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With Daddy Away, Holly Sets Her Sights On Mommy

Holly sleeps with Mommy
It had been a week since Holly and her Daddy had their last sexual encounter. Mommy had been off from work , leaving Holly no time to play with Daddy. Even worse was the fact that he had a business trip this weekend and Holly wouldn't be able to tease him for at least three more days. She could always have fun with one of her girlfriends or even a guy, although most of them were too immature for her liking. Ever since she began her seduction of her father Holly could think of little else. It was so wrong, but felt so right. Nothing turned her on more than knowing that she shouldn't be doing it but succumbing to her desires anyway.

Friday came and Daddy said his goodbyes. He kissed Mommy passionately on the mouth, giving her something to think about while he was gone. He turned to Holly, kissed her on the cheek and told her to be good.

"I'm always good Daddy," she purred into his ear. " I put something in your luggage just in case you feel lonely."

When he opened his luggage after checking in to his room, he found a dozen pictures of his naughty daughter. Some in her sexy lingerie, but in most of them she was totally naked. Of course, she was touching herself, which made him do the same. Their was a note attached to the last pic, which read,'Hope you enjoy the pictures Daddy. Hurry home and you can see the real thing, up close.'

Meanwhile, back at the house, Holly roamed around bored as hell. With her Daddy away, she had no one to play with. Or did she?

Her mother was gorgeous. At 38, she was better-looking than most women half her age. She kept herself in excellent shape. Her hair was long and brown, her blue eyes were amazing and her curvy body was so tempting that she constantly received admiring glances from both sexes. This wouldn't be easy. Guys were pushovers. Show them a little leg or bend over in front of them and they were yours. But women were different. They needed to be handled gently, enticed and seduced. She only had a couple of days and knew she had to get started as soon as possible. Tonight after dinner she would begin her seduction. So excited was Holly that she could feel her pussy start to moisten. If she could pull this off, there was no stopping her. She loved a challenge and wanted to know how persuasive she could actually be. Holly was about to find out.

They finished a delicious meal and Holly suggested that they watch a movie together. Mommy seemed to like the idea, but wondered why Holly was staying in on a Friday night.

"Wouldn't you rather be with Bobby or Natalie?" she asked.

"No Mommy, I want to spend some time with you. I know you miss Daddy. So do I," she replied, picturing her father stroking his cock over her photos.

With that decided, they settled in and picked a romantic comedy. First, they changed into their sleepwear and met on the couch. Holly wore a white tank and a pair of blue lace panties. Mommy was clad in a skimpy black negligee. They made some popcorn and turned on the film. It was a good movie but Holly had trouble concentrating. Her eyes kept returning to Mommy's beautiful face and luscious body.

"You enjoying the movie Mommy?" Holly asked while staring at her M other's ample chest.

"Yes, honey. I'm so glad you thought of it."

Holly inched closer and laid her head on Mommy's shoulder. She wrapped her arm around her daughter. Looking into Mommy's cleavage, Holly thought of taking them out and sucking on the nipples. It was way too soon for that, she knew. A slow seduction was her best option.

"You are so beautiful Mommy," she said placing a hand on Mommy's bare thigh. " Daddy is such a lucky guy."

"Well , thank you baby. That's so nice to hear."

"I'm sure Daddy tells you that all the time."

"Not as often as he used to. Something's been on his mind lately," she said glumly." Or maybe someone."

Holly knew that 'someone' was her, but she couldn't tell her Mommy. She gave her Mom a comforting hug and a peck on the cheek. Holly remained in the embrace a little longer than usual. She smelled her Mommy's hair and rubbed her back.

"How could he ever be interested in someone else with such a gorgeous wife?" Holly said, trying to put her Mom at ease.

Holly's mother smiled widely at the compliment. Holly grinned back at her, laying her head on Mommy's shoulder. They sat there watching the rest of the movie in silence. When it ended, Mommy kissed Holly lightly on the lips. She was ready for bed, but before she retired Mommy had a question for her daughter.

" Holly, would you sleep with me?"

This took Holly completely by surprise. She had a stunned look on her face as she stared at her Mother.

"I haven't slept alone for so long, and with your Father away, I don't think I would be able to get to sleep," Mommy said, hopefully.

" Of course, I'll sleep with you," Holly answered, smiling devilishly at her own words." How about a massage first?" she added. " That will relax you and help you sleep better."

Mommy agreed and laid face down on the bed. Holly straddled her hips, reaching for the straps on Mommy's negligee and sliding them down. Mommy looked back at her, surprised. Holly ignored it and began kneading Mommy's tight shoulders.

"MMM, that feels nice," Mommy sighed." You have great hands."

Holly smiled as she moved lower, working her fingers into the smooth flesh. She ran them along the side of Mommy's chest, brushing lightly over a little of her voluptuous breasts. Holly pulled the negligee down to Mommy's waist and rubbed her lower back, which caused her Mother to gasp with pleasure.

"You are very tight down here," Holly said increasing the pressure." How about you turn over and I'll do your front?"

Mommy obliged. It felt very nice to have someone pampering her like this. Holly started at the shoulders,which had plenty of tension. Mommy sighed as Holly rubbed them, vigorously. She massaged her way to the top of Mommy's breasts.

"I think you should pull down your negligee Mommy," Holly said hoping for no resistance.

Surprisingly, Mommy grasped it and uncovered her beautiful breasts. She felt so bold exposing herself this way. Especially in front of Holly.

"Your breasts are amazing," Holly stated, taking them in her hands.After a few squeezes, Mommy stopped her.

"We can't do this honey."

"Doesn't it feel good Mommy?"

"Of course, it does. That's the problem. You're my daughter and you shouldn't be touching me in this manner.I think we should stop and go to bed."

"Do you still want me to sleep with you, Mommy?" Holly asked, with a pouty look on her face.

"Yes dear," Mommy replied.

They headed upstairs and got into bed. Another kiss goodnight and then Mommy turned off the lights. Holly's heart pounded. She didn't know what she should do now. This wasn't how she had planned her seduction. Then a wicked idea popped into her head. After a little while, she could see that her Mom was dozing off. Holly knew that the time was now.

Holly slid her hand into her panties and started to rub her pussy. She was already getting wet and horny. Glancing over and seeing Mommy sound asleep, Holly needed to up the volume. Sucking on her fingers, making them wet, she shoved two into her moistening slit. She began to moan loudly as she pounded them into her hole. Her eyes were closed, mind racing. Hopefully, Mommy was watching this wanton display. She peeked over and saw Mommy rolling around, restlessly. Holly needed to be even louder.

"Fuck, that's it baby. Play with my pussy," Holly screamed adding a third finger for her pleasure.

"What's going on?" Mommy asked as she woke up, startled.

Holly ignored her and continued to finger herself, intent on her impending climax. Mommy was now staring at her daughter's naughty exhibition. She could feel her own pussy beginning to stir. Her pussy desired it's own attention, but Mommy couldn't go that far. She did, however, lick her lips as a rush of excitement shot through her. Was Holly in the middle of some sexy dream? Who was she thinking about?

"Oh, yes," Holly moaned and her body shook as her orgasm took over her body. Her breathing subsided and she went to sleep. Mommy laid there, now extremely horny. She had never before seen a woman touching herself. It was so erotic. Plus, the fact that it was her daughter, gave her an added thrill. Holly opened her eyes slightly to see Mommy lying there looking at the ceiling. Holly smiled to herself. Maybe, there was a chance after all. Tomorrow was a new day and Holly had another seduction in mind.

She got up to use the bathroom. Once inside, she texted Natalie. It read,'Natalie, up for some fun tomorrow? This time you get to play with Mommy. Bring along your skimpiest bikini. Can't wait to watch. Love, Holly.'

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Posted 19 Nov 2013 11:31
Love it, Love it, Love it!! Lesbian incest is the greatest kind of love ever. Of course, I don't know why.
Posted 19 Nov 2013 00:38
Intresting scene setting, i can feel the crescendo building nicely. Who do i want most Mommy or Holly?
Posted 18 Nov 2013 13:42
Love the style of writing.....very erotic and wet read........5+
Posted 16 Nov 2013 16:49
Great story roll on part two!!

Posted 16 Nov 2013 10:12
Super sexy , made me want to cum the entire time. A super read!!!
Posted 16 Nov 2013 08:52
really hot want more "5"
Posted 16 Nov 2013 08:19
I can't wait for more of this story. Great job

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