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Uncle's naughty little girl - Chapter 3

Teasing around
Since those events took place, Uncle and I had been hanging out more often. Teasing around, but we haven't had a chance to have sex. I met all of his friends, mostly single and taking my clothes off with their eyes. I felt their glances behind me every time as I walked away, almost dancing while slowly moving my hips in a subtle erotic way.

Even his best friend had a crush on me and I knew it. So every time I went by to say hello I would hug him, pressing him against my lush breasts. I could feel his warm, well toned body pressing against mine and shivering from holding back that erection, knowing just exactly how awkward things could get if I felt that.

Sometimes while we were out and dancing I would turn around and press my ass "by accident" against his hard dick. I felt it pulsing, rushing to get out of those jeans. Resting his hands on my hips, moving along with me, swinging side to side and pressing me tight against his hard rising dick.

Then I would turn around and put my arms around his shoulders as his hands would find their way onto my waist, urging to grab my ass, to run his fingers across it quickly and unnoticeable. He'd move his hands up in slow motion, taking his time, feeling my hot body. Finally he would run his fingers trough my hair, holding my neck and looking right into my eyes, biting his lips while he decided whether to kiss me or not.

So close I could feel his breath. I gently put my head on his shoulder close to his ear so he could hear me breathing fast and horny. As I danced, my short little black dress lifted up but I didn't pull it down, I just pretended I didn't notice. I knew that turned him on so much. I bet he'd been jerking off while thinking of me for ages.

Uncle didn't like it when I flirted with his friends but I did it anyway. He was jealous and I could see the anger in the look he gave me every time I was around his buddy, teasing him. But we never hooked up just because he thought uncle wouldn't be ok with him fucking his slutty little niece. After all they'd been friends since forever.

He invited me over to hang out with him and his friends.We had fun. During the night he kept on giving me that horny look that slid along my face and ended up in my neckline, holding on to my peaking breasts. He messaged me to climb up his room, saying he'd meet me there in a bit.

I went upstairs, lay on his bed and started touching myself, rubbing my wet pussy. I felt so horny. I sucked on both of my fingers and buried them in my cunt. Playing with my pussy I found my G spot. I kept sliding my fingers in and ribbing it. I moaned as I was cumming and noticed someone was peeking trough the slightly opened door. It was my uncle's friend. He probably followed me. I acted like I saw nothing as he walked away fast.

Uncle arrived. He shut the door and climbed up to the bed where I was sitting. He sat next to me, kissed me, pulled away the hair behind my ears and whispered,"You nasty little slut, you've been a very, very, very, bad, bad, girl and you need to be punished. I'm gonna spank your ass till I leave red fingerprints on it, you nasty little whore. Suck me. Make it soaking wet so it can slide right in your tight little asshole later. You're getting your hot ass banged tonight."

He jumped off and took off his shorts. He had nothing on underneath them. I was sitting on the bed looking at his hard dick. I started sucking on it and swallowing so deep inside I almost
choked. Every time I got it out I would take a big breath, then put in back in. I spat on it while rubbing it up and down with my tiny hands. I had dripping saliva around my fingers.We rolled over the bed kissing and he pulled up my skirt, pushing his dick between my but cheeks.

He rolled his tongue around my tight asshole, leaving it soaking wet. He got me laying on my stomach and he put his dick inch by inch into my ass, stretching it wide with his huge dick. He rubbed my clit with his hand underneath me so he could make me loosen up. It hurt so bad, but in sort of good way. I've never had my ass fucked before. His hard dick felt bigger than ever. Slowly working his way through out my virgin asshole. I moaned from pleasure and pain at the same time.

"You like it, you little slut, don't you? You nasty little bitch. I'm gonna fuck you right in your ass, 'coz you deserve it for being so bad."

"Give it to me baby. Drill your big cock in my small asshole. I like the feeling, make me cum. I feel dirty getting fucked from behind." I moaned.

He took it out and gave me a second to calm down. He then made me bend over and pushed it in again, real deep inside this time. The whole thing was in and it felt amazing. He started shagging me real fast while pulling my hair with one hand and spanking me with the other.

"Fuckkk mee, harder, faster, stronger, give it to me. Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." I moaned as I rubbed my swollen clit underneath and pressed my hard boobs.

"Not yet bitch," he replied. "We are not done yet."

I turned around and I sucked it clean of my pussy juices. I liked the taste of it. I lay down with my wide open legs facing him. He could see my asshole stretched with a gap left from him fucking me. He put it back inside and he rubbed my clit while doing it. Then he started to finger me. I had all four fingers inside my tight wet pussy while he was pushing his hard dick deep inside my ass. He grabbed my boobs and started pulling me. I was pushing myself against his cock, enjoying it. I felt it harder than before, right inside of me. I knew he was about the cum. He took it out real quick and loaded his warm cum all over my face. I whipped the whole load off with my fingers and swallowed it.

I took a look in the mirror, my hair was a mess. He came hugging me from behind.

"So did you like it? Because I can tell you did. How did it feel, having a cock in your ass for the fist time? Did it feel good?" he asked.

"I loved it," I replied.

I went downstairs afterwards and got myself a drink. A few moments later he joined me. His friends were still there,watching the game. No one ever noticed that we were both gone. I sat next to his friend. We kept on smiling for the rest of the night.

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Posted 04 Sep 2012 06:49
hot hot hot.....dont listen to the put downs..this was fast hot sex....nice hot ass fuck....more soon please
Posted 04 Sep 2012 01:58
Hot story keep it up and me................
Posted 02 Sep 2012 18:42
I respect people's opinions good and bad.By criticizing me they point out at my mistakes and help me to correct myself in the future.
I do have to say that I miss some encouragement from time to time. Thank you for the lovely words.I'm glad you liked it
Posted 02 Sep 2012 12:37
Don't let the nay-sayers get you down. I love the series. How could anyone give you a three--what a jealous jerk!
Posted 02 Sep 2012 02:57
Hot story, could have been even better narrated, still very hot. Need to detail the virgin asshole being devirginzed in greater details. The associated pain is little described. Still a very hot story. 5

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