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Together Finally

A long awaited overdue romance
So yeah I know that some people will call me a sicko for even writing this but I don’t care. What I have to say must be written down on paper. When my sister and I were young we did what happened to a lot of youngsters, at least from what I’ve read and researched. There are even certain websites that tell parents how to react if two siblings who are starting to explore themselves are caught exploring each other. That wouldn't have helped in our case however as it didn't start until she was 18. My sister and I never got caught exploring each other. Anna and I are a year apart, I am older. We were both young and both virgins at the time.

We never did anything too terribly serious at the time. We kissed some and tried to figure out how to do some of the little turn on things that we had heard of. Looking back it’s almost funny how clumsy we both were. We both knew it wasn’t exactly right and we kept it a tight secret, to this day even. I suspect that she may have told one or two people and I still don’t care because I am now telling the world. Even after our little experiments on each other we remained virgins. I moved away when I was 22.

Some three years later I moved back to the same area and she and I began to hang out again. We both had a lot still in common. One drunken night it happened, sort of.

I had moved back home and into the same house as my mother, stepfather, and little sister. One night we were both very drunk and had just come home from the bar. We were quite coming in because our parents were asleep. She went to her room and me to mine. I stripped my clothes quickly and went straight to bed and turned off the light. I can’t say how much longer it was that she came in, maybe a half an hour. She was in her nighty and snuck right into bed with me. Whispering in my ear how much she missed me and giggling about when we were kids. Then out of the clear blue sky she mounts me, before I had time to think or speak I was inside her. The feelings of just being inside her for the first time made me blow my load in mere seconds. After which she snuck back to her room and went to sleep.

Simple life kept anything else from happening over the next few months, how ever much I wanted to. Then on a weekend when my father was visiting and we were all at the bar I drank enough liquid courage to make my move. I took Anna by the hand and dragged her outside and behind the building. I tried to kiss her but was rejected; she talked about how we were young before and didn’t know any better. She either didn’t remember our drunken night together or chose to pretend that it didn’t happen. She talked about how that was fine and we didn’t hold anything against one another. It was the politest let down that I have ever received.

I didn’t do or say anything about the matter for years. She made it a little easier by gaining unneeded weight. Then she lost that weight and started posting pics on her MySpace page. Now she was even better looking. She was a very petite girl with little breasts and an undetermined hairstyle. I always liked long hair and big boobs, typical right? The weight that she had gained gave her boobs and when she lost the weight she kept to boobs. She had also decided to grow her hair out, almost down to her ass. She was still less than five feet tall. She was now short, and thin, with big boobs and long hair. I had to think of something.

I started emailing her more and talking to her more on the phone. She told me that about the time she started losing the weight that she had decided to go completely to women, 100% lesbian she said. That still didn’t deter me; you could say that I was obsessed.

I found out that there was a website that would pay for a homemade porno incest movie. I contacted them and found out all the details. Once I had them I called my sister and told her. I said that I was hard up for money and that we had messed around when we were younger and we could both make money off this deal. It took a lot of coaxing and almost all out begging but finally she agreed. We talked a lot over the next few weeks and even thought up a script and how we would record it and everything. The website didn’t state any specific positions so I lied and made up my own and said that they required it. Truth was that I wanted to have her over and over again in every position that I could think of. I wanted to be on top of her, I wanted her on top of me. I wanted to feel her swallow my cum and I wanted to cum all over her face. I wanted to fuck her in the shower and make love to her from behind. We thought of a way that we could do it all.

The bad news was that this website shut down during all of this, and I didn’t tell her.

I made the plans and arrangements for a hotel room where we could stage everything. When I checked in I think I set up the camera before I even took my jacket off. At the exact right time there was a knock at the door, ShowTime.

I opened the door for my sister to come in, she took her coat off and said “Man bro the traffic out there is insane, I know we’re supposed to leave for the party but some guy drove by me and splashed mud all over me. Do you mind if I take a shower first?”

“Of course not sis me shower es su shower”

With that she went to the shower and shut the door. I heard the shower turn on and that was my cue to get undressed and into my robe to say after she was done that I needed a last minute shower too. Then she would come out all wet and naked and seduce me on the bed. I arranged the camera now to see the shower door and the bed at the same time and that I could use the remote to make the camera zoom in on just the bed when needed. What happened next was not planned. Anna came out of the shower all dripping wet with her towel on. She walked to the bed where I was sitting. “Big brother do you think I’m pretty?”

“Hell yeah Anna, all the guys look at you.”

“Do you think these are pretty?” she said as she dropped the towel enough to show her boobs, boobs that I had never seen that large on her naked body.

“Very much so sis, what are you doing?”

“Are my lips soft?” she said as she kissed me deeply. She didn’t give me a chance to answer because her tongue was so deep in my mouth. Her little hand found my thigh and started to rub, higher and higher with each stroked until she found my now very solid hardon. She rubbed it slowly and softly with her little hand while her mouth started to kiss my chest in a little line south. As her mouth was making its first contact with my cock in years she stopped and stood up. She removed her towel completely and did a little fully nude turn, playing to the camera and jiggling her boobs at it. She turned back to make and got on her knees in front of me. “I have a confession” she said. “Two actually” I was about to ask what it was when she took my cock in her mouth and words along with it. She sucked just enough to keep me visibly throbbing. “I want to hear your confession first brother, and then I’ll tell you one of mine.” Now she was just licking my cock and teasing it to keep it still so hard that it throbbed. “Tell me or I’ll stop and go home right now.”

“Sis this isn’t part of the script” I whispered.

“No script, confess something to me you think I would be mad about.” She said as she lifted up and put my meat between her boobs, she pushed them together and ever so slowly made me titty fuck her.

“The website that I was going to sell this video to, shut down” I said, very nervous that should would back out right now.

“My confession bro is that I know this, I knew the minute it closed.”

“And you still want to do this? Why?”

“Tom, you tell me why you’re still here and I’ll tell why I am.” She said, but she kept the heat on by rising up and so passionately French kissing me.

“Truth is Anna; I can’t stop thinking about you.” I said between gasps as she returned her face to my cock. “I see your pictures online and I can’t stop looking or thinking about you. I see us going to another city where they don’t know us and making out with you in public. I think that all the time, I don’t know what it is.”

Anna stood up with a content grin and pushed me down on my back. Slowly she climbed up onto to me and rubbed her wet pussy along my cock. She used her fingers to part the lips so my meat would slide between them. “Liar you do know what it is, tell me.” She used her hand again to line the head up with her dripping hole, “tell me” she breathed.

I thought about it for a moment and said, “I think, I think I love you Anna.”

“Love, or In Love Tom?” she whispered as she teased me by almost letting the head inside. She rocked up and down just enough to effectively fuck the tip of the head.

“In Love Anna, I’m in love with you that’s it!” I screamed “I’m totally in love with you!”

“Tom I’m here because I realized two years ago that I’m in love with you to, I want no other man than you.” With that said she lowered herself so that I was balls deep inside of her. She bent over enough that she could pick my head up and bury it in her breasts. I licked and sucked and did all that I dreamed about. “Oh god, I’m fucking my brother and I don’t care!” she screamed.

“Cum for me bro, cum for me. Cum inside me please!!!” she urged. She stopped bobbing and let me take control of the thrusts from underneath her. I pumped hard and fast, pushing myself deep inside her.

“I gonna cum! I’m gonna cum inside my sister, god it feels great to say that.” She could feel that I was about to cum and at just the perfect time she slammed her body down and gyrated her hips in little circles. She saw my body relax and bit and while my tip was still sensitive she got off of me and knelt between my legs and took me into her mouth completely. She used her hand and her mouth milk out the last remaining drops of my cum.

She stood up and walked to the bathroom again. “I’m going to take a shower bro, you have ten minutes to get yourself together and then you are on top of me.”

And that is how it happened.

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Posted 10 Jun 2010 03:51
Jesus! Hot. Contact me if you wish:
Posted 09 Jun 2010 16:31
I loved your story, it had a build up that was good and the reason it happened was great. The best part is they realized it was the thing for them. Keep it up....
Posted 09 Jun 2010 13:55
This was a wonderful story and you had a great buildup going. The climax was a bit rushed, and not as much emotion was played into it as could be. Either way, well done with this story. i liked it very much.
Posted 09 Jun 2010 13:20
Thank you very much, and there will be more. Perhaps two or three depending on the reception.
Posted 09 Jun 2010 12:43
great,great story,i hope there's more to come

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