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Vegas Vacation

What happens in Vegas...
A gentle breeze blew across my forehead; a nice respite from the sweltering heat of Las Vegas. My brother, Matt, and I had talked for years about coming to Vegas one day. A dream vacation for each of us. For years we had been putting it off due to one reason or another. I wasn't prepared for this impulsive trip. As far as I knew we were going to a movie. Instead, Matt started driving, away from the movie theater and towards Vegas.

We arrived just in time to see the sun set. The darkening sky contained a beautiful shade of pink which stretched across the horizon. In spite of our haste we were unable to see the Bellagio fountains spray jets of air across this perfect sunset. Instead we simply watched them in the dark of night with their artificial lights.

"Did you like that Chrissy?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, that was pretty. I'm glad I got to see it," I replied.

"Well, I'm going to use the restroom. Don't go too far. We still need to get a hotel room."

"I'll just stay right here," I told Matt as he walked away.

Mere seconds passed before I heard his voice. A New Jersey pronunciation with a mobster like idiom. "Hey, you pretty thing," he said.

I looked over and saw a man standing next to me. His hair was slicked back with what seemed to be an entire can of moose. His forehead wrinkled from his expression which appeared to be a mix between anticipation and lustful desire. I would like to say I was looking up at him but that would not be the case. He was a short and stocky fellow who reeked of Old Spice. Oh yeah, this guy was a little creepy but I answered him anyways. "Um, hi."

"Will your boyfriend be jealous if he sees you flirting with me?" he asked.

"He isn't my boyfriend, so probably not," I said.

"Well, then who is this man who graces such a beautiful sight?"

"My brother; he might be a little jealous to find a creepy guy like you talking to me."

"Oh babe, why have you got to be so rude? I am only trying to make a friend here. By the way, my name is Frank. And you are making that difficult," he responded to me which followed with a rather awkward pause. "So babe, whats your price?"

"Excuse me?"

"I said whats your price? Everyone has a price. How much money will it take to get you into bed?"

"I'm not a whore."

"Now don't take this wrong, baby. I never said you were a whore. Every woman has a price. Some women want marriage, some want a new car, others just need dinner. Then there are those special women who only need one drink. So I ask again, what is your price?"

"I would never sleep with you."

"How much just to watch you do the deed? A thousand? Two thousand?"

I sneered at him, "Not even close."

"Da-a-a-a-amn, baby. You sure know how to turn a guy down. What about ten thousand?"

"Ten thousand? You may be getting close to watching," I replied.

"I'll give you fifteen thousand if you let me watch your brother," he said.

"Not a fucking chance. I wouldn't fuck my brother for even a hundred thousand," I told him.

"Now your talkin," Frank yelled exuberantly! "Are you even worth a hundred thousand?"

"I'm worth more than you can afford."

"I could afford to pay you a quarter million just to watch you fuck your own brother."

Such an enormous sum of money caught my attention. If he weren't such a creepy looking guy I would have probably agreed to fuck him for the ten thousand he mentioned earlier. But a quarter million! Even if I split it with Matt I would have enough money to pay off my student loans and still have a substantial down payment on a house.

Frank broke the silence, "I can see ya thinkin about it baby. Whaddya say?

"Let me talk to Matt and see what he says."

"Oooh, his name is Matt huh? Whats your name baby?"

"Christine," I said to him just as Matt walked up behind me.

"Who's this," Matt asked?

"My name is Frank," he said as he extended his hand for a friendly shake.

Matt reached out and shook his hand. "We need to talk," I said. Then I grabbed him and led him away.

"Why are you talking to such a weird guy," Matt asked?

"He offered me a quarter million for sex," I said.

"Could that scumbag even come up with that much just for sex with you."

"I'm not sure. But one more thing; he doesn't want to have sex with me, he wants to watch us do it."

Matt's face lit up a little. "Do you want to do it?"

"I think so. If you are willing."

"We get paid quarter million dollars and I get to have sex with each other? Since this has come up can I tell you one of my deepest secrets," Matt asked?

"It can't really get anymore awkward than it already is," I said.

"I've always wanted to have sex with you," Matt blurted out.

"Really? You have always wanted me? Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because we aren't supposed to have sex. Let me go talk to him and see if he even has that much money."

I watched Matt as he began talking to Frank. They were far enough away that I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could tell there were fierce negotiations. The more I thought about the situation the more I felt myself beginning to cream my panties. In a matter of minutes I had gone from a bit of a prude to a complete whore, willing to sell myself for sex with my brother. What shocked me most was that I felt near instant lust towards Matt after he told me his secret.

Matt finally returned. "So I think we worked it out. He is going to pay for a suite here in the Bellagio for the next three nights. I convinced him to transfer the money to my bank account before we have sex. But he wants to watch us to make out with each other before he transfers all the money."

"You think he has it," I asked?

"I don't know. But if he gets us a suite here then we at least get a free room for just a little kissing."

Matt had a fantastic point. I would make out with him for a really nice room which I personally would have to work for a week just to pay for. Matt made a small gesture towards Frank with a head nod and a hand wave simultaneously. Frank made his way towards us, "So, am I going to see some incest sex today," he asked?

"Only if you really deliver the money," Matt told him. "I'll call my bank to make sure the transfer goes through."

We both followed Frank to the concierge. Surprisingly, they knew him by name and knew exactly what he wanted. A key card was handed to him with a confirmation of billing his account as usual. We followed him to the elevator, he knew exactly where he was going.

"So you get a lot of brothers and sisters to fuck each other around here," I asked?

"Nah," Frank said, "I've never seen family fucking. I mostly get a lot of women who will go for the one or two thousand I first asked for you. But when you told me you wouldn't fuck your brother you gave me a mission, I knew I was watching you two do it."

Matt put his hand on my shoulder and ran it across my back. He gripped my opposite shoulder, furthest from him, and pulled me into his chest. "As long as you deliver the cash then we'll let you watch."

"Hey buddy, I'm good for it. Don't you worry. All you need to do is fill your sweet sister there with your cum and do all the other things to her I talked to you about."

Other things? What did Matt agree to? What the hell have I gotten myself into? I sure hope he didn't agree to let this guy in on the action. All my insecurities passed through my mind on the elevator. My worrying was stopped by the sound of the elevator as it reached our floor. We followed Frank to the door where he swiped the card through the magnetic reader.

The door swung open to reveal the room to us. The entry way was adorned with gorgeous marble. There was a soft couch on the right surrounded by two white leather chairs, all opposed by a wide screen television. I had never stayed in a hotel with an all out living room inside. Off to the left was a very small lavatory, only a sink and commode. The bedroom was off to the left with a king sized bed filling its space. A bed whose linens appeared to be of the highest quality. A conveniently placed chair sat in the corner; obviously destined to be used by Frank. The main bathroom was to die for! It was covered in elegant marble; the craftsmanship of its finish was superb. Not only that, it had two separate and private bathrooms inside of itself. One with a shower and another with a whirlpool tub. One thing was for sure; this room was made for a good fucking.

I climbed up on the bed, it was invitingly comfortable. Were it not for the impending incestuous pounding I was about to receive, I would have fallen asleep at an instant. Matt followed me onto the bed and made his way over top of me. Admittedly, that first kiss was really awkward. But as we continued to let our lips lock their embrace became more natural. The feel of awkwardness passed, turning into lust.

My brother suddenly jumped off me and sat up on the edge of the bed facing Frank. "It will cost you to watch the rest," he said.

"Tell me your bank account number and routing number and I'll make a phone call. The transfer will be quick," Frank replied.

Matt reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. "I'll be right back," he said and he grabbed a pen and paper. He walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Neither I nor Frank could hear what he was saying, but he was sure talking a lot.

"Did he have to call his girlfriend for permission," Frank asked snidely?

"As far as I know he doesn't have a girlfriend," I said.

"Well if he doesn't hurry this up I'm going to go find a different woman. It would save me an assload of money."

"I'm sorry," I said, "why don't I go see whats taking him so long?"

"Why don't you show me your tits instead? I want to see what I'm paying for."

I felt apprehensive about taking off my shirt in front of Frank without my brother in the room. I wasn't really sure what kind of a guy he was but I was sure that he seemed to be rather wealthy. If only he just had a little tact. I did as the man asked me to, after all, he was giving me a lot of money.

I lifted my shirt over my head, revealing my purple and lacy bra. It had some see through lace but not enough that he could make out my nipples through it. Frank groaned a little as I put my hands behind my back to get the clasp. My tits bounced as I worked to let them free from the bonds of my bra. With a little wiggle and some wobbles my bra came free, allowing my voluptuous breasts to hang from my body.

"Oh my," Frank stated. "Those are fucking incredible. Stand in front of me here with your hands over your head and twirl around."

I did as he asked, showing off my body to his view. I bounced my breasts up and down for him as I spun in circles. After I got started showing off I also got really turned on. I turned to face him and rolled my nipples between my index finger and my thumb. I could tell from the tent in Frank's pants that he was enjoying the show. He became a little distracted then reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants a few times before his focus turned back to me.

"A fine set of tits you have, baby," Frank said lustfully. "Are you sure you don't want me involved?"

So including Frank as a part of our sexual adventure was not a part of Matt's agreement with him. That was a huge relief for me. "No sweety," I said, "I'm too excited about fucking my own brother. I had never really thought about it before."

"If I didn't pay you and left the room, would you still fuck him?"

"Yes...yes, I think I would."

Just then Matt emerged from the bathroom. He handed a piece of paper to Frank. Frank, in turn, picked up his phone and made a call.

"Getting started without me," Matt asked?

"Oh, uh, yeah. You were in there a while so Frank asked me to show off for him," I replied.

"I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to take your shirt off. But I'm happy to see your boobs, they are awesome."

Matt sat down on the edge of the bed. "Well, why don't you show off for me a bit."

I repeated a similar dance for Matt that I had done for Frank, making sure to bounce my grand tits gratuitously for him. I ended my showing off for my brother differently than I did for Frank. I climbed up on his lap and smothered his face with my mammaries. "Suck my titties," I requested. Matt did as I asked, suckling my breasts with enthusiasm. He must have kissed nearly every inch of my boobs before Frank finally interrupted us.

"The transfer is complete," Frank said. "You can call your bank to verify it if you would like."

Matt quickly pushed me off of his lap and grabbed for his phone. He dialed quickly, "Hello Susan," he said, "This is Matt. Is it there?" His question was followed up with an inaudible voice on the other end of the phone. She seemed to talk forever. Matt was finally able to get off the phone and turn his attention back to me.

I lay back on the bed and bit my lower lip. "Is my big brother ready to fuck me," I asked?

"Fucking fuck yes I'm going to fuck your fuckhole," Matt replied. I chuckled at his response.

Matt stood in front of me. I fully expected him to climb back up and continue molesting my tits. Instead he reached for the button on my pants. With a quick flick of his wrist my pants had been opened. I lifted my ass to help with his efforts. He tugged at my jeans, easily removing them from my body. Then my brother started from the bottom. He kissed my feet, then my ankles, and up my legs; he was really giving me a thorough loving with his lips.

Matt's touch guided me up to my knees, with my ass towards Frank. He pulled my panties down to my knees. "Look at that fucking pussy," Frank yelled! "That is a sweet piece."

I couldn't see it but I like to imagine that Matt's face was adorned with a gigantic smile while looking at my cunt. I did get to hear his response to Frank. "Yes, that is a nice pussy. And it will be my dick in it."

"Yeah, yeah," Frank replied. "Just do what I told you to. Do what I'm paying you for."

Matt didn't say anything else, he just continued his barrage of kisses across my body. He kissed nearly every inch of my ass cheeks before he finally settled in my crack. Then he pulled out his tongue and began kissing up and down my ass crack. He stopped on my asshole and focused his tongue on its little pucker. I had been given some pretty decent oral in my life but no man had ever taken my ass in such a way. It was new, different, a bit odd, but really nice.

Matt ate at my asshole for quite some time until Frank grunted, "Thats good, move on now."

My brother's gentle touch guided me onto my back. The sexual tension in my pussy was at an all time high, especially after the rimming Matt had given me. He started at my feet again and kissed up my inner thighs. He finally made it to my pussy, boy was it ever aching for him. The only desire I had at that point was for my brother to suck my pussy lips into his mouth and suck as hard as he possibly could. Thats not what Matt did, fuck no, he teased the shit out of my cunt.

He first licked up the outer edge of one side of my cunt. "You are so fucking wet," he said.

"Lick it up," I requested.

Matt then licked up the outer edge of the other side of my cunt. "I want to taste your pussy juice," he said.

"Please, stop teasing me and do it," I said.

He pushed his tongue into my pubic hair and wiggled it down to the top of my slit, teasing it just above my clit. "Do you love incest," he asked.

"Oh yes, I want my brother's cock."

His tongue reached down and licked my taint; taint my pussy and taint my asshole, just that skin in between. "How much do you want me."

"I really want you. Fuck me. Now."

Matt's tongue finally made it to my vagina and lapped up my glistening fluid. "You taste like heaven," he said.

"Dig in with your tongue."

This request Matt complied with. His tongue dug deep into my cunt, I'm sure as far as he could reach.

Frank moved up out of his chair and hovered over us to get a better view of my brother eating my pussy. I decided to help with the show and cupped my breast. I lifted my nipple to my mouth and sucked my titties as my brother fucked my hole with his tongue.

Frank looked at my face, watching me suck my own tits. "Now," he said, "Lick up her slit and suck hard on her clit."

Matt did as he said. I could not help but to scream out in ecstasy. My nipple slipped from my mouth as my back involuntarily arched upwards. My brother's sucking had released an immense amount of sexual tension from my body. Matt continued to suck on my clit while doing his best to dart his tongue back down to my fuck hole. His teasing, combined with the masterful way that he now worked my cunt, brought me right to the brink of orgasm very quickly. Matt licked and sucked while Frank watched. He watched Matt bring me to a quick and incredibly intense orgasm.

I screamed aloud, yelling Matt's name. "Yes Matt! Oh fuck yeah! Suck my cunt! Suck my juice, brother!" Soon enough my orgasm passed. Matt persisted in working at my pussy. He would suck in my labia and stretch them back before releasing them to snap back against me. He did this repeatedly until my breathing returned to normal and I had calmed down.

"That was fucking amazing to watch," Frank said. I was beginning to get used to him being there. I was certainly comfortable with Matt's handiwork as well.

"Shit, Matt," I said, "I've never been given a treat like that."

Matt simply smiled at me while Frank made another request, "Pull out your cock and take her ass."

"Wait a second," I said, "I never agreed to anal."

"I'm paying good money to watch this. You will take his cock up your sweet ass." Frank had a very valid point. We did just get a large sum of money to fuck around.

"Fine then," I replied, "Only if you get us some lube."

Frank seemed to be a prepared guy. He mentioned that he has done this many times with different women. Apparently he has run into the need for lube before. He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a little bottle of astroglide. "This should help him get his dick into that tight little ass of yours," he told me as he dropped the lube next to me.

Matt had started undressing, pulling his shirt off to reveal his sexy chest. I decided to help my brother with his clothes and sat up in front of him. I grabbed the waist of his pants, pulling them open, then dropping them to the floor. He stepped out of his pant legs leaving him wearing nothing but his boxers. From the look of things he was hung pretty well. Nonetheless I was still curious as to what was behind that thin fabric. I pulled his boxers down to reveal his cock. He had a big head on his dick, almost a bit out of proportion, with a nice spattering of thick veins that ran along its shaft. What impressed me most was his balls. His testicles hung like fuzzy dice on a rear view mirror, swaying with every movement. My brother's cock was impressive, not quite as big as some guys I had seen at frat parties, but still substantial.

I cupped Matt's balls in my left hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. I grabbed his shaft in my right hand and jerked him off a bit. I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth, working circles around it with my tongue. I was slowly working his cock into my mouth trying to adjust to his bulbous head, when Frank chimed in again. "That's enough sweet thing. I want to see you take that cock in your ass." One thing about Frank is that he was sure persistent.

"What position do you want her in," Matt asked?

"Do it doggystyle, get your ass in the air baby."

I did as Frank told me. I moved up on the bed, making enough room for Matt behind me, and hoisted my rear end upwards to his view. Matt opened the astroglide and applied a very generous amount to my asshole. He then rubbed his cock down with a good amount. My brother rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks before stopping at my asshole. "Hey babe," he said, "are you ready for this?"

"Yes, please give me your cock. Be gentle Matt, I've never done anal before," I told him.

Matt began pushing his cock into my ass. I began to moan, I'm not sure if my moaning was because of pleasure or pain. He began moving his cock, fucking my ass. I couldn't help but give a little whimper each time my brother pushed is cock into me. The feeling of anal is hard to describe, unpleasant to me but yet somehow tantalizing. My brother was really beginning to get into the swing of things, I could feel his balls tapping up against my cunt with every thrust. I reached down and began rubbing my clit in response.

Frank watched as my brother thrust into my ass. Before long he stopped us. "This is nice, but it aint workin for me," he said. "I want to see less man ass and more of this sweet woman's body. Matt, go sit in that chair there. Christine, back up to your brother and sit your ass on his cock."

Matt moved over to the chair and I backed up to him as Frank requested. At first I had no idea how this was supposed to work. "Sit on your brother, then put your feet up on his legs," Frank said, "Then lift your ass back up and get his cock in there." I followed his commands and eventually eased my brother's cock back into my ass. "Good," Frank said, "now start bouncing that tight ass of yours up and down."

I began moving myself up and down on Matt's cock. I could feel his dick moving in and out as before, this time at a different angle. As I bounced on his cock I could see why Frank wanted us in such a position. My healthy tits bounced up and down in front of him while my cunt was open to his view. He could see the anal sex and could appreciate my body all at the same time. I have to admit, Frank knew exactly what positions were best for his pleasure.

I moved my asshole up and down my brother's shaft until his breathing became heavier. That's when Frank stopped us again, "Get your ass off his cock. Finish him off with your mouth," he said.

I climbed off Matt's dick. "But he was just in my ass. I don't want to suck on him now."

Matt chimed in, "Just suck my dick Chrissy. I'm almost there, I swear."

I took my brother's cock in my hand again and started jerking him. I sucked his cock into my mouth and continued my barrage of his dick and balls. I can say that I've never gone ass-to-mouth before, but I can now say that I'm not too excited about doing it. I circled my tongue around Matt's dick head as I had before while jerking him furiously. "Thats right," Frank said, "get his cum out. Get it all over your face."

I decided that it was time to stop arguing with Frank over what he wanted us to do. So I jerked my brother's cock furiously while I sucked his cock head and circled my tongue around it. Matt's breathing was becoming heavier and I knew he was getting close to cumming. I gripped his balls with my free hand, massaging them until he started squirting his hot man juice in my mouth. The first squirt slammed against the back of my throat. I pulled out his cock and allowed his cum to squirt all over my face as Frank had told me to. One squirt went up the bridge of my nose, the top of it landing on my forehead. Another got caught on my lip and dripped into my mouth. Another ended up on my cheek. Another string of cum landed on my eyelid; luckily I was quick enough to close it before it ended up in my eye. I then put the tip of his cock in my mouth and sucked on the end. I took the last few ejaculations into my mouth. I swallowed what I had collected and began licking his cum off my lips.

Frank spoke up after I took my brother's load all over my face, "Thats a good girl."

I simply smiled and said, "I'll do anything for Matty here."

Matt laughed, "I'll get you a towel to wipe off your face."

After cleaning off my cheeks, forehead, and eyelid, I collapsed on the bed. My ass was sore and I had just swallowed a good amount of my own brother's fluid. Matt lay down next to me and began sucking on my tits again. It felt so nice having his mouth pleasuring my nipples. However, I couldn't help but notice Frank was still hanging out as if he was waiting for something.

"Is that all you wanted us to do Frank," I asked?

"No," Matt replied to me. "But we will have to wait until my cock gets hard again. It shouldn't take long."

I looked at Matt, "What else did you say we would do for him?"

Matt stopped sucking my boobs and moved himself so his face was next to mine. Instead of answering me he just leaned in and kissed me. Of course I kissed him back. This kiss was different than those we shared before sex. This kiss was full of emotional passion as opposed to lustful passion. I could feel him opening up to me. It was as if he was trying to tell me that he loved me through his kiss. I knew exactly how he felt. I would be lying if I said I felt as strongly as Matt did. I did feel closer to him, I did love him, and I certainly enjoyed myself, but I wasn't sure that I was really in love with him.

Matt pulled away. "I love you Chrissy," he said. "I mean really love you."

I put my arm around him and rubbed his back lightly. "I know baby," I said, "I can tell by the way you kiss me."

"Do you love me too? Really love me?"

I was caught up in the heat of the moment and responded without thinking much. "I love you too. Really love you," I told him. It wasn't until I had actually said it that I realized I may have been speaking the truth. I cuddled with Matt for a while, completely ignoring Frank's presence. The more time we spent close, kissing, fondling, exploring, and loving each other, the more I actually began to fall for him.

Matt broke our passionate embrace quickly. He climbed off the end of the bed and grabbed my feet. Swiftly, I was pulled down to the edge of the bed, my legs hoisted up along my brother's body. Then I felt it; his dick was hard as a rock. He rubbed his cock against my slit, up and down. He unknowingly was teasing my hole with every pass. After he felt we were both sufficiently lubed he began pressing his dick into my cunt. I could only moan with absolute pleasure. My ass had taken a beating from his tool and now my pussy was about to be pleasured.

Matt placed his hands behind my knees and pinned my legs up against my chest. I gripped around my thighs to help him keep my legs in place. With me in such a position Matt was able to push his cock in deep, very deep. I had been fucked by well hung guys in the past; but Matt, even though he was not as big as previous fuckers, had penetrated just as far. He began thrusting into my cunt, agitating my labia and my soft vaginal walls.

I stared deep into Matt's eyes, I would even say deeper than he was penetrating me. I started talking dirty to him, "Fuck your sister! Fuck me harder. Ride me dammit!"

Matt responded, "You like that? Take my meat like a whore. I love fucking my sister."

We went back and forth, loudly talking dirty to each other. The sexual tension was beginning to build in my cunt. By this time Matt had been fucking me for a little over five minutes with his cock still performing like a champ. My pussy, on the other hand, was beginning to reach its peak. My body began shaking and I started thrusting back at Matt with all my might. The second orgasm he had given me was with his spectacular dick. An orgasm that consumed my body and caused all my muscles to twitch to exhaustion.

After I had finished cumming Matt motioned for me to get up on all fours. I followed his lead, even though I was beginning to have a hard time holding myself up. His cock filled my cunt once again and began its hard thrusting motion. My full tits were swinging back and forth. His balls were slapping up against my clit with every deep penetrating dive. I looked up to see Frank sitting in the chair directly in front of me. He had his cock out and was slowly stroking himself. I moaned as my brother continued to fill me with his cock, and he moaned in response.

Matt continuously humped me. I had figured his cock would have given out by then but he was still going strong. We fucked for maybe another ten minutes or so before he pulled his cock out. I was thinking he was going to shoot his cum on my ass but instead he motioned for me to lay down. I didn't complain, My arms needed a rest anyways. He climbed on top of me in the missionary position and plunged his cock back into my fuck hole. We started kissing again while we maintained our fucking. Only a few more minutes and I could hear Matt's breathing become heavier. I knew that for a second time, he was close to cumming.

"Are you going to pull out," I asked?

Matt made one last deep thrust into my pussy and yelled out, "I'm cumming in my sister!"

I grabbed his ass and pulled him in tight against me. My womb had been turned into a cum depository for my brother's seed. I couldn't help but to enjoy the feel of his cock pulsating inside me. Matt collapsed on top of me. I honestly don't blame him. After all the fucking he just did he must have been at least a little tired.

Our erotic moment was interrupted by Frank. "One last thing to do," was all he said.

Matt slid himself off my body so he lay next to me. He motioned for me to get on top of him. "Get your pussy up here," he said. I did as he had asked. No man had ever had me bring my cunt up over his face after fucking. There lay Matt underneath me, with his mouth open, waiting for gravity to deliver his cum. One big drop, then two, and then my brother's mouth made contact with my swollen, used, and very satisfied pussy. He sucked and licked up all our combined sex juices. He licked my cunt clean of his invading army.

When Matt was done I lay down next to him. I looked over and saw Frank still jerking his cock. I leaned over and talked to Matt, "Would you mind if I let Frank cum on my tits? He has been such a good boy."

"If you want him to then let him do it," Matt told me.

"Frank," I said, "Do you want to put your cum on my tits?"

Without saying anything Frank made his way to the edge of the bed. I slid over to make things easier for him. He began jerking his cock faster. Before long his cum began squirting out onto my tits. I started rubbing his cum into my skin while he pulled up his pants.

"Fuck that was good," Frank said.

"Did you like watching a brother fuck his sister," I asked?

"More than you will ever know, sweet thing." Frank reached down and took a feel of my tit. "You are a fine woman." Then he looked over at Matt, "You best be treating this one right. She can take one hell of a fucking and she don't complain about it either."

"Oh I will," Matt said. "I've got the rest of the weekend to treat her right."

"Yeah, you sure do," Frank confirmed. "Just make sure you check out on time. This little fuck session has already cost me enough."

"We will," Matt said.

Frank started walking towards the door, "I can tell you two have started falling in love. That's nice. You to enjoy yourselves. I'll see myself out."

As soon as he turned the corner Matt leaped up for his cell phone. He must have put the number on speed dial because he only pressed a few buttons. "Hey Sarah," he said. "Its Matt." Then there was a pause while she talked. "Yeah, transfer the money to my savings and close that account please." Matt listened while the bank teller, whose name was apparently Sarah, talked to him. Before long he hung up his phone.

"I have something I need to show you," he told me. Matt opened up the web browser on his phone and logged onto his online banking. "Take a look at this," he said as he held his phone in front of my face. On the screen showed the last transfer. It wasn't the $250,000 I had agreed to with Frank. Somehow my brother had convinced him to pay us an entire half a million.

"How the fuck did you get him to give us that much," I asked?

"I rimmed your ass, I ate your cunt, I fucked your ass, you sucked my dick after it was in your ass, I fucked you doggystyle, and I finally ate my own cum out of your pussy."

"Thats all he wanted to double the price?"

"No," Matt said with a pause, "He wanted us to fall in love."

"That was one hell of a act you put on," I exclaimed!

"It was no act. I'm pretty sure I do love you."

I was dumbfounded for a second. It took me a bit to reply to him, "I think I might be falling for you too. Let's just see how the weekend goes."

Matt smiled at me, "I'll go start some hot water in that whirlpool tub. I think you might have some cum on your tits that needs washing off."

"I think your right, baby," I said. "Why don't you get it started. I'll be right in."

It didn't take long for our time in Vegas to end. The next time I come to this town I'll make sure I get out of the hotel room and see some sights. Matt and I spent that weekend looking at each other and the hotel room walls. We also spent a lot of time with our genitals entwined.

After we got home we ended up buying a house together. That has made it pretty hard for both of us to move on with our lives. As long as we bring someone home to meet the parents every once in a while they don't ask questions. But my heart belongs to my brother, my lover. No matter what happens I know he will always be available to me, and I to him.

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Very HOT! I want to go to Vegas

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