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Two Mothers, With Benefits

The continuation of, Two Sisters, With Benefits
Hi, my name is Kim. I thought that you might like to hear about a recent encounter that I had.

I just love a good, hard, sweaty workout. At 5'10" inches tall, 140 pounds, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, I have what is called by my dates, a "smokin’ hot" body. Not too bad for 41 years old and three kids; you see, I am a hotwife.

My husband is my cuckold, he allows me to date other men freely and bring them home. If I wish to fuck them in our own bed, or stay out with them and spend the night getting fucked in their bed, it doesn’t matter to me. By agreement, my husband wears a stainless-steel cock tube 24/7 and is not allowed to masturbate, nor have sex with me, unless I permit it, which I seldom do.

Last summer I joined an evening exercise group in our local high school’s continuing education program for women. I got twenty, one-hour sessions of isometric workouts, quite a good deal, and not a lot of money.

The group was friendly enough. The instructor and I hit it off nearly at once. I tend to 'over do', and really love to conquer obstacles, so guess who was used as the demonstration victim? Right, me!

The girl who stood next to me nearly every week was a very attractive girl, about my age, I suspect. Debbi was about 5'9" tall, thin, and had a rock hard tummy, a tiny waist and hips that just yelled out, "Fuck me." She truly had a body to die for. Her long, jet-black hair was normally tied back to keep it out of her eyes, a problem that I have as well.

On the last night of the class, as we were all bidding each other farewell, she approached me and asked if I would like to get a cup of coffee with her when we left for home.

"Sure," I replied, "I would love to."

I went to the ladies room, puffed my hair up, put a bit of makeup back on and changed my sneakers for a pair of pumps I keep in my gym bag. As I left the ladies room, I saw that Debbi had the same idea, she was put back together nicely and appeared radiant. I was particularly impressed by the pair of black, patent-leather, knee-high boots that she had slipped into. Somehow, they looked really sexy along with the gym outfits we were both wearing: tight, shiny, black spandex boy- shorts, and white crop-top tee shirts with the school name on it.

We walked out to the parking lot together, discussing where we would go as we walked. When we got to her car, I saw that it was a fire-red Porsche Carrera.

"Nice ride," I said.

"Thanks, I really love fast cars, why don’t you come with me? I’ll bring you back here afterwards."

I agreed.

"I love fast cars too," I told her, "That’s my red BMW Z4 over there by the light-pole."

"I knew we had lots in common," Debbi said as she smiled.

The drive to the diner was quick, only about two miles. We swapped small talk, and I wondered out loud if our wearing only tiny, spandex, boy-shorts and crop-tops were a bit much for a restaurant.

She said that since it was nearly 90 degrees out, who cared?

I tried my best to brush my hair out even better and put on some more makeup while we rode. I didn’t want to look like a vagabond when we went inside.

Arriving at the diner, Debbi stopped to fix herself up a bit more. Her hair was so long and flowing when she let it down that I had to compliment her. It looked beautiful and along with her seething sexuality, I was getting horny.

"You should see it when it’s freshly done," she said, "The guys go bonkers over it."

"I bet the girls do too . . . " I replied.

With that, she stopped what she was doing. I gulped hard. I didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with her.

She smiled at me and placed her hand on my thigh and squeezed ever so slightly.

"Only the really special ones, my dear," she said as she nodded affirmatively.

Whew, I was safe . . . We got out of the car and walked to the diner. I noticed that Debbi’s walk was a combination of seduction and confidence. She placed each foot directly in front of the other, in catwalk style, walking in a very self-assured stride.

When we got to the door, she made sure to grab the handle first and hold the door for me. As I walked past her, she made sure to allow her body to brush up against mine. The feeling of her silky-smooth skin against mine sent chills up my spine. I swear that I felt her nipples turn rock-hard as she brushed lightly against my arm.

Turning to look at her, I saw that she momentarily closed her eyes and was moaning a low, sultry, "um mmm."

We walked in and sat down. Using the menus as cover for silence, I tried desperately to think of what to say to break the awkward situation.

Debbi saved me by speaking first. "Thanks for coming with me, I have wanted to spend some time with you for quite a while."

"Me too, you really put a lot of effort into your exercise. Care to tell me about you?" I asked.

"Sure, why not," Debbi replied.

"I have been divorced for three years now. I have one child, Michelle, he’s 17 . . . he goes to Middleville High School . . . I mean Michael," she stumbled as she spoke.

I said nothing, I saw her face turn bright-red as she caught herself, but I turned my head sideways in an inquisitive way.

Debbi continued, "We live in Chesterville, near the park. I sell real estate part time, and love to swim and dance. I’ll try almost anything once, well, maybe twice.

We were married since I was 20, we had a great, fun life together. We used to swing frequently with other couples and loved it. But then, I told my husband that I was bisexual, and wanted a woman as a lover. He couldn’t get used to it. When I explained in detail why, he sort of freaked out. He never got his head around the fact that I can love a man and a woman at the same time," she concluded.

We continued to chat, and discovered that we live only about a quarter-mile away from each other, and that our kids go to the same school.

"Well," I added, "That’s quite a story. I have three kids, Amanda and Wendi are 16 and Kyle, is 17. They go to the same school as your son does. I am married to a great guy, Ken. We have businesses out of town and travel a lot, especially on the weekends. We don’t swing, but I do live the lifestyle of a hotwife, are you familiar with it?" I asked.

"You bet," Debbi replied.

"Did you say that your kids are Amanda, Wendi and Kyle?" she asked with an inquisitive look.

"Yes, why?" I replied.

"Oh, no reason, just asking . . ."

"Okay, then no long explanation is required. I have ads on a few cheaters dating sites, I go out one or two times a week with some really hot guys that I meet. My husband is a cuckold, he stays home with his cock locked in a chastity cage while I am out having a great time. When I get back home, he is required to lick me clean before I allow him to get any satisfaction," I concluded.

"That sounds like a great life, you’re really lucky," Debbi added, "Does your husband ever get to go out and have his own fun?"

"Oh, sure, I do allow him to go out with a few select friends once and a while, if he is a good boy." I chuckled.

Quiet fell over the table like a blanket.

"Debbi, can I be brutally honest with you?" I asked as I reached across the table and took her hand in mine.

"Of course, Kim."

"I need to tell you something. I have never been bisexual, nor wanted to be. But tonight, when our bodies brushed against each other as we came in here, a feeling of electricity ran up my spine, as your nipples brushed against my arm. Right now, my shorts are soaking wet, and I am trembling inside. I want to kiss you more than anything that I have ever wanted to do. I’m sorry that I told you this, but I had to, or I think I would have exploded if I didn’t. Please forgive me if I have offended you," I managed to get out shakily.

Debbi just smiled at me for a few, long, seconds. She sighed and smiled again,

"Kim, it’s taken me twenty weeks to get up the nerve to ask you to have coffee with me. You make me so hot, that the second night we were at school together, I went home and masturbated to your image in my mind. Screw the coffee, let's go!"

We held hands and rushed out to her car. Within seconds we had our arms wrapped around each other, touching, exploring and manipulating each others tender spots. We kissed like teenagers, our tops went flying off, and our shorts fell to our ankles.

For the first time in my life, a woman manipulated my clit to a crashing, mind-blowing orgasm. I returned the favor, and eventually, our bodies parted and sat there catching our breaths.

I want you all to know, this is not easy to do in a stick-shift Porsche . . .

Debbi kept my hand in hers. "Kim, this has been a dream come true. You are fantastic, and you drive me crazy. Since my divorce, I have not wanted to be with another woman, but you make me shake inside. Will you come home with me? I want to make slow, tender love with you."

I looked deeply into her beautiful, dark eyes, "Yes, I will."

Her face lit up like a kid’s on Christmas. She gave me a big kiss and started the car. We roared off into the night, with me trying to pull my shorts back up and tie my top. I must have looked like a wreck, but I didn’t care, being with Debbi right now was all that I wanted. Nothing else mattered.

As we sped away, I finally remembered my husband, sitting home with his cock in a steel cage. I texted him a message that I would be home tomorrow morning.

"Something wonderful has come up, and my pussy is dripping wet!" was all that I sent.

"Yes, Mistress," came back quickly.

I showed the messages to Debbi, she laughed and said, "If he only knew!"

I assured her that he would know all about the evening, and in great detail, as this was his aphrodisiac. He loved to live vicariously through my adventures, and I facilitated him all that I could.

A few minutes into our ride to Debbi’s house, she spoke up in a calm, factual voice,

"Kim, I think I should tell you a few things before we get home. Remember that I told you I had a 17-year-old son, and I called him Michelle, then quickly said Michael, instead? Well, my son is physically a boy, but he is a girl inside. His doctor told me that his actions, his mind and his psyche are all female. He has a hairless, soft body and long, slender hands that most girls would die for. At home I allow him to be his alter-ego, to dress and act as Michelle, who, by the way is a terrible slut. He loves to prance around in slutty clothes that he takes from my closet, and act out his fantasies as Michelle. So, please don’t be upset when you see him, okay?" she managed to ask in a quiet voice.

"Wow," was all that I could think of.

"There’s more," she added.

"I’ve never told anyone else this, but five months ago I was feeling sorry for myself, and so very horny. Michelle was prancing around in my red, vinyl mini skirt and halter top, stuffed with silicon rubber breast-forms that I bought for his birthday. He had these very same boots on that I am wearing, and I had done his makeup for him so that he could look extra slutty.

"The skirt was so very short that his cock was sticking out from underneath the hem, with a rock-hard erection. I could see the drops of pre-cum glistening on its tip.

"Then it happened. I don’t know how, but it did. I got off the couch onto my knees. I took his cock in my hand and stuffed it into my mouth. I gave him a blow job that made him scream like a wild animal. When he came in my mouth, I swallowed his cum and kissed him passionately. That afternoon I took him into my bed and we made love for hours. By dinnertime, I had fucked my son three times."

I could not believe that I was hearing this story, it sounded like fiction, but Debbi was dead serious in telling it. It had to be true. What do you say at a moment like this? I had no idea.

"I’ll understand if you would like me to bring you back to your car, Kim, I’m sorry," Debbi said in a tearful voice.

I was quiet for a long, pregnant pause. Then, I noticed that my nipples were erect and my pussy was even wetter than before. My heart was beating like a drum . . .

I couldn’t believe what I did, but I unzipped my shorts once again, closed my eyes and put my head against the headrest and said,

"Debbi, tell me once again how you fucked your slutty, hot, Michelle. Tell me all about it, please!"

Debbi saw my reactions, and went into great detail about the entire afternoon’s fuck-fest. She left nothing out, and described in great detail how she sucked, fucked, and made love to her slutty she-male son. She even recounted how she taught him to ass-fuck her for the first time ever.

I climaxed twice before we got to her house. I could not wait to get in bed with her and finish off the wonderful night.

Then I heard something come out of my lips that I could not believe.

"Debbi, after we finish making love, could you bring Michelle into our bed? I want to feel her cock deep inside of my pussy, fucking me and filling me with her cum!"

"Oh, yes, Kim, I can’t believe how hot that would be, seeing my Michelle and you fucking like wild animals," Debbi pronounced, "But first, I think I will fuck you with my strap-on, just to warm you up for Michelle’s big cock."

The car pulled into the driveway as she finished. I was so excited that I could barely stand up. Debbi took my hand once again, and we walked to the door.

I saw the door open for us, standing there in the light of the porch lamp was her son, Michelle. I could not believe what I was seeing. She was beautiful, like her mother!

Michelle stood about 5'9" tall, and for a boy was quite shapely, with pronounced hips and a gentle smile. He was wearing a long, platinum-blonde wig that reached to his mid-back. His face was beautiful as well, adorned with bright blue, sparkle eye shadow with black eyeliner and false lashes, gentle, glowing makeup and iridescent pink lipstick.

Michelle’s face was framed by long, bangle ear rings and a gold chain with "MICHELLE" in script around his neck. Michelle was wearing a cap-sleeved, black leather, mini dress that fit like a glove, accenting his false tits and barely covered his behind.

His finger nails were done in French-style with hot-pink and white tips. His arms were ringed with numerous bangle bracelets and several rings on his fingers. I was amazed at how he could walk in the black leather, ankle-strap, "Fuck-me" platform shoes he had on, they were at least 6-inch heels with a sky-high platform.

I could see that his toes were done exactly as his finger nails, with the French pink and white polish. He looked better than I did!

Debbi introduced me to Michelle, and into the house we went. Michelle extended his hand is fine feminine fashion and gently took mine,

"Charmed to meet you, Kim," he said with a very soft, girlish, voice.

We all sat down, Michelle had his female body language down to a "T." He sat gently on the edge of the couch, with his legs crossed and angled toward us, with his hands folded demurely on one knee. It was a perfect movement.

We all chatted for a short while. I was so impressed with his actions that I forgot that he was a boy!

We all stood up.

Michelle approached me and gave me a kiss on my lips. I felt the electricity shoot up my neck from his gentle, loving, touch. The scent of his gentle, floral perfume sent me reeling, it was so enticing that I wanted to orgasm right there.

Debbi then said to Michelle,

"We are going into the bedroom for a while, be a good girl and we will see you shortly."

She took my hand and we adjourned to the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed. For the first time ever, I took a shower with another girl. She had one of those new showers with water jets all over it, the ceiling, the walls, and the floor. I felt like I was in a car wash! Debbi and I soaped each other up and spent time rubbing each others bodies clean.

She got down on her knees and placed her hands on my thighs. She slid up on my legs until her lips touched my pussy, and with her tongue, she managed to lick my clit until I came like a race horse, another first for me!

We walked a few paces to her bedroom, and it was large, bright and airy. Her bed had a beautiful light-blue silk comforter and pillows, sheer heaven for sure. We fell into bed and spent several hours pleasuring each other in every possible way. For the first time ever, I nervously got between her legs and placed my face against her soaking-wet pussy lips. I slowly licked and sucked away on her lips and her clit, tasting the absolutely fabulous juices she was gushing forth.

Just as she was about to climax for the Nth time, she arched her back and clenched her hands onto the sheets and began to cry out very loudly, she was climaxing like a wild woman. I pressed my mouth firmly against her pussy lips and felt the gush of juices as she squirted into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed every precious drop of her climax. Debbi then fell back onto the bed, fully spent, and started to apologize for squirting into my mouth.

"No apology needed, I loved it, can you do it again?" I asked.

She did, and so did I.

Then, after a short rest, she called out to her son, "Michelle dear, come here, please."

Michelle walked into the bedroom wearing a see-through, black, baby-doll nighty and open crotch panties along with his platform heels. His cock was standing straight out of the crotchless panties, obviously ready to go.

"Yes, mum, what can I do for you?" Michelle asked coyly.

"You can get on this bed with us and fuck my girlfriend, Kim, while I watch you two do it," Debbi ordered, "Kim is still very horny and wants to feel her pussy being filled with your hot cum!"

I was shocked at her directness and lack of hesitation. But, Michelle didn’t seem upset at all. He lay on the bed between us, and rolled against my body. His arms wrapped around me and his lips caressed mine, he kissed me deeply and passionately, continuing to do so for some time.

His hands found their way to my breasts and pussy lips, he caressed and teased them like a pro. His fingers found my clit and soon I was moaning and panting wildly.

Then, he moved on top of me and slid his cock deep into my soaking wet pussy. I cried out, wanting it to stay there forever. I was in pure bliss and nothing could derail my passion. He thrust in and out of me with strength and vigor, I was so aroused that I could not think, I just lay there and moaned, over and over. Then, I felt his cock stiffen even more, his breathing became faster and faster, he was going to cum in my pussy! Seconds later, I felt the unmistakable feeling sweep over me as well, we were going to cum together.

Then, sparks flew, stars shot out and I had my most wonderful climax ever. Michelle screamed out and shot his load into me as I hugged him and kissed him furiously. We had made fabulous love.

We rested for about twenty minutes, then Debbi asked Michelle,

"Are you ready to fuck your slutty girlfriend, Debbi?"

"Yes, I am," Michelle answered.

With that, Debbi moved toward Michelle’s cock and began to suck on it like it was a lollipop. It didn’t take long for him to be rock-hard and fully erect once again.

Debbi then lay on her back and put her arms up in the air. Michelle rolled over onto her and she hugged him tightly, he then jammed his cock into his mother’s pussy and fucked her like a wild stallion. It took only about ten minutes for him to climax and shoot her cunt full of hot juicy cum.

Michelle lay on his back between us both and within minutes we were all sound asleep.

We awoke about an hour later at 4:00 A.M. Michelle rolled over and kissed me awake, telling me that he loved fucking me as much as his mother, and that we could do it any time I wanted. I was a bit shocked, but then it hit me...

"Kim, does Kylie fuck you too, Like I did?" asked Michelle.

"What? Who is Kylie? I have a son, Kyle," I said abruptly.

"Oh, fuck." Debbi gasped. "I wasn’t going to say anything, but when you said you had three kids and told me the names, I was shocked that they were yours."

"And?" I questioned.

"Well, I might as well tell you, now that you know. Your boy, Kyle is also Kylie. He too dresses up as a girl and plays around with his sisters. They all fuck themselves silly when you go away on the weekends. Michelle also joins in and they all have weekend long fuck-fests. The girls do their makeup, and help with their clothes and they all go out together to clubs, restaurants and malls, with Michelle and Kylie dressed to the hilt as slutty girls."

I was speechless. "Are you positive?"

Michelle spoke up, "Sure, I join them every weekend, and yes, your Kylie is bisexual. I have fucked him in the ass and sucked his cock dozens of times, and he has done the same with me. Your daughters are really hot too, they are bi as well, they eat each others pussies and we all fuck each other . . . Sorry, but it’s true."

I was in a fog, but then it hit me, "I think I’ll wait till next weekend, and then . . ."

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Of course it is every guys dream, lucky Micheal/Michelle, to have sex with two women.
This is the first time I've read your story and it has accomplished something for this 68 year young guy.
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