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Uncle's Little Slutty Niece

The fantasy of a teenage girl of fucking her uncle turns into reality.
I never really had expected this to happen. It was like a just a fantasy I've been thinking of. It just did happen. When fantasy comes into reality, it's much like a dream come true.

I was in my senior year in college when I was asked by my grandmother to bring her home to our province, Irong, to attend the burial ceremonies of her brother who died because of cardiac arrest. Having classes for only two days a week, I excitedly agreed to take her home so I could also spend a week with the rest of the family.

I've been reunited with my siblings, cousins, members of the extended family and some distant relatives, this includes my uncle (my mother's older brother) who is a priest assigned in one island, Garas Island near the province. He is to celebrate the burial mass and the ceremony at the cemetery.

When he visited us in Malina, he asked me to visit him on his home in Garas Island so he could show me around the island. This also made me excited to go home to the province.

After lunch at the day of the burial, uncle and his choir were about to leave to go back to the island because it is gonna be a long trip by sea and by land. I decided to come with them too. As we travel, uncle showed me around the island, the landmarks and anything that made the said island famous.

It was already dark when we arrived at the convent where uncle was staying after an almost three hours of travelling. After getting our bags out of the van, we took our dinner and decided to go to the gym to play bingo for a cause. I never knew how to play bingo until uncle taught me how to.

After playing 11 games of bingo, we decided to go home because it was already late and uncle needs to get up early for his early mass.

We got ourselves prepared for bed. But since the house has only two rooms, one for my uncle and the other one for his boy assistants, uncle let me stay in his room. I am to share one king-sized bed with my uncle. The two of us, in his room. I went then to bed and had a deep sleep.

It was already dawn when I felt him hugging me, as I also woke up hugging him back too. I quickly shifted my body facing the wall so he could hug me from behind, and went back to sleep.

As soon as he wakes up that early morning, his left hand was gently rubbing my pussy outside my undies.

''Sha, I'm going to prepare for the first mass now, get some more sleep", he told me. "Okay Unc.", I quickly replied and went back to sleep.

With what he did earlier this morning gave me a thought that could it be possible if uncle would want to fuck me or he's just teasing me. Although, uncle slightly touching my pussy has already been his thing to show his affection since I was still little, that touch gave me a different meaning.

At 8:30 in the morning, his secretary woke me up to prepare for Uncle's 9:00AM mass. I got up quickly and went to shower, dressed up and took a little breakfast and attended the mass, where I was greeted by the people there known to be their preacher's niece.After the mass, I had a little chitchat with some new girl friends I met.

I was showed around the seashore by Uncle's assistants where we did some climbing on huge rocks and from its top, we jumped into the cold waters of the island and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

I went along with uncle for his mass in a remote area that late afternoon. As I was sitting beside the altar server, I couldn't help but think of uncle who was in front of these people hearing the mass would be fucking me.

"Is he gonna fuck me tonight or was it just my fantasy?", that question kept running on my mind that whole day.

We soon got home and had dinner. Uncle and his assistants were having little drink of whisky while I was back in his room reading a book, when the electricity went off. They immediately stopped drinking, lit all the candles and just prepared to go to bed.

I was laying in bed when uncle entered the room and went to check if I was okay then went out to take a quick bath and prepared for bed. He saw me in my night gown with no bra but just my panties on, laying in bed like I was his own little slut waiting for him to make love to me.

"I shall wait for him to hug me", I said to myself as I was planning to have his arms rest on my soft breasts.

With the door already closed and the rest of the people are already sleeping, no one really knows what could happen between us inside his room.

Not long enough when we slipped into the bed and gave me a hug from behind. I slid down from the pillow so that his arms could touch my breasts. "Mission Accomplished", I smiled and went to sleep.

At the middle of the night, I suddenly realised that the electricity was already back as the fan was already on.

"The power is back", I said to uncle, "Yeah, it was just a 30 minute black out so get back to sleep", he then replied. He hugs me again, and I, pretending to be innocent, gave him back a hug.

As I am pretending to be asleep, I was surprised when his lips were already touching mine, kissing me like he was afraid to wake me up. I knew to myself that this would be a great start to make my fantasy come true.

I raised my right leg over his like I was a bear hugging him so tight. I didn't regret what I did because it just gave him an open access to gently touch my pussy, and play with it. I could feel his fingers rubbing my clit, my back arching for the pleasure I am receiving. "Oh God, please don't stop", I whispered, as I might be heard by uncle's assistants who were already sleeping.

I couldn't take it anymore, I pressed my body towards him, making me to be on top of his. He quickly took off my panties and his shorts and I could already feel how hard his cock has been longing for a tight pussy.

As soon as he enters me, I pumped slowly yet hard and I can see his face with the pleasure he is getting from his little slutty niece. He took of my night gown and nibbled on my nipples as if he is a little baby hungry for milk. He then made me face the wall so he could fuck me from behind. He fucked me slowly and gently at first but as soon as he saw that I am liking it, he started to fuck me harder but because we can't make a sound, uncle has to put a handkerchief around my mouth so I couldn't scream.

When he was about to cum, he let me be on my knees, suck his cock and feel his hot sticky cum flow inside my mouth. Yet, it was the best tasting cum I have ever had.

"Did you cum yet?", he whispered to me. "No. Not yet.", I replied. He made me lay on the bed, spread my legs and gave my wet, tight little pussy a tongue-fuck. His warm tongue, playing with those lips and clit is a great pleasure every girl would want to have. Soon, as I am cumming and I couldn't get a hold of myself, I came in my uncle's face. Letting him taste his little niece's cum.

"This has to be our secret.", uncle whispered to me.

"I promise.", I whispered back.

"Good. Now get some sleep tomorrow will be a new adventure for you, my young lady. And I think we have to spend tomorrow night at the beach house", he said as we were still panting from the fucking we just did.

We gave each other a goodnight kiss and went to sleep.

It was the best night I've ever had.

Part 2: SOON.

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Posted 03 Jan 2013 08:27
a great story sha
Posted 29 Nov 2012 06:15
you can come and see your uncle jack tonight, i promise ill be gentle with you!!!!!!
Posted 28 Nov 2012 16:48
OMG!! If only I could have been your Uncle!! I will dream of us togother tonight!! Love you!!! More More!
Posted 28 Nov 2012 06:29
nice job.....more emotion
Posted 28 Nov 2012 03:55
Fucking an uncle and that too a priest. wow.I feel mission started. 5
Posted 28 Nov 2012 02:45
Hot shit, "Mission accomplished" indeed.

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