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Video Camera Revenge

This is a sequel to She found the Camera
My wife had used the video she made of my own cum all over my face to blackmail me for things like chores I didn’t want to do or errands she wanted me to run. I had to put a stop to this once and for all. One thing certain about my wife is that she is very spoiled. She grew up the youngest of three sisters, so as the baby she always got her way. Even now in her mid 30’s when the family is together she seems to get away with telling her older sisters what to do.

It’s Saturday afternoon. I think I have it all worked out. I set up the video camera in the bedroom, ran a nice bath for my wife and invited her up for a little special treatment and a massage. She jumped at the opportunity. Hustling up the stairs I told her that the bath was ready for her. She looked so sweet, relaxing, enjoying the warm bubbles. As she stood from the bath I patted her dry and then covered her in a towel. Taking her by the hand I led her to the bed. She saw the bottle of baby oil and I could tell by the smile on her face that she was pleasantly looking forwards to a bit of pampering.

As I motioned for her to lay face down on the bed I softly stated, “This afternoon is all for you.”

My wife laid there, her body soaking in the baby oil as I softly caressed her from top to bottom, the moans of pleasure slipped from her lips every time my hands found there way to her inner thighs and over the top of her butt. My hands often found their way back to her thighs and I lightly brushed my fingers across her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying herself because her ass would rise up off the bed inviting my hand to go further.

It was time to get her to turn over. As she lazily rolled her body over, I placed a blindfold over her eyes. She gave a little smile and accepted the invitation of naughty play. I then grabbed one arm and gently wrapped her wrist with restraint straps. I proceeded with the other and also secured her ankles. It was a true vision, my sweet little wife lying on the bed completely spread awaiting my next massaging touch.

Once I was certain she was secure. I motioned to the two visitors I had hiding, waiting for me to call upon them all this time. My wife became startled as she heard the voices of her two sisters announcing their entry.

The older of the two said, “Well look what we have here, our little sis getting her sweet little body pleased”.

Then other stated, “We’ve had to put up with your shit for long enough, it’s time for you to show a little respect.”

One of her sisters soon had her shorts off and her pussy planted square on my wife’s face.

Her sister rubbed her pussy back and forth across her mouth forcing her wetness to cover my wife’s face. The other sister began massaging baby oil all over my wife’s hairless pussy. My wife was squirming her hips to the vigorous rubbing her sister was applying which made her sister force her fingers deep inside my wife's pussy. 

The sister that had her fingers buried deep in my wife’s pussy said to her in a very stern voice. “I have had enough of your squirming you little bitch.”

She stood up and pulled out a strapon she had brought along. As she pulled up and the harness I could see that she was well equipped. The dildo attached to her harness was thick and about 8 inches long. She placed herself directly in between my wife’s legs and covered her cock in baby oil. She the used two fingers to spread my wife’s pussy open and squeezed the baby oil directly into her hole. My eyes opened wide as she place the head of this fat cock into her opening, with one thrust drove the entire shaft deep into her hole and buried it there. I could hear my wife's moans as the other sister kept grinding her pussy on my wife’s face.

As I watched the oldest sister start slowly pumping my wife’s pussy with long, slow strokes forcing the oil to come out as this cock filled her every inch. My wife showed no type of resistance as her legs spread wide and her sister picked up the pace. She kept driving this big dildo deep inside her, pulling it out to the tip and forcing it back in to the base. 

My wife’s muffles now became screams as her body rose to meet each thrust. Her hips in the air and shaking I could see the massive forced orgasm take over her body. Her ass crashed to the bed with the fat cock impaled inside her. The other sister who was riding her face now started shaking.

She yelled, “Taste my cum sis”, as she flooded my wife’s mouth, her juices dribbled down her chin.

Her sister stood up from my wife’s face and I could see the wetness covered her. The other sister withdrew her cock from my wife, quickly removed her strap on and found her way to squatting on my wife’s face, only she decided to face the other direction so her asshole would land directly on my wife’s nose. The other sister began to slip on her harness. I think they must have bought them just for this occasion. This dildo wasn’t as big as the other but had interesting shaped ridges that got bigger down the shaft.

As the one sister moved her hips back and forth over my wife’s face she motioned to me to unstrap my wife’s ankles. As soon as I had the straps off she grabbed both of my wife’s legs by the back of the knees and slid forward pinning her legs below her under arms causing my wife’s ass to rise up of the bed and spreading her wide open.

Next the other sister positioned herself between my wife’s open legs and squirted more baby oil all over my wife’s lower half as she stated, “Little sister, you have been such a pain in the ass all these years”.

The tip of her strap-on cock now poking at my wife’s little brown button, the first ridge popped into her asshole. Then slowly the second popped in and I could hear my wife grunt as her virgin ass was being penetrated by her own sister. The third ridge popped in and then the fourth and finally the last. Her sister slowly drew back each ridge to the tip and repeated the penetrating process. My wife’s ass began accepting the gentle assault and I could see her hips move forward trying to get all of the cock deep in her ass.

The sister that had her pussy covering my pretty little wife’s face was enjoying the view. She told my wife what a good little bitch she was. My wife was now accepting that no matter what she did the two sisters were in control.

The sister who was riding my wife’s face now told the other to push down on her inner thighs and open that pussy. With a dildo buried in her ass and her pussy being spread wide the one sister began to slide her fingers in my wife’s cunt. First two, then three, every time she withdrew her fingers my wife’s pussy would gape open and spasm. This sister knew how to finger fuck well and had her moaning loudly in no time. She then squirted baby oil all over her hand and I watched as four fingers got driven into my wife’s pussy all the way to the thumb crease. She folded her hand so her palm rested against my wife’s clit and her fingers pressed against her upper inner walls and began shaking her arm and hand furiously.

I had never seen my wife humping so hard before as the dildo slid in and out of her ass and the hand grabbing her pussy tightly turned her into an obsessed animal. Suddenly my wife’s back arched high and her sisters’ hand came out. She screamed as liquid launched from her pussy high into the air. Her ass fell back to the bed and her body started quivering, shaking in orgasm wave after wave. Her lower body kept humping even after the dildo withdrew from her ass. Her sister grabbed onto my wife’s clit with her thumb and finger, pulling it and shaking it like playing with a nipple until my wife begged her to stop.

The two sisters quickly grabbed there belongings and vanished. I let my wife relax for a moment and then finally removed her blindfold.

As she lay there worn and exhausted, but as sexually satisfied as I'd ever seen her, I held the video camera in my hand and said, “I think you might want to reconsider using that video of me to get what you want”.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 12 Jul 2013 06:39
Love your story line. Love to have a mother in law like that.
Posted 02 Mar 2012 10:14
Great revenge.

Posted 02 Mar 2012 04:35
That is one wild ass interesting sexual adventure.

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