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Welcome Home Part II

She couldn't resist.


Ann was shocked to walk in and find her 22 year old son fucking her 20 year old daughter. All she could say was, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” over and over. As she moved closer to them, not really knowing what she was going to do or even what to do, she saw Billy pull his still stiff cock from her daughter, Patty, a saw Billy’s cum ooze out of her pussy. “Billy, you didn’t even use a condom. What are you two thinking you have to use a condom.” It was as if she was approving the act but not the execution phase.


Then under closer look, Ann saw the trickle of blood that had run out of Patty’s pussy, “You’re a virgin?” she said almost happily.


“I was, mommy.” Patty answered.


Billy added, “We didn’t mean to do it, but we were so happy to see each other and one thing led to another and, and, I’m sorry mom.”


Patty came back with, “I’m not mommy it was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.”


“For God’s sake he is your brother.” Ann replied.


“I don’t care if he is my brother, I love him and I love doing it.” Patty retaliated.


“I kind of liked it, too, mom.” Billy said trying not to leave Patty hanging out there.


“Okay, just promise me you will never do it again.” Their mother insisted.


Patty came back, “No, I wont promise that I want to do it more.” And with that she reached down, took Billy’s cock in her hand and started rubbing her pussy slit with the wilting head.


“Billy if you do it again with your sister, I will, I will, well I don’t know what I will do but you won’t like it.” Ann threatened.


“I promise, mom.” Billy said, lowering his head, as he pulled away from Patty. At that Patty burst into tears and ran from Billy’s room.


“And see that you keep the promise.” Ann said as she turned and left Billy in the middle of his bed, pants down around his thighs and a semi limp cock oozing the last of his cum from his pee hole.


That evening at dinner all was pretty quite. Ann tried to make some small talk to ease the tension but to no avail. Finally after watch a little television in silence they all went to bed. Patty’s room was next Billy’s, which was across the hall from Ann’s, the master bedroom. Ann lay there in bed trying to make sense out of what had just taken place that afternoon. Also, Ann could not get the image of her son’s cock out of her mind. It wasn’t huge; she had seen a couple larger back years ago when she did some dating after her divorce. But it was straight and full size and nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe that is why she had searched out and put on one of her sexy teddy nighties that she hadn’t worn in so long that she couldn’t remember when.


As Ann lay there she heard a muffled scream come from outside her door. She held her breath and listened…there, she heard it again. She got up and went to her door and opened it slowly. From across the hall in Billy’s room she heard what she knew she had forbidden. She heard Patty moaning and pleading, “Ohhhhhhhh yes, yes, yes fuck me, oh Billy fuck me harder.” It hadn’t taken her long to figure out how to encourage a man to give his best.


Ann marched across the hall and flung open Billy’s door. There, in the glow of the moon through the window was her daughter on her hands and knees and her son behind her fucking her daughter. Ann wanted to scream at them to stop, but the sight was so intoxicating with the light hitting his cock just right as she could see it disappear into and reappear from her daughter that she just stood there and watched. It wasn’t long until he was now pounding her backside with abandon really fucking her daughter. Ann could here the grunts and groans and moans coming from Patty. The whole scene was so sexually arousing that for the first time in a really long time Ann felt her own juices start to flow. Her little matching thong panties were becoming quit wet.


She moved toward the bed and her offspring. Billy saw his mother and instantly stopped, yet still inside Patty. Patty shouted out, “Don’t stop, Billy don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me.”


That was when Ann heard herself say, “Go ahead, fuck her Billy, its okay.” As Billy stared at his mother he slowly started moving his cock in and out of Patty.


“Oh yes, make me cum again, Billy.” Patty said. He started picking up the pace.


Ann moved closer then climbed up onto the bed on her knees like Billy and next to him. That was when he noticed the sexy teddy his mother was wearing that she had totally forgotten she had on. He could see the dark area of her breasts, although in this light he couldn’t make out the nipples. He reached out and touched her breast through the teddy. Ann sucked in her breath and bit her lower lip. Guilt rushed over her body and she reached for his hand to remove it, but when she touched it, as he began fondling her she could only hold his hand were it was. Billy, full of passion and lust as he fucked his sister, couldn’t help but lean over and kiss his mother on the lips. It wasn’t a particularly wet passionate kiss, but it had is share of electricity causing his mother to go weak and lean back where she almost fell off Billy’s twin bed. Then Ann heard herself utter words she should have never said, “Kids, come with me there is more room in my bed.”


Ann took both their arms and pulled them gently with her. Billy was somewhat dumbfounded and Patty was in a sexual trance and did anything anyone said as long as it meant more fucking. They moved across the hall, as they went into his mother’s room, Billy turned on the light switch   turning on the two bed stand lamps and eliminating the room enough that he was able to get a good look at both his naked sister and his mother in her skimpy nightie.


Patty was just becoming aware of her mother’s presents and was a little confused as to what was happening. Ann told them both to lie down next to each other. Then she told them to watch and learn. Next Ann moved up between Billy’s legs, leaned over, took his shaft in one hand at the base, opened her mouth and took him in. This was to be the first blow job Billy was to receive. His cock was particularly tasty to Ann. Not only was it a beautifully shaped cock that fit nicely in her mouth, it was covered with her daughter’s juice, which in itself carried and aroma as well as a sweet flavor. She was working his cock slowly taking more in with every downward movement. More and more she took until she had her old form back and was able to deep throat him. She went fully down on him, holding him there, wiggling her throat some to stimulate his cock. She knew it was effective by the moaning coming from her son. All the time with her leaning over his cock, his mother’s teddy gaped open at the neck and exposed her large breasts hanging down and swaying from her movements.


Patty, too, was fascinated, but not so much by her mother’s tits as by her mother’s cock sucking. It wasn’t long until she was asking if she could do it. “Can I do it mommy, please can I do it, too?”


“Not yet honey, mommy wants to show Billy what a woman likes.” Her mother replied. With that, Ann moved off of Billy leaving his cock ridged and standing tall, and moved to Patty spreading her legs so she could get between them. She leaned down and again smelled her daughter’s sweet nectar then gently kissed her lips, puffy from her recent fucking. Then sliding her tongue out and along Patty’s slit. “Oh mommy!” Patty whaled, as the licking became more intensified.


She rose up telling Billy to come and watch. He immediately moved down to get a closer look. Watching his mother spread his sister’s pussy lips apart and licking her. His cock was as hard and aching as it had been while fucking Patty. Then after a little probing with her tongue, Ann found Patty’s magic button. The tip of Ann’s tongue passed over her daughter’s clitoris and Patty’s body jump, as she let out yell mixed with surprise, sensation and pleasure. As Ann teased the clit Patty started going into spastic convulsions. That is when her hips started bucking and both Ann and Billy found out that Patty was a squirter. As Patty orgasmed, she squirted cum out into Ann’s mouth, onto her face and some even hit Billy. As Patty’s orgasm subsided, Ann took Billy’s hand and moved his finger to Patty’s clit and explained what it was and what it could do in the hands of an educated tongue.


Billy was so hot, his cock throbbing, his body flushed from pure sexual lust from looking so closely at a woman’s pussy…his sister’s pussy and a woman’s large breasts…his mother’s breasts that he couldn’t take it any longer. He grabbed his mother pulling over onto her back, tugged at her thong panties, ripping them before getting them off, grabbed his cock and sunk it into his own mother’s pussy. He immediately started thrusting wildly into her, fucking like it was his last fuck. He franticly pushed her teddy up fully exposing her tits and started sucking the nipples and areolas in frenzy.


Ann pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Billy, let the guilt fade to a dark place in her mind and enjoyed her first fuck in years. However, it didn’t last all that long, as Billy was so fired up that came in a matter of minutes, forcefully slamming his cock into his mother’s wet, hungry pussy. As they both lay there, Billy so much dead weight on top of his mother, his cock finally started to wither and slip from her. As it did, he rolled over onto his back still panting.


Patty rose to her knees, looked at her mother’s pussy, remembering what her mother had just done for her and, also, seeing Billy’s cum oozing out between her pussy lips, she assumed the position and on a mixture of heavenly sex juice until she, too, found that magic button and sent her mother into a world of her own.

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Posted 05 Oct 2013 04:39
Ah, a family fuck festival! How much longer will he be home? Lots will happen - hopefully! Lead us on!
Posted 25 Mar 2010 16:52
that was extreamly HOt, I hope that you have more to cum, lol.
Posted 13 Jun 2009 14:41
Don't care if it's true or not, I'm hard, and I'm dripping pre-cum, and I so want to be there with them!
Posted 08 Mar 2009 10:41
That is one fucking hot story I hope there is more to cum
Posted 04 Mar 2009 23:29
wow very good and really could continue with more lessons :)
Posted 01 Mar 2009 15:27
I hope you have more of this story in waiting. I was hot, hope the brother and sister stay together and have a family with mom as the third.
Posted 28 Feb 2009 12:16
Scored with a 1 because: Come on now this can't be true.
Posted 28 Feb 2009 04:44
really hot, got me hard, don't stop

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