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Truth or Dare

Big brother and his sister find themselves alone for the weekend. Long desired pleasures are found
After a lengthy chat with a friend here on lush a week or so ago I found myself compelled to write yet another tale of sensual incestuous delights. Consider this one inspired by a guy I admire and the lady he courts.

“You two know not to have any parties while we’re gone,” Cameron’s mother had told him and his little sister as she and their father got ready to leave for the weekend. They’d been looking forward to it for months and knew their 18 year old son could watch after the safety of Amie, his 16 year old sister.

“Yeah mum,” Cameron replied, “we’ll just be hangin about anyway. Not much doing round here lest ya have a boot full of money.” His eyes raked over at Amie, sweet sixteen and never been kissed he guessed. At least she’d never bragged about any lads trying her out.

Brenda, their mother, looked to her daughter and smiled as she said, “No boys over sweetie, Cameron will be watching out after you until we get back on Sunday evening. So behave like our good little girl.” She turned as her husband huffed and made his way out the door, frustrated that the getaway they’d planned was taking so long to get off on. One last glance over her shoulder and she closed the door behind her. She joined her husband in the car and he grinned knowing that he would soon hear his wife of twenty years scream out in climax; something she could hardly do while they were under the same roof as the kids. He slipped his hand up her thigh teasingly even before he started the car and she smiled knowing he would be pumping her full of hard cock in no time.

Cameron smiled over at his little sister as he told her how it was going to be while he was in charge, “So, as I see it, you can watch all the TV you want and I’ll use the computer to play games for the weekend.” He smiled as he turned to go down the hall of their flat to his parent’s room where the computer was sequestered away from being used by kids too young to know better than to surf the net unguided. He chuckled as he clicked the mouse and revived his dad’s screen saver. Up came a picture of two animated characters doing things he and his sister weren’t allowed to think about, much less do. He opened up the internet server and checked out where his dad had been going on line. “Hahaha,” he laughed aloud as he saw the nasty pics his dad seemed to like, one in particular revealing a beautifully shaven mound with the labia pulled open as a huge cock brushed against the opening to her heavenly sheath in the doggie position.

“Ah, Cam, that’s nasty,” he heard his little sister exclaim as she looked over his shoulder after sneaking in silently to see what he’d be doing on the computer. “You better delete the history of what you’re looking at or dad will have a cow when he finds out you’re surfing porn.”

He turned and looked over his shoulder as his shocked little sister made her demands. “Well, as far as the history, these are the sites dad looks at. This is where his favorites tab took me, so I doubt he’ll notice the difference.” He eyed her carefully and asked a question of the pert teenager standing beside him in her cut off jean shorts and tee, “Tell you what, since I’ve kind of been caught spying on dad’s porn, I’ll shut it down and we can play a game instead.”

“What kind of game? I know you, you’re gonna want to play strip poker or something like that Cam,” she replied with accusation.

“You choose then, so long as it’s not too juvenile,” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh kiss my ass Cam; you think you’re so grown up. You’re only two years older than me ya know.” She huffed and crossed her arms under the lush orbs of her well-developed C-cup tits making them rise and stretch the fabric of her tee. Cameron couldn’t help but take note of just how grown up his little sister had become in the last year or two; her long black hair gave her a look of someone much older and more experienced.

He grinned as she puffed up before him and replied, “Don’t tempt me Amie. I might just have to tickle you until you pee your pants,” a threat he had fulfilled more than once when they were younger. Her jaw fell open and she began to speak and then thought better of it. He smiled and turned around to click the internet connection off and return the computer to sleep as it had been.

“So, let’s go out in the family room and watch a video, we can decide what we’re gonna do as we're held up like rats in a cage. You know mum will know if we go anywhere at all, I think she sets traps outside the door,” then laughed as he rose to his feet, towering over his sister’s 5’7” height with his 6’1” in frame. He flexed his muscles as if to grab her and she back peddled quickly to avoid his alleged tickling attempt.
“I get to choose the DVD Cam!” she exclaimed as she ran back to the family room to select a DVD from the extensive collection their parents had gathered.

He followed at a leisurely pace and soon had taken the center of the couch and extended his arms over the entire back rest of it. He’d get to tickle her no matter how much she fought, in fact he hoped to wrestle with her when all was said and done. He smiled as she turned from inserting the disc into the player and grinned over choosing a chick flick of her likings.

She knew exactly what he was going to do and secretly hoped he would tickle her so she could tickle back and feel his pumped rippling muscles. She had never been able to even be with a boy long enough to touch one besides her brother. “Cam,” she cooed as she turned and clicked the movie to start, “you better not be planning to tickle me.”

“Why would I want to do that, you’re way too old for playing that game. There are better ones we could play if you think you’re so grown up now,” he added as his eye brow arched wickedly.

She gave him a stern look and then smiled as she thought of one they could play that could get them into way too much trouble. She went over and flopped down on the couch next to him and looked him straight in the eye and asked, “What ones are you thinking about big brother. Better not involve anything nasty.”

Grinning she hoped secretly that he would even want to see her naked, she’d peaked at his physique in the shower several times and then found her pussy wet wanting to know what it would feel like being naked in his arms. Once she even caught him wanking his dick and was amazed at how nice and hard it looked as it took both hands to hide it as he made himself squirt his cum all over the wall of the shower.

“I wouldn’t force you to do anything like that kiddo,” he jibed as the arm that was sitting above her on the back of the couch descended quickly to turn her over his lap and spank her. “I will however teach you not to even think of telling me what I can’t do.”

His other hand assaulted her ribs as he held her down and began the ruthless tickle fest as she squealed with tortured delight. His hands were all over her, but all she could feel was the growing, pulsing penis that pressed against her left tit as his hand held her down by pressing against her butt. God, it was so wrong but she wanted to feel it bare against her, feel it slipping into her pussy.

He tickled her until she really did seem to pee her pants and forced herself from his grip. “Now see what you’ve done. I told you not to tickle me so hard,” and turned away to go to her room and change. In truth she hadn’t peed at all, she had gushed out creamy honey from her core like only happened when she masturbated.

Grinning as she turned her face turned away, the stage was set and she would be ready for him next time. She didn’t quite close the door to her room when she went in hoping he’d want to say he was sorry and catch her in some degree of undress. Stripping down to just her bra since she had to change the soaked panties she had cum in already. It was evening already so she decided to put on her nightie instead of redressing in real clothes. Taking off her bra she felt the weight of her youthful firm tits, aroused with thoughts of cuddling up to her big brother to watch the movie. She slid the thin fabric over her mane of black hair and went to the mirror to make sure it looked nicely mussed just the way she liked it. It was. She tugged the short length of her nightie down over her rump where it just barely covered the firm rounded arse she knew would turn on the pope if he ever saw it.

Cameron knew he had gone too far as he heard Amie yelp and twist out of his grip. The sight of how wet her crotch was sent a wave of forbidden thoughts through his head. He thought he had made her pee, but what he really wanted was to make her cum. They had all weekend; he was determined to deflower his little sister before their folks got home. When she walked back into the family room he turned to look at her, his lips quivered wanting to drool over the short nightie she now wore, her nipples shone through the thin fabric and forced his member to stir without any other provocation.

He looked into her eyes as she stood on the other side of the room from her and said, “I’m sorry Amie, and I didn’t mean to go too far, honest.” He stood up and said, “Let me go get you a soda to make up for it. And then you can torture me any way you want and I’ll not fight back.” He strode from the room and went to the kitchen, hoping he would at least be able to sit beside her as they watched “Pretty Woman” for the umpteenth time.

She watched carefully as he went to the kitchen for drinks and then made her way to the couch to try to reclaim her dignity after gushing out her juices like she had. She’d not have to worry about her knickers this time; she wasn’t wearing anything at all under the thin covering of her nightie. If he got handsy again she’d just have to fight back and tickle him where she had longed to touch for quite a while. She clicked on the menu button to restart the movie and watched the title runs as he walked back across the room. He seemed to bow before her as he offered up her drink and she smiled leaning forward to take it from him. “You sit on the floor Cam. I am not entirely sure I trust you right now. What were you thinking anyway tickling me so hard?”

He looked down at her big brown eyes and smiled as he turned to sit in front of the couch as she had requested. Over his shoulder he replied, “I was just having fun with you sis. I’m really sorry I went too far. I mean it, any torture you have in mind is okay by me.” He secretly hoped she would torture him in a way that involved being touched as his mind worked fast at how to get a peak between her legs from his lowered pose, he smiled as she answered him.

“I’m thinking I should embarrass you as much as you did me Cam,” she said with candor. She leaned down and put her hand on his shoulder, peaking over at his lap to see if his penis was still as big as it had been when she was lying across it. Damn if it wasn’t even bigger than before. She grinned and said, “Truth or Dare,” and giggled.

He flinched as she offered up a game of truth or dare, he could really find out some stuff about her if he played his cards right. For now he had to accept her game. “Truth,” he declared with resolve. “Just remember, for every time you say it I get to as well Amie.”

“I know that. I’m not a moron Cameron.” She ignored the movie; this game would be much more fun for her. She’d find out all kinds of stuff about him and be able to black mail him as time went by. “Okay, truth. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

He laughed and replied; “Now that is too easy. Yes, a couple in fact.” He thought about what she’d asked and knew she would be able to answer his question if she opted for truth. “Truth or Dare?” he asked as he turned his eyes towards hers as she sat above him with her legs dangling just to his right; darn the luck she had her knees pressed together like a vice had hold of them.

“Dare,” she said boldly and then added, “But nothing too nasty Cam or I won’t do it.”

He laughed, she knew him too well. He was always doing things to tease her and make her blush. He thought about it and spoke softly, “I dare you to pull your nightie up and let me see your bra and panties.” He figured she would refuse, but it was worth a shot.

“You would go there first thing,” she declared as a faint smile painted her lips. She said, “You know if I do that what’s going to be next for you too. Don’t you?” He nodded in hopes she would actually expose her undergarments for him to see her for real. He’d peaked at her in the shower a couple of times, but had never really seen the shape of her tits or pussy. She stood up facing away from him and abruptly raised her nightie up and then tugged it back down before he could even focus. Had he seen right; was she naked under her nightgown?

Damn she had a nice ass, it was wasn’t it? She returned to her seat and said, “Okay, I did what you dared me to,” and giggled knowing he hadn’t seen anything but a blur of skin, her back and butt at that. “Truth or Dare?” she asked with a smirk. This was going to be so much fun; she could only hope he’d choose a dare as well.

His eyes looked into hers as she grinned at him, knowing she’d gotten one up on him the last round. She really didn’t want to play fair; if she did he’d have gotten an eye full of at least her bared cheeks. “Truth again,” he said with a smile. His eyes dipped to look at her thighs, so close and yet so closed to his sight or touch. Damn he wished she would get excited enough to jump and let him see her pussy, just once. But he knew she’d never allow that to happen even if she did return without undies on. Hmmm, he wondered silently as she considered her question.

“Have you ever made love to a girl? I mean really made love, not just a quick touchie feelie.” He’d have to either admit he’d never fucked someone or he’d be lying. She knew he’d never gone all the way any more than she had.

He heard her question and wondered just where she was going with this line of inquiry. Taking the opportunity to face his inquisitor he turned around and did just that. He sat cross legged on the floor directly in front of her, if she even moved he’d have a perfect view of her pussy. He didn’t look down there though; he didn’t want to scare her off so soon.

“Truth? Damn it sis, I’m 18 already and I know all of the other guys have been doing it for a year or more. No, I haven’t gone all the way, at least not yet anyway. I’m kind of saving myself for this one really hot girl I know, she is meant to be my first.”

There, he’d said it whether she knew it or not; he’d confessed his desire for his little sister’s body. Her jaw dropped open when he was honest about his answer, she wanted to ask him right away who it was that he held in such high esteem to want her to be his first. Darn it, she’d love to be that one girl he felt so strongly about. Her eyes glistened as she sat in awe of his confession. “Truth or Dare?” he asked drawing her thoughts away from the feelings she been thinking about, the desire she’d already felt to feel him deep inside of her growingly wet well.

“Dare, again,” she cooed hoping he’d pick something that would again expose her to his view. This time she would face him and let him get a good look at what she wanted to make all his. Her nerves were getting ragged as she waited for his response and request; she saw his eyes drop to her knees and had a thought. She casually parted her knees and inch or more, just enough to tease him to want to see it all. She knew he was watching as his eyes glittered with a dreamy look of want.

He peaked as he saw her knees part ever so slightly, not enough to really see anything, but as short as the nightie was it was enough to encourage his lust filled desire. He bit his lower lip in a way he knew she’d realize he wanted to really see her. His hands went around behind him to avoid wanting to grab her if she actually did what he asked of her.

“I dare you to stand up and take your nightie off and turn so I can see what you’ve got on underneath it.” He knew very well she was naked, but she’d either have to do it or admit she was a coward.

She grinned down at him as he looked her in the eye with a seriously intent gaze. She pulled her knees together and turned up and up to stand on the couch above him. “No touching Cam. I’ll scream bloody hell if you do.” She watched as his hands stayed behind his back, her gaze looking down at the swollen shaft lying along his pant leg. She’d give anything to be able to dare him to show it to her. She grasped the hem of the shirt like nightie and said, “Only for a moment Cam,” and lifted it over her head. Quickly she held the fabric over her lush tits and let it drape down over the fine trimmed hairs of her pubic mound. He grimaced and she let the fabric drop away, being sure to hold on to it so she could redress soon.

“Oh my God Amie. You are awesome sis,” he exclaimed at the sight of her youthful body. So beautiful he could hardly believe he was being allowed to see her. His hands twitched as his eyes feasted on the perfection of her tits, so big compared to her tiny waist and athletic body. Her pubic hair was like fine down, so wondrous he wanted to touch it, kiss it, and lick over it until she begged for him to fill her pussy with his tongue or fingers. She was definitely teasing him as she turned and stepped off of the couch, remaining fully naked for him to see every angle, every curve of her supple flesh. “Stay that way for me. Please?” he pleaded as his eyes watched the grace of each muscle’s movement, the sway of her tits as she turned to give him the show of his lifetime.

“I dare you to strip too Cam,” she said without being given the standard inquiry of truth or dare. Her eyes raked over his body, seated, staring at her nudity, seeming to want to devour her just the way she’d like him to. She might balk at him fucking her right away, but to feel his touch, to know the texture of his lips as they brushed over her flesh would be enough to send her over the edge to climaxville.

He stood up and tugged off his tee shirt first thing. She gasped at how easily he removed the first item of clothing; his chest was magnificent to say the least, her eyes feasted on every inch forgetting that she stood before him without a stitch on. He kicked off his athletic shoes and grinned, watching her eyes flitter back and forth over his taught six pack abs and muscular arms to what awaited her below the waistband of his jeans. He unbuckled his belt and tugged it from around his waist. With a grin he tossed it to her in hopes she would know just what he wanted done with it.

One foot and then the other his socks were removed before he stood back up and asked her “Are you sure you want to see me like this? I have to tell you, my body is already aroused just looking at you sis. I’ve got a hard on that won’t quit.” She nodded and he took her at her gesture, unbuttoning the waistband of his jeans and then unzipping them slowly, teasingly. He couldn’t tell if he or she was enjoying this act more, his cock strained to be released and flipped up to horizontal as he dropped the loose fitting jeans to pool at his ankles. He rarely ever wore briefs and hated boxers with a passion. He saw her eyes get bigger and wider open as she beheld his swollen engorged cock for what he figured was the first time.

Amie gawked at his penis as if she’d never seen one before. She had seen his through the steamed up glass of the shower, but it didn’t look anything like this. It was so thick, so long; she wasn’t sure any more whether she could handle it being inside of her pussy or not. “Oh God Cam, you’re huge,” she gushed out as she finally found words that could be said.

“All the better to fill you with little sister,” he chuckled jokingly. To his surprise she didn’t balk at the suggestiveness of what he’d said, only stared at the purple of his cock’s head in awe. He stepped closer to her and held out his hand. She fumbled a bit but managed to put her hand in his as she felt him draw her closer and closer still until their bodies were pressed against each other’s. He put two fingers under her jaw and lifted her face to look at him. Her lips quivered as he brushed kisses over the corners of her mouth and then stole her lips as his own. She responded with a hunger he’d not expected as he groaned into her warm wet mouth, “Mmm, Amie, I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to have you as my first.”

Her lips tingled as he kissed her, she wasn’t sure what she was doing, but it sure felt good and he wasn’t complaining. Her nightie fell in a puddle below her as it dropped away no longer needed, her arms circled his shoulders and her hands caressed his nape tangling her fingers into his lustrous brown hair. She felt his body quiver against hers, her nipples hard as pebbles pressed against his lower chest sending waves of heat into her core and out of her untested womanhood. She’d never really had a real climax before that evening and that one didn’t count for anything compared to the one building inside of her right then. She could feel his erection against her belly and ground against it with every fiber of her being.

“Oh shit Cameron,” she pleaded as their lips parted to take a breath, “This is so wrong, but it feels so perfect I don’t want it to stop.” She gasped as his lips covered hers again, his tongue parting her lips and exploring her mouth as if they’d done it a thousand times. She purred as his mouth aroused her ever higher.

She was so complimentary, he blushed figuring it was only because she’d never seen a man of real size, but his seven inch dick would be plenty for her if and when she felt its girth penetrate her sheath of purity. She accepted his mouth and purred against it, her abdomen swayed against his cock and he moaned into her mouth with a want he had never known before. As their lips parted and she confessed of how good it felt he grinned against her neck as she spoke of never wanting it to stop. He whispered from just below her ear, “Amie, I don’t want it to stop either. We’ll go real slowly since this in new to both of us.”

He turned her sideways and plucked her off of her feet, she burrowed her face into the crook of his neck as he carried her away. He pushed the bathroom door open with his foot and smiled into her eyes as he said, “I really do want us to take our time Amie. Let’s take a bath together and learn what feels the best,” spoken with a broad grin. She nodded and he set her onto her feet. He couldn’t help wanting to hold her and slid his arms around her waist as she too captured him in her embrace.

His hands fell to her perfectly rounded buttocks and he groaned as they quivered beneath his touch. His erection pressed against her abdomen and he could feel the heat of her arousal against his sack. He chuckled as he released her and turned on the water for their bath. In truth if he were going to steal her maiden’s head he wanted the mess to be in the tub. One of his friends had told him that was the best way. He’d find out it wasn’t the most comfortable way, but he was trying to be kind.

Amie smiled as he swept her off of her feet and cradled her in his oh-so-strong arms. She got light headed as he stole her away in both body and thought. Her mind raced as he took her down the hall figuring he would toss her onto a bed and dive between her legs cock first. He didn’t take her to either his room or hers, but instead to the bathroom they shared. She felt a wave of desire as he said he wanted to take a bath with her, she wanted to touch him all over and become familiar with every curve, every muscle, especially one particular muscle, if that is what his cock qualified as. In her opinion it seemed strong enough to be one.

He turned on the water and she rested her hand on his lower back, he had already touched her ass as they embraced, it was her turn to explore a bit. She stepped behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist cooing softly to him, “I’d love to take a bath with you Cam. I want to feel every muscle and know what makes you hot.” Her hand dropped to the base of his raging cock, her hand trembling with the unfamiliarity of what was about to happen. She wrapped her fingers around it, barely surrounding its girth, and pulled upwards as she drew her hand along its length. He groaned as she reached the fluted edge of the crown.

She knew from biology class that some men were circumcised and some weren’t. Apparently he was one who was. Her palm twisted over the tip and he groaned again more loudly as the velvety shaft seemed to shudder beneath her touch. She’d already found one erogenous spot and grinned with the newfound knowledge. Her hand slowly lowered along his fleshy pole as it continued to spasm with her provocative touch.

He could hardly believe it when Amie moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He felt every delicious inch of her body pressed against his back, buttocks and legs. When her hand slipped over his manicured pubic hair he trembled, he could only hope he could hold out and not cum before they even got in the tub. Her hand clasped his cock and he groaned as it twitched under her deft caress. She must have seen some porn video to know just how to arouse him to the max with such little effort. When her palm captured his head he moaned with want to ejaculate right then and there, but thankfully her touch retreated back along his cock and allowed him to turn in her arms. He picked her up and kissed her, harder than they had so far and with more need behind the pleasured contact. He felt her legs surround his hips and he groaned as his shaft felt the heat of her juncture for the first time. “God Amie,” he panted against her cheek, “you’re so freaking hot.”

Her legs seemed to belong around him as she lifted them to surround his hips. His stiff cock pressed against the outer petals as her groin tipped up against his mound. She knew they were called her outer labia, but that didn’t matter in light of the way his meat felt against her growing need. She hunched up her hips and felt the length of his member slide through the valley of her flower, his sack all but pressing against her sphincter muscle. She moaned softly into their kiss and felt his body stirred as much as hers had become. He whispered to her in a breathy voice that sent a wave of heat through her veins and into her very center. Her pussy was drenched already and they’d not even begun to let the sex part begin. She felt him step into the tub and lower his body to sit in the warm soothing water. His hands only parting from her long enough to complete the motion of lowering their joined bodies and seating her over his lap as he felt her weight and wetness cover his dick. Her upper body turned around briefly and turned off the water so they could enjoy touching each other without worry of the tub overflowing as they became engrossed in their effort to learn the right way to please each other as he’d said. “Can I wash your hair Cameron?” she asked trying to think of something beside his cock sliding deep into her pussy.

He laughed at her question, his rod was coated with her juices already just above the water line since she’d turned off the water sooner than he’d expected. He grinned and pulled her hips closer to his body, her legs strung out behind him already availed him to feel her pussy slip seductively over his throbbing member. “Sure, so long as I get to wash you too sis,” he cooed. She grabbed the shampoo from the rack it sat in and set it aside to cup water in her hands to wet his shoulder length locks. It took several dips into the pool of water to get his head wet enough, but with each scoop her pussy moved over his cock sending waves of pleasure through her, and from what she could tell him as well.

She squeezed a dollop of shampoo into her palm and rubbed her hands together to make the suds she wanted. She ran her fingers into his hair and heard him sigh with appreciation of her kindness as she messaged his scalp with soothing circles of motion to relax him. At last it was done and she had to rinse his hair. She turned briefly again which made his dick scrape even more into her womanhood and grabbed the hand held shower head. She set the temperature and then turned on the soft gentle spray as he leaned his head back to be rinsed. As she finished rinsing his hair she got a wild idea and reset the portable head to a pulsing stream and directed it at the very peak of his cock’s tip. He gasped as the water sent a spasm through him when it pulsed against his engorged crown. He pushed her hand aside and whispered, “Not there sis, it’s way too sensitive as aroused as I am. I might just cum way too soon.”

It was his turn and he took the hand held away from her and turned it back on a soft gentle spray. She bowed her head almost against his chest as he sprayed the water over her lush full head of hair. It became a mass of rivulets connecting her head to his chest as it became wet enough. They were successfully avoiding what would inevitably happen between them as he washed and rinsed her hair as she had his. She turned off the water and whisked the hair from her face to gaze into his eyes. She smiled and felt his hands begin to lather her breasts, his touch so intoxicating she felt like purring.

His thumbs and index fingers twisting her textured buds to bring her arousal back to what it had been before the distraction of washing her hair. She cooed softly, “Oh Cam that feels so good. Don’t stop big brother,” and leaned her head back to revel in the tactile feel of his fingers manipulating her nipples. He pulled her torso against his and the lather connected them with slick reverie as their flesh slipped easily against one another’s. Cameron slipped his hand between them and raked his fingertip over her engorged clit. She moaned as she felt him brush her clit with his finger and her hips thrust to feel even more of his persuasive touch. She enjoyed the feeling of his shaft slipping through the valley of her petals and continued unaware that she was about to make him lose it. “God Cam, I have to tell you something,” she gasped as a wave of pleasure filled her cavity with honey. “I’m not a virgin; I was using one of mum’s dildos not long ago and ruptured my hymen. You’re not mad at me are you?” her words pleading for him to forgive her for being less than pure.

He used one hand to pull her hip and scrape her cleft along his shaft even as she made her confession; his breaths came in short gulps as she drove him so close to climax he could barely restrain himself. With a raspy voice he asked, “Are you on the pill baby sister?” She wagged her head side to side as if possessed by lust itself. He grinned and said, “I’ll just have to pull out when the time comes then,” and lifted her over the mighty prong she now craved. He settled her over it and groaned as he felt the tight muscles grip his swollen cock like he’d never have imagined. He panted as she took half of his length and lifted her up to not harm her by the stretching of her womanhood too quickly. She panted more fiercely and pushed her body down over the pulsing shaft to the hilt.

He felt his member taken by not only her vagina, but the ring of her cervix as well. She screamed loudly as the painful pleasure hit her and rose as if possessed. He was unable to pull her from his shaft as his semen rocketed into her deepest sheath of pleasure. Or was it the well of sin? She felt each surge of his cum fill her and cried out as a second wave sent her over the edge screaming her own orgasm. Her body collapsed against his as they felt their bodies cum as one, as it was meant to be.

After a pause to regain their composure she raised from his lap, his cock still hard slapped his abdomen as it fell from her folds. She giggled and looked down at the rigid pole she had taken all of and grinned as if she’d done something so marvelous. He smiled as he watched their juices drain from her pussy. He couldn’t allow the opportunity to pass and grasped her buttocks and drug her hips to his seated pose. His lips parted to suckle the tender petals and drink of their joined juices. The flavor was not what he expected, they were delicious together. He pulled her face down to his and shared the sensation with her and she purred with delight as she licked his cheeks and lips clean. She stepped from the tub and pulled a towel from the bar to dry with. Not herself, but her brother. He stood as she cared after every nook and cranny; paying special heed to the rigid member she again wanted to feel inside of her cunt. He took the towel from her and dried her off as well, paying attention to each erogenous point he had found so far. She moaned as he cleaned her labia and rubbed her clit until it was even more sensitive than it had been before he thought her aroused enough for whatever else came their way before the night and weekend were over. She turned on the blow dryer to give her body a chance to calm before the next onslaught of pleasure overtook her. They both knew they had only just begun.

He walked to the family room and retrieved their clothes, just in case someone came by it would not do to have them lying about so near the front door of the flat. As he got back to the bathroom he watched her naked body as she dried her hair, bent over to sweep the brush through the lush locks as she dried them. His cock quivered as he watched her rump jiggle ever so slightly with her movements. He couldn’t resist and stepped up behind her and whispered to her as he knelt behind her firm round ass cheeks. “I’m going to help you out a bit sis,” and wedged his jaw between her cheeks and began lapping over the moist petals of her pussy. She shivered at his naughty action but it felt so good she had to groan softly and turn off the blow dryer. She leaned onto the counter and pushed her rump against his face, yearning to feel his tongue probe her sheath as he seemed to want to do. He pulled at her hips and splayed her cheeks open with his jaw as his tongue speared her wanting hole.

She gasped and he tasted her creamy nectar as quickly as his act had begun. He raised his hand and pinched her clit mercilessly and she yelped with the pained pleasure of ascending to the precipice of joyous release. He pushed a finger into her gash and she quaked at the sensation of being eaten and filled at the same time. His hand pumped the digit in and out as his tongue explored the other cavity so nearby. Her hips pushed back against him even more as his tongue swept over her rose bud and she panted out to him, “Oh yeah Cam, do me there,” and bucked her ass against his probing tendril. He hadn’t planned on her enjoying anal, not so soon after being fucked for the first time. He pulled his finger from her cunt and rubbed it over her sphincter muscle enticingly, invitingly. She bucked faster against whatever he gave her.

He stood up and pushed her face against the counter top, his cock raging with its hardness needing to feel her gripping sheath. He aligned it over her entry and pushed deftly into her pussy, she bucked onto it as she had his finger and he sank further into the lush hot walls. Her inner muscles gripped his cock like a vice as he pushed and pulled from her channel while her arousal ascended to heights as yet unknown to either of them. His sack slapped against her clit and mound and he sunk faster into the haven of her cunt. His pace doubled and she craved even more. He pounded in and out like a madman and she screamed out her orgasm as he continued to pump her full of cock with fast deep strokes from behind. Her body was coated with sweat as was his as he slowed his pace for a bit to calm the overt passion of her orgasm. When she purred and her hips quit bucking against his advances he pulled from her sheath and lifted her to take her in his arms. “Amie, I didn’t cum this time because I want to make love to you in your bed. I’ve dreamed of it for months.”

Her smile was a mile wide as he confessed how long he’d wanted her. It was about the time she began developing breasts that she had noticed how much she wanted to see her big brother and had always been afraid to say anything. But both of them were at the age of consent now, and that was a good thing all the way around. Her creamy nectars flowed down her inner thighs as she giggled, “I thought we just did make love Cam. Wasn’t that what we were doing just now?” His head wagged side to side and he took her hand and led her to her bedroom, naked, just fucked and ready for anything he would give her. She looked at him as he turned down her duvet to reveal her clean cotton sheets. He helped her to lie in the center of the twin size bed and climbed on after her, his knees between hers as he held his torso aloft and looked into the depths of her deep brown eyes.

Her hair seemed to form a cascade of radiance around her face and he lowered his chest to hers and brushed his lips over the puffed petals of her mouth. Their kiss was like lightning as their blood sizzled with the lust they had found for each other, he’d never get enough of her sweet pussy and looked forward to when she learned to suck his shaft and drink his seed. In the meantime he was going to fuck her slow and deep and bring her to a climax she’d never forget. Her folds were soaked as his head prodded at her entry, her hips rose to take him, but he moved in slow motion. Pushing in an inch and withdrawing fully, pushing in just a bit deeper with the next probe and withdrawing fully from her needy love hole. She begged him with her body and whimpered with each time he removed his cock from her well. She was so close to the edge and he hadn’t even started to fuck her. “You’re such a fucking tease Cameron Marshal. Fuck me now or go away!” she exclaimed in frustrated words as her body was wracked by yet another wave of pleasure that drove her crazy by not allowing her to cum.

He grinned and slammed his cock into her in a single mighty thrust to the hilt. She screamed as the orgasm released her emotions and body’s need to cum. Her pussy squirted out her creamy nectar around his thrusting cock as her body became insane with needy lust. She cried out continuously as he pummeled her cunt hard and deep, he had cum in her already so there was no point in removing his pulsing cock from her when his time came. He grunted more loudly with each strenuous stroke that drove him to the brink of insanity and beyond. He cried out aloud to his surprise as his balls tightened and sent the surges of cum through his shaft and into her overwhelmed body. She cried out as she felt his hot sticky cum fill her and squirted her own nectar to add to their flow. The sheets were covered with bodily fluids and yet he couldn’t stop his body from pounding in and out of her lush hot pussy. The third surge of his cum all but drained him and he pulled free to let her see what she had done for him. He rose onto his knees and let fly the forth stream and it landed on her face with a splash. She laughed so hard she felt herself squirt and flood the bed with her cream as she did. “Damn,” she said as he lay down beside her, “do all guys cum that much? You could have filled a kettle with that stuff bro.” and laughed yet again as her tongue swept away what it could reach of his spunk. “Umm, tasty. Got any more?” she asked teasingly.

“I have no idea the quantity that other guys cum sweetie. I only know that you made me cum twice already and I want to more soon.” He rolled over beside her and laid his arm across her tummy as they enjoyed the post climactic sensations of just holding each other. “Baby,” he cooed, “we have to figure out how we can do this after mum and dad come back.”

She replied as if practiced beforehand, “We’ll just fuck whenever and wherever we can get together big brother.” He rose from the bed and took her hands to help her up as well.

She asked what was up and he grinned and said, “It’s time to move to my room, this bed is trashed.” They did move to the other room and he took the time to strip her sheets away and load them into the washer. When he returned to his room he found his little sister sound asleep in his full size bed. He slipped in beside his naked sister and spooned against her to get some much needed rest. They slept until nine the next morning, something unheard of in their house, but very enjoyable. As she went to take a shower he went to the kitchen to get some food ready. He had a feeling they’d need a lot more energy getting an early start on the day of what should be butt loads of fucking and maybe a bit of making love as well. He wanted to teach her how to suck cock and knew he wanted to eat her lush pussy at least a few times during the day. Maybe, just maybe she’d want to try anal with him.

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