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Two weeks With The Aunts

Every woman needs a good sexual experience!
This was going to be a long summer', I thought to myself as I carried my small bag into my aunts small cottage home. The view was great, the beach not far off allowing the ocean breeze to lift my hair and cool my hot skin. Still 6 weeks spent with two old women just did not seem fun to a young girl of 16. I wanted my friends and shopping and Internet for goodness sake. But with my mom and dad going through a bitter divorce I was forced to stay here with my aunt Carol and Lindy. The two spinsters of the family had lived together all their lives. My mother had married early...a marriage which was now ending and left home while her two sisters kept the family property and maintained the family business. They...usually referred to as The Aunts were inseparable. Where you saw one you saw the other and from my understanding it had always been so. Aunt Carol was now 52, while Lindy was 49 still for both of them they looked pretty good for their age.

Two healthy, vibrant women. Who shopped and seemed to enjoy life even if there were almost never any men present. So walking into their house, a house I had only been in a couple of times seemed like a death sentence for me.

I was settled into the room next to my aunt Lindy, facing the beach a beautiful room decorated like something off of a cruise ship I considered myself lucky. I expected the house, room and the old women to smell like bengay harbor all kinds of things I couldn't touch. Soon I would find that just like my room nothing in the house I would stay in was as it seemed.

The very first night as I lay in a giant four poster bed slipping into sleep something brought me awake. The sound of moaning reached my ears, so for a long moment I lay still and accessing the sound. At first it did sound like someone was in pain but very soon I realized that it was actually pleasure that caused the long groan and deep sighs. Maybe one of the aunts Was getting busy with some guy? It was too much for me not to investigate. For years this had been a question and I couldn't pass up being the one who could answer if the aunts got fucked regularly or not. So creeping from my bed I opened my door and headed down the hallway to my aunts room.

The old doors, with giant keyholes were my friend tonight as I slowly drifted to my knees and pressed my eye up against the hole. What I saw almost caused me to fall backwards but I caught myself and tried to slow my breathing. There on a bed almost identical to the one I had been lying in was my aunt Lindy naked, with her shapely legs spread wide. I was able to see her huge tits overflowing her hands as she cupped them and began to pinch her nipples. My aunt was a hot piece, firm and tan and right now with someone between her legs causing her to squirm and writhe on the big bed.

Who ever it was they too had a shapely body, tight firm ass with a slightly hairy snatch that peaked out as she bent over and seemed to gobble my aunts pussy. From the slurping sounds and the moaning and grunting I could tell that they both were into it.

In the next instant two things happened that would change my time here forever. The woman sat up and turned around all at once showing who she was and just what was going on. My aunts were lesbians and they loved fucking each other. When my aunt Carol sat up she turned towards the door and winked, my mouth fell open immediately. They knew I was there watching them and two from the look on both of their faces they enjoyed the thought immensely.

I couldn't move as one moment the door opened and my aunt stared down at me smiling. "Why don't you come in dear, the view is a lot better up close". With these words my aunt Carol left me standing there and resumed her position upon the bed and in between my aunt Lindy's legs. Before I realized it I was off the floor and seated in a small chair next to their bed.

From here my aunt had been right, the view was better. My aunt Lindy proceeded to massage her tits and pinch her nipples, bringing first one and then the other to her lips to suck hard and nibble on the long pink tips. I watched fascinated as her lips wrapped around and sucked the nip into her mouth, they way her teeth slid along the surface of the puckered skin. I felt something happening to myself then.

My eyes switched to my aunt Carol who now had spread my aunts legs and worked hard on her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her hair was pulled back away from her face and I could see her cheeks covered with the cunt juice she was slurping noisily. For the rest of the night I watched the two of them suck each other and lick each other to multiple orgasms. I watched my aunt Lindy strap on a 9 inch cock and fuck my other aunt until she covered both the cock and Lindy's thighs with her hot, thick cum.

They sucked and fucked for hours and by the time they finally fell into each others arms, drained and pleased my own pussy was pounding against my thong. As they fell asleep I got up to leave the room quietly and headed for the door, before I left the room I heard one of them say softly to just give a shout if I need my pretty young pussy relieved. Before this 6 weeks were out I would have more than that done to me and I would be begging for it all.

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Posted 05 Nov 2012 13:57
a great opening love to read more very hot stuff
Posted 05 Nov 2012 10:12
More Please!
Posted 05 Nov 2012 07:05
great story more please
Posted 05 Nov 2012 06:49
A quite different type of story. I can certainly understand how such a scene would affect a 16 year old girl OR boy. Can't wait to find out how she fuck and gets fucked by her Aunties! Hot story......
Posted 05 Nov 2012 06:18
loved it, cant wait for sequel

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