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What Mom Knows Fucks Her in The Air

Mother and MILF girlfriend helps son/boyfriend join the mile-high club

This is part 4 of the What Mom series...

The rest of the days until the wedding was the best rerun of all time. I lived my own sexual Groundhog Day. I was usually wakened by Mom with her superb cocksucking lips. This was followed by a lengthy fuck session, where I blasted my first load of the day into Mom...usually her eager mouth; I then went to school and tried to learn, my mind preoccupied with my wild sex life...except in philosophy class where Professor Williams seemed like another MILF I hoped I could one day pillage. I came home for supper, which usually included, if Dad was home, a quick poke, a quick suck and occasionally an unloading inside my Mom; if Dad wasn’t home, time for another lengthy sweat session. In the evening, I would meet up with Miranda where I always filled her mouth with my good luck seed before the show and usually fucked her for our marathon post-show sex session. For Miranda, I varied where my final load of the day went, between her equally tantalizing mouth and pussy. When not fucking, we talked about our plans for our Vegas trip, which included me joining the mile high club...with my mother.

The night before the trip, I had already unloaded one load down Miranda's sweet mouth, when she asked, after her final newscast for a few days, "Why haven't you tried for my other hole yet?"

I was surprised by the question, but responded, "It isn't because I haven't thought about it."

"Well good," Miranda smiled her seductive smile, allowing her dress to fall to the floor, "because tonight I want to get a little dirty."

I replied with a joke. "Are we not always a little dirty?"

"Enough with the semantics,” she countered, sauntering over to me like a predator hungry for dinner. “Tonight you are going to fuck my ass and I am not taking no for an answer," she added, reaching me in only tan thigh high stockings and a seductive look that made me almost cream my jeans right then and there.

I stammered, still unable to believe my good fortune. I was fucking Miranda Collington...the Miranda dream girl through so many of my teenage stroke fantasies and half the reason for my obsessive stocking fetish (my hot mother being the other half), "N-n-no is not in my vocabulary."

"That's because you are a male-slut," she accused playfully as she squeezed my cock through my jeans. I tried a witty comeback when my mouth was shut by Miranda's luscious lips. Miranda was an enigma. She was beautiful, powerful and confident, yet not a stuck-up bitch like all the high school and college girls who were similarly pretty. She loved to be fucked hard and used like a slut, but she was also the sweetest woman I knew. She was submissive when alone, yet no one in public would have a clue as she oozed a confidence that was super sexy. She called me her boyfriend, but allowed me to fuck my mother and was assisting with the seduction of a friend of hers and Mom's...Ellie Weatherton. She was perfection in mind, body and spirit, and she was mine.

Breaking the kiss, she went to my ear and nibbled, her hot breath sending pulsing sensations directly to my already hard cock. She whispered in a sultry voice, "So are you going to fuck my ass, stud?"

I moaned at her nastiness and her hot breath. Taking charge, like she loved me to do, I put my hands on her shoulders and guided her to her stocking-clad knees. I suggested, "You better get me nice and ready."

She looked up, her eyes sparking, her smile divinely dazzling, but said nothing as she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. Pulling my cock out of from my underwear, never breaking eye contact she grabbed my fully stiff eight inch member. "I think just the idea of pounding the shit out of me has your missile ready to launch."

I ignored the nasty pun as her hand on my cock and her nasty mouth indeed had me ready and willing and I was thankful I had already shot two loads today (one in Mom this morning and another in Miranda a couple of hours ago before her newscast). Trying to be suave when I was obviously completely overcome by this perfect woman, I said, "Less talk, more action, my pet."

She meowed at me before taking my cock in her mouth. Miranda was also the most amazing cocksucker I had ever experienced and she had a variety of styles, but two were her go-to's. The first I received earlier today which I have named the 'Fire in the hole'' in which she hungrily devours my cock and bobs up and down relentlessly, eagerly swallowing all my cock until I coat her throat with my cum. The second I have named 'Slow burn' because she doesn't so much suck my cock as make love to it. She purposely will not let my blood boil enough to shoot my load, but have me linger in a state of pleasurable suspension forever. It is the most intense tease in the world. She swirls around the cockhead, she sucks my balls, she deep throats me briefly, and she licks my cock like an ice cream cone. She also mixes speeds to keep me in perpetual sexual limbo. She has all the power and she knows it.

This time I received the 'Slow burn'. She started by swirling her tongue around my cockhead and then clamped her mouth around my mushroom top tight and slowly pulled her head back. Each time a clear ‘plop’ sound echoes as her lips briefly leave my cock. This was new and brought quick intense pleasure to me...adding to the lengthy tease.

I moaned, "Holy shit, Miranda, that feels amazing."

Stroking my cock with her left hand, she teased, "Wait until this big snake of yours is buried in my ass."

"I can't waiiiiit," I moaned as she deep throated my cock and furiously bobbed back and forth for thirty seconds or so.

After the quick build up, she took my cock back out of her mouth and continued the filthy talk, talking in first person. "Did you ever stroke yourself all those years thinking of pounding Miranda Collington's ass? Making her your personal ass-slut? Burying your love stick between her perfect pillows?"

"Fuck, yes," I groaned, completely at the mercy of this sexual goddess.

She slid her tongue down my cock slowly, like a snake slithering its way toward its next meal. Reaching my balls, she took each one in her mouth and pleasured them individually...all part of the slow burn. Her hands caressed my ass, as she moved her tongue back up my eager member and she returned to teasing my mushroom top.

After a couple of minutes of teasing, I was revved up and rearing to go. I picked her up and carried her to the couch, gently tossed her onto it and buried myself between her legs, licking her sweet pussy.

She giggled with a moan, "Oh you bad boy, eat my cunt!"

Like her, I could tease too. I avoided her overly sensitive clit, which usually triggered quicker orgasms and slowly licked her already damp pussy lips.

"Stop teasing me, baby," she moaned, "Once I come you get my ass."

I gave one flick of her clit and she jolted with pleasure and let out a scream, before I looked up and asked, "You don't think you get to come before I get your ass, do you?"

Her face gave a startled look, but she answered like the submissive she was deep down, her pouty lips weakening me, "Only if my baby lets me. Can I come, baby?"

"Oh that darn pout of yours," I sighed, "I can never say no to you." I returned to her pussy and shifted from my teasing to focused pleasing.

"That's it baby, lick my cunt," Miranda moaned.

I slid two fingers in her sopping wet cunt and began pumping them in and out as I swallowed her swollen clit in my mouth.

"Oh god, yes, baby, don't stop, sugar, yes, fuck, yeeeeeees," Miranda screamed, wrapping her stocking-clad legs around me to pull me deeper into her as her orgasm hit.

Her juices flowed out of her like Niagara Falls and I eagerly caught every drop of her perfection. She was still in orgasm mode, when I slid up and kissed her so she could taste herself as I slipped my raging hard-on inside her still twitching cunt.

She moaned into my mouth as I penetrated her and fucked her hard while she continued to orgasm.

Breaking the kiss, she moaned, "You fucker, I wasn't even, I wasn't even, I wasn't...."

So distracted by the pleasure I was giving her, she couldn’t think straight. I smiled and said with a sideways smirk, "I know, baby."

"Just f-f-fuck me you bastard!" she demanded.

I obliged, pounding her pussy hard, her perfect tits making waves, each forward thrust and her face making the sexiest expressions of pleasure. A few minutes later, her red cheeks and increasing moans showing a second orgasm was on the rise, I pulled out.

She opened her eyes and pleaded, "Put it back in baby, I'm so close."

"Bend over the couch, Miranda," I ordered, holding my cock like a weapon.

"So you are going to leave me on the brink like that?" she asked, although her smile implied she was ready for what I had in mind.

"You can come after I do," I said, selfishly.

She stood up and walked to the other side of the couch and bent over as instructed, her body so perfect. I stared for a bit, lost in the trance of my obsession with her beauty. "Why don't you take a picture, it lasts longer," she teased, using the age old line.

I called her bluff, walked over to my jeans and pulled out my phone. "I think I will do just that. Smile pretty," I said.

"You fucker," she teased, but posed, her facial expression one of utter seduction.

I took a few quick snaps before she said, "Ok, fuck that is enough, come and get your prize, baby."

I tossed my phone on the couch and went behind her. Again I was mesmerized by her beauty and the crazy reality that Miranda Collington, local weather girl celebrity, was mine. I surprised her, by lowering myself and spreading her ass cheeks. I had read somewhere that getting ass-licked drove women crazy and I was going to test that article's hypothesis. I extended my tongue, slightly nervous, unsure what I was doing or how it would taste, and licked her puckered rosebud.

"Oh, you dirrrrrrrrrrrrty boy," she playfully teased, "did you do that to your mother too?"

"No, baby, this is all for you," I answered, licking her tangy sweat from the crack of her ass.

"Fuck, I love what you do to my body, baby," Miranda moaned.

I continued licking her rosebud, my saliva seemingly loosening up Miranda's back door. A couple of minutes of concentrated ass licking and Miranda demanded, her tone more aggressive than usual, "Fuck my ass now, Curtis!"

Realizing one should never say no to such a direct demand, I stood back up and repositioned my cock at her anal entrance. Smiling, I decided to delay the inevitable a bit longer and made her beg. "Beg baby, beg me to fuck your ass."

"You love treating me like a slut, don't you," Miranda teased, wiggling her ass.

"Well, you are my slut," I countered, stressing the word 'my'.

"That I am," the sexy older woman smiled with a seductive wink, before adding, "Now fuck your slut's ass, baby."

'Who could resist such an offer?' I thought to myself, as I rubbed my cockhead up and down between her ass cheeks.

"Damn it, shove it in," Miranda pleaded, "Stop fucking teasing me!"

Finally, unable to resist the temptation any longer, I leaned forward and slowly my cock disappeared between her snowy white cheeks. If Mom's ass was tight, that was nothing to the death grip Miranda's ass had on my cock as I slowly pushed deeper inside her rectum.

She whimpered in pain, not pleasure. "It's been a long time since I had a big cock back there. I forgot about the initial burn."

"I'll go slow," I replied compassionately.

"Kkkkk," she again whimpered, suddenly not the foul-mouthed slut she was seconds ago.

I continued going deeper at a snail's pace, tentatively, as I could tell Miranda was uncomfortable and in pain. I said, when I was half in, "I can pull out, baby. We don't have to do this."

Clearly speaking through clenched teeth, she answered, "No, baby, just keep going slow. Anything your mom can do I can do too."

I realized at this moment how much Miranda cared for me. She understood my relationship with my mother and wasn't going to stop it, yet clearly she wanted me to choose her over my mom. I gently rubbed her backside, "Miranda, I don't compare you two."

"I know, baby," she answered, "I just want to be a perfect girlfriend for you, baby. I have done this before, it is just been awhile."

I added, "Well, you have the tightest hole I have ever experienced."

"I bet you say that to all the girls you ass fuck," Miranda quipped, her sense of humor not lost during her brief pain.

I continue the slow invasion as I admitted, "Just you and Mom, sexy."

"And Ellie soon," she teased.

"That would be awesome," I smiled, adding, "but you will always be my main girl."

"Aaah," she faked, "you know just the right words to saaaay." Almost completely in, the discomfort came back. She apologized, "Sorry, baby the last one back there was Mark and his dick is the size of a baby carrot and the width of a straw."

I laughed, which made my cock shift inside her and as she whimpered I finished filling her. "It's all in, baby."

"Kkkkk," she said, controlling her breathing. "Just let me get used to your cock,"

"Sure thing, sexy," I replied, always trying to flatter her with compliments, regardless of what we were doing.

I continued to gently caress her back, admiring every inch of her.

After a minute of calm, Miranda said, "Now slowly fuck me, baby."

"Ok," I nodded, not that she could see me, being bent over the couch as she was. I slowly pulled back out before moving back in.

As my strokes continued, she seemed to be getting accustomed to me, as her earlier whimpers were slowly shifting to moans. A couple of minutes of slow strokes, and Miranda moaned, "Go faster now, baby."

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yes, baby, I want you to fuck my ass now," she replied, her left hand going to her pussy.

"Ok, baby," I agreed and started to pick up the pace, although still somewhat cautious.

"That's it," Miranda moaned, "fuck me like you fucked your mom."

"Your ass is so tight," I grunted, feeling sexual euphoria like I had never felt before.

"And your cock fits me so perfectly," she moaned back, before adding, "Now fuck my ass, hard."

"Ok," I again agreed, and began pumping in and out of her tight ass.

If I thought I had seen an animated Miranda in the past, I clearly had not seen anything. As her hand continued to rub her clit, she demanded, "Harder, fuck, pound my shithole, stud," and “Drill my ass, baby, fucking use me as your personal fuck-slave.” Sweat began to pour down my body as I tried desperately to keep up to her and thrilled at words like ‘fuck-slave’. Moments later she screamed loud enough for all still in the studio to know exactly what we were doing when I slammed into her with all my might. "Oh fucking god, ravage my ass, baby, yessssssss!"

"Come for me, my slut," I ordered, seeing she was desperately close to euphoria.

Her breathing erratic, she mumbled, "You own it, baby. Make me your ass-slut. Use me as you please, baby. Tell me I am your whore."

“You are so fucking hot, baby,” I replied.

“No, baby, I want to hear it. Tell me what I am,” she grunted, seemingly unable to cross the threshold to euphoria without the declaration.

“I own you, Miranda Collington,” I replied, using her name. “I own that cocksucking mouth of yours, that sweet cunt of yours and this incredibly tight ass of yours. You are my personal fuck-toy to use at my leisure, is that clear?”

“Oh God, yes, baby, I’m yours,” she declared, her orgasm on the brink of explosion.

"Then come for me my sexy ass-slut, come from having your ass fucked," I ordered, getting turned on even more from the nasty talk.

"Oh yes, Master, yes, yes, hammer my ass, oh yes, harder, fuck, pound it, pound it, pounnnnnnnnnnd it!" she screamed as her second orgasm shook her very being.

I continued hard deep thrusts into her ass, which became even tighter with each tremble that quaked through her body as her orgasm flowed through her. My mine was stuck on the word 'Master', as my balls began to boil.

I kept pounding her ass, my body colliding with hers hard enough to hear the sweet smacks of two bodies colliding. Finally, knowing I was seconds away from shooting my load, I took control, by pulling out and shoving my cock that had been in her ass for over twenty minutes into her mouth.

Like the submissive slut she was, always willing to please, she quickly bobbed her head back and forth, while still rubbing her clit.

A naughty thought popping in my head, I waited till the very last second to pull out and spray my cum all over my beautiful older girlfriend. I came buckets, hitting her chin, lips, nose, forehead and hair. Like the obedient cum-slut she was, she opened her mouth trying to catch my tasty seed.

I ordered, "No my little cum-slut, I want to see your face dripping with your Master's cum."

"Yes, Master, whatever you wish," she obediently replied, sitting on her knees looking radiant and slutty at the same time.

"Sit still," I ordered, as I reached over the couch and grabbed my phone. "Pose pretty for the camera."

Her trust with me was stunning as she obeyed by smiling with a joy that no one could fake. I took picture after picture as she posed before she surprised me again with her willingness to please. "Why don't you switch to video, Master?"

I hastily did and videotaped the girl of years of cum-stained underwear fantasies as she posed for the video and after a few seconds began cleaning her face with her fingers before sexily putting my sticky cum to her lips. "Hmmmmm, you’re cum tastes so delicious, Master, especially after your cock was in my ass for so long." She swirled her tongue around her finger allowing my goo to be savored. Again speaking to me, "So Curtis, may I come again?"

"Yes you may, Miranda Collington," I replied, using her name on camera.

Staring at the camera, she agreed, "Yes, I am Miranda Collington, and I would definitely say, it is really hot in here." She frantically rubbed herself before looking away from the camera and getting a devious smile. She quickly got up, grabbed an empty wine bottle from our drunken bender last night, and returned to her submissive position on the floor. Placing the bottle standing up, she asked me, her sexy smile so deviously naughty my cock began to stiffen again (truth be told it never really shrunk) and asked me, "May I fuck myself with this bottle, Master Curtis?"

"Fuck, yes," I grunted, in awe of what she was about to do...on camera...for me.

The awe continued, as she stood up, bent her knees in a way very few limber eighteen year olds could do and slowly lowered herself onto the wine bottle. I let out a gasp as the top of the bottle began to disappear inside my girlfriend's cunt.

"Hmmmmm, yes," she moaned, never looking away from the camera. "Does baby like?"

"Uh-huh," I mumbled, so captivated by her naughtiness.

The whole neck had vanished inside her and she continued to lower herself onto the widened part of the bottle.

"Shit," she whimpered, as her cunt was spread open, "Is my baby turned on yet?"

"Rock hard, baby," I grunted, my left hand stroking my cock as I filmed with my right.

"Good," she moaned, as she began somehow moving up and down on the bottle.

I taped the erotic scene that would make me a millionaire if I was to sell it to any porn company, something I would never do of course, while wondering when I should join in.

She continued to ride the wine bottle, her left hand holding the bottle in place as she picked up the pace. "Oh shit, baby, I want to come for you. I want this to be your special video for when we are not together."

I began pumping my cock as Miranda's declaration turned me on and her moans increased. The next couple of minutes we both fucked ourselves, her with the bottle and me with my hand. Miranda got animated again, implying her orgasm was imminent. "Are you going to come for me again, Master?"

"Yes," I grunted, getting closer myself.

"On my tits?" she questioned.

"Or on my face again?"

"Or do you want to shoot your delicious cum between my cocksucking lips," she teased.

"Wherever you want it," I answered, my balls beginning to boil again.

"Will you cum in my cunt while I'm coming baby?" she asked.

"Fuck, yes," I agreed, although I would agree to anything for this woman.

She quickly repositioned herself on her back on the floor and pumped the wine bottle in and out of her cunt with her left hand, while frantically rubbing her clit with her right, all the while looking up at me. "I'm so close baby, tell me when to come, Master. I need you to own me, Curtis, tell me you own me, please," she begged.

Obviously wanting to make this video even hotter for me, she repeated her earlier pleading. I was forever thankful to get these words on camera and responded with authority. "Yes, my slut. I own those lovely cocksucking lips of yours, I own your tight ass, I own your perky breasts and I own that cunt of yours . I own all three of your fuckholes. You are mine. Is that understood, my slut, my whore, my personal cocksucker, my submissive pet?"

"Oh yes, oh yes, fuck Master I have been dying to hear those words from you," she declared, shoving an unimaginable amount of the wine bottle inside her cunt.

"Come now, my slut," I demanded, wanting to watch her come.

In seconds the crescendo of bliss quaked through her and she screamed, "I'm coming, Masteeeer, fuuuuuck."

I watched and filmed for a few more seconds before I put the phone down, joined her on the floor, pulled out her creative fuck-toy and replaced it with my cock. I pounded her as hard as possible and as fast as possible while her orgasm shuddered through her.

"Oh yes baaaaaby, come in me, please fill me up," she begged and moaned, as she wrapped her stocking-clad legs around me and pulled me deeper into her as we melded into one.

Her nasty words, her hot acts, her stocking legs wrapped around me were too much and I exploded my fourth load of the day, my third in or on her as I leaned in and kissed her with the hunger of a man in love. She returned the kiss with a similar passion as I pumped stream after stream of my cum inside her cunt.

Exhausted, I lay on top of her as we both finished our earth-shaking orgasms, our lips never breaking contact with each other.

I don't know how long we lay on the floor, my cock slowly shrinking still inside her, our tongues exploring every crevice of each other's mouths before I felt a cramp. I broke the kiss and jumped up to stretch my leg.

Miranda laughed. "Based on how long your two hundred pound frame was laying on me, shouldn't I be the one stretching my legs?"

I reached down and pulled her up. "Stretch away," I smiled.

"That was the most intense sexual experience of my life," Miranda said, as she looked me in the eyes, her dazed and completely satisfied facial expression making it clear she was not just saying it.

"I bet you say that to all the guys you fuck, whose mom is your Mistress," I joked, playing on her earlier words.

"Just you, baby," she replied, kissing me. When she broke the kiss, her tone was suddenly soft and sweet with just a hint of insecurity as she said, "I think I'm falling in love with you, Curtis."

My legs went weak and my heartbeat picked up at hearing the words I never expected to hear from the girl of my dreams. I didn't hesitate as I replied, "I love you too, Miranda."

"You don't have to say it back," she said, again unable to hide the insecurity in her voice.

I took her hands in mine and admitted, "Miranda I have loved you since I was a child, but now that I know you, I love you in the real sense, not just some abstract concept that all teenage guys do." I kissed her softly before continuing.

"I love your smile." I kissed her lips.

"I love your compassion." I kissed her cheek while looking into her eyes, which were watering slightly as she listened to my declaration.

"I love your eyes." I kissed her other cheek.

"Of course, I love your body, your legs in stockings and your relentless sexual appetite," I said, kissing her neck.

I moved back, again holding her hands in mine, and looking directly into her eyes which were sparkling as I declared my devotion and finished with, "But most of all, Miranda, I love you for who you are. A beautiful woman with a heart of gold who deserves to be treated like the princess she is."

Tears streamed down her face as she smiled, but made a quick joke out if it. "A slutty princess."

"Well, yes, a very, very, slutty princess," I agreed, "but a princess nonetheless. I love you, Miranda."

"I love you, too Curtis," she replied as we pulled each other into a warm embrace.

Finally, both of us completely drained from a two hour sex session, we got dressed.

Miranda grabbed my hand and intertwined her fingers in mine as we left her dressing room and headed out, everyone else in the studio long gone other than Phil the janitor who gave both of us a knowing look.

Miranda asked, "Did you hear us tonight, Phil?"

"The whole state heard you tonight, Miss Collington," he replied with a smile.

We both laughed as headed into the darkness and fresh air of a lovely cool evening.

"So you still plan to fuck Ellie?" Miranda asked, as we walked to the car.

Unsure how to answer that after our earlier declarations, I paused.

"Because I have a new rule," Miranda announced as she stopped and turned to face me eye to eye.

"And what is that?" I asked, dying to know.

"You can only fuck people that I get to fuck too," Miranda announced with a smile.

I laughed as I said, "I have to say that may be the best fucking rule I have ever heard."

"I thought you would like it," she said, squeezing my cock through my pants.

"Don't you dare," I protested.

"What?" she asked with a shrug and a look of innocence. "Are you really done for the night already?"

Sliding my hand under her skirt and directly to her cunt I snapped back, "No, but I got to save my last load for my mother."

"Bastard," she said, hitting me playfully in the chest.

We kissed one more time and made final plans for the airport tomorrow before heading our separate ways.

As I drove home alone, my balls aching, I wondered if I could keep up with Miranda, and I wondered what our declarations of love would do to our relationship.


Next morning I refused my usual morning romp with Mom much to her dismay. I was still a little tired from last night's marathon session with Miranda, but I also wanted to be fresh for my planned joining the mile-high club where speed is an asset.

As instructed, Mom wore a simple sundress, beige thigh high stockings and that was it. No inconvenient undergarments to get in the way during our initiation to the mile-high club.

Dad, oblivious to the new relationship between his wife and son, drove us to the airport. Dropping us off, he kissed his wife goodbye and joke to both of us, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

I chuckled at the unintentional humor as I was doing exactly what he should be doing more...pleasuring Mom.

Mom joked back, although it really wasn't a joke, "Oh Ted, you know the saying 'What happens in Vegas’."

I finished, "Stays in Vegas."

All three of us laughed, my dad completely unaware of the sexual debauchery I had planned for his mom.

Once he drove off, heading to a meeting of some sort, Mom shook her head, "He really is clueless. I love him, but seriously he is fuckin’ clueless."

"Most guys are," I shrugged, explaining as my hand squeezed her ass, "We have very limited attention spans.”

"No greater truth has ever been said," Mom agreed, as we headed into the airport, used to me pawing her perfect body.

Miranda was already waiting for us in her usual sexy attire, this time a leopard print skirt that barely covered her mocha colored thigh high stockings and wouldn't cover when she sat down, four inch black heels, and a colorful blouse that screamed ‘look at me’ did the skirt and heels of course. Ellie was the only one of the three women practically dressed, in jeans, tight jeans that showcased an amazing ass, and a red t-shirt that seemed a size too small but showcased her large breasts perfectly. Her flaming red hair and exotic green eyes made Ellie looked amazing no matter how conservative she dressed. I flashed back to her dressing so much sexier at the Halloween party not so long ago, making my cock hard.

Ellie's look was priceless as she saw Mom and me walking towards them. Ellie asked, "Alexis, you are coming too?"

"Indeed we are coming too," Mom smiled back, the naughty innuendo obvious to all but Ellie, as she reached Ellie and gave her a big hug. "I haven't seen you since the Halloween party."

"Yes, I have been," Ellie began but stopped mid sentence as she watched me kiss Miranda. Miranda returned the kiss although we kept it PG...well PG13 anyway.

Mom acting ambivalent at the kiss, and explained, "I know, bizarre, but my son and Miranda have become a couple it seems."

"How?" Ellie asked, stunned to see forty-two year old Miranda Collington, local celebrity, dating a teenager.

"I'm irresistible," I smiled, attempting to be suave.

"Completely," Miranda complimented me, giving my ass a sly squeeze.

As Ellie tried to process all this new information, Miranda said, "We should probably go and get checked in."

We agreed and Miranda's hand slipped into mine as we headed to the ticket line. While in the short line Miranda was recognized and posed for pictures, with two college students drooling over her like I used to, and a young girl, maybe seven.

Once the photo-op was done, I asked, "Do you ever get sick of that?"

"God no, maybe it is because I am so vain, but I much rather be wanted than not," she answered, again showing her true need to be needed, often hidden behind her aggressive sexuality and free-wheeling casual attitude.

"I think it would be exhausting," I said.

"Oh honey, just you wait," she smiled.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You are dating a semi-celebrity, they will be taking pictures of you too," she answered.

"Really?" I asked, dumbfounded by such a reality.

As if hearing my bewilderment, a man called out, "Miranda, who is the new guy?"

I turned to look and felt the flash of the camera hit me in the eyes. A chubby man took more pictures before Miranda spoke. "Walter, do you want a really good picture?"

"Sure, Miranda, what have you got?" he asked, keeping the camera on us.

Miranda smiled and leaned in to kiss me before the camera. I heard click after click and felt flash after flash, but I didn't care, Miranda was announcing to the world she and I were a couple.

Breaking the kiss, she asked, "Did you get that?"

"I sure did. Who is the new guy?" the chubby reporter repeated the question, who I recognized vaguely from the local paper.

"My new main squeeze," Miranda answered.

"Do you have a name?" he asked me.

"Yes," I answered, not giving it out.

"How old are you? What do you do for a living? How did you and Miranda meet?" The reporter asked questions in machine gun fashion.

Miranda interrupted, seeing my overwhelmed look, "Sorry, Walter, but we need to get going, we don't want to miss our flight."

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"To Mark Appleton's wedding, of course," she said, giving him her dazzling smile.

Grabbing my hand, she led me to baggage desk. The desk agent asked for picture ID’s even as more photos of us were snapped.

Soon we had boarding passes and claim checks in hand, and Miranda posed one more time for the reporter, never once letting go off my hand, before we slipped into security.

While we waited our turn in line, I said, "Wow."

She shrugged, "You get used to it."

"Being tabloid fodder?" I asked.

"It comes with the territory," she answered, before adding, "It is nowhere near as intense as it was when I was younger or when I was briefly dating Carter Wells."

I shuddered at the name. Carter was a professional football player whose biceps were bigger then my whole body.

I pretended to act carefree. "I forgot all about him."

"I have too," she smiled, saying the exact right words, before leaning in for a kiss.

We passed through security with ease and I watched in awe as people fell all over themselves to converse and get pictures with Miranda. Again, I had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn't all just a dream...Miranda Collington was mine.

By the time Miranda was finished chatting with a smitten security guard, Mom and Ellie were joining me. Obviously they had had alone time to chat and I wondered what they had talked about.

"Liking celebrity life, honey?" Mom asked.

"It is weird," I answered, still feeling kind of surreal at the questions I never did answer.

Ellie asked, her facial expression clearly one of putting two and two together, "So how did you and Miranda meet?"

I wasn't ready for the question, but Mom saved me. "He was home when Miranda came over for coffee."

"And?" Ellie questioned, clearly trying to figure out how Miranda ended up with someone half her age.

"And Miranda being Miranda," Mom began to explain, when Miranda joined us.

"Miranda being Miranda, I couldn't resist such sexy young meat," she said, her smile sexy and her tone delicious.

Ellie was silent, clearly still trying to figure out why she was invited in the first place. As they walked to their gate, Ellie finally said, "So if I am not your plus one Miranda, then...."

"You are Alexis's plus one," Miranda finished Ellie's thoughts for her. "Alexis didn't trust her son alone in the city of sin."

"That I could understand," Ellie shot back, her tone implying she didn't like being played.

Miranda shrugged, "Hey, I invited you here."

"Under false pretenses," Ellie countered.

Miranda asked, "You get a free trip to Las Vegas and you are complaining?"

"Well...." Ellie started, realizing she sounded like an unappreciative bitch.

"Plus," Miranda, moving directly in front of Ellie, her devious smile hinting at the trouble she planned to start, whispered in her ear what I would later learn was, "I hear you and Alexis used know."

Ellie's face dropped at the realization that Miranda knew about the sub-domme relationship Ellie had with Alexis back in college. But quick to recover, she glared at her old submissive and said, "But she married Ted...Ted can you believe it?"

"Hey, he's my dad," I protested, faking offense.

"We are not here to squabble about the past, but to create a new present," Miranda replied, her tone hinting at anything and everything, of the past and the present colliding into an amazing future.

"I second that," Mom agreed, looking at Ellie the whole time.

I wondered if just by putting the two together I had set the spark that would rekindle an illicit past. "I third it," I added, "too bad we don't have booze to toast this new beginning too."

"Well, that can be solved rather quickly." Miranda smiled. "Follow me."

We all followed her past the bar, to a side hallway that led to a door where a big security guard stood. Miranda said simply, "They are with me."

"Of course, Ms. Collington, it is great to see you again," the big guard replied, his stern look of seconds ago gone in a flash.

He opened the door and we entered a room that was apparently where the rich and famous wait for their flights. "Welcome, to Shangri-la," Miranda did, extravagantly waving her hands in the air like a Price is Right model.

Strange but true, her pose had my cock erect in a heartbeat. 'Calm down, boy,' I said to myself, desperate to hold out until we were in the air. As I scanned the room where a few well-dressed men and women sat and drank, while waitresses dressed in maid outfits, black pantyhose and all, I said in disbelief, "I didn't even know such a place existed."

"You are not supposed to," Miranda winked and flicked me in the nose.

"Ow!" I instinctively said, although it didn't hurt.

"You are such a wuss, my wuss but still," she teased, before adding, loud enough for both Mom and Ellie to hear, "Thank God for your big dick."

I quipped, "I thank God every day for that too."

"You bad boy," she purred, before adding seductively, "you know we have almost an hour."

"For God sakes get a room," Ellie said, annoyed by our playful banter.

"That was what I was trying to imply," Miranda countered.

"Mom's right here," I pointed out.

Miranda, blunt as she always is and putting on a show for the still cluelessEllie, asked, "Alexis is it ok if I devour your son?"

Mom shook her head. "Can't you wait till we get to the hotel room?"

Ellie asked, her tone implying her own scheming was already under way, "What are the hotel rooming accommodations, anyway?"

Miranda said, still dripping sex appeal, so it was going to be hard, pardon the pun, to hold out much longer, "I was hoping you and Alexis would share a room, if you are ok with that?"

It was Ellie's turn to have a devious smile spread across her pretty face. "Oh, I think we will be able to manage, reminisce about the past. I don't think we have shared a room since our college days. Have we, Alexis?"

Mom's face went beet-red. Clearly she was not a good poker player, as she stammered, "I-I-I guess not, now that you mention it."

"Then it is settled," Miranda concluded, "now who wants drinks?"

A couple of minutes later we all had drinks and Miranda, still the center of attention, so even others in the room were glancing over to the three very attractive women, toasted, "To new beginnings."

Ellie, her tone implying her head was spinning with the possibility of making Mom her submissive again, "Agreed, to starting over."

Mom obviously noticed Ellie's tone, but keeping her earlier commitment to me confirmed the toast, setting herself up as a helpless target for the hungry Ellie, "To new beginnings."

"And a hot girlfriend," I added, playing the obnoxious guy card.

We all drank to our New Year’s Eve type resolution, each of us with different ideas of what new beginnings really meant.

A couple of cocktails later, we were all chatting about life, politics and when music stopped being good or original. We all agreed it was the end of the Eighties, when our flight was announced as boarding. Miranda called for one more round of shots which we quickly did, and in a bit of a daze headed for our flight.

Once on the plane, I noticed Miranda quickly talking to a very cute flight attendant, before either Mom or Ellie got on. I was curious about the brief exchange and would later learn so much more. I was sitting with Mom who had the window seat, while Ellie had the other window seat, meaning Miranda and I could still chat. The stewardess for first class, the one Miranda briefly spoke to, was exactly that, a Katy Perry lookalike in traditional flight wear and delicious tan pantyhose.

Before the flight even started, Miranda had started the sexual innuendo by asking our flight attendant, whose name tag read Dana, "So I have to ask you something."

"Yes, ma'am," the apparently English Katy Perry lookalike asked, based on her hard accent.

"Have you kissed a girl?" Miranda asked with a smile.

As her face went blood red, I added, "She is making a joke because you look like Katy Perry."

Miranda always being able to read people, asked, "You liked it, didn't you?"

"M-m-ma'am," she stammered, trying to be professional, "please put on your seatbelt, we are preparing for takeoff."

As Dana walked away, Miranda added, "Oh yes we are." Turning to Ellie, Miranda asked, "Think I can get her to eat me before we land?"

Ellie answered, "I doubt it. She was mortified by your question."

"No, she was mortified I could tell she was a cunt-licker," a tipsy Miranda observed.

"I don't think so," Ellie said.

"Wanna bet?" Miranda challenged, confident she was right.

"Sure," Ellie agreed, confident there was no way the stewardess would risk her job. "What is the bet?"

Miranda pondered this for a second as the plane started to slowly move. "If I win you dress however I tell you all weekend.”

"Agreed and when I win?" Ellie questioned, confidence oozing out of her.

"Name it," Miranda replied.

"You will eat my pussy when we get back to the hotel," Ellie said, attempting to shock, calling Miranda's bluff.

"You dirty dyke," Miranda playfully accused the busty redhead, not remotely surprised by the deal, "you have wanted me between your legs forever haven't you?"

"Maybe," Ellie said, her turn to use a tone dripping with innuendo. "So are we on?"

"On one condition," Miranda bargained, with a devilish smile.

"What is that?" a skeptical Ellie asked.

"My baby gets to watch," Miranda said, turning to wink at me.

"No way," Ellie said, taken aback by the condition.

"Deal or no deal," Miranda asked, not backing down, adding, "Alexis says I am amazing."

"What?" Ellie sputtered, shocked.

"Oh I have been munching on Alexis' sweet cunt forever, haven't I?" Miranda revealed, continuing the full onslaught on Ellie.

I turned to Mom, whose flushed cheeks gave away any notion that Miranda was lying. "Yes, it is true, her tongue is fucking amazing."

The plane began its acceleration as silence suddenly overtook the front row of first class. Miranda reached over and grabbed my hand and closed her eyes. Clearly even after her many flights, she still hated the initial climb. Mom grabbed my other hand and squeezed it for dear life, equally stressed by the plane's rise. The silence was deafening for me as the plane continued to rise, me eagerly waiting for the next word in this sexually charged drama.

Not a word was spoken until the pilot announced we were at cruising altitude. Dana returned, her face clearly showing her nervousness after the earlier awkward moment, and asked, "Can I get you something to drink?"

"A double whiskey," Ellie demanded.

"I'll have the same," Miranda said.

"A Bud Light," I requested.

"A white rum," Mom ordered.

"Just a single?" Dana asked.

"No, make hers a double too," Ellie insisted.

"Ma'am," Dana asked, wanting conformation from the person ordering the drink.

"Sure, a double," Mom agreed, not looking at Ellie.

"I'll be right back," the pretty brunette with purple streaks said before disappearing again.

"Hurry back, sexy," Miranda purred, "I'm hungry."

"Oh, subtle," Ellie quipped.

"Subtlety is not my style." Miranda smiled."So do we have a deal?"

"Fine," Ellie agreed, "We have a deal."

"I'm going to dress you like a complete slut tonight," Miranda promised.

"I don't know how," Ellie countered, "you will be too busy dining between my legs."

"Game on," Miranda smiled, before leaning closer to Ellie and saying, "even if I lose I will eat that sweet cunt of yours."

Ellie was speechless, shocked by pretty much every incident of this crazy day.

Dana returned with our drinks. When she handed Miranda her drink, Miranda said, "You know you are very pretty, Dana."

"T-t-thanks," Dana blushed, as she broke eye contact and handed me my beer.

"You are welcome," Miranda said.

I looked behind me, curious who might be behind us, listening to our absurd conversations, and realized the other two rows were empty. Miranda seeing the perplexed look on my face explained, "I purchased all three rows."

"Wow," I mouthed, impressed every moment by my girl.

Miranda, keeping up the assault on our big busted prey, asked, "So why is someone as sexy as you single?”

"High standards," Ellie answered.

"Aaaah," I yelped as Mom's drink spilt all over me, as planned.

Dana, who had just left, returned. "Are you all right, sir?"

"Yes," I answered, "I just need your washroom."

"There is one up here for our first class passengers, sir," Dana pointed to a door to the left.

"Thanks," I said, starting for the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I waited a moment before peeking out the door and calling out, “Mom, could you come and help for a moment?”

Mom smiled to Ellie. “A mother’s work is never done.”

Ellie watched confused at why I would need help but didn't say anything as Mom stood up and joined me in the bathroom.

As soon as the door was closed, (the first class bathroom by the way has way more room than the tin box at the back of the plane) Mom fell to her knees and pulled out my cock.

"Fuck! I have been craving this all day, baby," Mom acknowledged before devouring my cock. She bobbed back and forth like a total hungry slut and it took all my will power to not spray her throat in the first few seconds.

I grunted, "Stand up and bend over, Mom, I want to officially join the mile high club in your cunt."

"Oh you dirty boy," she purred, immediately standing up, lifting up her dress and bending over. "I like a forceful man who knows what he wants."

"He wants to fuck his mother," I replied, wasting no time in foreplay as I slammed my cock into Mom's sweet cunt.

"Oh yes baby, fuck Mommy," she moaned as my cock slipped inside her.

I pumped in and out of Mom’s cunt as I held onto her lips.

"Harder, son, harder," she moaned, loving nothing more than a hardcore fucking.

Unfortunately for her, there was no way I was going to last long enough to get her off, having not yet come today. Usually, I would get her off first, but the circumstances of the quickie and the plan didn't allow for it. A couple of minutes more of fast-paced mother-fucking and I could feel my balls boiling. I pulled out and ordered, "On your knees, Mommy."

Without hesitation, my submissive mother turned around, fell to her knees and returned hungrily to deep throating my cock. Less than a minute of Mom's perfect cocksucking lips and I was about to come. I pulled out, and, as planned, coated her face with my cum. After the sexy facial I gave Miranda yesterday and coating Mom's beauty today, I realized I had a new kink to add to my nylon fetish. Being my first load of the day, I shot four solid streams of cum onto mom hitting her chin, lips, cheeks, nose, forehead and hair.

Mom surprised me by taking my cock back in her mouth.

I had to reluctantly protest, "Not now Mom. We have to stick to the plan."

"Fine," she huffed, clearly not fine, as she allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth.

As I pulled my pants up, I promised, "Don't worry Mom, you are going to get fucked yet."

"Promises, promises," she teased from her knees, "your dad used to make such promises too."

I grabbed my cell and said, "Smile for the camera, mommy-slut."

"How dare you call your Mother a slut?" she playful replied, before smiling for the camera.

"You will always be my Mommy-slut," I answered, pulling her up from her submissive position.

"Promise?" she asked, with just the slightest hint of insecurity.

"Yes, I promise, Mom," I replied. I would have kissed her, but she was coated with my cum and I was dying to see the look on Ellie's face when she realized what had just occurred. "Are you ready, Mom?"

"No," Mom admitted, "but I will do it anyway."

"You really are the perfect mother," I complimented her.

"Yeah, I bet I win mother of the year," she retorted.

"Well, in my eyes you will win every year," I added.

"Thanks, baby," Mom said, her nervousness at what she was about to do obvious.

"I will go first," I instructed. "I want to see the look on her face."

Mom laughed nervously. "Oh, it should be priceless."

I gave Mom instructions. "Count to ten before coming out."

"Ok," Mom nodded in the affirmative even as her facial expression screamed 'please don't make me do this.'

Reading her mind, I soothed her. "Don't worry Mom, this is what you need."

Mom's look shifted from nervous to questioning. "You think so, do you?"

"I know so," I countered, confident I was right, although still unsure what the long-term consequences of our elaborate plan would be.

I opened the bathroom door and headed back to my seat.

Ellie looked up from the book she was reading, while, as if on cue, Miranda stood up.

I surprised Ellie by sitting beside her. She gave me a quizzical look just as my cum-faced Mom returned.

Miranda, I would later learn, caught Ellie's look on her phone and it would win the Oscar for best performance of a woman in shock if there ever was such an award. Ellie’s mouth literally dropped open, her eyes couldn't leave Mom's face and I could see her head spinning a million miles a second. She looked at me, saw my smug smile, before staring, her mouth still open, at Mom.

Silence filled the room as Mom sat down, acting oblivious to the sticky goo all over her face. Silence continued to linger as Mom sat awkwardly, while Miranda filmed the whole spectacular show. Ellie stared in utter disbelief and I revelled in the glory of it all.

Dana broke the silence when she walked in with a tray of snacks, oblivious to the tension, and asked, "Is anyone hungry?"

Miranda quipped, "Starving," and grabbed Dana's hand and silently led her to the bathroom.

Ellie watched that in stunned silence too, clearly unable to piece together all these absurd moments together. The bathroom door closed and Ellie looking past me finally spoke. "Alexis, you have sex with your son?"

Mom's face went red but I spoke for her.

"Ellie, you are partially to blame for this," I informed.

"What?!?" she asked, flabbergasted by such an accusation.

"Were you or were you not trying to get my Mom into bed at the Halloween party?" I accused.

It was her turn to go red, but only a shade. "How did you know about that?”

I shrugged, not yet revealing my secret. “Yes or no?”

“Yes, but I don't see how that has anything to do with this," Ellie replied clearly annoyed at dealing with me instead of Mom.

I smiled, "Well, you had my mother very revved up that night you know."

She paused as if reminiscing about that night. "I thought I finally had her again."

"You might have," I started.

"But then Ted showed up," Ellie said, her bitterness not remotely hidden.

"Did he?" I asked, my tone playful.

"Yes, he..." Ellie began and then paused. It was only a few seconds but it happened in such sweet slow motion, it was so adorable. "Oh my god, it was you."

I shrugged. "In truth, I had no intention of doing what we ended up doing that night, I was just there to help Mom when I realized Dad was not going to make it, and she seemed so crestfallen and pissed off at the same time, but thanks to your full assault on my mother, she was so horny she would do anything...or anyone...including her son."

Ellie looked at Mom, who remained silent throughout the whole conversation. "Alexis is this true?"

Mom nodded, although refused to look our way.

"So long story short, she devoured me in the washroom and again after the party and she hasn't been able to resist me since. Isn't that right, Mommy-slut?"

"Yes, baby," Mom answered, still refusing to look at us.

"I can't believe it," Ellie said, the stunned look on her face Mastercard priceless.

"I also learned about you and my Mother's sordid past," I revealed.

Ellie suddenly, inexplicably, gaining a confidence now that everything was out in the open said, "Yes, your mother was a very good little lez slut, isn't that right, Alexis?"

Mom nodded again.

I could feel an attempted shift in power. Trying to keep control of the situation, I said, "Yes, thank you for your training. It has been very helpful."

Ellie countered, her smile now smug and manipulative, "So have you?"

I recalled Mom's warning, and changed the subject. "I think you lost your bet."

Ellie glanced at the door and stood up. She walked to the door and listened before opening it. I couldn't see from where I was sitting, but the moans were undeniable those of my girlfriend, as were the following words, "Care to join?"

Ellie's face again went a slight red, more out of anger than embarrassment, as she slammed the door and cursed, "Fuck!"

"She isn't one to lose," I pointed out.

"Neither am I!" Ellie snapped back, clearly pissed at losing the bet.

Playing my poker hand perfectly, I asked, "I assume you are already plotting to get Alexis back as your submissive."

"Alexis?" she questioned, "Don't you mean your mother?"

"One and the same," I smiled, tapping the empty seat beside me, "Come sit back down, Ellie."

"I think I will stand," she glared, before turning to Mom. "Alexis, all these years you resisted me and you submit to your son?"

As instructed, Mom remained silent.

"Answer me!" Ellie demanded, raising her voice.

I pointed out, "Remember we are in a plane and others can hear us if we are too loud."

"Fuck you!" she snapped at me.

"That is the plan," I retorted, my confidence oozing. Amazing how much a person can change in a short period of time.

"Keep dreaming!" Ellie countered, clearly used to young boys drooling over her big tits, firm legs and ravishing good looks.

"Most of my dreams have come true of late," I volleyed back.

"So I see." She smirked. "Well like that Meatloaf song I guess two out of three ain't bad."

"Agreed, but three out of three is even better," I retorted.

"You are one confident fucker," she assessed, clearly recognizing I was a stronger adversary than she originally suspected.

"I'll take that as a compliment," I retorted. "But if you agree, I do have a deal for you."

"Reaaaaaly," she said, dramatically.

"Now please come and sit down so we can chat," I offered, politely this time.

Suddenly, the door opened and Dana, her face with a sweet shine came out and said, "Sir, Miranda, would like you to join her."

Standing up, I walked to Ellie and said, "We will continue this later."

"Oh you bet we will," Ellie replied.

I went to the bathroom and closed the door, leaving Mom alone with the greatest temptation of her life, resisting her old Mistress. Closing the door, Miranda asked, "How did it go?"

"She is a stubborn one."

"That she is," Miranda agreed, following to her knees. "Think you have enough for me too?"

"Always," I smiled, thankful that at my young age my recovery time was seconds.

Pulling my stiff cock from my pants, she eagerly sucked me. After a couple of minutes of slow burn, as I retold the conversation with Ellie, she took my cock out of her mouth and said, "Enough of Ellie. Let's focus on us."

"Agreed," I said, pulling her off her knees.

"Sit down," she instructed.

I pulled my pants down to my knees and sat on the cold toilet seat. Miranda straddled me and I watched as she reached for my cock and slowly lowered herself onto it, just as she had the wine bottle last nght. As soon as my cock was on her, she began bouncing up and down. "Fuck, I love your cock, baby," Miranda moaned.

"I love everything about you," I replied.

"Fuck, I hope Alexis is surviving out there," she moaned.

"Me too," I moaned back, her cunt somehow tightening around my cock like a suction cup.

The next few minutes were pure bliss as Miranda rode my cock. As if reading my mind, sensing the beginning of my build up, she said, "Baby, I want to feel you fill me with your seed."

"Your wish is my command," I grunted, closing my eyes.

"Come for me baby, fill me up," Miranda demanded.

Always one to make my women happy, I fulfilled her request, literally, as my second load in thirty minutes shot out of me.

"That's it, baby," she moaned, continuing to milk my cock.

"Fuuuuck," I grunted, her grip around my cock bringing sensation after sensation to me.

A minute later she climbed off me and falling back to her knees took my cock back in her mouth.

Another minute later, she moved up and kissed me. Breaking the kiss she smiled and said, "I love the taste of your cock with our cum mixed together."

"Fuck you are hot," was all I could muster in return.

"You are not too bad yourself," she smiled, giving my cock a squeeze. "We should probably go and save your mom."

"Good call," I agreed, again pulling my pants up.

"By the way, when you join the mile high club you really join the mile-high club," she joked, before opening the door.

I followed her out and it was our turn to be surprised.

Our flight attendant was on her knees between Ellie's legs licking away. Mom was watching, although still sitting where she was when I left, on the opposite side.

Ellie explained rather matter-of-factly. "When Alexis wouldn't do as she was told, for which she will be punished later," she glared at Mom, "I decided to find another slut, an obedient slut, to get me off."

Miranda walked over to get a closer look. "Hmmmm," was all she said.

"Hmmmm, what?" Ellie said, moving her hand to push the Katy Perry look alike deeper inside her cunt.

"You are trimmed, not shaved bald," Miranda announced to all.

Not missing a beat, Ellie responded, "That is because I have the sweetest smelling cunt there is, isn't that right Alexis?"

"Yes," Mom answered, a tremble in her voice. I could literally feel her hunger in her tone.

"You miss it don't you, my pleasure pet," Ellie asked, her tone endearing, yet knowing, yet teasing.

"Yes," Mom again confirmed, this time in a whisper.

"Come and replace this slut, my pet," Ellie offered, all the while looking at me.

Mom was weak, fragile and on the brink of submitting, so I ordered, "Don't move, Mom. You are my slut, isn't that correct?"

"Yes, son," she agreed, her tone slightly stronger.

Ellie threatened, still staring at me, neither of us breaking eye contact. "Each disobedience, my pet, will add an additional punishment. Do you really want to relive Cancun?"

Mom's face went instantly pale and I was immediately curious about what the hell happened in Cancun.

Miranda intervened. "Look, this charade is getting us nowhere. Ellie you want your slut back, correct?"

"Obviously," Ellie answered, beginning to move her hips up and down, grinding her pussy on our flight attendant's face.

"And you, Curtis, want to fuck your Mother's ex-Mistress, correct?"

"Since I was old enough to shoot my load," I confirmed.

"And Alexis you want to be able to fuck your son as you please and also submit to Ellie, correct?"

Mom looked at me, then to Ellie, her mind clearly riddled with doubt, something I had never seen on Mom in my whole life. "Yes, I think so," she finally admitted.

"There you have it," Miranda said.

"There we have what?" Ellie asked, clearly close to orgasm herself, but unable to come while having this bizarre conversation.

"Should we let you finish?" Miranda asked, acknowledging the obvious.

Ellie didn't waste any time, closing her eyes as she moved her hand to her clit and began rubbing as she demanded, "Finger me, slut!"

Dana didn't hesitate, sliding two fingers inside the big busted teacher. Ellie's breathing instantly increased and I watched, my cock again somehow at full salute, as my third most common fantasy as a teen came to life in front of me.

"Fuuuuck, harder, slut, yes, yes, god yeeeeees," Ellie moaned, surprisingly quiet as she came.

We all watched the show until its complete conclusion, before Ellie opened her eyes and asked, "Enjoy watching, Curtis?"

"Very much, although I look forward to when I am making you make those faces," I replied, hinting at the future.

"Keep dreaming, kid," she countered, finally letting go off Dana, who remained on her knees trying to recover from her face being used so extremely.

Miranda again intervened. "So here is the deal. We have a task for you to complete before Alexis will be allowed to be alone with you."

"You do, do you?" Ellie asked, raising an eyebrow. "Let me guess, fuck the kid?"

"Well, I am sure that will eventually happen, his cock is to die for and for a guy he sure licks like a dedicated lesbian, but no. We want you to seduce the bride-to-be.”

"What?" Ellie asked surprised by the task.

"Well, as you know I hate my ex, but he had to invite me to his wedding because I work with him and it would look really bad. Anyway, Brittany and her girlfriends are going out on the town tomorrow night for her bachelorette party and we are going to crash it," Miranda explained.

"And?" Ellie asked, reaching for her pants.

"Well, I want you in your seductress mode, wearing the outfit I choose for you after our little bet you just lost, to get her between your legs," Miranda explained.

Pulling her jeans up, but leaving her panties on the floor, Ellie asked, "Why?"

"To humiliate Mark on his wedding day," Miranda shrugged.

Ellie, clearly a devious bitch herself, smiled, "Delicious, and in return Alexis is mine again."

"Ours," I rebutted.

"Ours," Ellie repeated, but her tone implied 'for now.'

Miranda turned to a still kneeling Dana, "Could you please bring us a bottle of wine?"

"Yes, ma'am," Dana agreed, standing up, her carefully-applied makeup a mess..

“Wait,” Ellie said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Dana asked stopping.

“Please pick up my panties and give them to the kid,” Ellie instructed.

“Yes, ma’am,” Dana obeyed, behind down grabbing the pink panties and handing them to me.

“A gift for what you can’t have,” Ellie said, the chess game between us still on.

I put them to my nose as Dana disappeared. “Hmmm, your scent is rather sweet.”

“You should smell it directly from the source,” she replied, teasing.

“All in good time,” I countered, moving my own pawn.

Suddenly Mom spoke surprising all of us. "I know you all have plans for me, but for the record, I plan to make my own decisions."

"Of course, Mom," I said, suddenly feeling like her son again and not her lover.

Mom continued, "If I want to fuck my son, I will. If I want to submit to Ellie, I will. And if I want to have my pet Miranda eat me out I will. Is that understood?"

We all nodded in agreement and Mom taking charge asked, "Son, did you fuck Miranda's ass when you were in the can?"

"No, Mom," I answered.

Miranda added, sitting up a bit, showing a little stain on my chair. "But he did fill my cunt."

"Good," Mom said, glancing to a slightly surprised Ellie, before turning back to a surprised me. "I think it is time for you to hit the tri-fecta of the mile high club, don't you?"

Mom grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bathroom yet again as I agreed, "Whatever you say, Mom."

The door closed, Mom looked at me and said, "That was nearly impossible."

"You were amazing, Mom," I complimented her, before adding, "No, you are amazing."

"Oh, you know just the right words to say," Mom asked, her hand going to my fully erect cock in my pants. "Oh, and what do we have here?"

"A present for you, Mom," I answered.

"You do know, that Ellie is going to try and control me completely," Mom said, rubbing my cock through my jeans.

"But you are stronger now, are you not?" I asked.

"Yes," Mom said, my words seemingly relaxing her. "But fuck it was tempting to just fall to her feet and submit to her again right then and there."

"You must be soaked," I predicted.

"Check for yourself," Mom offered, hiking up her dress.

I moved my hand to her pussy and wasn't surprised to feel her wetness. "Holy shit, you are leaking, Mommy."

"I'm so fucking horny, I am going to burst," Mom admitted.

"We'll, let's take care of that," I said, this time it was me falling to my knees.

Mom lifted her left leg onto the toilet seat giving me a perfect view of her cunt, as I leaned forward and began licking. In seconds, mom was moaning, "Oh yes, Curtis, lick Mommy."

This time it was all about my beautiful mom. I wanted her to have the orgasm to end all orgasms. I wanted it to be me that gave it to her, not Ellie. I licked her pussy for a couple of minutes before I began pumping two fingers inside her.

"Oh yes, finger fuck your mommy-slut," Mom moaned, knowing what her nasty talk does to me. A couple of minutes later, Mom's moans continually increasing, she begged, "Harder, son, finger Mommy harder she is sooooo close."

I obliged and sensing her impending climax, used my free hand to reach behind her and when I sensed her dam about to burst I slid a finger in her ass.

"Oh you dirty fucker, yeeeeeeeeeeeees, you’re making Mommy come," Mom screamed as she sprayed me with her juices. Her standing position allowed her juice to gush out of her and cascade down onto my lips and face. I savored every last drop of Mom's cum before she demanded, "Now come and fuck your Mother's ass."

"I am not sure we have time before we start descending," I began, but was stopped.

"Do as you’re told Son, fuck your Mother's ass, now!" she ordered, in her my decision is final tone I used to get when I had lost a discussion with her before we became intimate.

I quickly fidgeted with my pants, pulled them down to my knees with my underwear, and moved behind Mom who had already repositioned herself and framed her ass perfectly for me. I was staring at the Picasso of Mothers’ asses and briefly admired it before Mom demanded, pulling her ass cheeks apart, "Fuck me, you nasty Mother fucker!"

I plunged my cock inside her ass in one solid push forward and knowing time was of the essence I pounded her ass hard. Each forward thrust my body slammed into hers and she grabbed the toilet for balance all the while keying up the nasty talk. "That's it you dirty Mother ass-fucker, ream my back door," and "Harder, baby, drill for gold," and, "Deeper, son, sodomize your Mommy, make her your forever ass-slut."

Unfortunately, even with all the hot, nasty, incest talk, having come twice in the past hour and a half, I was in a marathon.

Sweat dripped down my body, my t-shirt damp, as I continued to use the full throttle attack on Mom's tight ass. Mom continued trying to get me off with her ass and dirty talk. "Did my son get hard thinking of me dyking about with Ellie?"

"Fuck, yes," I grunted.

"Does my son want his Mommy to be a submissive sex slave to Ellie?" Mom huffed.

"God, yes," I admitted, the idea the ultimate turn-on. Suddenly Cancun popped onto my head. "What happened in Cancun?"

"Oh God baby, that was the night I learned how big a slut I was and how much she owned me," Mom admitted.

"Do tell," I asked, dying of curiosity, as the pilot announced it was time to get back in our seats and put our seat belts on as we were beginning to descend.

"I promise I will tell you all the nasty, horrifying, humiliating, details once you come in Mommy's ass," she said, beginning to bounce back on my cock.

"Oh fuck Mom," I groaned, as she began fucking me instead of me fucking her. Her eagerness made the sex even hotter and finally my third orgasm spasmed out of me as I filled her ass with my cum.

Mom screamed herself, as she climaxed simultaneously, "I'm cooooooming with you son!"

The intensity of our dual orgasms was indescribable as we both collapsed into each other and I held her tight as she shuddered and quivered her second orgasm of our bathroom rendezvous.

A knock on the door was followed by Dana saying, "You really need to get in your seats."

Both of us quickly composed ourselves and without another word returned to our seats, although I was now with Miranda and Mom sat with Ellie.

Once seated, Miranda asked, "Did you come in your Mother's beautiful ass?"

"Gentleman don't fuck and tell," I joked.

Mom answered for me. "Shit, I guess going commando was a mistake, your cum is coming right back out."

Miranda quipped, "Where is a butt plug when you need one?"

I burst out laughing as I felt the plane descend.

Looking over, Ellie was holding Mom's hand, but she was looking at me.

Miranda meanwhile grabbed my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

As the plane continued its descent, I pondered Mom's impending descent back into lesbian submission at the hands of Ellie and the final piece of my plan....fucking Ellie. I still wasn't sure how it was all going to work, but as the plane touched down Miranda leaned into me and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry baby, she will fuck you."

"You sure?" I asked, unsure myself how to seal the deal, considering Ellie didn't seem remotely interested in me...only my mom.

"Trust me," Miranda whispered into my ear, giving it a slight tug with her teeth, "I promise you will get to fuck her before we fly back home."

"How?" I asked, my cock rising again at the thought of my next conquest, the plane slowing to a stop.

"Just leave that to me, baby," she whispered, squeezing my cock through my pants.

The plane taxied to its final stop as each of us considered the evening and weekend ahead. My cock stirred at the thought of fucking the third piece of my fantasy puzzle. I glimpsed over to Ellie and saw she was staring at me...her look was that clearly implied she thought I had no idea who I was dealing with.

The reality was I didn’t and knew I was in way over my head, but I hid those insecurities and winked at her.

Miranda surprised me once again and announced, “Fuck I am hungry.” She quickly fished out my fully erect cock and leaned forward and took it in her mouth.

Ellie got a good look at my solid eight inches of meat as Miranda bobbed up and down for a brief tease.

Sitting back up, just as the plane came to a stop, Miranda’s hand firmly on my standing straight up cock, looked to Ellie and asked, “Wanna try?”

The end...

Coming Fall-Winter of 2012: What Mom Knows Fucks Her In Vegas

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