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What Dad Doesn't Know

While Dad's away, Mother and Son will play
Eighteen year old Troy Draper stood outside his parent’s room, his pants and boxers at his ankles with his cock in hand as he listened to his parents making love. His father, Taariq had every right to sleep with his wife, Christina but unbeknownst to his father…it’s was Troy’s pussy his dick was in. A year ago, when he was seventeen, Troy seduced his mother while his father was on away on business. Fucked her so good that now she craved his cock and Troy gave it to her whenever she wanted, which meant every time his dad had a late night at the office, every time he went on a business trip, Troy and Christina would fuck each other like junkyard rabbits for hours on end. Troy didn’t even mind his mom giving his dad some coochie…because he knew it was him she was thinking of during their carnal acts and besides when he was gone Troy was reclaim his pussy for all it was worth.

His mother’s moaning escaped the bedroom to Troy’s ears and he began stroking himself. First the head, then the shaft than changes his stroking rhythm from fast to slow. His breathing begins to change, starting to quicken as thoughts of two nights ago, of his mother sucking his cock like a lollipop comes to his mind. Troy changes his stroking rhythm from slow to fast as thoughts of his mom riding his pipe like a rodeo surface in his head.

“Oh shit!” Troy yelled in a whisper as his love juices spewed all over his right hand.

Just then he heard his mother scream, “Oooooh! I’m cumming, I’m cumming,”

Troy let out a small sigh as pulled his boxers and pants back up. It was Friday and he remembered the trip his father was taking to New York tomorrow. It was a one day trip which meant he’d be back on Sunday, and that was more than enough time to give his mama some real loving. He smiled to himself as retreated to his bedroom, his dreams sure to be about the naughty things he’d do to his mother tomorrow.

The next morning Christina Draper ascended the steps leading to her son’s room. Entering, she found him peacefully sleeping. Her son had the physic of a Greek god. His upper body shown for the world, while his lower end was covered by bed sheets as she looked over him she watched his bare muscular chest rise and fall. Her eyes than found his midsection; it was as if his abs were sculpted into a rock hard six pack. Ogling her son, Christina felt herself moisten between the legs and stopped.

"People said me and Taariq would make some handsome babies, but damn," She said to herself.
She crouched down at the top of the bed, kissing the crown of Troy’s head and whispering, “Wake up baby,”

Troy stirred in his sleep a bit before his brown eyes fluttered open.

"Morning Ma," He said with a smile sliding his hand over his short clean cut black hair.

“Morning baby,” Christina said after kissing his lips. “I’m making pancakes.”

“Sounds good, but they’re no match for the kisses you give me.”

The mother and son kissed each other, which began a skirmish between their tongues as Troy increased the passion of the kiss. Each began to fondle the other, but their kiss ended due to a need for air. Troy went for another kiss, but Christina put a finger to his lips.

“No more Troy …we’ll have to continue this later,”

“How you gonna do that Ma?” Troy said whining a bit. He was already suffering from morning wood and the brief make out session only made it worse.

“Your daddy’s downstairs sleeping, honey,” His mother explained.

“I’m rock hard Mama,” Troy told grabbing her hand and placing it were his throbbing member was underneath his covers. “See Mommy…I need to cum.”

Troy kissed his mother’s lips. “Make me cum Mommy,”

Christina sighed in defeat. Whenever Troy called her Mommy, she just had to fulfill any wish he had. It just touched her heart when he called her that.

“Okay…but you have to be quiet, baby.” She said pulling his covers back revealing nothing but Troy's nine inch hardness since he slept naked during the night.

Christina took her son’s cock in her hand and placed it into her wanting mouth. Every lick was sinful and pleasing to her palette. The veins of Troy's dick thumped against the bud of her tongue. The son began to lose control of himself. If his mother kept to orally pleasing him the way she was, he was sure to explode.

“Fuck…just like that, Mama,” He groaned in a whisper.

Christina sensed he was about to cum and bobbed her head at a faster pace. She wanted her son to cum.

“Ahh,” Troy moaned as she deep-throated him…and with that he climaxed…and climaxed heavily.

Wad after wad of cum shot from him into his mother’s mouth and in one shallow she took it all down her throat. After taking all of Troy's juices, Christina wiped the sides of her mouth.

“Feeling better babe,” She asked giving him a confident smile.

Troy smirked. “Yeah Mama, you did your thing. Hopefully, you let me do my thing a little later,”

“You know I will…just don’t keep me waiting, sweetie.”

The incestuous couple gave each other a final kiss and Christina retreated back downstairs to brush her teeth then make breakfast for the two men in her life.

Fifteen minutes later after showering and all, Troy made it down to the kitchen wearing blue jeans and a red tank-top, but he didn’t alert his mother of his presence. He simply stood in the kitchen doorway watching her make his breakfast, scoping and checking her out. Christina Draper was a stunning beauty. She possessed long raven black hair, emerald green eyes, and butterscotch skin that glowed in any light…and on top of that the woman had a banging body. God blessed her with 34C breasts, a slim waist, and a plump, round behind. Just staring at her made Troy want to do the nasty with her. At thirty-eight Christina had it going on. Troy sat down at the breakfast table just Christina put his plate in front of him. After a silent prayer and the pouring of some syrup, he began cutting up the three pancakes before him.

After serving her son, Christina retreated back upstairs.

Troy was just about to start eating until he heard his father’s baritone voice say, “Morning Troy,”

Troy looked up to see his father standing before him in a gray three piece suit, briefcase in hand with a travel bag hanging from his shoulder.

"Morning Dad," Troy said giving his father daps.

Taariq grabbed a long sheet of foil, indicating he was taking his breakfast with him.

“You’re not gonna eat breakfast, Dad?” Troy asked before he took his first bite of his pancakes.

“No time, man.” Taariq told his son as he wrapped his plate up. “I’m gonna take it with me and have it for lunch."

Taariq gave his son serious eyes a moment. "You know the deal when I'm not here,"

"Take care of the house and take care of Mom," Troy replied with eyes as serious as his father's.

The mood then lightened between them with Troy's gentle smile.

"Your Mom's taking a bath, so try not bother her, okay,"

"I won't bother her "I'll please her, Dad." Troy said inwardly as lustful urges took hold of his thinking.

The father and son gave each other a handshake hug and a departing nod. With that the man of

The house left and his son assumed his role if only for a brief period.

Christina was always warm and cozy inside her home, but the feeling was only augmented as, she was surrounded by the thick steam inside her bathroom. She’d just filled her tub up with hot water and lavender scented bubble bath. Christina slipped her towel off and sat in the hot water, her tense muscles beginning to relax as she started to bathe.

Troy made his way up to the second floor, his ears hearing the sounds of sloshing water coming from the bathroom. He stood in front of the bathroom door and opened it a bit, intently watching his mother cleanse herself.

Christina turned her head as if to look behind herself and said, "Ok, I know you're there, so come on in."

Christina finished her bath and stood up, bubbles covered most of her anatomy.

“You didn’t wash your back.” Troy said with a smirk.

“Well, why don’t you come over and wash it for me,” Christina replied seductively sitting back down in the now lukewarm water.

T roy sat on the floor next to the tub. He could smell the lavender radiating off of his mother and drove him absolutely crazy, he loved the smell, but he kept his cool as he grabbed the washcloth floating in the tub and began washing Christina’s back. Now and then, T roy would slide his thumb down her back knowing it sent a chill through her body and an electric jolt to her pussy. As he finished cleaning her back, T roy to Christina’s surprise, begun fondling her breasts and kissing her neck…he didn’t know what time it was, but it was definitely later.

“Mmmmm,” Christina moaned. “You know you can’t fit in this tub with me.”

“I know,” Troy replied between the kisses he gave her neck.

His mocha skinned hand found its way from her breasts, down her stomach, to her wet love center.

“It’s later, Ma,” Troy thrusting his index finger past her womanhood.

Christina let out a loud moan. She loved the feeling of her son’s long fingers when they were inside her.

“Ahh,” She yelped as Troy’s thumb pressed down on her clit.

“Whose pussy is this, Mama?”

Christina couldn’t answer; all she could do was moan.

“Answer me, Mama.” Troy began to slowly fuck her with his finger.

“Your pussy, it’s your pussy baby!”

“Damn right,” Troy said with a cocky smirk adding another finger.

Christina could hardly contain her moans, nor did she want to. She was in pure ecstasy and Troy’s dick wasn’t even inside her yet. Troy’s thumb put pressure on her clit finger fucking her faster.

“Oooooh! Oh God! Fuck me with those fingers! Ahhhhh!” Christina screamed in pleasure as she came and filled the air with the scent of her cum.

Christina stepped out of the tub and Troy, now on his knees began drying off his mother’s lower half. When she was dry enough, he spread her legs and started to licking up her inner thighs moving up to her freshly shaved pussy. The son used his thumb and index finger to open his mother up. Troy then took his sweet time eating Christina out. In his Birds and the Bees conversation with his dad he was told to keep a woman happy you have to eat the pussy and when you eat the pussy do make a meal out of it.

“Right the baby,” Christina whispered, as Troy ate her from behind as if she was the main course of his meal.

He flicked his tongue over her clit as fast as he could, making her weak at the knees. Christina’s moans and screams echoed throughout the bathroom as she came a second time all over her son’s face. Troy took it a step further; he continued to eat her from the back, but it wasn’t her pussy he was eating, it was her ass.

“Damn, baby, that feels good.”

Troy fucked Christina’s ass with his tongue, making her cum again. After three orgasms Christina could barely stand, so Troy took her in his arms and carried her to her bedroom, the place of genesis for their incestuous relationship. They kissed, intertwining lips and tongues along the way until Troy gently placed his mom on her feet. He grabbed her hips and pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward for a kiss. Troy ran his tongue around her lips. They licked each other’s tongue at the same time as the temperature in the room was starting to heat up. Christina pulled Troy’s tank top over his head revealing his well-developed chest.

“Damn,” Christina said with pure lust in her voice as she worked her way down to suck his nipples.

Troy stood there with his manhood growing larger and thicker with every suck and nibble. Grabbing his dick and feeling that it was almost at maximum length, she unzipped his pants and began to gently bite on his dick while he was still wearing his boxers then snatched down his briefs, and began to suck his cock like her life depended on it. She made slurping sounds as if she was getting the last bit of soda out of a bottle with a straw. She used a lot spit, letting it fall from her mouth and land on his legs and her breasts.

Troy was getting really into it and started moaning and talking to her while she performed.

“That’s right boo, suck my dick. You like that shit don’t you?”

“Squeeze my balls while you suck,” He demanded, and his mother obliged with every command.

Christina only let go of Troy’s balls to reach between his legs and slapped his ass.

Troy was so turned on from all the things Christina was doing, he decided to return the favor. He pulled her up by her shoulders and tossed her on her bed. He dived face first into her pussy with a fury, licking everywhere. The mixture of her wetness and his saliva drove her crazy. He nibbled on her clit driving her wild. She moaned and screamed as her baby boy gave her head. He pulled his lips away from her pussy, removed her satisfaction from his face with his hand, and licked his fingers clean.

“How does my pussy taste?” Christina asked, looking Troy in the face.

“So good, Mama…so good,” Troy replied, before climbing on top of his mommy and slamming his dick into her rough and hard.

Troy’s mother screamed with every thrust of his thick dick. The harder he fucked her, the louder she became. The bed sounded if it was going to fall to pieces. The headboard banged against the wall. After a few minutes of headboard banging sex they changed positions. He laid her on her side, lifted one of her legs in the air and the other was flat on the bed. He was able to fuck her pussy and feel her ass on his dick at the same time.

“Fuck me Troy!” She screamed, as he continued to pound her.

The sex was very rough just the way they both liked it. He put her on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. Grabbing a hand full of her hair and yank her head backwards, he plowed into her like a jackhammer. Troy felt himself ready to cum and his exclamations told his were a clear sign to his mom.

“Mmmmm, you gonna cum Troy?” She asked.

“Y- -Yeah,”

“Cum for me baby. Mommy wants that cum inside her,” Christina urged him on and without a second of thought Troy shot wave after wave of cum deep inside his mother.

“Oooooh,” Troy groaned as his climax ended.

“That was so good, sweetie,” Christina told him petting him a bit.

“Whenever you want it, just say the word Mama,”

“I want it now.We’ve got all day and night, babe.” Christina said rubbing Troy's flaccid cock

The mother and son kissed each other passionately…about to start another round of incestuous delight.

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Posted 08 Sep 2011 07:23
very good story kal really love the mother son stories. keep them coming.

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