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Weekend Reward Surprise - second day and night

I thought I was lucky the first night, the second day showed me that I was wrong...
After the events of the first night, we were all tired and ended up sleeping in. We woke up around nine in morning. Kind of late as Chelsea and Kelsey wanted the day to snoop around the near by mall. After getting dressed quickly, we went to a near by restaurant for breakfast.

“I think it is time that we consider moving toward a more alternative sex life style,” said Heather while we were all eating, “I used to be a dominatrix and I dearly would love to be one for his family. You three would make excellent subs.”

“I met Kelsey’s father while being a dominatrix. I stopped being one after Kelsey was born. I now have the urge to start and play out fantasies with us,” Heather further explained.

I knew why we had a great time last night. She was guiding us to do things she wanted us to do, (except for the fact that I had always wanted to fuck my daughter). It also explained why I found a strap on dildo in the girl’s room. She had probably purchased it to see how the girls would react.

“Would you girls like to learn how to be a dominatrix?” she asked all of a sudden.

Well my mouth dropped open and I think food fell out.

“I want to learn,” my daughter blurted out.

My cock sprung to life just to the thought of her ordering me around, telling me what to do. I wiggled in my chair to find a more comfortable sitting position to accommodate my throbbing cock. It was fortunate that no one was around our table to notice or over hear our conversation.

Chelsea, Kelsey and I were in complete agreement, we wanted this to happen. As we continued to finish our breakfast, we were asking various questions and Heather was answering them.

“I have been thinking about the rules we must follow when we get home. Utmost is that we cannot let any one know what we are doing. Also our house is a no clothes zone after work or school. The only exception would be if you girls have friends coming over. If you think your girl friends would be okay taking off their clothes, then and only then, they will be able to walk around the house. They cannot expect to be fully clothed when they try to sneak a peek at your dad or me naked. If they become regular guest, they would have to be part of our role playing. Almost like a payment for seeing us nude. Besides, I am sure your dad would love to have more young pussy to play with,” said Heather. She seemed to have the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen.

Heather continued, “Chelsea and Kelsey, if you want to bring a boy home, your dad and I have to meet him first outside of the house somewhere. Once we are comfortable with him, he would be allowed to come over and even take off his clothes. I do like young cock you know and you may have to share him with me. Maybe your dad would as well? Lastly I think Saturday night would be a good night for our actual role playing. We can stay up long and have fun. During the other nights of the week, we all can do what we want with our bodies.”

It was a forgone conclusion that Chelsea, Kelsey and I agreed.

After paying for our breakfast, we all started to stroll thru the mall.

“We should go in and look for some play toys we will need,” Heather explained while pointing towards an adult store. “Oh Damn, it looks like you girls can not come in with us. The sign says eighteen or over only. Can you wait for us here? I do not think we will take more than fifteen minutes snooping around.”

The only other person in the store was a sales clerk standing by the sales counter. She was dressed in a short black mini-skirt and loose top. The name on her name tag was Samantha. I figure she had to be at least eighteen to work here, and could not have been more than twenty years old. Although it looked like she was younger. But the more I looked the more I saw a girl that was very sexy and some one I would like to fuck.

As I look at her, my cock started to get hard. I diverted my attention away so I would not get a full erection. Heather immediately saw the slight bulge in my pants and started to massage it right in front of Samantha.

Samantha pretended to ignore the action, turned and went behind her sale counter. I did notice Samantha licking her lips as she did and could swear she was rubbing her pussy.

“What are you looking for, anything I can help you with?” as she came back around the counter towards us.

After introducing our selves, Heather indicated that she wanted toys for role playing, as she was a dominatrix. Sam (the name she said to call her by), brought us to a section on one of the walls.

“I am looking for the good quality stuff,” Heather commented.

At which point Sam blushed and guided us to the back of the store, down the hall to a room at the end. There inside, were all sorts of straps, leashes, whips, black items of clothing, etc. hanging on the walls.

“Is this the good quality stuff?" asked Heather, as she wanted to be sure.

“I do not know, but I do try the stuff on during my lunch breaks and really like them.” replied Sam.

She was getting redder and redder in the face. I really did not think she wanted us to know all this. But Heather has a strong command of her own presence and people seemed to blurt things out when she is around.

“Apparently due to lack of customers over the lunch period, the boss wants me to lock the door for the lunch hour and take my break,” she further went on, “I really don’t need that much time to eat, so I try things on and fantasize.”

Sam was really blushing then.

The image of her stripping and trying on different items was making me very horny. My cock was starting to throb and I felt the blood filling my cock up toward being a full erection.

As Heather looked around, she noticed that the time was eleven thirty in the morning.

“Sam could you do us a favor? We have two daughters waiting in the mall for us. They cannot come in because they are only seventeen. Would it be possible for you to close the store early and let the girls in to see all of this?” Heather requested.

Sam blushed, looked around and replied, “Sure, why not.”

Heather and Sam went to the door to call the girls in. As the girls walked past them, I notice Sam giving the girls a lustful look-over. I also noticed that Heather grabbed Sam’s ass under her mini-skirt and gave it gentle squeeze while the door was being locked and the ‘Closed for Lunch’ sign was put up. My mind went into overdrive fantasizing about being in here in the store with the four of them.

As they all walked back toward me, Heather grabbed some clothing hanging on the wall. These were black, very lacy and see-through items. They looked like two piece baby dolls that Chelsea used to wear around the house.

“All three of you girls strip and try these on,” Heather commanded.

I watched Sam’s facial expression. At first I was not sure if she was going to follow the command or ask us to leave. She glanced toward our daughters, who were already down to removing the last item of clothing, their panties; she showed no further hesitation in following.

As Sam stripped slowly, the harder my cock was getting. Her breasts were very perky and larger than the girls were, she had a clean shaved pussy, her figure was a little chubby yet sexy and she had nice legs that seemed to go on forever. My hard on was almost ripping through my pants. I started to fantasize about her wrapping those legs around me while I inserted my cock.

“It looks like it would be a good time to try on some cock and ball rings, so take off your pants and underwear before your cock rips through them, or you'll hurt yourself being bound up in there,” said Heather, as she noticed my hard on.

When I removed my underwear, my cock stuck out like a flag pole. It was large, thick and pulsating. I glanced at our daughters and then at Sam. I was hoping they were looking at my cock. Sam was more interested in looking at the girls being exposed through the baby doll type clothes. Kelsey was staring at Sam’s pussy through the material. My daughter Chelsea on the other hand, looked long and hard at my cock and smiled at me.

“Sam would you be a dear and show the girls around the store and some of the various play toys? I want to take hold of dad here and search for cock toys,” Heather said as she grabbed my cock and started pulling me into the room towards the display of cock rings.

It did not take long for Heather to settle on a few cock rings and other types of toys.

”Can you go see what the girls are doing? I want to pick up a few other items for us,” She said, “but do not jerk off.”

I walked out to the edge of the hallway only to find that Sam has taken them to the dildo section. She is showing them different types and uses. After a few seconds, it seemed they were getting their own thrills as they all stripped off their outfits. Sam knelt down and inserted a dildo into Kelsey’s pussy while standing.

After a bit, Sam stood back up and started to kiss and fondle Kelsey, who responded in the same way.

I was just standing there gawking at them. I was so horny now and my cock was hurting from being this hard. My adult store fantasy was coming to life!

I continued watching as Kelsey then went on her knees and forearms, sticking her lovely ass up. Chelsea walked over and straddled her, facing towards her ass and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Sam got down on her knees and started to rim Kelsey.

I stood there watching the event unfold, I automatically reached down to stroke my cock. Immediately my hand was slapped and I heard Heather whisper, “go there and finish rimming my daughter with your cock instead of jerking it off.”

I needed no further encouragement. I walked over quickly, my cock bounced up and down. Sam stopped rimming Kelsey, looked up at my cock right in her face, reached over for a bottle of lube beside her and poured it down Kelsey’ ass crack. She used her finger to spread it around her hole and finally inserted the finger.

Sam then poured some on the palm of her hand and started to cover my cock. She had nice soft and warm hands. She was ever so gentle with my cock and balls while spreading the lotion; I almost came then and there.

After she finished, she moved away to make room for me. I got down on my knees and grabbed Kelsey by the hips so I could balance myself and hold onto some thing while I inserted my cock.

Chelsea kept spreading Kelsey’s ass checks for me as Sam grabbed my cock. With the head of my cock, she made a circle around Kelsey’s hole and then started to guide it in.

As I pushed, the head of my cock slowly slipped into Kelsey’s hole. It was very tight. I pulled it out and back in a couple of times, each time I got it in further.

When I got completely inside Kelsey’s anus, Sam spread my legs a little bit from behind and inserted a dildo. When it was all the way inside me, she turned on the vibrator. It was a sensation I never felt before. It drove me wild.

Chelsea feeling left out, bent forward towards me and kissed me passionately on the mouth and let go of Kelsey’s ass. My cock felt a squeeze inside Kelsey's hole.

Still straddling Kelsey, Chelsea stood and moved her hand down to her pussy to spread her lips and expose her clit. I smelled her pussy juices from where I was kneeling.

As I continued to pump Kelsey’s ass, Sam grabbed my balls and moved the dildo in and out. I could not hold back anymore and came. I unloaded into Kelsey’s ass. As I pulled out, I squirted a little more cum onto the small of Kelsey’s back. Chelsea bent down and started to lick it all up.

Sam got up, walked over to the counter, grabbed some cleaning lotions, paper towels and came back. She poured some of the cleaning lotion on her hand and started to clean my cock. I noticed Heather standing there with her dress pulled up by one hand; her other hand was massaging her pussy through her panties. Immediately a large wet spot appeared on her panties.

After I was cleaned off and Heather was finished with herself, we all got dressed. We picked up the items we used and the stuff Heather picked out to buy then moved to the cash register.

Sam was all smiles and as she rang the items through the till, said, “Thank you for the wonderful lunch break”

Heather looked at Sam, “Have you ever explored group or dominatrix sex before?”

“No,” Sam replied.

“Would you like to come over to our hotel room right after work and join in again tonight?” Heather asked.

“Yes,” Sam immediately responded.

With that answer, I noticed Kelsey exhibited a big smile toward Sam.

On the way out, Heather turned around and asked, “Would you happen to know a boy or have a boyfriend who might be interested as well?”

Sam hesitated, and then said, “Maybe, my brother Trent he is sixteen years old. He is a closet cross dresser, and may be gay, I am not sure. Trent and I have talked at lengths about such things. Quite often when I get home and mom is not around, Trent wears my bra and panties.”

“Great, bring him along. One provision though, both of you will have to listen to me as your dominatrix.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the mall, stopping in for dinner at some restaurant. I sat beside Heather and across from Chelsea . I could smell the sweetness from one of their pussies. I did not know whose though.

It was around seven o’clock in the evening by the time we got back to our room. There, we all stripped and climbed into the jet/hot tube to relax and get clean.

“Chelsea and Kelsey, get out of the tub and put on the see through outfits. Go and lie on the bed face up and spread eagle.” Heather started being the dominatrix for the night.

Heather tied my hands and feet in a spread eagle fashion. Once done, she took out what looked like a riding crop with some leather strips hanging off an end.

“Chelsea, come here,” ordered Heather.

After showing Chelsea how to tease me with it by softly tapping my balls and cock, she handed it over to her. Chelsea picked up the crop and started by circling the head of my cock with the strips. I got harder and harder. Chelsea ’s eyes got wider and wider. I could see her nipples starting to stand out thru her outfit.

At that time there was a knock on hotel door. Heather, who had just changed into a black leatherette jumpsuit with holes for her tits and pussy, strolled over to the door.

“Hello there,” as I heard the door open. Immediately someone made a gasp like sound.

Then after the door closed, I heard, “Take off all your clothes.”

A couple of moments later, in came Sam and her brother totally naked. Sam’s tits were bouncing as she walked in with excitement. Trent ’s cock was small and neat. When he saw what was around him, me on the bed naked and tied up, Chelsea using a crop to play with my balls and cock, and Kelsey standing there in a see thru baby doll looking outfit, it started to grow. It got large and hard fast.

Trent immediately grabbed his cock to start jerking. Heather just slapped his hand away, “Not yet,” she said.

I saw Sam take a quick glance down at her brother’s cock and which made her open her mouth. Her eyes were wide and she smiled. As she continued to stare at it, she licked her lips and moved her hand to her pussy.

Looking at Trent ’s cock, I noticed it was actually longer than mine, but not as thick. He had a little bit of hair growing around the area.

“Kelsey and Chelsea, take off your outfits. Trent, ever sucked a cock?” Heather asked.

“Nope,” Trent said.

“Now is your chance,” replied Heather.

Just the thought of another guy sucking my cock made me even harder. I almost came right there and then, and he had not even touched me yet. Heather guided him to me and showed him how to suck. She started by using her tongue to circle the head of my cock. Then she went down to suck in one of my nuts into her mouth. Trent at the time was just staring at the scene before him. Heather let go of my nut and inserted the head of my cock into her mouth. She started to take my shaft all the way in. She stopped and stood up.

“There you go,” as she motioned for Trent to continue.

Trent started by holding my cock and licking it. He then moved his mouth to the top and inserted my head. He started to move his mouth up and down my shaft. He tried to take the complete shaft into his mouth but couldn’t. I never have been given a blow job by another male and just thinking about it made me come. The amount of cum was too much for Trent to contain in his mouth. Cum spilled onto my stomach, balls and cock.

“Sam, Chelsea and Kelsey, come over here and lick this up off of your dad,” Heather commanded.

Heather then maneuvered Sam into a position on the bed; she was on her hands and knees so that she had her pussy right on my mouth while she licked off my stomach. I automatically started to lick her pussy and inserted my tongue. Her pussy was sweet to smell and it tasted lovely. I started to maneuver my tongue in and out of her pussy, then around her clit and back again. It was not long before she came. I do not know if she even had a chance to finish licking off all of the cum.

While I was busy licking Sam, Heather had placed the girls into their positions so that Chelsea could lick my balls and Kelsey would be able to lick my shaft at the same time. If I was not spent, I swear I could have come again.

After getting licked clean by the girls, and untied; Heather motioned for Trent to lay down face up and proceeded to tie him down like I had been.

Looking at me she asked, “Ever sucked a cock?”

I replied, “No.”

She had to say nothing more. I had no reservation in trying, so I went over and started to suck. When Trent was about to come, Heather pulled me away.

“Sam, come over here and finish sucking your brother,” she ordered.

Sam walked up, looked and smiled. She just deep throated her brother’s long cock and moved her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. He came in one loud moan and Sam gagged.

Before any cum came out of her mouth, Heather told her to hold it.

She went over and kissed Sam. She then turned to me and kissed me, passing Trent’s cum into my mouth.

Seeing her brothers cum passed to me must have made Sam horny as she started to finger herself. Kelsey, not one to be left out, went to see if she could help her masturbate.

“Now bend over the bed like the girls did last night,” Heather said, while looking at me smiling.

As I bent over, she motioned for Chelsea to come over with a dildo and fuck me in the ass. As the dildo touched my ass I heard Chelsea whisper, “Do you like being fucked by your daughter?”

Upon hearing that, I instantly came again. I did not think I had anything left in me to come out like that. I turned around and pulled Chelsea onto the bed beside me and started to fondle and suck her breasts.

As the night was ending, I noticed that Kelsey and Sam were happily licking each other’s pussy and hugging.

Heather was getting some action as well. She was actually being fucked by Trent on one of the extra cots we had brought in for the girls to sleep on. It would be the only time one of the cots was going to get used. From this action I guess he is either straight or bi, but not totally gay. Sam had her answer about her brother’s preferences at least.

Chelsea rolled to her side and while facing me, asked, “Would you make love to me, and not just be for sex only?”

I pull her to me and started to passionately kiss her. I then rolled her on her back and climbed on top. I started to suck her left nipple then moved to her right nipple. Each one turned hard. She was squirming under me all the time. I proceeded to kiss my way down to her pussy. Once there, I licked and inserted my tongue into her. After ensuring I had a mouth full of her essence, I moved back up and kissed her on the mouth letting her taste some of her own juices. I started to insert my throbbing cock into her and slowly moved in and out.

Chelsea came with such an orgasm, she was shaking. I had unloaded a load and slowly pulled my cock out, still dripping. Then we both just laid there.

After a while all was quiet, everyone seemed to be spent, I guess. I heard some movement and saw that both Sam and Trent gotten up and dressed.

They came over to give each of us a hug and turned to leave the room. As they opened the door to exit, I heard them talk of how they were going to go fuck each other at home.

As we all settled in for the night, Heather laid down next to Chelsea to cuddle her from behind. Kelsey came over, laid in front of me on her side.

As I spooned her, my cock grew hard again. I inserted it in her ass part way and left it there while she wiggled until we fell asleep.

Tomorrow we would be on our way home.

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Posted 27 May 2013 06:52
Excellent story, lots of action but was easy to follow due to the way it was written.
Posted 13 Feb 2013 20:57
Awesome story
Posted 08 Feb 2013 09:59
That was great. Love the roundrobin. More to cum at home we hope. "V=5++++."
Posted 05 Feb 2013 05:15
Just a fantastic story. I hope you continue this family exploration.5+++
Posted 04 Feb 2013 19:25
i hope you get sam & trent over for a week of sex sex and more sex P.S great story

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