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WebCam Mom – Part 2

Last night he found out his mother puts on live webcam shows. Today, he gets to watch in person.
The night before had been wonderful. In one magical night, Steve found out his mother had a secret life. She put on Webcam shows from her bedroom. He logged on and began to enjoy her show firsthand. He was extremely turned on. As he masturbated to the site of his beautiful mother, he knocked the camera over revealing his identity.

What he figured would be a disaster, ultimately became the greatest night of his life. He and his mother spent the entire night making love. He did things he had never done with any other woman. The fact that he was able to first try them with his own mother left him with a complete feeling of satisfaction like never before.

It was just the two of them in the house. His father had died years earlier. Now, on this Saturday morning the two of them opened their eyes to the sight of the other. They were lying together still under the covers of his own bed.

They were brought together when his childhood friend, Todd, told him to go to his mother’s website. Apparently he had accidentally come across it. Now, his mother Pam had told Steve to follow up with Todd and find out his screen name. She wanted to know because she obviously had something big in store. His excitement and curiosity had the best of him.

The two of them showered together that morning and again made love several more times. This time they did so in his mother’s own bed. While lying beside her, the curiosity got the better of him. He had to ask.

“How often do you do it?” he quietly questioned her.

“The web cam?” she wanted to make sure what was what he was referring to.

Steve quickly confirmed by nodding his head yes.

“Are you on there a lot?” he followed with another question.

“I have a schedule that I set up. I am usually on for at least an hour or so each night before bed. But the nice thing is it’s totally up to me.”

“Could I watch you?” he asked quietly. Then he got the nerve to even continue his questioning, “or even join you?”

“There’s no way you can join me. You’re not even 18,” she quickly got that idea out of his head. Nevertheless, she did continue, “At least not on camera.” A huge smile came over her face.

“When?” Steve anxiously asked.

“I’m really not sure I want to go there just yet,” she told him. The tone of her voice made it pretty clear that he should just stop asking now and be patient.


Doing what they were doing, they lost track of time throughout the morning. The two of them dressed and had lunch together. It was then that Pam pursued the issue they had discussed the night before.

“You need to call Todd,” Pam reminded her son.

“Today?” he looked at her inquisitively.

“Of course, why wait?” She handed him his cell phone.

Pam watched her son dial the phone and listened to the one side of the conversation.

He spoke the first word, “Todd?”

After a brief pause, he continued, “yes I saw her.” There was another pause followed by a convincing lie, “no I didn’t login any further, are you sick?”

Pam watched her son as he listened to what Todd was saying on the other end. She wanted so badly to hear it firsthand.

“Have you logged in and seen her? Don’t lie to me, it’s okay…” Steve sounded convincing enough to her.

More silence.

”Seriously Todd, I’m curious what she’s doing; but I’m certainly not going to check.”

Suddenly, Pam saw a smile cross Steve’s face. He shook his head up and down affirmatively.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough,” he lied to Todd. “I’m not so sure I like hearing this.”

In actuality, his cock was rock hard. Pam saw this and moved closer and started to stroke it.

She whispered in her son’s ear, “his screen name?” That was the goal of this conversation.

Steve shook his head positively again, ”so did you use your debit card?”

A few more seconds of silence and then Pam heard him ask the magic question, ”what username did you use?”

A few more seconds of silence followed by “…figures.”

He immediately started shaking his head up and down rapidly with a big smile on his face. She knew he had found out. And she rewarded her son by starting to lick his neck and moving her hand under the waistband of his shorts to grab his cock directly.

“Do me a favor, if you end up logging on again, just don’t tell me about it. I’m going to pretend like I never knew.”

Pam couldn’t believe what a good actor he was. She knew he was interested in everything she did on camera.

“Yes, I appreciate you telling me. But now I pretty much have to pretend you didn’t .” Steve explained. He then continued, “can you can understand that?” A bit more silence. “And keep this quiet!”

More silence as Steve was listening to Todd’s response on the other end. He was finding it hard to concentrate though because now his mother had his cock fully wrapped within her hand and began to stroke up and down.

“I know you won’t,” Steve continued his conversation with Todd, “but I swear to God if you tell anybody I’ll kick your ass.” Steve sounded so convincing and tough. Pam felt the moisture accumulate between her legs.

A few more seconds of silence and she heard her son with his parting words, “thanks dude, got to go now.” He hung up the phone.

He sat it on the table and instantly turned in his chair. He grabbed his mother by wrapping his arm around her neck and pulled her around sitting her on his lap. His right arm now wrapped around her body and he held her close in a deep passionate kiss. His erect cock was pushing against her pussy. Both of them were wishing there was no material between their body parts.

Pam started to grind up and down on his cock and her breathing was heavier and heavier. But then her curiosity got the best of her and her lips separated from her son’s.

Steve had a big smile on his face. He was smiling partly because he had succeeded in his goal. The other reason was because his mother was currently grinding her pussy on his cock right here at the kitchen table.

“Good job, sweetie,” his mother told him as she kissed him on the cheek. All the while she continued to move her hips back and forth upon his cock, “so what is it?”

“T-Bomb,” he told her.

She smiled the same way he had. She should have known. Todd’s last name was Baumgarten. Consequently, years ago he ended up with the nickname T-Bomb.

She was actually surprised he would pick that name as his handle. Discovering him now would not be very difficult. She probably would have done so anyways. In fact, perhaps that’s why Todd chose that name. Either way, she was glad to know this because it definitely would be useful in the near future.

All she had to do now was wait. She would have to remain online and hope that soon he would log on to see her. Nevertheless, she did not want to spend the afternoon working away from Steve. She then had a great idea.

“You know what today is?” she whispered to her son while still grinding down on his rock hard member.

He shook his head negatively. He was pretty much speechless at this point.

“It’s bring your son to work day,” she followed her statement with a deep passionate kiss.

Even though his penis had been fully erect, she felt it twitch more when she made her statement. After the deep and passionate kiss, her lips left his.

“Let’s go upstairs and you can watch mommy work,” she told her son.

“Can I help?” he asked in a tone that almost sounded like begging.

She answered with the same reply that she had used many times as he grew up, “we’ll see”.

She grabbed him by the hand and brought him upstairs to her bedroom office. It was now time for the son to watch his mother as she sexually pleased men over the Internet.


Pam’s computer was on the desk at the foot of the bed. It really was not obvious what it was being used for routinely. All these years, Steve had never even considered such goings-on within his mother’s bedroom.

Now however, it was the first thing he saw when he walked into her bedroom with her. It no longer seemed like his mother’s bedroom. Instead, it seemed like a movie studio. It was a window to the world. Pam continued to walk in and pulled out the chair as she sat in front of the computer screen. Of course, the camera was on top.

Steve stood aside, still acting somewhat shy. He was reserved and nervous.

Pam held up her hand, “it’s okay, sweetie. Come to mommy.” The smile on her face made him realize that she chose that word for comedic effect at the time. It worked. He smiled as he moved towards her.

She grabbed his hand and directed him to stand behind her. He understood what she wanted and he started to rub her shoulders as she logged on to the computer.

“I am linked to many different sites. Whenever I am online, I can show up on their page” she was explaining her business to him.

“You get a percentage of everything?” he was unsure if he should ask, but then thought about it further. Considering he was having sex with his mother, it certainly was not improper to ask how much she made at work.

“I get 50%,” she confirmed for him. “I get all of the tips though,” she reiterated. “That’s the trick is to make them happy enough to tip you and keep them coming back.”

Surprisingly, Steve was not disenchanted, but instead turned on. “Do you have a lot of regulars?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” Luscious Laura continued. “I also pretty much know what each of them like in order to increase my tips at the end.” A brief pause was followed by something he heard her say time and time again growing up, “do your best, or don’t do it at all.”

She turned her head and looked up at him with a smile. All the years she used that statement with him and certainly neither one of them ever imagined it would apply in something like this.

His shoulder rubs were now moving downward and he began to caress her breasts underneath her shirt.

“Can I watch?” he asked.

Pam was extremely excited. It was pretty much what she had planned.

“That’s what I was hoping for,” she then started to rise from the chair.

She went over to her dresser and pulled open the top drawer. She motioned for her son to come over.

“What should I wear?” she asked.

Inside the drawer were an obscene number of various stockings, bras, and sexy lingerie. In all honesty, this was not the first time Steve had been in this drawer. Through typical boyhood fantasy, he had pulled out some of his mother’s undergarments and imagined. In fact, several times in the past he had rubbed various pieces on his bare cock.

Steve moved his hand through the drawer looking for the ones that he had liked the most in the past. It was then that the red caught his eye. He pulled the red bra out and quickly saw the matching sheer panties. As he pulled them out, he looked at his mother to determine if these would meet with approval.

“Red, huh? she smiled at him wickedly, “very sexy. I like the way I look in those.”

With that she immediately took off her shirt. There was no bra because this morning she quickly through something on after their shower together. Immediately she pulled her shorts down too.

Steve stared at her beautiful body and his look must’ve said so much more than if he had spoken a single word. It was obvious Pam was flattered. Steve started to walk towards her and she took a step back.

“No, no, no,” she rejected him playfully. “Let’s not start that again or we will be here through lunchtime. I want to get some work done,” she continued with a coy smile.

His mother held her hand out and beckoned. It took him a second to figure out what she wanted and then he realized it was the red lingerie. He tossed her the panties and then watched her as she stepped into them. It was such a turn on for him watching as they went over her hips and covered her beautiful bush.

Her hand motioned again and now he threw her the red bra. This one clasped in front, so she was able to put it on very quickly and easily without having to twist and turn.

“Anything else?” she was asking her son what would best make her sexy.

Steve continued but his voice was quiet, “stockings?”

“Next drawer down,” she told him.

Steve opened it and was thrilled as he looked at all the silk stockings and hose. Again, the color red made it very easy for him to pull out two stockings. He immediately tossed them over to his mother. For this, she had to sit on the bed. She moved over and started to roll them up. All the while she was in looking him in the eye.

She raised her right leg and pointed her toe to the ceiling. He watched intently as the minimal red material that was now showing between her hands slightly covered her toes. Within seconds however, she was pulling it down. Almost instantly her beautiful leg looked even sexier as it was adorned in the sheer red material. It stopped at her mid thigh but was still high enough to cause his prick to twitch when it completed its journey. He was able to enjoy the same satisfaction while watching her dress the other leg.

She stood up in front of the bed and spun around.” Looking good?” she was looking for approval.

“Unbelievable,” he told her.

He stepped towards her and reached around her waist pulling her close. He kissed her deeply and pushed his cock up against her red panties. Again, his mom had to back away.

“There’s no way I can let you get started. I’m sorry sweetie but we’ll blow the whole day away,” she began to walk towards the computer.

She paused at the chair before sitting down, “I promise you in the long run it will be worth it.”

She sat down, logged in, and her workday as Luscious Laura began


Steve stood for a while and watched her at her desk out of sight from the camera. He quickly realized he needed to get comfortable. He walked to the other side of the room and grabbed the small chair that sat there. He pulled it over as close as he could to his mother without anybody knowing he was there. This behind the scenes aspect already was turning him on

He could see and read the screen. He also realized this part was rather boring. There were lots of men, or at least their handles, listed on the main screen. In the upper right, he could see his mother. That was the view each of these men was seeing. It was actually stunning.

The bra was tight and pushed her breasts together accentuating her cleavage. She hadn’t done much with her hair after the shower but it gave her a very sexy look nonetheless. Pam continued to type and chat with the various gentlemen. Routinely, she would ask if any of them wanted to go “private”.

He remembered from when he was on the other end of the conversation how tempting it was to watch her. He remembered how he would click to go “private” and the request would be there for him to click the button and begin his time at $2.99 per minute.

There was a slight click and their handle would change color on the screen. Several times this happened and his mother explained that many times they would not move on from there. Many times they would change their mind for either the cost, or simply the hesitation of taking the next step.

Right about then, “Rob_D25” changed colors on the screen. Seconds later, a doorbell type sound rang and all the other names vanished from the screen. The show was about to begin.

His mother typed. And then she slid back slightly and removed her bra. What he typed showed in larger letters up at the top so it was easier to see. Steve read it and saw that it was usual pleasantries until the point where he had asked to see his mother’s tits. That obviously explained why she took off her bra . She was playing with her breasts and squeezing her nipples to make them hard.

She typed again on the screen, ‘Do you have a cam?’

Seconds later and now it was a split screen. He could still see her lovely breasts and small portion to the right. But the majority of the screen showed the fully erect cock of “Rob_D25” with his fist stroking up and down it.

Steve was amazed that instead of being turned off, he found this to be a little exciting. The thought that his very own mother was causing all these men to jack off within their own bedrooms really excited him. He was flattered and proud. He realized how great it must make her feel as well.

He also realized that the sight of this guy’s cock excited his mother. As soon as it showed on-screen, she immediately moved her left hand down to her pussy. She also got out of the chair and put it aside. She now moved to the bed with the remote in her hand. Once she was laid back in place, she moved to the remote and he could see that she was zooming in on her body.

It was a perfect view of her entire body. She was lying back on the bed, but still somewhat sitting. Her breasts were completely obvious and now her legs were spread while she played with her pussy through the red sheer material. Meanwhile her on-screen partner continued to stroke.

In fact, it was pretty obvious that he was stroking rather quickly. Steve realized this show my not last long enough for him to fully enjoy it.

His mother must have realized the same thing. She lifted her ass off the bed and pulled her panties off. Now she began to rub her clit from side to side. At the same time, she zoomed the camera in even more.

There was a second keyboard at the side of the bed.

You like?’ she typed.

‘I want to fuck your pussy,’  Rob_D 25 typed.

‘I want you in me,’ Laura answered, ‘I’m thinking about your cock,’ she typed while jamming two fingers from her other hand into her pussy.

Steve had been rubbing his cock through his shorts this whole time. He saw how wet she was as he looked at the screen. It was here he realized that the real thing was slightly to the left. He changed his attention to his mother.

Since the camera was zoomed in on her chest and between her legs, her face was not visible at this point in time. Therefore, Luscious Laura was actually watching him and probably had been the whole time. The fact that she was playing with her pussy for Rob_D25 but watching and thinking about him – her own son – was too much for him to handle. He immediately stood up and took off his shorts.

Now Pam was lying on the bed playing with her pussy while two men stroked their cocks at the site of her. She was extremely turned on and the juices were flowing all over the bed. Any other time she would be dry and doing her best to act like she was excited for her on-screen companion.

But seeing her son’s rock hard cock and watching him stroke along with her client was too much for her to handle. Amazingly, it seems that all three participants were moving at about the same pace. This obviously was the result of his mother’s efforts.

She continued to type with one hand and masturbate furiously with the other. Steve stopped paying attention to the text on the screen and instead watched only the real thing as her fingers continued to disappear in and out of her cunt.

Pam however zoomed out slightly making sure that her clients saw her whole body. She wanted to watch her son completely but had to focus attention on the camera. It was an even greater turn on seeing her son only through peripheral vision.

About thirty seconds later all three came at once. Rob_D25 was the first. His cock erupted as numerous ropes of semen left one after the other. His strokes were dwindling. As much as Steve hated it, he came immediately after. In a repeat, he also shot his semen. Yet his come shots simply fell down to the carpeted floor.

That was the final straw and Pam lifted her ass off the bed while jamming her third finger deep inside her pussy. She shook her hips up and down and ultimately her ass came back down on the bed. At this point she was totally still except for some slight motion of her fingers. Steve knew from their lovemaking sessions last night that this was an intense orgasm. Rob_D25 was a very lucky client. And little did he know it was all thanks to the fact that Luscious Laura was having a torrid affair with her own son.

As time slowly progressed, Pam continued to play with her pussy. Rob_D25 continued to stroke his cock even though it was extremely flaccid. Steve watched as his mother continued to type. He assumed that here was a great opportunity for her to continue to make money. Minutes can go by fast in this situation.

He watched as she got off the bed and walked towards the computer. She now was using the keyboard. After her goodbyes she forcefully hit a key and screen went blank.

She turned to the right and looked at her son, “Fuck me,” was all she said.

She didn’t have to ask twice. Steve removed his shirt as he moved towards the bed. At the same time, Pam was heading towards the bed. The two of them met and embraced. They would then proceed to fuck each other like crazy for the next two hours.

Watching mommy work turned out to be a lot of fun.


Steve woke up to his mother’s smiling face beside him.

“I fell asleep?” he asked her.

She confirmed for him as she shook her head yes,” you used a lot of energy.”

Steve looked at the clock and saw it was now late afternoon.

“Are you hungry, sweetie?” his mother asked.

He realized he was, and shook his head yes. She gave him a big kiss but then started to leave the bed. He watched her as she sat on the edge putting on her robe. Her bare back was lovely.

“You think you will ever find Todd online?” Steve was extremely curious. He was anxious to see what his mother was going to do if and when that ever happened.

“He’s a teenage boy. His best friend’s mother fucks herself on the Internet on demand,” she reminded him.

Steve quickly realized how right she was.

“He’ll be back,” she claimed with confidence and she started to exit the room.

The only remaining question on Steve’s mind was what was going to happen once Todd did come back. It would not be long before he would find out.

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Posted 20 Jan 2014 10:05
I bet she would earn money head over heels If her viewers knew that her own son was joining her on cam!

Posted 20 Jan 2014 07:59
Another awesome sexy chapter. So freakin' hot. This will warm up even more when Todd gets involved. Thanks for sahring...5
Posted 20 Jan 2014 05:00
Great job very hot loved it
Posted 20 Jan 2014 03:36
Exciting ! Different. Next show may involve a dildo for her use. Does she dance? Get Todd on the line. There is a MMF in the works, I'm sure.
Posted 20 Jan 2014 01:33
I loved it. I will read web cam mom and then play.
Posted 19 Jan 2014 20:41
Please keep going this is getting good. Can't wait to find out what she does with her son's friend.
Posted 19 Jan 2014 16:30
Wow! That was an awesome story. It left plenty of room for expansion of the main plotline, I like it. Next chapter please!
Posted 19 Jan 2014 13:01
Posted 19 Jan 2014 11:48
So glad I chose to follow you. This was an awesome read. Keep up the good work., You are good at keeping ME up lol
Posted 19 Jan 2014 09:22
loved this! came so hard! 5+!!!
Posted 19 Jan 2014 09:17

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