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Triple Pleasure

Natalie felt her sisters' hands around her waist and front in the pool as her nipples were erect
Natalie Evans was a twenty two year old young woman with two sisters called Monica and Lisa who looked exactly alike as she. As they were triplets. Three of a kind. They all had strawberry blonde hair mid- way down their backs, blue green eyes, slender figures, and dimples in their left cheeks. All through high school no one could tell them apart except for their parents.

They all went to college and lived in dormoritary rooms they were lucky enough to get a room together. One night there was a party going on in one of the dorms so the triplets went to go and check it out. Hundreds of people there so they got pushed and shoved.

A guy came over to talk to them with a drink in his hand.

"Hi, girls," he said, nervously looking from one girl to the next and looked confused. "Are you guys twins?"

"No, you moron, we're triplets as there is three of us not two," said Lisa with annoyance.

"Sorry, weirdo," the guy said and walked away.

"God, Lisa, why do you have to act like that?" asked Natalie.

"God, sorry I speak my mind. But come on, you guys, doesn't it annoy you when people say we look so much alike?

Natalie and Monica looked at each other and then turned back to their sister and shook their heads.

Lisa rolled her eyes, "I can't believe we're even related," she said, then walked away.

Monica whispered to her sister, "shouldn't we go after her?"

They both watched as their sister threw back bottles of beer and danced sexily with random guys.

"Let her cool off for a bit," Natalie replied. "No, let's get her now."

Natalie and Monica moved quickly and picked up their sister who drunkly fell to the floor.

"OK, we'll take it from here," Natalie said, as she and monica carried Lisa out and placed her down gently in the deck chair outside by the college swimming pool.

"I'm good," Lisa said, she stood up slightly wobbly on her feet but she sobered up. She whipped her yellow top off and exposed her breasts for all to see.

"Lisa, what the hell are you doing?" demanded Natalie, hands on her hips.

She walked up to her and kissed her full on the lips. "Come my sisters, lets take a dip."

Before Monica and Natalie could stop her, Lisa dived in and rose back up on the other side of the pool.

The coolness of the water sobbed her up.

Monica looked at Natalie and grinned, "come on, should be fun," she said. She dived in fully clothed.

Natalie couldnt help but to watch as her sisters began to kiss. Tongues inside each other's mouths, hands on each other's faces. She wetted her lips as she continued to watch her sisters run their hands up and down their bodies. It was beginning to turn her on. Natalie couldnt believe she was doing this, she took off her panties and then dived into the pool and swam over to her sisters.

Lisa and Monica circled around her like predators getting ready to pounce on their prey. Monica traced her hands down her back and then around her waist while Lisa ran her hands down over Natalie's chest where her nipples were erect through her black t shirt.

Lisa pulled up her sister's top and took each of her nipples in her mouth making her sister gasp. Her left hand went down to her sister's pussy and slid two of her fingers up it.

Monica began kissing gently down the back of Natalie's neck, shoulders.

Natalie's heart raced. She pulled away from both of them. "This is wrong," she said. But couldn't help the feeling of arousal in her groin from where Lisa had touched it.

Lisa and Monica pulled her back and backed her into a corner.

Lisa slid off her panties whist her eye contact never moved from Natalie's. She pressed her body against hers and began rubbing her pussy against her pussy.

Natalie couldnt believe what her sister was doing but it felt so good. She felt like she was in heaven on a cloud of ectasy. She moaned and gasped pleasurely at what the feeling her sister's pussy was doing to her. Her pussy grinded against Lisa's and they were making love.

Lisa wrapped her legs around her hips as she thrusted hard.

Monica was a few feet away and was masturbating whilst watching her sisters having sex.

It wasn't long until both Lisa and Natalie came. Shortly after Monica let out a cry of pleasure as she orgasmed.

Sometimes sisterly loving does come in handy after all.
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Posted 27 Dec 2011 11:02
sexy and hot
Posted 17 Dec 2011 08:56
Did the triplet cum too together as in same time? I think you should write another story all being fucked by one guy together.
Posted 16 Dec 2011 17:37
Posted 16 Dec 2011 03:16
bronte27 has nailed it with this sensuous and water go together like 2 peas in a pod. I know because I've been there and done that. :-)

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