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Wth Step Mom

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How i fucked my step mom

About two years ago I moved in with my father and step-mother. From the first day I moved into the house I had wanted to fuck my step mother. She is not a supermodel she doesn"t have huge tits or a big round ass she is a very plain women. But there was something about her I knew I wanted.

She was a very old fashioned kind of person especially for only being 36. You would think she is 60. My father was never home always working or out hanging out. So she always slept by herself. Every night I would come home and see her just laying on the couch wearing very sexy little shorts not covering much of anything and a tank top. I always wanted to just lay down next to her and just start kissing her and feeling every part of her temple. But I had always put the thought right back in my head and went to sleep. Until one night...

I had come home very late from a friends house. Knowing my father was working until the early morning. So that gave me a solid 3 hours. I walked into my bedroom and got changed into my shorts. It was then I heard a noise in the bathroom. I knew it was my step-mother since she was the only other person in the house. The door had been open just enough for me to see. I peeked my head in just enough to se my step mother completely naked getting out of the shower.

I felt my cock start to grow. There she was just standing there looking as good as I"ve ever seen her. Her pussy was completely shaved and her tits sat pushed up and looked perfect. In my head I knew I shouldn"t be staring at her but I couldn"t help it. I then started rubbing my cock as if I"ve never had a hard on before. The thought alone of her there standing naked made me go crazy. It was then when I must have gotten to into it when I had made a noise. Quickly she covered herself up and started to open the door. I had just managed to walk away as the door opened. I ran into the kitchen and got a drink. I was praying she didn"t see me standing there.

As I was in the kitchen she walked in only wearing her bathrobe. She then asked how my night went and started a conversation. What a relief I thought in my head she has no clue what I was doing. What would she say? or what would she think of me? after we were finished talking in the kitchen I decided to go to sleep.

By this time I couldn"t stop thinking about what I had just saw. An hour passed and I could not sleep. I got out of bed to go make myself something to eat when I walked past my stepmothers room I saw she was laying in bed completely naked. I knew this was my chance. So I walked into the room and sat on the edge of her bed. My head was going a million miles per hour. But I knew what I had to do. I leaned over my stepmother and gently touched her pussy. She let out a soft moan.

I then started to lick her perfect pink nipples. My cock was now completely erect and ready for action. Just as I was about to start licking her pussy she was completely awake. When she saw what I was doing she shot out of bed and screamed at me me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING I"M YOUR STEP MOTHER?"

I did not know what to say next... I then got my breath and told her how I"ve fantasized about her and wanted to fuck her. She then looked down and saw my massive erection. She asked "What did you plan on doing with that?" and before I knew it her hand was inside my shorts grabbing my cock.

After a few minutes of her grabbing and rubbing my cock she slid my shorts off and stuck the tip of my dick in her mouth. "You like this ?" she asked me. Before she even finished her sentence I replied "oo I love it jackie" (jackie was my step mothers name) She then said call me mom.

Now she had my whole 8 in. dick in her mouth I grabbed her head and starting lunging my cock into the back of her throat. The sound of her gagging on my dick was turning me on even more. after about 10 mins. of this I felt myself starting to Cum I heard her say " o son shoot your cum into mommies throat" I did what I was told and she swallowed every last drop of my cum. But I wanted more I didn"t want this nite to end.

I then layed her on the bed and started sliding my tounge down her whole body. Until I reached her pussy. I then darted my tounge into her tight hole. She moaned so loud you would think she had been a virgin. After 5 mins I felt her starting to cum so I went as fast and deep as I could with my tounge. She shot her juices all over my face and into my mouth it tasted soo good. By now my dick was rock hard again and I knew it was time. I flipped my stepmother on her stomache and slid my dick into her wet pussy. It felt so warm and welcoming.

I couldn"t believe my dad would pass this up. After fucking her from behind I turned her on her back and went right back to work. She was screaming and yelling "oo FUCK ME...HARDER OOO " I thought we were going to wake the neighbors. I then felt my Dick tighten I was Cumming all inside of my stepmother and she was loving every drop of it inside her.

After I was finished filling her up we bother put our clothes back on and layed in bed. She asked me if I liked what happened tonite. I replied I loved it mom.. can we do it more often? She then said son we are going to fuck every night. I cannot wait until tomorrow night I replied to her

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Posted 07 Oct 2011 06:52
Posted 26 Sep 2010 01:21
Great story. You should continue on with it.
Posted 29 Dec 2008 12:32
good story, wish I was there LOL
Posted 03 Dec 2008 19:00
my mother gave my frist blow job when i was 15 and got my frist pussy from her when i was16
Posted 27 Oct 2008 13:01
Posted 21 Oct 2008 09:03
nice story... so Fucking nice
Posted 19 Oct 2008 02:08
My step mom seduced me too, at age 18. Started by barging into the bathroom when I would shower, just so she could peek at my big penis and get herself arroused. My throbber would stay hard for hours and she'd love when I spurted my hot semen all over her blond pussy!
Posted 10 Oct 2008 23:34
I love it. SEXY!
Posted 09 Oct 2008 06:22
sex with step mom is NOT incest.
Posted 05 Oct 2008 05:07
fits with what most of us want to believe will happen to us,

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