Todd’s room. Todd was lying on his bed slowly stroking his hard cock. “MMM, oh yes!” he moaned as his pace picked up. “Oh Ashley,” Todd mumbled. “Suck my cock.”

“See! He doesn’t want me, he wants you,” Beth whispered.

“Shhh, Let’s just watch and listen.”

“Mmm, yes that’s it Ashley. God you’re going to make me cum. Oh yes that feels good. MMM, yes, oh yes. Beth your cunt taste so good…”

“Did he just say…” Beth started to ask before Ashley hushed her again.

“Oh Beth, I want to fuck you now, here sit on my cock while I lick Ashley’s cunt.” Todd’s imagination was going wild now. His hips began to jerk as he stroked faster and faster. Cum started shooting straight up in the air and landing on his chest.

As the girls quietly snuck back to their rooms Ashley told Beth, “See, he wants to fuck you!”

They both giggled.

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Posted 21 May 2013 22:54
So looking forward to part 3
Posted 12 Apr 2013 04:42
Oh yeah. Let's get it on. 5+

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